American Psychiatric Association Task Force 7 by Daniel Burdick coverup of treatment that works on the mentally ill

American Psychiatric Association Task Force 7 Report of 1973 – 58 page. Cited for decades including citation by Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

They threw these Psychiatrists and Biochemists into the outer-darkness never to be heard from again – those amongst them lacking in “credibility” who would seek to treat with chemicals conditions in the brain that they could not even exactly specify ! Propagandists who would “promulgate” the things they foist on the public in public media such as television!

Issued at the dawn of the golden age of Psychopharmacological therapy in Psychiatry once this 58 page “peer review” was published the exclusive chemical agents that would be considered for use in Psychiatry are “meds” — that being very lucrative prescription patented drugging chemicals typically containing chlorine or fluorine (as no organic chemicals used in the biology of life do).

Work on the DSM-3 started at this time. The DSM-3 expunged allpost-Freudian psychoanalytic termonology such as complexes and neuroses. DSM-3 published in 1973 made everything “Medical model,” and allowed diagnoses to be done by interview, word tests and Professional opinion and treatment to be done by ongoing maintenance drugging with by prescription xenobiotic toxic neurotropic drugs (all patented.)

All of the work done by people trying to test and treat biochemical imbalances is suppressed so that the APA/NIMH can sell patent nostrums to treat imbalances according to the theory of the “Medical model” (in other words they suppress the actual Medicine and substitute propaganda for it).

Daniel Burdick Eugene Oregon, USA

Link to PDF Document — – private

Reply to the Task Force 7 – Abram Hoffer, M.D. – private – private


Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Niacin and Megavitamin Therapy – private

Can Psychiatr Assoc J. 1970 Feb;15(1):15-20.
Nicotinic acid in the prevention and treatment of methionine-induced exacerbation of psychopathology in schizophrenics.
Ananth JV, Ban TA, Lehmann HE, Bennett J.

In this APA and NIMH “Scientific Peer Review” done by “Professionals” there is a remarkable “test” wherein 30 psychotic patients are given a large dose of methionine and a monoamineoxidase MAO inhibitor tranylcypromine.

All 30 of their “patients” deteriorated and because niacin failed to act as an antidote, their conclusion, as appearing in the 1973 TF7 Report, is that the “credibility is low” of these Orthomolecular Psychiatrists and of the treatments that they “promulgate” via public media such as television.

The amphetamine challenge “tests” came to the attention of Robert Whitaker and Vera Sharav and others as dubious and not ethical.

I strongly suggest that they and all of us add the 1970 “test” to our list for consideration.

Notice the tactics implicit. It’s a corporate profit driven marketing gimick, as the challenge tests to make a pretense of being interested in a “dopamine hypothesis” and be doing important, ongoing really-scientific study. Total facade. Only fraud. No hypothesis, concept, or model. No Medical interest at the top.

Stand Up.

Daniel Burdick Eugene, Oregon USA

Anath and Thomas Ban – private

Reply to the Task Force 7 – Abram Hoffer, M.D. – private

John Hammell – More Regarding Ortho

“When Pauling got behind Hoffer and Osmond, the drug cartel went gonzo andsought his scalp.” “The APA Task Force Report titled “Megavitamins and Orthomolecular Therapy in Psychiatry” was so incredibly biased that it couldn’t even SEEM to beobjective. They examined only negative studies, never positive ones, and didn’t include anyone with any experience with orthomolecular medicine on their panel”

Final Autobiography piece by Abram Hoffer, M.D.
“Rose My Wife” – private

Abram Hoffer writes, “Dr Morris Lipton, who had chaired the remarkable Task Force of the American Psychiatric Association which had roundly denounced our work and had published a most remarkable document, remarkable for its totally dishonest account of what we had been doing and claiming. The most rabid republican in the United States would probably have done a more honest job in attacking the Democratic Party. Humphry and I replied to this corrupt document but few paid any attention.”


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