Hypnosis as a tool for rape and false feelings of attraction…

Hypnosis as a tool for rape and false feelings of attraction…

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Hypnosis is a very powerful tool. Like any tool it can be used for good, or for evil. That evil will include rape, and and/or infatuation similar to that created by a witchcraft love potion. Such leading to eyes wide shut inappropriate relationships. Recently I’ve had the experience of watching somebody in what appeared to be such a hypnotic state that made that person loose conscious control of their emotions. They lost their discretion around their kids, lost truthfulness, became deceitful, lost the ability to focus and concentrate, started dropping necessary daily tasks, and appeared to fall head over heals for an individual that should be totally incompatible because of their current life state, habits, and propensities.

Reading this, you may believe I hold a grudge, etc. Don’t, because that would be an incorrect interpretation of what I am trying to do. I saw this technique in operation at a church, of all places, where the victim was pigeonholed into a corner, and some very curious eye contact occurred, where the victim because of the pigeonholing, couldn’t escape. There have been many instances mentioned online, a few of which I relate below. But the gist of this post is to let the victim know that there is help, if they want it.

Go to a psychologist OTHER THAN THE ONE that is counseling you, ask that you be hypnotized, ask that the psychologist determine if you have been put under post-hypnotic suggestion (PHS), and if so, to have you woken up with full knowledge of the individual who did so, and what was the PHS. Folks, this conduct is a crime, similar to administering the date rape drug, GHB.

Nobody can do this for you, going to a psychologist. You may have even willingly consented after a point, for all you know. However, for the person I mention, the Holy Spirit specifically indicated that I should NOT contact the current psychologist myself. That psychologist is also a pastor in the Fort Collins or the Cheyenne, WY area, but I will not mention her name. The reason I say don’t go to her is that she was suggested by the individual performing the perpetration. However the intended person reading this will know of whom I speak. If you don’t believe this is possible, follow the links below to see news stories / blog articles of individuals charged with crimes related to such evil use of the hypnotic trance. If you still don’t believe, go to another psychologist and try the experiment in the above paragraph…



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