666 Illuminati Reptilians Vs. Philip K. Dick “The Penultimate Truth about Philip K. Dick”

WHO Was Philip K. Dick?
Let me explain how some of PKD’s novels were astonishingly insightful into the actual nature of our planet and the conspiracies that go on here…In “The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch”, Dick shows us a bizarre alien invasion that assimilates all of Humanity progressively…the method is to psychologically invade the minds of humans and to infuse a copy of the alien (who masquerades as a space explorer named ‘Palmer Eldritch’. The humans become host-bodies for the alien and they display ‘stigmata’ – superimposed alien features which appear over their human visages. THE TRUTH: This conspiracy is entirely real…The alien entity is called “The All-Seeing Eye”, and it does exactly what is described in the novel: It mentally invades the human mind and psychologically overpowers the human subject. It then projects a digital Reptilian entity into the human – converting them into host-bodies that carry-out the conspiracy of ‘The Eye’. These folks are known as ‘Reptilian Shapeshifters’ because they subliminally display the ‘stigmata’ of the Reptilian alien masquerading inside of them: These shapeshifts super-impose over the human’s eyes and appear as ‘clown slits’ – meaning Reptilian slitted pupils which extend ABOVE and outside of the human’s eyelids. The shapeshifts happen within mere fractions of a second, and can only be perceived by the subconscious minds of ordinary humans.
In “Do Andriods Dream Of Electric Sheep”, Dick shows us a world where all the celebrities and entertainers are not what they seem…although the unsuspecting humans who watch television and movies have no idea, these famous actors are actually androids masquerading as ordinary human beings. This secret population of android entertainers use film and television to promote cold, unfeeling concepts and values to Humanity and to denounce ’empathy’ and love. THE TRUTH: Our world is exactly like this in real-life. The ‘BioDigitals’ who host the Reptilian entity control Hollywood and the music industry. Every actor you see in movies is a Reptilian Shapeshifter, and they display subliminal shapeshifts during their acting performances. (I document an endless and irrefutable catalog of this visual evidence on my YouTube channel.) The movies and television shows are a relentless form of propaganda that seeks to destroy the viewer’s sense of ’empathy’ by depicting cold-blooded, Nazi-like heroes who mercilessly execute defenseless and unarmed people who plead for their lives even as the film’s ‘good guy’ coldly murders them without remorse or empathy.
Like so many before him, Dick experienced the mind-invasion of “The All-Seeing Eye” and felt that he had become part of a vast conspiracy. In personal tape recordings, Dick claims, “It’s in me” and he knows that the alien intelligence of ‘The Eye’ is working within a vast network of human-hosts.
The reason that the oppressive world conspiracy is called ‘666’ by Dick is because the “All-Seeing Eye” projects copies of DIFFERENT alien entities into the vast population of human host-bodies that it utilizes on Earth. This seems to be so that the aliens can use the bodies to play a GAME. Each game-player is identified as a single digit number. ‘Number 6’ seems to be the renegade player who exerts control over the Earth at this time. The multiplicity of human-hosts, or ‘meat-puppets’ used by Number 6 is why the conspiracy is referred to as ‘666’ – as in ‘here a 6, there a 6…EVERYWHERE a 6’. In the Occult, there is a constant theme of Nine ET intelligences from deep space who interact with the planet Earth (for example, both the Mayan and Egyptian pantheon of ‘gods’ were Nine in number). So it seems possible that there are nine game players in all. The ‘Illuminati’ is famously know for its ‘chessboard’ symbolism because this indicates that Earth is a ‘game’ being played.
In “The Cosmic Puppets” and “The Game Players Of Titan”, Dick shows us worlds in which mysterious aliens use humans as pawns in a cosmic game. The ‘Titan’ mentioned in the title refers to a moon of Saturn. (Interestingly, many people now speculate that Saturn is actually the home base for many of the aliens that manipulate our planet Earth.

666 Illuminati Reptilians Vs. Philip K. Dick

“The Penultimate Truth about Philip K. Dick”

In 2007 I produced this documentary about the mystical experiences of sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick.

Philip K. Dick is considered by many to be one the world’s greatest science fiction writers ever; as a sufferer from mental illness himself he had the ability to turn his hallucinations about the universe into an extraordinary writing career.
During his lifetime, Dick produced an astonishing amount of prize winning novels and short stories, which were translated into more than 25 languages. Three of his literary works were transformed into blockbuster movies: Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall.
Several years before his death, Philip started having mystical experiences that affected his everyday life. As a result, he started to wonder if what he had imagined for his stories was real and if life was just an illusion or the creation of each person’s subjectivity.
This in-depth program explores Philip K. Dick`s world, a universe full of mysteries and intrigues.


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