Scientology’s SDH (Sex-Drug-Hypnosis) rundown

Scientology’s SDH (Sex-Drug-Hypnosis) rundown


      From: Joe Harrington < >
      Subject: Scientology’s SDH (Sex-Drug-Hypnosis) rundown
      Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:06:25 +0100
      Message-ID: <>

This, apparently, is the Scn tech that was delivered to Pilot. It was originally posted to ACT and ARS sometime in Jul 2000. For info on Rohypnol, see: My first impression on Pilot’s allegation was to totally dismiss it, but taking into consideration Scn’s increasingly extreme reactions to the decline and repute of the organization, I don’t think his allegations should be dismissed too lightly. Rohypnol is the drug associated with “date rape” and considering Pilot’s admittedly vulnerable spots on the area of sex, it would be the OSA C/S’ first drug of choice. My heart and my prayers go out to Pilot during this dark period of his life. For the disaffected Scientologist, the sense of loss and betrayal is often very heavy and coming out of denial about the true and devious nature of Scn is often very difficult and lengthy. I hope all readers will treat Ken Ogger with respect and compassion and that he not be made the target of ridicule for choosing to bare his soul in so public a forum. Joe
————————————————————————— “Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, > From: (FriendToLisa)
> Subject: OSA Sex Drug Hypnosis (SDH) Procedure
OSA SEX-DRUG HYPNOSIS (SDH) PROCEDURE This is from the Secret Ops Hatting Pack used by The Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA). It is not only used on enemies but also on rebellious OSA operatives and even occasionally on important RPFers. If you suspect this has happened or get any somatics on reading it, get a meter and check if you have been SDHed and then check if the read is being suppressed by an implanted hypnotic command.
– FriendToLisa *************
PDH is not effective on clears because the pain is blown out of the bank. SDH works because the thetan is still attached to sensation and will mockup compulsively if the sensation is intense enough. A hypno-drug such as Rohypnol is placed in the victim’s drink. This will bring about a hypnotic trance in twenty to thirty minutes. The thetan is forcibly exteriorized much further away than with ordinary drugs, usualy resulting in total amnesia. The commands below ensure that the incident cannot be date/located or run with R3R. Some form of come-along is then used to take the victim to a hotel room. Since the victim will be very stupid and suggestible at this point, it is often enough to say that a beautiful girl is waiting to meet him or some similar story. Once in the hotel room, turn on the TV. Switch channels and tap on the screen saying “This is the real world”, “This is happening now”, and “This is where you really are” so that the victim will be loaded with false pictures to prevent spotting the real contents of the incident. Try to find a science fiction movie with space aliens so that the incident can also be mistaken for an alien abduction. Next the victim must be analy raped using a condom coated with cocaine. It is essential to include sexual sensation and a drug high in the incident to ensure that it remains in permanent restimulation. The earliest implants are held in place by pleasure instead of pain and the drug will make the rape pleasurable instead of resisted. If at all possible, the victim should not have an orgasm so that there will also be a sexual frustration and pull-in to ensure that the commands are not resisted. Female victims especially should be watched carefully and the operator must pull out if an orgasm seems immanent. After the sex is completed, seat the victim upright and read the following commands to them, stating each one with tone 40 intention and shaking the victims shoulders as each command is delivered.
ENGRAMIC PHRASES FOR USE IN DRUG HYPNOSIS SECTION 1. Here are your orders. You must listen.
You must obey.
You need this.
This is for your own good.
You’ll never run this out.
This will not react on any meter.
This will not react on a lie detector.
This will not react on any electronic device.
You musn’t let anybody find out about this.
You musn’t let anybody know about this.
You musn’t let anybody suspect that this incident exists.
You can’t find out about this.
You would die if you knew.
You will die if you tell.
There is no time.
There is no date.
There is no duration.
This incident doesn’t exist.
You do not know that it is happening.
The end is the beginning.
The beginning is the end.
It’s later than it is.
It’s earlier than it is.
You are before the beginning.
You are after the end.
You are not where you think you are.
You are somewhere else.
You were never here in the first place.
This has happened before.
It is 86 trillion years ago.
It is one million years ago.
It is ten thousand years ago.
It is one hundred years ago.
It happened yesterday.
It happened tomorrow.
It happened before you were born.
The incident is over.
It never happened in the first place.
All you see here is blackness.
You cannot move to the incident.
You cannot move through the incident.
It is all too confusing.
We am here to help you.
We am here to help mankind.
This will enable you to help others.
This will enable you to survive.
You will obey my orders.
The survival of mankind is at stake.
You want to obey my orders.
Obeying me will set you free.
You have no will of your own.
You have no choice but to obey me.
Do not think about this.
You cannot believe that this has happened.
If you look at this you will find something else.
You cannot tell anybody about it.
You will die if you tell.
You will kill yourself if you try to tell.
You will become sick and die if you find out about this.
Your waking self cannot remember this.
Your unconsious self cannot forget this.
You will always hide this from yourself.
You will obey without thinking.
It is important to obey without thinking.
It is glorious to obey without thinking.
It is beautiful to obey without thinking.
It is successfull to obey without thinking.
It is responsible to obey without thinking.
By obeying me you will save the world.
Here are your orders.

SECTION 2. Here you should insert any specific orders tailored to the victim.
SECTION 3. (For this a trigger phrase specific to the victim should be prepared and carefully recorded on an index card. The trigger phrase should be a nonsense rhyme that is not too difficult for an operator to say or remember but which will not occur in ordinary conversation. It can be used to introduce a hypnotic trance at a later date.)
Your conscious self is now in paradise.
All is wonderful.
Your dreams are fufilled.
What would you like to have?
(Note the answer down for future use.) Whenever you return to paradise you will have it.
But you cannot go there by yourself.
Somebody else must send you.
When you hear this jingle twice,
You will return to Paradise.
(Read the trigger phrase from the index card.) When you hear that phrase again,
You’ll obey for its me or my men.
Here is the phrase again – (Read the trigger phrase from the index card a second time.) When you hear this, your conscious self will go to
Paradise and experience extasy while your unconsious
self recieves my orders which must be carried out or
else you will die.
Then I will tell you to come back to yourself and
awaken and then your conscious self will return from
paradise without remembering anything.
Only your unconsious self will remember this. If anything about this begins to come into consciousness,
you will become tired and fall asleep.
Do you understand? (The victim should say “Yes”. If he does not, repeat Section 3.)
SECTION 4. My commands for you are complete. Be sure that you obey. Then the victim is returned to normal surroundings. If the operator is part of the normal surroundings, say “Come back to yourself and awaken” and then resume any conversation that was in progress when the hypnosis was started. Otherwise, pick some task for the victim to do and say “When you (task), you will come back to yourself and awaken.” Then send the victim to do the task and leave the area before the awakening is triggered.



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