witchcraft in the church-helen fulton -Chapter 15: Witchcraft

witchcraft in the churchChapter 15: Witchcraft
June 25, 2014 at 3:30pm

Witchcraft is the practice of magic and praying or worshipping anything or anyone other than God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Poisoned by witchcraft

During 2009 Jacob asked his mother to cook for us every night as I had a huge website to design and with my other work, I was sometimes still busy in the early morning hours.

After about 3 days I started developing a burning feeling in my stomach. I asked Jacob’s mother if she is adding something to her food that might cause my stomach to burn. She said she put tomatoes and garlic in every meal. I knew this could not be the problem as I eat lots of tomatoes and garlic and never had a problem before.

A week later I was so ill I could not climb two steps. I would wake up and go to the bathroom across the passage and then be too tired to go back. I was dizzy and so weak I could not walk 4 steps without wanting to collapse.

Another week went by and I was taken to the doctor by my son. After a lot of tests including blood tests, the doctor said he could not find anything wrong with me physically

I clearly heard a voice saying this is not from God you are being poisoned.

On my return home I told Jacob’s mother that I will from that moment prepare our own food. My son started cooking for us as I was too weak. 3 Days later I was my old self again.

Jacob continued to eat at his mother’s place most of the nights and every morning he would go and drink coffee with his father and eat porridge at his parents place.

I felt that every time I had coffee at their place I could not concentrate and I could not focus on Bible study or my prayers. I would start praying and then after a sentence forget what I was asking. I stopped drinking coffee at his mother’s place.

These are people who do not miss a church service. They are in the New Apostolic church, but yet they wanted to poison me by be-witching the food and the coffee. Why? To stop me from spreading the Word of God.

Killed by witchcraft

This is a testimony from one of my spiritual daughters.

I have to get something off my chest. The last Prayer Academy lesson we got really got to me. My mother was involved in consulting with Sangomas when I was much younger (Primary School). She had a business from home and regularly went to buy “[1]muti” to increase her profits. The helper at our home was also some sort of medium – she could read the future with tea leaves and

such. My mother and I was very close and so she told me what she did. I didn’t know much about this stuff so I saw nothing wrong with it. My mother was always burning stuff in the house and putting on creams and stuff on her body. She also consulted with them about the children (me and my two sisters and brother). I don’t know if she ever gave us something, but I am not discarding the option. I remember her telling me the one time that the Sangoma told her that he could only see three children and my mother kept on telling him that she had four. She didn’t want to tell me who it was. Over the years I have thought about it a lot trying to figure out what it could mean – I don’t know why really. At first I believed that it was due to the fact that she signed off my baby sister into the care of her boyfriend’s parents. Then my brother got severe epileptic attacks and the doctors told us that he wouldn’t live long because we discovered it too late and his brain has been damaged a lot, so I then thought that was a possible reason. Now I am thinking that God was protecting me from them and that they couldn’t see me because I was under the blood. Even though I didn’t know much back then, I always used to ask God to protect me and to cover me under the blood of Jesus even though I myself didn’t understand the power of the blood of Jesus.

My mother also hated my father. He drank a lot and then abused her. My mother used to wish he would die so she can be free from the heartache and difficulty. My dad did give us a hard time. We were in constant fear of him. I believe that he was possessed by demons and sometimes they would manifest and he would do strange things. I was 16 when my dad passed away. But his death came suddenly and strangely. A year before his

death somewhere in October my mother came to me and said that the medium told her that my father was going to die in November of that year – it was the same year my dad started smuggling with diamonds. I was shocked and didn’t want it to be true and was scared that one of the diamond deals would go bad, so I prayed that God would protect him and help him with his problem. My father lived a year longer, but passed away Christmas day the next year.

A week before my dad got very ill. Something that we have never seen before. I just didn’t get up from bed. And the whole week we try to take him to the doctor, but he refused saying it almost Christmas no one is going to help him. Well Christmas day came and he was really sick, to a point that we phoned an Ambulance to come get him. I was the only person who did not want to go to the hospital so I stayed behind, but I could feel something wasn’t right. I felt a presence in the house and everywhere around me. I tried to keep myself busy with stuff so I wouldn’t think about it. Later that evening my mother came home crying. She didn’t want to tell us what happened. She kept on saying, “I’m sorry”. I couldn’t understand for what. Then one of my parents’ home friends came over. My mother asked him to break the news to us. My sister being 14 at that stage tried to tell the doctor that they my father’s heart stopped beating, but they ignored her, because what does she know. Today I am convinced the Holy Spirit told her. Eventually later on they realised his heart stopped about three times before his body went into shock and then his insides burst.

Looking back at everything, I now believe that my mother “killed” my dad, why else would she have said that she was sorry – a normal person’s reactions would have been “why did it happen, I don’t understand”.

I am not sad about what happened anymore. I am not mad at my mother for doing what she did, but I do however have a concern about all of the curses that was placed on us because of what she did.

This mother called herself a Christian and was brought up in the NG Church. She even married a pastor from a Charismatic Church after this. A Prophet prophesying in this church and said that this church walls will come down if they do not stop offering their children to mammon. This prophecy came true within 3 years. The women and the pastor divorced and he is in his 6th marriage. He already had 3 heart attacks.

I renounce God and I wanted to die

As I remember my childhood I was very withdrawn, I didn’t like to be around too much people because I had a very low self-esteem, I believed I was ugly and no one could tell me different. I started getting visitations at the age of 5, from what I can remember, I used to share a room with my older sister who most times was at my grannies place especially holidays and weekends. My younger sister was a baby and needed my parents attention more. I love my parents dearly and believed they did their best they possibly could to raise us.

Anyway I was paralyzed with fear every time I had to go to bed and my mom always closed the door and the light was always off, that’s when fear crept in. I would sleep with blankets completely over my head no matter how hot it was! I could hear these things and sometimes see

them. My tummy would turn and sometimes they would slowly pull the covers off from me and this went on for a long time.

My parents didn’t believe me they just thought I was a scared and nervous child and because I had a bladder problem too, I would wet bed most nights until the age of 10years.

This one night as I was laying in bed with covers over me, holding the blanket so tight and the sweat dripping, with tears in my eyes, I felt a lifting of the blanket and this lady slowly came towards me with a smirk on her face. She had short black hair, moles on her face, a yellow top with black polka dots and red long nails and she stretched her hands towards me saying I must go with her. I was beyond scared and couldn’t move. Eventually she disappeared. I will never forget that night, it’s still so clear to me.

As I grew up I was drawn into the darker things like horror movies, Stephen King and Dean R Koonts books. I used to enjoy dark stories. My group of friends in primary school used to entertain each other with scary stories. I couldn’t understand why I craved for it yet I was so very scared and overwhelmed with fear!

In high school I got deeper into occultic books, religious books, witchcraft, voodoo…I just read anything that was scary and search for things people couldn’t explain to me. I would listen to rock heavy metal and thrash metal music, it gave me somewhat boldness and I liked it! At this time I didn’t know Jesus. I heard about Him, was given religious lessons in school about Him, but I thought He was a myth. I thought there is no way He could be real. I knew absolutely nothing about Him, the cross, His life or anything about Him. My parents attended church on occasions like funerals and

functions and when I would go with my mom, it was Afrikaans and I barely understood it. Mom was Old Apostolic and Dad was Anglican.

Anyway, I started searching for answers in books which I couldn’t find, I said to myself that somewhere in here there should be a God? I would look around at stars, clouds and think someone had to create this, but who? And where is He? By this time my depression got deeper, I started writing poetry. I would watch people perform the same things over and over every day, same old patterns every day! Was it worth it? And I thought I don’t want that maybe I should just die, kill myself…. life was too depressing I had an indescribable void inside me. I would see how people struggled, how women are abused, how children were hurt and it would keep me up at night and I would think about it all the time and cry myself to sleep. Where is God???!!!

Then one of my friends got hold of a satanic book and I read it, on my 16th birthday. Mom and dad gave me a special party for my friends and I felt special. That’s when I got a glimpse of my daughter’s father. He helped decorate our yard, and I thought he was handsome but was way too old and I left it there!

My friend who gave me the books came that evening and wanted to take me to a satanic church.

I thought why? It’s my birthday, how weird!! I refused thinking they’re weird. During my teenage years I pretty much rebelled like other teenagers but I was deeper than them. I saw things differently. I would also see things that no one else could see, hear things no one else would hear.

I would sit for hours in my room and stare blankly because I had so many thoughts to entertain me. I drank lots of alcohol, experimented with dagga, started cutting myself, renounced

God, because in this book my friend gave me you have to say prayers almost like the sinners prayer. Because I was ignorant and thought it won’t work, I did it. I played [2]witchy board,[3]glassie glassie, had pictures of mass murderers in my cupboard and attempted suicide a few times and one time nearly succeeded if it wasn’t for God. The elders of my dad’s friend’s church interceded for me. I took an overdose of gout tablets, alcohol and was at home. I woke up, no one knew what I done. I told my mum and she got people to rush me to hospital. All hospitals refused me. Mom half carrying me from hospital to hospital with the neighbour’s car and me being too weak and vomiting non-stop. It was traumatic for my mom, they brought me home but there was no one to help me. By then I should’ve been dead. My grandparents came down and other family members searched for a hospital for me. While I was in bed and my mum was feeding me not knowing what to do, they eventually got to a private hospital on their medical aid that doesn’t cover suicide so I had to first go to one of the filthiest and gang infested hospitals to drink charcoal then get treated at the private hospital and my parents couldn’t stay. I had to endure the dirty clothes of blood and faeces, the pain, all my muscles stopped working.

Eventually my dad took me to private hospital, where I was poked with needles the whole day, all day. I looked bad, very bad, almost like death. I had fits, lumber puncture, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t move. Whenever I saw my parents or my siblings they would burst into tears. I had so many doctors, professors their children, even student doctors came to look at me; my body was filled with soars.

I was hopeless, I cried all the time. When my parents were not there I would phone and just cry all day long. That time I had a boyfriend, who today is the father of my 13 year old daughter; he is still a part of my life. I had another fit, then a cat scan. When I woke up in a private room my grandparents, sisters and parents where all crying and looking at me. I knew this was it, my body couldn’t take the pain, all my organs were messed up and I had no energy. I made peace with death and said if there is a God I’m ready, I didn’t care what happened. I was enough of a burden to my parents and the pain was unbearable!

Then after many tests I started getting a little stronger.

I was laying in intensive care and no one could touch me. I had to wear a mask when visitors came. My boyfriend was not allowed to touch me, like kiss or hold my hand etc. because I could catch germs, so after week or so I started to heal. Dad and mom’s life stopped there. It now revolved around me, my younger sister was 14 years old and older sister was 22 and I was 18, just matriculated. Dad took me for physiotherapy and everything else while I was in hospital. They barely went

home. I started healing and doctors couldn’t believe it, they were shocked when I walked out.

My hair fell out completely and new hair was already growing under old hair. All the filth in my body surfaced on the outside, yes I looked terrible but I was healing.

That was the start of a new journey, as God watched over me and people He assigned to pray for me. He waited and waited for me as it was a few years after that, that I received my salvation. His patience is amazing.

He never gave up on me. When I came out of hospital my hair started growing slowly, I had to rest a lot. I could not receive many visitors and never went out because I looked terrible. My boyfriend came every now and then and I preferred it like that.

Then I had to go to a psychiatrist and mom and dad took me every week which was expensive. Afterwards I found out how much in debt my parents were and I hated myself for that. I thought I could’ve just died than to put them all through this heavy financial burden, even my sisters had to feel the loss.

Months passed and I got a job in a clothing store. I started drinking and smoking, soon things went back to normal. I then fell pregnant at the age of 20.

Yes my parents were shocked but they supported me so did the father of the child. I had a heavy fear that I might not carry my child to full term. I was so worried because of the damage to my body, the fear was crippling but my boyfriend kept me positive and I went for regular check-ups.

The depression started again. I would cry almost every night in the bath, asking God why He kept me alive. What is the real purpose of life? Eventually I gave birth, had an emergency epidural caesarean and I had a healthy baby girl.

God blessed me once again, she is so precious!

She was now my reason for living. Me and mom encountered a few problems, we argued a lot. I got depressed a lot and preferred to stayed in my room with baby and would just lay with her and cry all the time.

Eventually I looked for work months later, mom looked after my baby. It was contract jobs just for money. My 21st came; it was nice – just intimate family.

Then as time went on me and boyfriend had a lot of arguments, financial issues and we both drank, by then my daughter was 2years old. I placed her in a crèche and I started studying early childhood development. Then as time went on my boyfriend had to be best man for his cousins wedding and the cousin bought him a ticket to Germany because he lived there. He didn’t want to go but I persuaded him because I would be fine and Diana was too young to go.

The same night he left, things started to happen, it was during the December holidays.

That same night after we took him to the airport something came into my room, a big shadow but just before it came I saw my late grandpa and he looked down on me then disappeared and this shadowy thing choked me. For more than a month these things came

every night to me in different shapes, forms, colours etc. always after 5am choking, scratching, pressing me, seducing me. At first my parents thought it was my imagination but it got serious. Every night my sisters would take turns to sleep by me or me by them and then my parents and I always use to beg them not to let me fall asleep because as soon as it happened they attacked. But the thing is when they shook me and choked me, my bed shook but my daughter was always lying next to me unharmed and she was about 3 years old and a light sleeper but never woke up, she slept peacefully. We tried different methods. Religious stuff to get rid of these things, nothing worked. 3 weeks later my boyfriend came from Germany. He moved in for a while because of problems with siblings, his parents are deceased, mom said fine as long as he brought his own bed. By that time things got hectic, we were lying one evening on the bed talking. Him holding me then something pushed me away from him. Then he could see himself what was happening but still he didn’t believe. Different people tried to help, telling me to give my life to the Lord and I refused. They told me it will come back in sevens. I didn’t really understand much, one of the people that prayed for me and on me from this Christian church told me the vision he saw. He said he saw me stand at a rally speaking to lots of people and I had a mic in my hand and they were crying as I spoke and the other thing is there was a certain bruise on my arm, not a lot of people knew about it and Holy Spirit showed him that too and you can’t easily see it. So they prayed and anointed my room and the entire house and everyone in it. They said I should sleep peacefully. So I did that night, yes the next night it came back!

I told my mom’s friend about it because she knew about everything and she’s a prayer warrior and she said I must come over and she prayed and prayed and the thing left.

After that I slept well. For me everything was fine, bad things must happen. I always looked for excuses for certain things. I eventually worked at a different day care centre, and then I ended up at the school that I am presently, a primary school, this is my 6th year. The first year I got there I had a student teacher who shadowed me. She was saved, blood washed, so humble and always smiling. I didn’t want to get too close to her because I was scared she might preach to me.

So slowly but surely she showed me books she was reading and explaining to me about Jesus and Holy Spirit. I started to become interested in it and I read a few books and I thought wow maybe there really is a God. At the same time my younger sister was also going through the same thing with someone at her work that was feeding her the word and explaining to her and sometimes I would see her reading the bible.

Then this lady would feed me bit by bit and I would ask her hundreds of questions. I eventually I told her what happened when this demonic force was after me and she explained. I told her it’s happening again that I have insomnia and gets rushes of depression sometimes. I told her I feel so heavy like something is on my back, she said she will speak to this counsellor who is a prophet, it’s an old lady who helped many and she trusted her with her life and I said yes. I went on the Saturday.

That was when my life changed. I went to her with this friend, it was full of pastors and elders, and they were chatting and introduced me. She asked if I wanted to talk alone with her, I said yes, so we went to a room and I

didn’t say much, the Holy Spirit showed her. I couldn’t believe it because no one knew those stuff and then doubt crept in and I just left it there. She started getting heavy nausea and started to cry and she scared me. I thought oh my goodness what did this

God show her. She saw an upside down cross and many other things.

She told me how much Jesus loved me and the plan He has for me and she just started ministering to me. I felt something bubbling inside me that wanted to come out like a geyser trying to burst and I saw this man on a cross for me. I burst out crying and gave my heart to the Lord.

Eventually I got home, told my parents and they just looked at me. I told my sister and she just smiled. At that time she also gave her heart to the Lord, she just didn’t tell anyone. So I went home to my daughter and boyfriend because I lived with them. I got there and they were drinking, I told them what happened and they looked confused and offered me alcohol.

That whole week friends and family visited with alcohol, red wine and ciders because they knew it was my favourite.

It was hard. I had no church. I had no one to direct me and help me teach me. I still didn’t know right from wrong, but slowly God directed people my way, He was teaching me. I got CD’s to listen to, books to read, then I joined the church I’m at now. I did a disciple course and I got baptized and God lead the way. He gave me lots of dreams and visions to show me things and I realized how much He loves me and that He was always there. That I shouldn’t trust my feelings, that He is in control – even as a sinner, when I took those tablets I should have died and gone to hell but His servants prayed

for me. When I came out of hospital that time, I met them and they wanted to anoint me. They cried and cried and said the gifts God placed inside me and that God has given me a second chance, that many don’t get a second chance and after all that, I went back to my old life and did the same things only to receive Jesus Christ years later.

God never gave up on me, He waited and waited, He never stopped loving me; it was hard to believe after all the rejection and all the bad things I had done. No matter what happens, God finishes what he starts. He is always faithful. I still go through so many dark tunnels but it’s hard if you are in a dark place where you can’t breathe, where you don’t want advice or listen to preaching, I just remember what He has done for me and where I am today. Yes I’m struggling but I know God is working in me to take that muck and residue out, He is watching over me because He loves me. As much as I thought I was a mistake, I always remember that I was conceived in Gods mind before creation and He knew everything before I was born and nothing I do will let Him love me less, although Satan comes and condemns and bring to remembrance the past and we are only human. I force myself to press forward. Today my 13 year old daughter is saved and also a dreamer and has a prophetic calling on her but I always have to cover her, both my sisters are saved and I’m believing for my parents and daughters fathers salvation, the devil used him a lot to bring me down and break me.

But To God all the Glory!!!

This young lady also experienced her 3rd eye opening and operating during the times she was reading books of the occult. The 3rd eye is now closed as this is demonic and not from God.

She is now 33 and although she is still experiencing attacks, she is doing so much better. She is helping out the youth and other young people in her community.

A cry for help

On 14 December 2011 I received this email.

My name is Sengen McDonald. I live in the Philippines. 13 years ago I came to the Philipines with a missionary on a 21 day trip. When I went back home I started asking God if that is what he wanted me to do. I prayed about it for a long time. I knew that is what He wanted me to do. After talking to my wife and to the church we took the big step and sold all we had and move to the Philippines. My Father was a Evangelist and all my life I was told that I was called by God also. We were doing great. We were doing small and large Crusades with many people receiving Christ and a good healing ministry. At that time all the love that I had for God and my wife was through knowledge. What I know that I should do to be a good husband and to be a good Evangelist how to preach the word of God for people to receive Christ and how to get people healed. My wife and I start having problems and they got bigger and bigger and then it got in to ministry. It became to much for us and I decided I was going to find some where else to live for a while. Then I met a lady that helped me to forget all my problems and that produced a son. My wife and I had no children and she did not want any. She wanted only me in her house. It came down to my only son or my wife and the ministry. I chose my son! I lost

everthing. My wife my ministry and all my friends for what I had done. I even gave up on God because I thought I had done the worse thing that I could do to Him and the Church by getting in sin and choosing my son over the ministry. Through the love that I have found for my children I now know how to love my father GOD. I know have a true relationship from my heart not my head. I am now closer to my father God than I have ever been in my life. My deepest desire is to fix my problems and go back to doing what God has called me to do. My wife says now I can have the divorce . But it is all up to me. I have not paid my visa in five years. I can not get a job and I can not leave the country at the risk of not being able to see my children again. I was getting help from my mother but she does not have it any more. I was also getting help from a home church in NC. but they have now split up. I now have no one to ask for help. We are now selling whatever any one will buy out of the house to get rice. This is a plea from the heart to any one to help me and my children. Please take this letter and pray over it and do what God wants you to do.

My reply to Sengen

I do not have money to give you but I can give you the following Prayers that needs to be prayed at Midnight until you get a breakthrough. You have sinned and need to ask God for forgiveness and accept Him once again into your heart.

Start a small service from your house and start teaching the people about God’s love. I will sign you up as an evangelist for Light the World Ministries not because you asked because I was told by Father God.

I know it is difficult but just like Job, God will restore everything satan has taken from you.

You need to get that divorce finalized and marry the women you are living with as this is also a sin in God’s eyes.

Make sure that the mother of your children have 100% the same faith as you otherwise she will open doorways for satan to attack you.

He replied back on 16 December 2013

I read your e-mail again. Like I said I confess daily over my life and my problem. I have 7 books on Charles Capps. I even have his confession book. I also preach from time to time. I do not know how yet but when the righteous cry the Lord hears and does deliver them. Job 36 tells me that I am still on the thorne with Kings but tied in fenders. (My feet are bond) So are my hands until I get help!!!!. I am sending my e-mail to ever one I can find. I pray that it will get in to the right hands. I have all my TRUST in God!!!

My response:

I have given you specific prayers to break the things that is upon you. It seems like you are not taken the word of a Prophet of God seriously. I have been anointed by God Himself as His Prophet and before every answer to you I have asked God to give me the answer. Your e-mail did get to the right hands and you have receive exactly what you need to do but yet you still do not listen. You wanted help from God but expected it in money. Take your own flesh out and start working for God the way you should be according to God and not the way you think you should with your flesh.

Start a home church and a bible study group from your house. Ask the people that come to bring their own chairs.


Sengen are currently running a bible study group, youth centre and a home church from his house and it is going great with him and his family. Dying to that old self and listening to God is the first step to prosperity and setting the captives free.

In Rebellion

19 December 2012

I was in a relationship for 12 years with my first and only boyfriend whom I got married to on the 18th of December 2010 and we had a baby girl who was born in May this year. When my daughter was just 4 weeks, he told me he no longer loves me and moved out. We were a God fearing couple, very much in love and building a great future together. I had prayed for a husband and truly believed this was the one and yet that’s not the case? We work in the same building I see him every day and we don’t communicate instead we communicate via my lawyer whom I contacted and asked to proceed with divorce. We are at the called to sign the settlement agreement stage if he is not going to contest the divorce. It’s just weird the whole thing and how quickly things fell apart and it have left me faithless – why didn’t God hear my prayers? It feels too late to restore anything and quite

frankly crazy to go back. What does God want for my life? I have attached a picture of my daughter and what was my life. I’m now backsliding and I feel far from God, very far.

Please help if you can. Elsie

As always when I get a request for help I take it to Father God for the answer.

My response:

Get back in line with God then He will answer your prayers. Also you need to remember if this is not the man that God wants for you God will rather send another good man your way.

But why allow me to marry him, have a child with him if he isn’t the one that God wanted for me? Praying becomes a futile exercise. What’s the use of getting back in line with the very same God I prayed to for a husband and when Satan came to rob and steal I still prayed to God and He did nothing. I have been a Christian all my life but I have never felt so let down by God which is why I have backslidden and actually have zero faith, zero. Life makes no sense.

Thank you though. Elsie

Sometimes when I am busy helping people under the guidance of the Holy Spirit I am shocked at what I type or say. But I learnt that God always knows what to say and He knows what has happened and will happen in that person’s life. So I trust God completely. He has never let me down and never will.

My response:

God never said you must marry him. You did this because this is what you wanted. If you have asked God that time and listen to Him you would not have married him. I think you need to sit down and think hard how many people actually warned you before you got married.

Prophet Helene,

I wish I could agree with you but I don’t. I truly believed that this is what God wanted for my life. I dedicated so much prayer. Yes, there were a few voices against this marriage, this was placed in God’s hands and many people prayed over this decision – many. This is why I am so lost, what is the point of praying and fasting – what is the point of corporate prayer? What is the point of the prayer of agreement if when you are convinced that you have heard from God it actually isn’t His will or His voice? What a waste of 12 years. What a letdown of my faith. And let’s pretend for one minute, it was me – is God not so mighty and loving that He would close the door prior to me getting married if He knew all this is not what He wanted for me? I was engaged for a whole 2 years where I sought God’s voice. I prayed. I put out a fleece. I fasted. I got engaged in 2008 and only got married in 2010.

I don’t know how to believe God when He says He has a plan for my life? What plan? To guide me on a path where He gives and takes away? What’s the point of believing if what will be will be any way? I am beyond broken. I am completely shattered because everything I thought was, wasn’t and now I am left to redefine what

actually is. God knows what I will tell my daughter one day because I really don’t know. Elsie

Once again I was shocked by the way God had me answer this lady.

My response:

You are in rebellion.

22 And Samuel said, Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

1 Samuel 15:22-23

So make no mistake, God does not take rebellion of any form lightly! No matter what the circumstances, God is offended by rebellion. You have to realise that God does NOT bless rebellion, no matter how much GRACE is on your life!

If all “hell” is breaking loose in your life right now…just maybe it’s because you are in rebellion in an area.

You see, we are born into sin. Rebellion is unfortunately rooted in our flesh. Our flesh can be trained as we discipline ourselves towards godliness…but you must never EVER forget the fact that your flesh will always kick and rebel against the things of the Spirit and what God wants for your life! It’s up to you on a daily basis to decide… Am I going to rule this flesh… or am I going to allow it to rule me?

When we don’t keep the speed limit, that’s rebellion
When we go on compulsive, emotional, shopping sprees, that’s rebellion
When we withdraw, sulk or throw our toy’s out the cot, that’s rebellion
When we refuse to tithe, that’s rebellion
When we are stubborn and strong willed, that’s rebellion
When children do not honor and respect their parents that is rebellion
When you always speak down to others that is rebellion
When you are racists that is rebellion
When we are self-focused and self-centered, that’s rebellion
When we criticize, condemn and continually find fault with everything or everyone, that’s rebellion
When you murmur under your breathe or become disgruntled and unappreciative of anything or any of the leadership in your church, that’s rebellion
Anything that you do that is against the moral law or the commandments of God will bring you in rebellion with God.

After reading what my answer to her was, I wondered if I should put it in a different way as it sounded very harsh. Immediately God said send it as it is. I obeyed without asking any further questions as God knows what is best.

I press send and I truly thought that I will never hear from Elsie again. But I did and I was surprised.

Wow. I now understand.

I will do as you say. I will get back in line with God.

Thank you for being frank and honest. I truly appreciate it.

Please pray for me.

Thank you, Elsie

Jealousy from a mother

During our telephone conversation a statue was revealed that was given as a present and had a curse on. This statue caused marital problems and health issues that eventually lead to Martha having to undergo a full hysterectomy at the very young age of 21.

Good morning Helené,

This morning I am at a loss for words. Last night myself and my husband expected you to call us, to do a prayer, maybe some well wishes, but never what happened to us last night. Surely you could have heard that we’ve been dumb struck by what was happening to us. You became the utensil in GOD’s hand to make me experience a miracle which reinstated everything I’ve believed in throughout my life. We had receive the blessing of real prophetic work which are something very little Christian’s have the privilege to experience in such a direct way.

I want to provide you with some info on the statue. This statue came from my previous marriage which was quite violent and an enormous lie. My ex-husband had affairs since we’ve been married 8 months and it never stopped. The statue was given to us by his mother who bought it in Namibia from Venda veterans very long ago. I used her for a doorstop and she never received any attention

from any of us except when one of us bumped our toes to her. I actually had a huge dislike in her but she served her purpose of keeping the door open so there she stood. That is then the reason why we did not knew it was her at first. When however Graham walked to the kitchen to get the olive oil I followed him and as it was meant to be I bumped into her. I immediately knew that this was what you were talking about.

To us we did not need anything else to convince us that you are a servant of God. There is no way in which you could have known about her. I mean she most definitely was not a normal household item kept by everybody. In fact she will not fit in at any modern household.

The presence of GOD was so enormous that even today I feel so filled up that I have not a single empty space that needs attention. I received the mercy I’ve been begging for. Since the beginning of our adoption trail I’ve never felt so secure and at peace. GOD took over our struggle.

I do wish I had the words to properly thank you. You brought us to a level we’ve never imagined possible. Thank you so much for being such a caring and loving servant of GOD that not even the fact that we are not directly linked to your ministry and strangers to you stopped you from spending your private time on helping us.

To us you are one of the true leaders in GOD’s army and an impeccable example of what GOD stand for.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! May all the good you spread amongst the nation of GOD be returned to you in triple measures.

Enjoy your weekend.

Regards, Martha

They cursed a baby

March 2011 during a crusade, God revealed a person’s name while busy with another person. It was the neighbor of the person we was busy praying for.

I ask the person to please tell Hannes to come and see me as soon as possible.

Hannes came the next day with his stepdad as he was too scared to come alone.

God revealed that there were a man and a woman very wealthy and very powerful in his life as a baby. His stepdad then revealed that Hannes was going to be adopted as a baby by two lawyers, but his mother could not go through with the adoption.

God also revealed that these two people were Satanists and that God stopped the adoption.

These two Satanists were so angry that they cursed the baby. When God revealed to me Hannes’s name He also revealed to me the curse on the Hannes.

Hannes was not born again but was a devoted Christian. I explained to him what it means to be born again and he

accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and the curse was broken instantly. Glory to God. Praise His works.

Witchcraft is everywhere. It is on the Television, in the stores, and even in the churches. It is being shamelessly advertised wherever you go.

Just look at the huge sales of the Harry Potter books and movies. This is a triumph for witchcraft in the world as every child wants to be a witch or warlock. Gone are the days when witches used to be old toothless women playing their crafts under the cover of darkness in some obscure corners of the earth or in a dark cave.

Witchcraft has been repackaged to look exciting and glamorous. To draw everyone, especially kids into it.

But let’s get back to the Bible to examine the true nature of witchcraft.

The Woe of Nineveh

3 Woe to the bloody city!

It is all full of lies and robbery.

Its victim never departs.

2 The noise of a whip

And the noise of rattling wheels,

Of galloping horses,

Of clattering chariots!

3 Horsemen charge with bright sword and glittering spear.

There is a multitude of slain,

A great number of bodies,

Countless corpses—

They stumble over the corpses—

4 Because of the multitude of harlotries of the seductive harlot,

The mistress of sorceries,

Who sells nations through her harlotries,

And families through her sorceries.

Nahum 3:1-4

Witchcraft is vicious but highly deceptive. It can sell families, communities and entire nations.

A single person in the family who consults with mediums, astrologers, sorcerers, witches, magicians, false prophets, etc. can open the floodgate of trouble for everyone else in the family.

Through just one visit to anyone working for Satan (anyone in the occult or any pagan religion are working for Satan), the blood of members of the entire family can be sucked and deposited in witchcraft covens! They could even withdraw the organs from the body, leaving people running from pillar to post looking for solutions without finding any.

The result?

Health problems. Business failure. Financial collapse. Marital problems. Drug problems in the family and a bunch of other problems too many to mention here.

When I was down in Burgersfort spreading the Word of God I had a vision of a well-known lady who jumps from church to church and spreads gossip around in town. This lady is in such a rebellion with God. She is also very racist and is trying to run everyone’s lives. The vision I saw was of her wearing a mask like the masks some of the African witches sometimes wears.

I Never Knew You

21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’

23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

Matthew 7:21-23

The Test of Knowing Him

3 Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments.

1 John 2:3

14 Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city.

Revelation 22:14

8 The words of a [4]talebearer are like tasty [5]trifles,

And they go down into the inmost body.

Proverbs 18: 8

16 You shall not go about as a talebearer among your people; nor shall you take a stand against the life of your neighbor: I am the Lord.

Leviticus 19: 16

In a small town like Burgersfort, young females are stealing business from a god fearing man. A true man of God by using witchcraft. You know who you are and I know who you are as God revealed this to me. You think just because I am not in Burgersfort God will not show me what you are doing. This after you told me to my face that you just want to do what is right in God’s eyes. So what happened to that? To you and your friends that is helping you a small warning. Repent! Ask God for forgiveness for what you have done and never do that again. If not you are facing eternity in hell. And belief me eternity is so long that one will never ever see the end.

Many people say I am a Christian but what they do and how they behave is witchcraft. Do not be one of these people as God will turn away from you.

I have seen many people claiming to be a prophet that use demonic entities to “heal”. They take out one problem that was caused by witchcraft sent to you just to make sure you get another. You will only notice this a few days after and will never think about where you got it.

Be careful what you buy, and where you buy it. Never buy anointing oil or “holy water” from anyone as you do not know what that person are doing when the world cannot see him, rather use your authority as a born again believer to prepare your own anointing oil. Contact us at churchoffice@lighttheworldministries.co.za.

[1] Muti is another word for potion.

[2]The Ouija board (/ˈwiːdʒə/ WEE-jə) also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words “yes”, “no”, “hello” (occasionally), and “goodbye”, along with various symbols and graphics. It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood) or movable indicator to indicate the spirit’s message by spelling it out on the board during a séance. Participants place their fingers on the planchette, and it is moved about the board to spell out words.

[3]This is just another version of the Ouija board

[4] A person who maliciously gossips or reveals secrets.

[5] A Jewish tradition reads wounds.




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