Children who dissociate can be trained to respond like Pavlov’s dog. A pedophile preys on children. We have no word for someone who preys on child alters of an adult.

Dateline: To Catch A Predator. Police, elected officials, teachers, coaches, at least one rabbi, as well as people of the “typical sleazy pedophile profile” and more were convicted of soliciting sex from a minor. Of course the pedophiles at the top of the ladder are going to support dismissing anything recalled by a victim of their own crimes. This is the Catch 22 of the world of child abuse. The very children most hurt by the pedophile community are dismissed frequently when they claim abuse which allows for further abuse of those children to go unchecked.

One step further. Networks of sophisticated pedophiles exist everywhere. (Sophisticated, for purposes of this article, means: “to have knowledge of how to use dissociation in their favor.”) What happens when a dissociated child—a victim of long-term childhood sexual abuse—becomes an adult? These sophisticated pedophiles who are aware of adults still fully dissociated know how to cause a child part to respond. Even more devious is child parts can be called out with a cue (given to the victims by the abusers in a state of terror) for purposes of sexual abuse, trafficking drugs, and other illegal acts without any conscious knowledge on the victim’s part. I invite you to read this paragraph again. It’s mind blowing.

Children who dissociate can be trained to respond like Pavlov’s dog. A pedophile preys on children. We have no word for someone who preys on child alters of an adult. Using a dissociated child state of an adult is insidiously disguised rape. It practically guarantees disbelief if the victim tries to report the abuse once it becomes consciously known.

To these sophisticated pedophiles, a child is not precious life to be cherished. A child is an object to be used for their nefarious purposes. Child porn and sex rings prey on children coming into this world as babies and children kidnapped at an early age. They know how to traumatize an infant or young child systematically to cause dissociation, thus ensuring a child who will likely never tell during most of her lifetime. A sophisticated pedophile is assured of having sex for the victim’s lifetime through child alters as the victim ages, unless or until the victim begins to heal and can pull herself out of a very dangerous environment.

Sophisticated pedophiles use mind altering drugs on their victims, wear masks and costumes, create bizarre scenarios, and use other techniques to try to obliterate any believability when the dissociated adult begins to remember. When a young self state recalls the abuse, it might be “three gorillas in Santa Claus suits” were raping her. And the damning part of this is she likely was. Many child accounts of abuse include a fictional character (cartoon, superhero, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc.) which tends to be immediately dismissed as a lie or creative imagination. The reality is that is how pedophiles operate. To a child, a person dressed as Santa IS Santa or IS a gorilla (whatever frightening or bizarre costume is used). How many times have you seen movies or television stories based on fact where the predator was the ice cream man or someone dressed as a clown or someone claiming to have a lost puppy or kitten? That is the unsophisticated pedophile. They all know how to draw a child in.

In addition, through a terrified child’s eyes, a very large person may be viewed as “a monster” (and/or the person may, in fact, wear a monster mask). The mask doesn’t have to be scary. It could be a mask of the president. A terrified child (especially one who has been drugged) will believe the person who just molested him or her was the person depicted on the mask.

So why wouldn’t organized child porn groups dress up in robes and wear devil masks and provide other surrounding paraphernalia to share their love of child molestation? It’s the perfect cover because we all know that children or adult survivors remembering such things are crazy. I ask you to consider the tactic. It is not the place of abuse, but the abuse that needs to be the focus. Children are being abused systematically to ensure loyalty in the form of dissociative parts.

It is uncanny how every survivor of DID, resulting from long-term early childhood sexual abuse, becomes terrified just in the remembering of initial bits and pieces. The fear of telling can be overwhelming.

Fear of telling is instilled in many horrific ways. Remember, to a child (or child part of an older dissociated person), an adult is powerful. To help ensure secrecy, often the child will be made to believe someone’s eyes are watching her every move to ensure she doesn’t try to tell. Layers of messages of fear for telling are uncovered in nearly every survivor to include death to self and, worse to a child, threat of death to a loving parent, sibling or pet.

As a nation we need to understand that victims of sophisticated pedophilia recalling child sexual abuse will appear incredulous intentionally. We need to redirect our focus on the abuse and not the surroundings in which the abuse is remembered. Then maybe the premise on which pedophiles build their porn and sex rings and other dirty dealings might begin to crumble.


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