#mkultra #gangstalking #satanic ritual abuse methodology exposed

Propaganda film of Roggenfeldners (am. Rockefellers) psychotropic drugs mafia / NAZI psychiatry.

These children are biochipped, and have been brain washed. Automatic systems mixed with manual operators send these victims of microwave hearing effect, waves of matter which are tailored to the individual DNA brain response pattern, or subliminal sound stimulation system voices in the head.

Inflicting massive trauma these technologies mixed with social and physical multipliers leads to the desired split personality / multiple personality split.

The programming of their spirit is most effective if it starts in childhood, so they are trying to nationalize also early childhood education. According to intended purpose this distinction programming ALPHA/BETA/GAMMA/DELTA/THETA and OMEGA.

The programming process is facilitaed through hallucinogenic substances, as found in some ingredients from the class of antipsychotic drugs, an increased suggestibility is reached. This can also be supported by sensory deprivation/isolation and fixation.

Often, their parents will work for the Government / have relations to this, being blackmailed by priority officials (owning security clearance) to do that to their children.

This has to do with child molesters rings and intelligence with/church/cults with their traditions of Satanic ritual abuse. It is financed through tax revenues, defense budget, Big Pharma, and of course the health insurance. Sometimes, these operations, when used as a cover-up to protect some black-hat gov officials, are privately funded.

During initial destabilization of an individual, illegal drugs are often used instead of means of electronic warfare – these can be LSD, Cocaine, Haze or Methamphetamines like Crystal.

Psychiatry, being the successor to Inquisition, as requested by Adam Weißhaupt and introduced by Masonics, has a very long tradition in human experiments, development of psychological warfare, torture, the disenfranchisement and to silence the unwanted people.


Gangstalking is then use to shape behaviour of the Targeted on Individuals (brainwashed victims), it is used to suppress them from disclosing these activities, discrediting them, stealing from them, administrating drugs, modifying programming and watching the results of appliances/harassment Technology. It creates Jobs within corrupt and criminal corporate governments / entities, and makes sure reabduction by psychiatry can be performed.

For those blaming Anonymous on gangstalking:

Anonymous hasnt got Black helicopters circling for 30min over a TIs Apartment, and neither do they own Black Transporter Planes which are Gangstalking me.

Though it is true, a lot of anonymous People are actually gov stooges / FBI, to say Anonymous is behind brainwashing psychiatry, secret Services activities, Military gangstalking and flying gangstalking (ShilliCopters, invisible BlackStone-Tech cloaked VRIL-planes) seems a Little far-fetched…

Clearly physicians, and in particular psychiatry, are actually one of the most active discipline behind targeting on individuals.


Though most of targeting is corporate gov activity, there is also apolitical gangstalking done by Mafia etc.

There is also corporate gangstalking and character assassination done by Corps like Monsanto, ESPO Risk Managment, and SIEMENS Risk Analysis, who then activate Corportate Networks having ties to Justice, Police, Psychiatry, Politics, Embassies, Crime-Rings. The borders are fluent here, and often there is Military involvment, secretly controlled by NATO in the West.

This is how far they go with some of their victims. This is top-Level activity done DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency of the “USA” (Federal Entity Managing southern North America).


Propaganda film of rye Feldner psychotropic drugs Mafia / NAZI psychiatry.

These children are biogechipped, and have been brainwashed. Automatic systems mixed with manual operators send these victims via microwave Höreffekt, matter waves are tailored to which the individual DNA-brain response patterns, or subliminal sound stimulation system voices in his head.

The addition of massive trauma mixed by these technologies with social and physical multipliers leads to the desired split personality / multiple personality disorder.

The programming of their spirit is most effective when it begins in childhood, so one tries to nationalize the early childhood education. Depending on the application, a distinction ALPHA / BETA / GAMMA / DELTA / THETA OMEGA and programming here.

The programming process is facilitated by hallucinogens substances as have some active compounds from the class of neuroleptics, since a higher suggestibility is achieved. This can also be done by sensory deprivation / isolation and fixation.

Often, the parents who have to work / relations with this for the government, blackmailed, harming their children’s.

This has to do with satanic ritual abuse, Kinderschänderringen, sects, churches and secret services. It is financed through tax revenues, defense budget, Big Pharma, and of course the insurance company. Sometimes privately financed. When Initialdestabilisierung an individual frequently also illegal drugs such as cocaine, LSD, Crystal Haze or used.

Psychiatry as required by Adam White Main and introduced the Freemasons, has a long tradition in human experiments, development of psychological warfare, torture, incapacitation and the silence of unwanted people.

Propagandafilm von Roggenfeldners Psychopharmaka-Mafia / NAZI-Psychiatrie.

Diese Kinder sind biogechipped, und wurden gehirngewaschen. Automatische Systeme gemischt mit manuellen Operateuren schicken diesen Opfern über Mikrowellen-Höreffekt, Materiewellen welche auf das individuelle DNA-Hirnresonanzmuster zugeschnitten sind, oder Subliminal-Sound-Stimulation-System Stimmen in den Kopf.

Das Zufügen massiver Traumata durch diese Technologien gemischt mit sozialen und physikalischen Multiplikatoren führt zu der erwünschten Persönlichkeitsspaltung / multiplen Persönlichkeitsspaltung.

Die Programmierung ihres Geistes ist am effektivsten, wenn diese bereits in der Kindheit beginnt, deshalb versucht man auch die frühkindliche Erziehung zu verstaatlichen. Je nach Verwendungszweck unterscheidet man hier ALPHA/BETA/GAMMA/DELTA/THETA und OMEGA Programmierung.

Der Programmierungsvorgang wird durch Halluzinogene Substanzen, wie sie einige Wirkstoffe aus der Klasse der Neuroleptika aufweisen, erleichert, da eine höhere Suggestibilität erreicht wird. Dies kann auch durch Reizentzug/Isolierung und Fixierung erfolgen.

Oft werden die Eltern, welche für die Regierung arbeiten/Beziehungen zu dieser haben, erpresst, ihren Kindern das anzutun.

Dies hat mit satanisch-rituellem Missbrauch, Kinderschänderringen, Sekten, Kirchen und Geheimdiensten zu tun. Finanziert wird es über Steuereinnahmen, Verteidigungshaushalt, Big Pharma und natürlich die Krankenkasse. Manchmal auch privat finanziert. Bei der Initialdestabilisierung eines Individuums kommen häufig auch illegale Drogen wie Kokain, LSD, Crystal oder Haze zum Einsatz.

Die Psychiatrie, wie von Adam Weißhaupt gefordert und den Freimaurern eingeführt, hat eine lange Tradition in Menschenversuchen, Entwicklung psychologischer Kriegsführung, Folter, der Entmündigung und dem zum Schweigen bringen unerwünschter Personen.


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