Drug Children because the Secret Service can’t protect the President so Psychiatric clinicians must! by Daniel Burdick


Drug Children because the Secret Service can’t protect the President so Psychiatric clinicians must!

Robin Williams killed himself after getting Parkinson’s — so lets move to increase the power of Psychiatry!

Drug children to stop homelessness!

>> See Security Breach at White House on Sept. 19 2014 — http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/09/30/issa-accuses-secret-service-giving-false-account-white-house-breach

<<DJ Jaffe, Fuller Torrey and Rep. Murphy want everybody in the country screened as children for incipient, prodomal, early serious mental illness. Giving young children neurotropic drugs with chlorine or fluorine in them – unlike any biochemical compounds found in nature – will be great. Early treatment is best.

Drugging pregnant women, nursing women, teens and toddlers are a great thing when it is the scourge of severe mental disorders that is being battled.

To prevent people from scaling the white house fence and walking in a door that happens to be left unlocked – to stop people from being homeless – to prevent Fort Hood from being attacked by a lone gunman a thrid or fourth time – it is clear that “Trained Doctors” should use word tests, questionnaires, interview and their professional opinion to early detect all USA citizens who could be a mental health hazard. So we are told by DJ Jafee, Fuller Torrey and other pharma rep propagandists.

White House security and the Secret Service are unable to prevent people from jumping the fence and walking in the door. “Trained Doctors” need to early detect mental disease in USA children, and also screen Veterans of course.

These “Trained Doctors” who have no Medical Lab test to confirm the presence of any one of the severe mental disorder categories in the DSM nosology.

Serious mental illness according to Fuller Torrey, DJ Jaffe and Represntative Murphy must receive “treatment” as ordered by Medical Professionals.

Which psychological illness rank as severe or serious in their statements is never limited to stating exactly what they are referring to. At some points they will state that Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Major Depression with psychotic feature are included.

Do they really leave out Panic Attacks, OCD and Postpartum Depression? It is for the most part, all “serious,” is it not? Thus lucrative patented prescription sales items that drug the brain and suppress symptoms need to be paid for by people and taxpayers.

We want what is best for people, modern treatments… to keep us safe and prevent homelessness.

According to Murphy, Torry and Jaffe — If every USA Child is examined and judged by an Authority, and permanently drugged as called for, then we will all be safe and free in the USA.

Nosology means naming system. The person that prescribes more than one psychotropic patent drug to you or your child, diagnoses, by using their judgement.

D.S.M. diagnoses is: naming a person – as being in a descriptive category. It is naming. No Medical tests are used nor exist.

“Trained Doctors” is a phrase in the 2014 Fuller Torry book “American Psychosis.”

With the bill HR 3717 or other such legislation they seek to increase the power, reach – and profitability – of their rigged self-serving version of Psychiatry.

Dan Burdick, Eugene Oregon


Rigged trials of, and rigged publications on Risperdal let us know that this was a breakthrough wonder drug, safe and more effective than the older drugs. Especially more effective for negative symptoms such as sociability. In the final scenes of “A Beautiful Mind” we see Nash – after years of struggling – suddenly speaking to students with pose and confidence.

“A Beautiful Mind” with consultancy to the film by Max Fink, M.D. the Grandfather of Electroshock

Nash demonstrates great Insight and Acceptance and Compliance just before the end of the Movie when the Nobel Prize reps have approved his attendance.

“Would I embarrass you?

Yes, it is possible.

You see, I-

I am crazy.

I take the newer medications,

but I still see things that are not here.”

A Beautiful Mind

<> Take your meds and know that you are always different from normal people, defective.

<> Then others may not stigmatize or be prejudicial.

<> Accept and comply, no matter how bad the treatment is — it is better than you being unmediated around normal people like us.


“Schizophrenia is degenerative. Some days maybe symptom-free,

but over time, you are getting worse.

It’s a problem. That’s all it is.

It’s a problem with no solution.

And that’s what I do, I solve problems.

That’s what I do best. This isn’t math.

You can’t come up with a formula…

to change the way you experience the world.

– All I have to do is apply my mind. – There’s no theorem, no proof.

– You can’t reason your way out of this. – Why not? Why can’t I?

Because your mind is where the problem is in the first place.”

We know than Ron Howard must be honest and good intentioned – because he acted the part of a nice person on the television shows, Happy Days and The Andy Griffith Show.

Dan Burdick – Eugene Oregon USA

Robert Whitaker’s “Mad in America” Site for Bloggers

A Beautiful Mind Commentary

Psychiatrist Hyla Cass: First Do No Harm

Vince Bellonzi, D.O.
Functional vs. Mainstream Medicine

William Walsh, Ph.D. Nutrient Power


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