Murder Under Hypnosis: The James Holmes Story Takes A Familiar Turn + Project ARTICHOKE

MESMER “The big key to the thing is that only the small secrets need to be kept. You can find just about anything the government is doing by going into scientific journals and doing research. But the big secrets are kept by public incredulity and your study and your experience is in an area which […]

Sheeple: Signs That You Might Be ONE

Sheeple: Signs That You Might Be Part Of The Herd… Giordano Bruno Millions of people from countries across the world have begun to wake up to the very real threat of repressive and engineered Globalism, or what the financial elite and the politicians who work for them often refer to as “The New World Order”. […]

MAGIC IS AFOOT: A Conversation with ALAN MOORE about the Arts and the Occult

MAGIC IS AFOOT: A Conversation with ALAN MOORE about the Arts and the Occult (Originally published in Arthur. No. 4/May 2003) Magic Is Afoot Celebrated comics author ALAN MOORE gives Jay Babcock a historical-theoretical-autobiographical earful about the connection between the Arts and the Occult Gen’rals gathered in their masses/Just like witches at black masses/Evil minds […]

Pawns in the Game A Satanic conspiracy to control the world

Pawns in the Game A Satanic conspiracy to control the world First printed in 1954, “Pawns in the Game” is the best single work available on the evil conspiracy that has been responsible for the devastating wars and continuing conflicts of the past century, and which is now close to its ultimate goal of total […]

Trauma-based Mind Control & Ritual Abuse collection (Size: 850.78 MB) torrent

This is a collection of the best books (plus a couple interviews and video clips) I’ve been able to find on the subject of trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse. All of these files came from the internet and were downloaded sometime between ’03 and ’09. Some are common and some are quite rare, possibly […]

The-Kinsey-Syndrome-(Full-Length) SATANISM,SEX CRIMES and CONSEQUENCES

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (The words of Jesus; Matthew 18:6) Imagine an elite group of evil child molesters meeting privately in an […]