Mental illness, mental pathology doesn’t exist:by Dan Burdick Eugene Oregon USA

Mental illness, mental pathology doesn’t exist:

That’s overplayed and often part of a very non-strategic cul-de-sac we ought to lead people from.

The NIMH and APA leaders made Task Force 7. This manipulative propaganda action forced into obscurity the research clinicians doing biochemical testing in Psychiatry, biochemical imbalance research, and therapies to heal chemical imbalances.

Using this fraud in 1973 to outcast their best personnel and ban their publications, they followed this deplorable strategic move with the creation of DSM-3 with its psychological and behavioral “diagnoses” done by “objective Trained Doctors” employing their “Professional Opinion,” and “treatments” the mainstay of which being patented centrally acting drug chemicals (usually containing fluorine or chlorine).

By suppressing the legit people (at the starting bell) they could label people as fitting DSM abnormality descriptive categories as “the diagnosis” and then sell multiple lucrative drugging products. By presenting these patent drug products as the only thing that exists as chemotherapy, (with new breakthrough ones on the hopeful Wall street horizon…) they stuck to their simple, rote, repetitive Big Lie and this formula reaped them millions of peoples lives in monetary profits for the next 4 decades.

All in all this makes the fraudulent lie of the 58 page Task Force 7 Report one of the most outstandingly evil documents. A curse, a malediction. The Maleus Maleficarum is related to the DSM and to the TF7 Report. They make a one time labeling of the doctors they want to get rid of. The sneering accusatory statements that they make about their enemies (the legit doctors and biochemists) in this farce “peer review” apply to themselves and the actions that they are about to take in the next decades.

The Task Force 7 Report of 1973 marked the merger of the NIMH and APA with the drug companies. The creation of the DSM-3 project happened at this time. The Medical model of the DSM-3 is the Propaganda model.

Serious or Severe Mental Illness or Disorder – these are propaganda phrases. They care about propaganda, money and power. They are not interested in biology, science, the wellbeing of people (including adolescent and teens, as well as pregnant and nursing women) or Medicine.

The opposite of fraudulent Medical treatment that first comes to mind is non-fraudulent Medical, rather than humanistic non-Medical psycho-therapeutic, non-biologically-reductionist help.

I’m pretty sure that part of the oppostion – our fearless leaders – are controlled oppostion.

Control the dialogue everywhere and keep the gravy train running.

Including the suppression of biochemical science by psychopharma (by, for instance, the fradulent, concocted 58 pg TF7) in our descriptions of the situation at hand, and the history of what happened in the last 150 years is not only representative of the whole, un-screened, un-modified truth.

I am sure it is of absolute strategic importance.

David Moyer, LCSW

Robert Sealey, BSc

Leaving out from our world view the 1973 suppression of Medical Psychiatrists by the APA, NIMH and drug companies, armed with only a subset of armament, alowing Psychopharma to be the one’s with quotes “medications” and suggesting only that “medications” not be used —

“Medication” and drugs are synonymous for MindFreedom in 2003 —

Overwhelm, distress, extreme states.

Richard P. Huemer, M.D., “There is no mental illness,” writes Thomas Szasz in a recent article in Reason, repeating for the nth time his mantra of the past four decades.”

Note that Reason Magazine is part of ruthless poisonous propaganda (note here the attack on Mercola) There is as much honesty in the sceptics propaganda as there is in NIMH, APA psychopharmacology propaganda after 1967:

Quackwatch, The sceptics, reason, Michael Schermer, False Memory Foundation propaganda and actions –

Descent moral people will look at these such as Quackwatch to see what is being attacked to check for important things that they haven’t heard of yet.

Dan Burdick Eugene Oregon USA

Insane? Your Choice.

Freedom instead of coercion:
World première of the „PatVerfue“ video with Nina Hagen


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