Full text of “Springmeier Fritz Ezekiel 6:3 Witchcraft NWO Illuminati Freemasons British Israel”

Full text of “Springmeier Fritz Ezekiel 6:3 Witchcraft NWO Illuminati Freemasons British Israel

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- EZEK1AL 6:3 




by Fritz Springmeier 




by Fritz Springmeier 

And the word of Yahweh came unto mc, saying, Son of man, set thy face 
toward the mountains of America and prophesy against them, 

And say, Ye mountains of America, hear the word of the Lord Yahweh; Thus 
saith Yahweh to the mountains, and to the hills, to the rivers, and to the 
valleys; Behold, 1, even 1, will bring a sword upon you, and 1 will destroy your 
high places. 

And all your altars shall be desolate, and your images shall be broken: and I 
will cast down your slain men before your idols. 

In all your dwellingplaces the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places 
shall be desolate; that your altars may be laid waste and made desolate, and 
your idols may be broken and cease, and your images may be cut down, and 
your works may be abolished. cf. Ezekiel 6:1-4, 6. 

by Fritz Springmeier 
copyright 1995 by Fritz Springmeier 
printed at 916 Linn Ave., Portland, OR, 97045 













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Some of the material you will read in this hook is still SECRET. Some 
of it is in the public domain. Various researchers are watching their own areas 
and recording down ritual sites, but I have not collaborated with any other 
researcher when writing this book, although their material would be welcome* 
I have had so many people to talk to, and so much material to process that 1 
haven't spent much time trying to network with other researchers, 

I have gotten the privilege to speak to many people who were witnesses 
to witchcraft ceremonies around the country. I had the privilege to speak with 
a man (now a Christian) who was on staff at Unity School in Kansas City, MO 
when Robert Schuller, the great protectant clergyman and 33° Mason came to 
Unity and participated in Luciferian rituals. I have had the privilege to know 
as a Christian sister, someone who had been on Elizabeth Clare Prophet's New 
Age CUT cult's staff. I had the privilege to speak with the young Christian 
man who saved two children from being sacrificed on a hill by a Satanic cult 
just north of Far mington. I had the privilege to speak to a man who went down 
into the tunnels under Salt Lake City's Mormon Temple where Satanic rituals 
arc held, I also had the privilege to speak to three independent witnesses (who 
all became Christians) who were taken to Illuminati rituals under the new 
Lake Oswego, OR Mormon Temple. I've had the privilege to met with a witness 
that knows that the Mormon Bishop's warehouses are being used to store 
cocaine. live had the privilege to meet a lady who worked with the Catholic 
Institutions in Quebec who were providing children to the Illuminati fur 
sacrifice. There have been a great host of witnesses who have shared 
information with inc. There are an even greater host of witnesses to the 
horrible occult deeds that are going on all around us. Most uf them are too 
terrified to talk, and when they do, they are too terrified to let anyone use their 

"For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: 
(For the fruil of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving what is 
acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but 
rather reprove them. For it is a shame even tn speak of those things which aic done of them 
in secret" Ephesians 5:8-12 

God s word in other places tells us repeatedly that He wants the evil of the world 
exposed, and the secrets ol the world system exposed too. However, as Ephesians 5:12 warns 
there are limits to what is proper to discuss. It is the goal of this book to expose evil, in a 
way that will be spiritually healthy for the reader. This is why the first chapter of the book 
provides instructions and information on spiritual warfare. Whenever we find life is 
damaging our minds spiritually, we will do well to cleanse our minds with the Word of God. 


During 1993, I decided to start a series of articles exposing witchcraft ritual sites 
around the United States. I also have been exposing witchcraft and saianie organizations for 
years. Finally in the summer of 1995, 1 realized that 1 had enough breathing space in my 
schedule, to take a few days and assemble all these scattered writings together into one 
cohesive whole. 

Every part of this book has new updated information, it is not just a collection of 
what had previously been written by inc. This is by no means all my material, but at least 
ifs a start. No one as far as I know has tried to do something like this. 

Critics will complain that there is no bibliography. Many of the sources for this book 
want to remain unknown for their own safety. 1 prefer to let the reader decide about this 
work on his own without providing my sources and endangering my sources. That is ilu- 
privilege of a journalist. All journalists are accorded that right today, so this book is simply 
In step with what is Common journalistic practice. 

Once these books go out, all kinds of people may end up reading them. Those, who 
are not familiar with my previous writings, may not understand how Ritual Sites, 
Underground Installations, Trauma-based Mind Control and witchcraft go together. Permit 
me to give the bigger picture so that the interrelationship to these will be apparent. 

The llluminati work with, & through other groups. Freemasonry and the Oddfellows 
arc two examples of occult organizations which the llluminati controls and uses. AM the 
intelligence groups are also controlled and used by the llluminati. All of these groups carry 
out trauma-based mind control. They work together. They have also worked together at 
building numerous underground facilities around the country. Although we think of FEMA 
88 being a government emergency organization, in reality, they are an llluminati set up and 
controlled secret martial law government. When the reader reads about a cloning facility 
in Dreamland, NV he needs to be aware that I have visited w r ith a number of survivors* of 
Satanic programming who were programmed at Dreamland. One person, whose father was 
a Grand Master of the llluminati, had their father give them a guided tour of the Dulce 
underground facility. The programming that the llluminati is giving at Dreamland, (Area 51) 
in Nevada is Alien programming, to make people believe they are interacting with aliens. 
There have been actual UFO and UFO-likc aircraft (for instance Stealth aircraft) at 
Dreamland. Witnesses who have flown on these govt, saucers have talked. 

So why include Wiccan groups. Aren't Wiccans just harmless nature lovers? The 
occult world is like a deep lagoon. On the surface, everyone is nice; and the worst of 
mankind pretend that they are the nicest of people, but who knows what garbage, 
undercurrents, snakes, sharks and barracudas lie under the surface of the water? Some 
witches are really nice people not only on the surface, but in their private lives too. But 
some aren't 1 know enough now that 1 know that anyone can lie, and I haven't found a 
witch yet who practices human sacrifice who will admit it 1 have also come to realize that 
jusi because someone will publicly admit he practices wiuherall and magic, doesn't mean 
that the person doesn't have an evil side to him. Anion LaVev and Michael Aquino have 
both paraded their satanism publicly, and yet they both have been involved with Trauma- 
based mind control, human sacrifices, cannibalism, etc. Some of the witchcraft groups in this 
book are nasty and some are nice. They all depend on demonology. Some of the people who 
go lo these groups arc nice, and some are nasty. They are all serving demons. They are all 
abominations before their Creator, who wants their love and worship, but who has lovingly 
given these people the option to deny and reject His love- May you the rcadei feel His love. 



THIS BOOK is an inhousc WRKCTORY Tor use by the Body of Christ. 


Praise i,s wailing You. O God. in Zton; And lo You the vow shall be performed. 0 You who he ar prayer Tu 
You all flesh will c»m« . .As lor our transgressions. You will provide atonement for them. Ps. 65:1-3 

Prayer unites all <rf God's people worldwide Mainland Chinese Christians lift up America in prayer. 
Americans lift up Mexico in prayer Europeans lift up Africans in prayer. The Body of Chrisl is a spiritual 
body. Although a Spiritual body does no! have unseemly parts like a physical body, there are certainly some 
parts thai are more visible than other parts. There are internal parts and external parts. YHWH God's body 
is beautiful, espncially the heart of it. And this bride is preparing herself for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. 
The bride is adorning herself with righteousness. 

Tor though we walk in the flesh, we do riot war according to the flesh For the weapons of our warfare are 
not carnal but mighty in God FOR PULLING DOWN STRONGHOLDS." 2 COR 10:4 

If the Holy Spirit can use the following information on the enemy's ritual sites to provoke yuu lo ptnyei and 
spiritual warfare, then please use this list The areas that are listed could provide fuel lor many prayers. Bear 
in mind, that our prayers apply the victory that Christ won to our situation or geographic area. Those who 
pray to clear a particular geographic area, need to bear in mind that getting rid ol one set of demonic 
territorial spirits may simply allow other stronger spirits to take their place. The primary mission is tu (jq kilo 
all the world and make disciples (not decisions-but disciples) tor Christ 

HeavcnlyJ iither. |hr many sites listed in this article jllSW fal >"*■ Myy wyr Kingdom conic cm earth u& 
it is in heaven. The enemv has no rightful claim to th r sc sites. Hie earth YHWH is yours and the fullness 
tlMTppJ, Lord we are patiently waiting for vou to righteously bring lo ruin the evil forces on ihis planet. On the 
bftfib of bug blood and in the name nfQiriM Jesus, who died for our sins and rose on the thiru 1 u> ^ntf 
mediates for us, we uflcr this pravcr. Amen. 

-A massive indoctrination or our young people is taking place. For the smallest child mi the day can- centers 
are being used as sources for children for Satanie Kit mil Aim sc. Some of the day-care renters are giving the 
children Bible pages as toilet paper. Most of the pre-schoolers who arc rilually abused huvc no choice unci no 
protection to what happens to them. One favorite site to ritual ly abuse pre-schoolers is in churches. Sometimes 
the men abusing them are dressed in clergy garb. This type of thing destroys many preschoolers confidence 
in churches and clergymen. Most of the time, when parents do catch on and report to the police what is 
happening to their children tliey do not see anything of substance liappen ugaiusl the perpetrators. The police 
are uncaring enough at limes simply to go to the day care centers and announce they have received a complaint 
of ritual abuse, and to simply ask the day care centers if its true. When children get old enough to watch T.V. 
they are drowned in Satanic cartoons, advertisements with Satanic messages, Satanic toys and books, and 
occult items all around their lives. As they get older, they are feed heavy doses of heavy metal music with 
Satanic messages. Witchcraft and the occult are the norm today in America* America's children are living with 
Satanism, and evil is being im planted in Lhem. .Ail moral values are being deser rated within the innocent 
children. They are being taught to hate themselves, and to devalue other people. Christians should be (but in 
general are not) in a spiritual war with the culture of America, and because the young people today arc being 
totally indoctrinated by so much occult and satanie thinking, the spiritual battle is going to he more intense 
as this generaiiiMi of young people who have been raised on Satanism from the day care center on up lake over 
leadership positions in society. 

Tliis survey is not in tended lo he comprehensive, but a brief expose is better lliun the silence we have been 
getting. Some of the sites and groups that are bein^ given are cloaked in the highest secrecy. I recently had 
a Christian in Paris, France go to the address where a Freuch Wiccan journal called Bulletin (HTlcirl de la 


Wteca is put out to check out what was there. The address is only an apartment building, with no hint of any 
nefarious activity. This is also what would happen if I sent my reader out to various addresses of American 
witches. Many of the places from wliere Wiccans and Satanbts operate look bland and inconspicuous However, 
1 have had cx-Xit.ini.sts show me the secret signals that are set up to show people how to get tu buildings used 
by Satanists, Some houses are painted special colors. Certain items and numbers are used as signals to show 
the route. Ritual she* in the country are also marked with secret direction symbols and signs* 

YHWH God has set things up so tliat our free will is to some degree involved in whether demons come into 
our geographic territory and into us. For instance, when we lust we give permission for a Spirit otLiist to enter 
us. In the following list, you will find pagans, witches and Satanisls included. Tlie occult wot Id has conferences 
where the heavy duly full-blown Satanisls rub shoulders with the mere occultist*, From what I know, I'd say 
it is impossible to know how benevolent a witch is from knowing what group they belong to, because these 
organizations are so infiltrated by SnUinisls and individuals are given total freedom by Wicca covens to explore 
whatever they want in the occult up to and including Satanism. Man* witches and pagan* may only practice 
white magic-thai is magic for what the* perceive Ls good. But lliey still call upon spirits; and these spirits who 
seem benevolent are in the final analysis still demons. If we are centered on Christ, and his Spirit exudes from 
our life, we may find that the demons leave our presence wilbuul the need for any verbal spiritual warfare. 

In Unit of war, maps showing the enemy's positions are very important. Also important is a knowledge 
or how the enemy will use a certain area. The war we tight is spiritual. This spiritual also extends all over the 
physical plane. The war goes mi in the high places, according to the Scriptures. Perhaps that is an uflliand 
reference that nt hi r dimensions or even other planets may also be engaged in the struggle between Satan and 
God. But Satan (originally a brilliant powerful Cherub) was especially given domain over the earth even before 
his fall, .so it appears that of any geographic location, the earth is the center of Satan's rebellion. Perhaps that 
is part of why all creation seems to be watching this planet, as Satan's tries to make something out of his 
rebellion against God. 

One Bible principle is that if the heads of families don't provide for the welfare of their families, they have 
denied the faith. The bead of the family should carry out the spiritual rnle of priest, prophet and king for his 
family. This relates to several important things. First, we take care of our own responsibilities first. Jesus came 
to Israel, so lie took care of that mission first, and in humility left the non -Israelites for those who would come 
after him. If each of us will look to our own locality, and do indigenous evangelism, we will be blessed. Most 
American missionary activity is pride-based, and involves sending missionaries far olf at great expense anrl 
great fanfare, while Ihe neighborhoods and backyards of the Christians go unnoticed. Next, providing materially 
for our families is certainly vital, but which is more important the spiritual or material? Jesus said his food 
was to do the will of the father. When He recognize that providing spiritual food is more important than 
material food, we have really grown in our understanding of how we are lo care for our families. What is the 
will of Ihe Father for your local area? How can you be used of God like Ihe 12 disciples (later the 12 apostles) 
were fur their area? 

This article is not for everyone. Pray and ask the Lord if it is something lhat will help you to serve the 
Lord in spiritual warfare. Although I mention spiritual warfare, that does not mean lhat I am attaching my 
persona) stamp of approval on all that goes by thut name. 


Part of Ihe purpose of this article is to expo*-. HopelulK those who read this will be able to apply its 
information to their own area, and be more alert to where rituals are being carried out. IWJng aware of this 
Bia$ help Christians to expose Pastors who are leading double lives as a Satanist or as a Witch and then 
pretending to be Spirit-filled Christum ministers. It may also lielp protect Christians from stumbling onto 
ritual site* while a ritual is in progress which could result in an unexpected physical attack from the coven. 

It is also worthwhile to use this article as a springboard to speak on spiritual warfare. The Lord knows 
what we have need of even before we ask. I have seen miracles happen of which God began tbe miraculous 
answering process before I asked! Now that is a miracle! Likewise God in His wisdom will protect His people 
with angels in situa lions where Ihey need it even before they realize their need. Rut it doesn't bun to ask, I view 
prayer us u chance to show God our dependence upon Him. Prayer is a form of worship. Prayer is the 
communication part of our relationship to our Creator. Those who engage in spiritual warfare arc constantly 


in prater. 

In regards Lo geographic areas, there are certainly e\1l demonic-controlled territories, when 1 the Christian 
feels oppressed even going/; inlo. The demonic darkness bangs heavy like a cold, evil entity that is sucking 
anything goad nut of a person. When I lived in Tripoli, I Jhya far one summer (working with ray father whn 
worked for the U.N»), the demonic powers were oppressive. The place is a spiritual desert where the demonic 
powers suck out your spiritual vitality. Other moslem countries are this way tm>. When I have travelled in 
India, one can I'eel the demonic oppression that grips the nation (although there are some areas in India that 
are Christian* One entire state in India is regarded as Christian & their public schools teach Christian 

We have gathered the local ions of the various sites of false religion and occult centers and prayed for 
these areas here in Portland. We have engaged in breaking up the demonic geographic strongholds. 

Christian communities perform a function that individuals do not generally perform. Christian 
eomrn unities reconcile the power structures that sit over a geographic area to Christ. Part of the church's 
mission is to reconcile everything to Christ. The Powers sit over geographic areas. The Satanists make oaths 
written in blood where they pledge allegiance to these geographic power structures called Powers along with 
giving allegiance to Satan and his demons. The Power structures are not demons -but take on a life-like 
character* They hover over a geographic area and influence what happens. They are like "school spirit 1 ', or what 
New Agcrs call a "collective consciousness", or what In German is railed "Zeitgeist' or "Spirit or the Times*. 
Another example that helps explain the Powers is "peer pressure". The Powers are like "peer pressure" on a 
larger scale. Christian communities create a good peer pressure. As people enter an area that has a power 
structure reconciled to Christ, they feel compelled to act in good ways and to do things in line with the power 
structure. Christians who have walked unannounced into groups of evil people may have noticed how just their 
presence was like a force field of good, which disturbed the negative power structure. 

I believe, and have seen this confirmed first hand, and have had others tell similar things, that the power 
thai goes with the Christian is far above the evil powers that reside in these occult places. 1 am not afraid to 
walk inly u Buddhist temple or a Moslem mosque, or a Satanic hang-out. I do however recognize the evil 
powers* and demons that locate themselves in lliesc ureas. Knowing and respecting your enemy's power does 
not imply one has io fear these powers, rear is a negative force that incapacitates. It would be almost as good 
for the Christian to be ignorant of the demonic forces, than for him lo be informed and fearful. 

Certain points on the earth are special places of intense "spiritual energy" that the non -Christian elements 
have discovered. The occult and Satanic groups are aware of these natural profound geographic spiritual 
vortexes. ML McKinley (stag known as Ml. Denali) in Alaska is one major global occult power center. 
Sedonia, in central Arizona is another such vortex. It has a large red rock formation that reaches high above 
the grotind into the sky. Now you can understand wh* thousands of people gathered there for the Harmonic 
Convergence in Aug. IVH7. which was a New Age meeting to tap into the occult powers. ML Shasta in California 
is another vortex. Many strange occult things lake place at ML Shasta. Many of the New Age leaders have gone 
there to receive messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy, There also happens to be a UFO base in the area. And 
many New Agers report meeting with ■aliens' and UFO* in the ML Shasta area. 

Zion National Park in southwestern Utah is an example of sacred power center which is land that the 
Indians have long considered sacred, und Ihe while occult groups have found the area to their liking aim 

Mt. Fuji iu Japan is a Foreign example of a sacred mountain. In fact, in Tibet a country totally taken over 
hy the demonic hierarchy, lite Tibetans believe each mountain has a spirit to be worshipped. In Nepal where 
I once lived I can hlill see in my memory the Siupas erected at each mountain to worship its spirit 

1 don't profess to understand totally how occult geographic power centers work, hut I do know that even 
il occult powers do sometimes work, Christians are forbidden lo tap into such evil powers. Because the mission 
of the church is to reconcile all in Christ, the Christian should carry out spiritual warfare against such evil. 

How does one wage spiritual warfare? Thci c arc several types of spiritual warfare, but the important thing 
is relationship with the Heavenly Father. Relationship is not a static Ihing, but something alive. It is not a 
formula. It is not being ubk- to say certain rituals. It is not being able to find the right prayer to read. 
Although it is understand able that occasionally we will read or say something memorized to our loved ones, 
our relationships consist of more than just communication by reading to each other. 

Our relationship with YHVVII God is enhanced if we focus on the relationship. Prayer and fasting may 
be needed to remove some of the distance between us and YIIYVtl God. That Is why the rii*c iples could not cast 
out certain demons. Their relationship with Ihe Father in heaven was lacking. I believe thai relationship with 


the Father in heaven is the key to having His power and authority frith us. 1 have had Christians who were not 
charismatic^, who were not into speaking in tongues, healing etc. tell me that while they were doing evangelism 
and encountered witchcraft they won people to Christ by a miraculous use of one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
From these types of reports which are numerous and worldwide, it can be seen that legitimate miracles of 
healing, and other gifts occur nn the cutting edge of evaugtlism, and that any Christian who is sincerely 
working out in Uie fields of humanity and coming against demonic powers may find themselves supernal urall> 
gifted. It is really absurd that Christians delegate to themselves the authority to tell God what He can and cun t 
do. If God wants UJ give someone the gin or speaking in tongues that is His business. On the other, the 
Scriptures show that Satan can also give people the power to speak in tongues. 


There are various groups and types of groups that could be mistaken Tor Satanic covens. Two different 
people I know of have each personally been to about 100 different Wicca (Witchcraft) covens in America. There 
are at least several thousand Wicca covens in the Uaited States. However, in addition to Wicca covens Ibere 
arc various types of Satanic covens, O.T.O. temples (this organisation is nut covered in this article but Lord 
Willing will be covered laler)* and many other groups such as New Agers who also practice witchcraft Secretly 
many of the various groups have contact with the lllnminati hierarchy. Many of the members of Wicca do no! 
realize that their coven could have any possible connection with Satanism, and yet many of these covens are 
m-ruMing grounds Bar the Sulaiiiste. And many of the Wicca leaders are taking orders from the Illuminati on 
what they are lo do on about a weekly basis. 

I realize that numerous people involved in Wicca (witchcraft) would be upset to be thrown in with 
Satunisls fwho also practice witchcraft) in the same article. However, for the Christian doing spiritual warfare 
it is much the same tiling. The Christian, who accidently stumbles upon a Witchcraft ceremony and is shot at, 
h not going to care whether this was Hermetic magic or While magic. As far as which groups are most 
threatening to Chris turns. M of the groups mentioned in this report arc. Witches pretend to he tolerant, but 
insiders know that the Wicca groups are intolerant of Christians and work to destroy Christianity just like the 
SatauiMs. In the hV Wise As Sit penis book in chapter 2.12 "Comparing New Order Statements" the 8th page 
in discusses the paper* that the 1981 Witches International Coven Council had drawn up. Study their 
objectives and the Christian will clearly see that Wicca is a threut to the personal and spiritual safety of 

Much of the witchcraft in the U.S. has come from England. Thanks (or no thanks) to Brituiu, the mother 
country of both Satanism and Witchcraft, the American people have had the following types of witchcraft 
Killed traditions.) exported from Britain to here: Alexandrian, Algard, Cardncrian, Cenrgian, Kingstonc, 
Majestic Covens, Majestic Order, Silver Crescent, Tarati. and some others. 

One of the primary types of Wicca covens are (i;trrinertan. In 193V, (ierald II. (Gardner in New Forest, Isle 
of Man was initiated by a high priestess named Old Dorothy. The Gardiierian co%cus were modeled after the 
idca of a coven led by a priestess. Her witchcraft was from a tradition which was carried out by nine hereditary* 
covens in England led by George Pickingill (1816-1909). 

An article in a leading witchcraft magazine, Green Egg, which was the journal pot out by the witchcraft 
Church of All Worlds (an umbrella group for witchcraft to network together with a nine-level hierarchy i f ft 
very revealing about the origin of modern wiccan groups! In an article written by Isaac Bonewits, a leading 
witch sitting un the Grande Druid Council, from Berkeley,* A in part 3 or a 3 part series, in Green Egg, Vol. 
Qd N«. », tJune 21, 1976) p. 7, 'Somewhere between 1920 and 1925 in England a group of social scientists 
(probably folklorists) got together with some Golden town Koskrucians and a few * am -Trad | yen e rational 
Satanic families, the Ilium inati] to produce the first modern covens in England; grabbing tclcctically from any 
source thev could find in order to try and reconstruct the shards or their Pagan past/ 

Isaac Honnawils is a Jewish genius with an I.Q. thai is reported to be 205. He is a Satanist and extremely 
hostile to ( hrijitianity. He is on the t .mode Druid Council and is in | position to approve contract killings. 
He has been applying his brains mi implementing gun control, destroying the Christian churches, and 
eliminating the Christians. He knows the traditional Illuminati families. If anyone is wondering what type of 
person would be importing guillotines, tbb is the type. He also applied his brains towards putting the non- 
hereditary witches in their place, by his book Real Mag ic and his article "Witchcraft: Fact or Fancy?* The 
bottom hue or this t.raiide Druid Council member is that it's O.K. for people to be witches, as long as they 
don't get big headed and think llieir non-traditional occult powers arc something. According to Knniiawlts only 

a few rich families kept the classical witchcraft alise during the Middle Ages, bul time ibis was not a religious 
movement. Hr is correct it was nut a movement. < ,enei al.onal Satanism is not looking for new recruits, 
U < niisr the occult power in passed from Mi penef alinn to tlir next in die bloodlines, honnuwits tells u* in his 
hook the generational classical witches [IllllllliU h^N hid their witchcraft in the 1Krh century within 
f rct niasoiiry & Rusitrucianisin. Iwn good example* or this are: John Jacob Astor and Pierre Samuel dul'nnt 

There is a great deal of networking between Wiccu groups, Uniids, etc. Many key people secretly lie buck 
smut way in the Satanic hierarchy, hul on the surface tliere seems lo be numerous isolated indcpeadent gronps. 

On tlie spring solstice of l!T75, ia northern California representatives of 40 covens in that area met to 
discuss i 1 ovrnant of the t^ddess <COG), and in the summer 13 covens formally ratified the Covenant 
However, ia spite of these type of thia*s. most of the Wlrca groups appear (at least on the surface! to be 
independent and not ia cooperation witli other group*. The control may only be subtle, such as covens looking 
to spirit-guides to lead then, and in this way sharing thr same wmrce of leadership. 

II you encounter someone at these ritual sites the person might be anyone from a wide range of witchcraft, 
pagan and new age background*. Some may have lies to the Satanic hierarchy and some niuy have no ties. 


I hronghout the United States, witches, shamans and satanists gather in secret to draw demonic powers from 
rituals. The Ascended Master* that the New Agers channel are the same kind of demons Main of (heir ritual 
sites are chosen for both secrecy and potential 'spirillar power, la ancient time*, the Israelite* when they got 
right with God cleaned out I he proves. Today, this nation Is (nil of groves and idols that need to be • stroyvd. 

In my li*»se survey of ritual sites, <aml I make no pretense of trying to be comprehensive) I have chosen not 
to describe Hawaii and Puerto Rico although these islaads arc pirn of the ! tailed Stairs. This is because «>f 
two reasons, geographically they are isolated from Uk* niuinlarid, and second the islands are simply given over 
tu spiritism. Maui is a spiritual vortex, and (he islands are simply thousands of sacred sites. To give u sun< | 
of sacred sites is almost like Irving lo point out which Caucasians arc white. In Hawaii, yon will hear of 
kahunas and Minihunas. In Puerto Itico. oae bears of brujahs and csplritlstas. 

The spiritual background, or backdrop lo the stage as you might say, is an American natioa that has hern 
saturated with witchcralt t<i (he point that it is now soclallv acceptable, litis sanitation Ims taken plan in flu 
media, schools, movies, rest. no nils and about every place Americans take themselves. Witchcraft Has land still 
iv bongl permeated inn. numerous variations, sonic ol which .ire labelled viiili .m i ptablt names such a> 
motivation, will-power, |>osilivc thinking, visualization, and entertainment. 

11k S|Miils of the American Indians and their vision quest rituals are an example of how witchcralt is being 
repackage! it is hidden under tlie masquerade of bring ancient native wisdom. In reality, the Indian spirits 
are just another door foi Satan to seduce more people Irian the trulh. Tlie llierarvliy sees Indian shamanism 
as another marketable witchcran. You will gel a feel for the important role Indian sacred sites have as you 
read through these articles on ritual sites. 


The power structure* sitting over North America are controlled by the original Amcricuii Indian spirits 
which have had other spirits layered over them. When 1 nomas Jefferson of tlie llltiminati built his Mimteceilo 
he took into account the an. lent Indian structures of thai area. When carrying out .spiritual warfare against 
■tttrtphic areas, the la>rd showed one Christina ahoat Hie layering of demonic spirits over the land. Other 
i hristians have also rvecued the same understanding. Jtist as the Monarch Mind Control is layered In. the 
occult world has layered in spirits over a land. The original Indian paganism, in some areas was layered aver 
with the Jesuit s religious spirits, which in tarn was layered over with spirits of Rrecd A violence from thr 
settlers, and then on ami on. I his Is why tlie lllu.mn.ili has spent so much tune to get in touch with thr Indian 
IrhVs A their spirits Wlnm Uk- lllaminati wanted to introduce African spirits int.. \mcri.a. Has went 
repeatedly to Africa for rerr monies, & then brought rock & roll music over to bring African spirits into Amer. 

According to denu n - which is what those In the OTO, lllack Magic and the llluoimuti *tud>, the demon* 
are divided up into regular hlBfliaj and principalities. Moloch is the chief of the army of Hell. Each country 
of the world has bevn placed under the aegis of a guardian. The U.S. is said lo be under Aslaroth (a Grand 
Duke Demon), Russia under Riiiimon. England is under Mammon, and r ranee llrlphegor. Astaroth is very 
important in Satan's hierarchy, so the occult world sees the ILS. as a very critical nation tor Satan. lander 
1 these t.uardians won hi sit many lesser princes, dukes, presidents, marquises, counts, earls, knights, governor*, 


and prelates. The Christian mas wonder wbul difference it makes what demon is in place and what his title 
is. Sometimes, during ceremonies thr victim or Satanic rituals will be asked to accept in friends who arr 
knights or presidents. As surprising as it may ><»uod, llluminoti slaves are often not told what these "friends" 
arc thai tho are accepting in. Deception is mmpant in Satan's domain. To receive deliverance, they need to 
realise that these "friends" lhat they were told lo accept in, are in real its demons. 


One doesn't have to go to a ritual site in America to meet the occult, a simple trip to a last-food restaurant 
is often sufficient. For ray talks, I show u Wendy's hamburger sack promoting witchcraft, I show a Burgcrville 
placental teaching your children how to hypnotize their parents, I show a Round Table Pizza rup with Merlin 
the Magician and a dragon blowing fire on ice <ice & Tire have significance together for the occult), and the 
story about King Arthur is the Holy (iraiJ legend which is the story that is teing used to promote the idea that 
Jesus had children and that his descendants are alive today to lead us (in other words preparation for the 
Antichrist's legitimization). If you douht what I say about the King Arthur story read H oly Blood, Hotv CiraiM 
warn you ir you arc not grounded in tlie Spirit you may come out believing Jesus had children and that his 
descendants arc alive today in powerful positions ready lo rule us. This pizza plan- also gives out to children 
"Merlin's Magic Book" to color with a box of tree crayons, ir you are like most Americans you are probably 
asking "so what?" which proves my point that Americans have been desensitized to the occult. If coloring hooks 
of the Apostles or Jesus were given oul people, probably evea most •Christians", wowld holler* 

Our people are bombarded with out and out Satanic music but are so blinded by the evil spirits which rule 
this nation that many today deny that heavy metal music and rock and roll has anything to do with Satanism. 
Even the Beatles learned from Alelster Crowley (as most or you know- he was a Salanist) about backward 
masking which was taught them in Crowley's book Mggick and placed Aleistcr Crowley's picture on their album 
"Sergeant Pepper's Ixmelv Hearts Club Hand". A person with real spiritual discernment who has heard the song 
"Imagine" by John Lcnnon promoting a one-world-goveraraent and socialism knows Hint the Beatles were part 
of the Satanic Hierarchy's program. And what American hasn't heard "Imagine", It was almost ■ ritual to play 
it every night over Hie radio in America? But could you convince most Christians thai the Beatles had an 
ultimate Connection willi the llluiniiiati and were simply Hie people chosen to earn oul a mind control program 
designed by the II luminal i\s Tavistock Institute? I doubt seriously that rao&t people would care to listen that 
their idols were part of an evil system. The Salanists know what they are doing. Charles Manson knew wlial 
the Beatles were about. What I am driving at is that whether people realize it or not, life in America is 
becoming a life saturated by demons and witchcraft, so that an innocent trip to a restaurant is no longer an 
Innocent trip but can he an experience with in t nil propaganda, ucciill music, etc. A trip to the supermarket 
is no longer a mere trip, but exposure to nude women on magazines and other materialistic baits lu excite one's 
animal lusts. I believe Christians need to begin if they haven't already to practice spiritual warfare wherever 
they arc in America. Remember lhat the Lord, "is a shield to those who put their trust in Him." Prov 30:5 We 
are not lo take tiny part in these unfruitful works of darkness, hut we are to expose tlieni. 


There have been a surprising number of people who have come out of Satanism who have tried to tell what 
is happening. We are talking about tens of thousands of witnesses who stories collaborate independently one 
another. But who will bear them? Many of them have been railroaded by the system Into mental institutions 
ami given shuck treatments. How can this happen? Once you learn how powerful Hie llliiminati is, and how 
Ihey have Iheir psychiatrists and experts who can pronounce anything the llluminati wants, and because they 
lire experts who can disagree? I have heard the stories of so many people who have tried to warn the American 
people who were railroaded by the system into mental hospitals t torture cells would be more appropriate) that 
it makes me sick to think of what has happened across the board in America. 


Americans still like to think ol Ihvir nation as Hie great Savior of Ihe world. They like lu look down on 
nations like ITiailaml where every house has a shrine to a demon, and yet Iheir American president Reagan 
consulted the stars with liu> astrologer before planning his agenda, and these Americans are sitting watching 
MTV. It Is time we quit calling tins u Christian nation. We arc to reconcile all things to Christ including the 
land. If s lime we began destroying the Idols in this nation. 



O FUNERAL HOMES One prized locution for traditional secret Satanism are mortuaries aka funeral homes. 
The funeral norm? pictured below Is idea! because an eye ->ritn< has seen rooms not accessible io Ihe public, 
and the mortuary has u large crematorium for easy disposal of bodies. Tlie building has underground floors 
that don't show io the photo, beside the tup ones Tlie name of the immense Mortuary pictured Mow Is 
withheld because although some people believe this is the site of rituals according to an e* -participant in said 
ri%unls { who is now u Christian who is free of such terrible thing*)* ibis site has nol been rnnfirmed. It is also 
Interesting that the logo of this mortuary is an occult looking sun. I've noticed that numerous funeral directors 
are also Masons. For instance, Richard W. Thorne, 33° Scottish Rite Mason pins numerous other Masonic 
positions, he was Grand Master of the GJL of New Ma C52-*53) a leading funeral director of the 
Southwestern Stales of the United States, he also was on the hoard of trustees of tlie First Presbyterian church 
in Albuquerqoc, N.M. Another funeral home proprietor, is 32* Mason Reynolds who has been the Tiluiaiock, 
OR ledge's librarian. 


The original article on ritual sites hid Ihe picture or a funeral home/crematorium which a Christian who 
was once Involved with Satanism was at during ji Satanic ritual. From various sources it has been verified that 
bodies arc being shipped across slate lines :inri also loaned out from mortuaries for Satanic rituals. Even more 
startling than this, certain mortuaries are actually replacing dead bodies with replicas prior to burial, and 
selling the unembalraed bodies. The reports about Funeral home coll ahorat ion with various evil groups comes 
from a variel) of independent sources. I believe that tlie sources have no reason to lie, or misinform, How 
much tangible proof is obtainable beyond testimonies? Some of tlie caskets In some of these cemeteries that 
arc shipping bodies could be exhumed and shown to be fake bodies. This may be a greater step than most 
people would care to do. I don't know if ultrasound pictures could be used to adequately view the insides of 
a casket without opening the caskets or not. 

Although at lies! glance the funeral bono' involvement may seem trivial, the selling of bodies may play a 
much bigger role in Ihe whole scheme of things than people realize. In the book of Revelations (18:°- 13) it 
speaks about how the kings or the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliriously with the false 
church shall bewail the lalsc church, and cry for her when she is destroyed. Tlie great Babylon, the harlot 
religious system is pictured as being judged. "And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; 
for nit man huyelh their merchandise any more: The merchandise uf gold, and silver, and previous stones, and 
of pearls, and Tine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyme wood, and ail manner vessels of ivory, 
and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble. And cinnamon, and odors, 
and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheal, and beasts, and sheep, and 
horses, and chariots, and slaves (THAI'S US|, A ND SOULS QF MEN / I REV 18:11-13) The elite are selling 
the souls of men, that is bodies and body parts of people. It is said, and I cannot verify this, that children are 
kidnapped by the elite (intelligence .i^enries and other groups under the llluminati or working with their 
approval) and taken to Florida, where they arc then sold internationally for experiments or for other purposes. 
It sitms that India would be an inexpensive supply of people parts, and I do know from having been to India, 
etc. that sluvery continues in Calcutta, where people still continue, even in present times, to be sold. The Top 
LI Ifloorllines with their committees were responsible for the slave trade, and many of America's elite families 
today gol their wealth in part from running skives. But if you thought I hat I he elite quit dealing in human 
liodies when slavery was abolished, they didn't 


The spring equinox is held in forests and tlie fall equinox is held near water for the Satanic hierarchy covens. 
However, this, rule doesn't apply to Wiecaii groups, some of them will he found near water or on the coast for 
Spring equinox. 



The Masons have at leasl 15 ancient .spiritual sites in Eastern U.S. Mailing in Maine and running south into 
the southern Atlantic seaboard. These sites are preserved for rituals. The New England area has 200 stone 
Druid ritual chamber siles. where the Druids lived prior to the New World being found by Columbus, ft, al 
Modern Druids like to use the ancient sites for ritual. There is a secret Templar settlement dating back prior 
to Columbus hidden by the Masons in Arcadia National Park. 



Prior to 1500, the Indians in the area belonged to what is called by archaeologist* as "The Southern Death 
Colt/ The cult built mounds, and performed human sacrifices which were cxutcrically associated with Fire-sun 
worship. (Where have we seen this before?) Rattlesnakes with wings and eagles were common motifs among 
the Southern Death Cull. Where are wc seeing this today?) The leathered serpent represented the union of 
heaven and earth. Around 1500, the Southern Death Cull abandoned their ftficJ class structure und broke up 
inio what are known as the "civilized tribes "--I he Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Chickasaw. The Cherokee 
developed their own alphabet, and built rities like the white men, and learned I he technology und ways of the 
while man. Adopting the white man's culture did not protect them* and lite civilized tribes were removed to 
Oklahoma. Descendants ol these tribes have married into lliurainati bloodlines. Another contribution is thai 
the sites of the Southern Death Cult are used today as ritual sites in Alabama. 

□ Birmingham, AL-The Pagan Weh, a group which uses 2020 B 1 1th Ave South as their address holds rituals 
in the area. 

□ Gufitersvillc, Al — Nacanir groups have been taking blood from cuttle. In the nearby town of Walnut Urove, 
a young coven of Sutuuic dabblers were observed holding a Satanic ritual in a lot used for Faster sunrise 

□ Moundville, AL— The Mound ville Slate Monument is 13 miles south of Tuscaloosa on SR 67. The area has 
camping facilities. The mounds that the Southern death cult built are used in modern time Tor ritual, due to 
the belief that the mounds contain great .spiritual energy. The largest mound (Temple Mound) looks like a 
pyramid and has a reconstructed building on its top. Smaller sites are also in that area ot Alabama, but the 
Moundville bile (with its 2(1 mounds) was apparently the ceremonial center lor the Death Cull for a large 
geographic area and had a population around 4,(1(1(1. 

D Kusscll Cave, AL-South of Tennessee in eastern Alabama is Russell Cave. It is 8 miles west of Bridgeport, 
and directions tu it are well marked. The cave is high on the wooded side of Montague Mountain and overviews 
Doran's Cove. The cave Is under the protection of the National Park Service. The opening of the cave is 107 
feet wide and it extends bark 270 IL inlo the mountain. A sistrr cave to the north connects to it. The cave has 
uncharted areas. 



D Montezuma's Castle-. North of Phoenix on 1-17 beyond Camp Verde is MuuU^unui s Caslleand Montezuma's 

Well. These are consider magic spots and are used for rituals. 

D Mount Lrrarnoii, AHz,-The top of Mt Unimon is used for witehcraft rituals. 

□ Oak Creek Cannon. As mentioned earlier Sedona is a vortex. Near Sedoua is a sacred spot of Oak Crock 
Canyon, which is also the site of r ituals. 

O In Phoenix, and family claiming to lie generational pagan Celtics has their Annwri Temple or Cwynfyd at 5102 
K 16th Dr., Lot #3, Phoenix. AZ 85015. 

D Saguaro National Monument West, Ariz, which is a lew miles cast ol Tucson has two areas that are thick 
with cacti. One heavy cacti area lies to the west and the other lie* to the east. Roth nieas of cacti are used by 
witch covens. 

a Southeastern Arizona has been greatly used by the secret elite to build at leasl 5 underground UFO bases 
<one near tireen Valley, one at Gales Pass Base, one at the north side of Kincon Vltn, one near Safford. one 


ai Ml. U Milium, and one near rage). It is also thick with New Agers, Witches* Native America* witchcraft and 
Shamanism, and some Satanism. High level Satanists Trom other areas travel to 'southern Arizona" once a 
year, possibly tu contact "alien" bases. 

D Sunset Crater. 21 miles north of Flagstaff on Hwy 89 is Sunset Crater, located in the San r raneisro Peaks. 
At Sunset Crater is an ice cave where red cinders and Ice meet In the same cave. This rare mingling of fire and 
ice hasn't escaped the attention of occultists. 

□ The Wupatki National Monument has a natural pentagram (2 pis, arc Courthouse Rock and I at Muu and 
hexagram which haven't escaped the attention or the witches. Also the outline of a bugh south west -living bird 
has been traced out over Ihe landscape in the same area. 


O Juneboro, AR-- The witchcraft store The Magic Moon opened recently in this small town to provide ritual 
paraphernalia got a story on ft done hy Inside Edition TV. 

D Rogers, AR -A Satanic cult operates in this area. It's sacrifices have been discovered. 

To describe California Is In try tu describe a state that is a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. This review 
of ritual sites in California villi be condensed in corn pans nn to Washington & Oregon. The feel for what I have 
experienced from getting acquainted with Hit enemies «f uur Lord is that their distribution in California 
follows the following general pattern that I will now go on to describe. 

In the south the climate is more desert-like, and llic harshness of the environment makes it more ideal 
for those groups needing total secrecy. Also the large sums of money that are generated at Hollywood, Berkeley, 
the Silicon Valley etc. is pumped into the Satanic system. The beaches in southern California creates an area 
which attract nudists and semi-nude people, which in turn creates an environment that is an all out spiritual 
war. For Christians to keep their morality they must be strong in the Lord. Southern California is where the 
hard-core Satanists are strong, hard-core Satanic gangs are thriving in L.A., and So. CA is where the lUuminati 
do much of theii mind -control programming working with the CIA and the demons or whatever you want to 
Call these evil beings that are associated with UFOs.The Illuminati. working with the highest levels of the U.S. 
government, has quite a number of underground secret UFO bases. They also have one of their extensive secret 
occult libraries in southern CA. In short, southern California is lull of hard core Satanic evil. II is an 
appropriate place for Hollywood. In southern California, the spiritual war is so intense that if yon become a 
new Christian you are put on the front lines immediately and either become a casualty or you art continuing 
in some type of spiritual warfare. 

Central California is where the Satanic groups that are for public consumption, the Homosexuals, the 
metaphysical Hippies, the New Agcrs, and the visible WIcran (witchcraft) groups thrive. The climate In Central 
California is nice. The secrecy far these groups is not such a high priority so they thrive belter in the Central 
Califnruni area. There seem to be an abundance of ritual sites with significance in ihis area. 

Northern California has been au area for the remnants of the Hippies, the New Agcrs, and the milder 
Wicca groups. Perhaps the lack or urban center and money have helped keep northern California fnim 
degenerating into the terrible situation thai pervades much of southern California. Some of the police forces 
in northern California have been under orders to deny publicly that any occult activity goes on in their 
counties, which is contrary to what they know is happening on a large scale. This may also help contribute to 
the better image of the north than the other [juris of California. The Bohemian Cruve has been used for 
decades for Satanic/llluiniuati rituals. ! I MA has a secret base near the Grove. 

Finally, a word should he mentioned that because the Wizard of Oz books and movie is such an important 
part of satanic mind-control, thai it is sell-explanatory that the house of Uaiim. the author uf the Wizard of 
Oz series, built in California & named Ozcot is a shrine to some people. Disneyland has been a favorite rituaf 
& programming site lor the Illuminati on iis ofT hours, & many of Disney's staff are into the occulL 
□ Aia.si ailem, CA - In Apr. satanic rituals were reported in the area which inch human sacrifices. 
D Bakersfield, CA -George Patterson started the Wicca group at Bakersfield, CA (address Georgian Church, 
1908 Verde. Bakersfield, 9J304). 

O Berkeley, CA. Across the hay from San Francisco Ls Berkeley. The Reformed Druids of North America 
<KDNA) operate out of Ortnda. CA. Other Druids operate in the Berkeley, CA area. The Covenant of the 
Goddess which represents n fcdcruthwi of about 70 covens in IS states has its headquarters at Berkeley. 


D (Bohemian Club. North (if San Francisco in Sonoma County are a number of large tracts of land belonging 
to the Hohemian Club- The Bohemian Club is a retreal center fur Ihe elite. Some ur ihe people who are 
members lire Satanists like Goy. Edmund Drown. Other members appear to be working Tor Ihe visible branches 
of Ihe II luminal i and are nut all Satanists, some of them are merely people contributing to ihe creation of the 
New World Order. The membership is by invitation only and costs initially, and $100 per year Tecs. 

Examples of member* are Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Corbechev, William Buckley (a Ka. of Malta, and 
llluminatusj, Karl Warren, and Herman Wouk (the Jewish author of novels about WAV. Ih, The Bohemian 
Club started in 1HH0, & a bene fact or of the group gave 8 tracts of hind in Sonoma County lo the Club. The 
Bohemian Club Corp. later obtained more tracts of land. The yearly retreat is held on a 1,0I>0 plus trad or 
forest land [big redwoods. I. Occult rituals, sex, and networking go an at the Bohemian Club secret retreat. It 
is obvious that the Bohemian Grove is Important enough for the elite to pay the high membership and fly 
around Ihe world lo participate. 

D At Burbank a number of small Egyptian groups merged in 197(1 in Bttrhank to form the Church or the 
Eternal Source. Remember that Egyptian magick is what modern Satanism is based upon. Just cast of Burbunk 
are hills, and in these hills was a barn that satanists used for rituals. 

□ Cnlalina Island, CA--Aniong the viators to these islands have been satanists. There lias been a report or 
rituals helrl here, 

D China Lake. C* -Inyokern A < hlna l.ake Naval Test grounds are the sites of several Important things. Mind 
Control programming for the Satanic Hierarchy is done here. A sccrcl UFO base is also in the ana- (For more 
details on this area, several other works of Krit* Springmeier are MggClrt ed lo the reader.) 
D Death Valley, CA Charles Man son, a Mason and Satanist uud member of the unauthorized O.T.O. Solar 
Lodge of L.A., operated his satanic family in southern California. They used Death Valley a great deal, as do 
numerous Satanic groups. Some of the members of Mansoirs family were rich with ties lo the Sfttank elite. 
The Mason family were in the area northeast of Trona, CA at the Myers ranch, and the Barker ranch and 
Willow Springs. The Barker ranch was so isolated that it was necessary to go up an incredibly rugged dry wash 
with a four-wheeled vehicle with someone clearing boulders out of the way as the vehicle moved forward. 
P Golden Gate National Recreation Area, CA--north of San Francisco is a stretch of national parkland which 
alTords small Satanic covens a place to practice rituals. One site was an abandoned bunker at the Ft. Miley 
West location of the Recreation Area. There also happen lo be several active Torts near the national parkland. 
Although there is nothing special about the areas used in the Golden date National Recreation Area often the 
National Parks and National f orests protect sacred ritual sites. Army bases are favorite places for Satanists 
to try to recruit men into covens. 

□ In Hollywood nil types oT Satanic activity goes on. One of the Disco's near Hollywood Blvd. is Satan's \ <k>- 
Go. The Compleat Enchanter is an occult supply shop in Hollywood. Three other stores supplying goods lor 
witchcraft rituals include I ..A. 1 * Bodhi Tree (reported by people as the largest Satanic store Sn the area--! know 
people from the O.T.O. buy there), Ccr id wen's, and the Sorcerer Shop. Long Beach lias Mcrrnadc and Eye ol 
the Cat stores. 1 mention these just In show that where heavy trafficking or rituals oils> and Satanic rituals 
items occurs, it is obvious there are lots of rituals being performed. 

□ l.aguna Nigel, CA .lust east of Lagunu Nigel bus been an active satunie recruiting site. 

□ Lus Angeles, CA-Thc Mothers of Darkness (lllumlnati) also have a castle in the I^V area where their high 
lei el rituals are secrctlv conducted. 


D Malihu, CA - This Is the stomping grounds of the rich and famous elite, many of whom are pail of or work 
with the llluiuiuati. 

D Manhattan Beach, CA - This is the place that the McMartin I Yr - school was located. Of course this case has 
gotten lots of media misinforniution and a movie of the rase has been made with more misinformation from 
Hollywood. The McMartin Pre-school was used to program and commit ritual abuses to hundreds of children 
lor decades. Hundreds or victims complained. The victims revealed that they had been taken out of Ihe day care 
center via tunnels. The police never found the tunnels, and Hollywood's movie doesn't tell os that the tunnels 
were found after the case was closed. Tlie area was definitely a major ritual site for years, that has fortunately 
been closed down. 

□ ML Shasta, a vortex point that draws all types of occultists. It also has a mind-control programming center 
near the lake which can be reached hy helicopter. A LEO base is nearhy and another LEO base is east of 
t'hico, CA. The occultists in the area have interacted with the I'EOs and the aliens. It appears to me thai Ihe 
llluminuti are using their UFOs to holster occult beliefs. 

D Ml. View. CA. -8<»u I Ires I of San Francisco is Ml. View. The Church of the Dragon with its Coven of the 
Oragon which is a hereditary wicea group b in the Ml, View, CA. area. 

B Newport Bench, CA— Teenage Satan ists have used an island in the upper hack bay of Newport Beach. 
Newport Reach is south of L.A. In Feb. *84, five people stole human bodies from mausoleums in Newport 

D Northern California. Calif. Wiccans hold a Summer Solstice Ancient Ways Festival each year in northern 
( a I if orn i a \s wii dcrnes s . 

P At Oakland, CA is the a coven of Hitches* named Su&an B. Anthony Coven no. 1, whose priestess is Z 
Budapest who wrote the Frminist Book of Lights and Shadows . 

□ At Pasadena, is the Tun pic of Truth, a group of Adept magician*. There are also other witchcraft groups 
in ( lakland. 

O Pasadena Freeway-Some of the homemade Satanic covens use the drainage dm -hex that drain into the 


O Pinnacle* National Monument, so. of San Francisco near Solcdad, is u set of interesting rock formations. 
Pinnacles Rocks within the park have the Tulvus caws which are considered spiritually significant. Hear Gulch 
Care is a place where Underworld ceremonies take place. 

D Placenlia-lrvitie Lake area- east of LA. is Riverside. As one drives west from Riverside on Riverside Hwy. 
SE of Plarentla fa a girl scout camp. The woman who ran the girl scout camp is a satanist and the wile or a 
High Priest. Satanic rituals were often done at the girl scout camp in tlie trees. 

□ Presideo, CA -This long time military ba.se was used for trauma-based mind control programming s a tank 
slaves for over 10 years. Tlie hospital was used for ritual/liwlure/programming. Several churches on the base 
have been used for llluminati rituals, one or the more obscure churches had an llluminati library on the second 
floor and a torture dungeon in the basement. A long list of buildings iucl. Fort Point were used In the 
programming. Near the Presideo are llluminati homes, and some beautiful buildings used Tor rituals. The 
military is, turning the base over to ex-KGB director Gorbachev and his environmental group. IThhs author has 
visited the various satanic sites in the Presideo. 

H Redding, CA - an old amphitheater on Lost Lane in northern Redding was frequented by a Satanic cult hack 
in the 'HOs. 

O Redwood Vallev, just north or Ukiah, is the home of the Church of All Worlds (CAW) the umbrella 
organization that tries to network all the various Wicca coven groups. 

O Sacramento, capital or California, is home of the New Wiccan Church which practices various traditional 
hritish witchcraft. There is also a group of Satan ists in the government who have a coven in the area. 
O Sail Bcrnadino. Perhaps the best place to start is at the top. San Bermidino. This has been the center or the 
llluminati on ihe West Const. Tlie San liernadino Counts has numerous Satanic covens operating in secrecy. 
Ted Gundcrsnn found a spat near San Kernadino that can only be seen from the air because it is remote on 
the side of a mnouinin. live ritual site was about 250 by 81V and had a 9' circle with the seal of as mod ay. The 
Seal or Be lie! was also at the site. After the MrMartin School scandal made the headlines. Ihe house burned 
down-apparently to hide any evidence. The mansion on the site was used for rituals by the saianlsts who were 
involved with Ihe McMnrlln Preschool SRA. The site, was a very popular ritual site. Hie children had been 
flown to tlie site via airplane. A concrete bunker (dungeon) about 20**20' was on the site to hold victims until 
the) were sacrificed. \ small room was found on the site with steel hooks embedded in the concrete walls to 
assist with torture. From other informants, this author has learned that the MeMartin children weren't the 
only ones who uted this secret and popular Satanic torture/ritual site. 

□ San \ raiK'isco, CA— The Mothers of Darkness of Satan's llluminati Hierarchy have a castle in the area, which 
has rrd carpeting in tin- main room. They coodoU their satanic rituals within this castle, San Francisco has 
long had an occult heritage. The name they gave to its largest bridge—the Golden Gale has occult significance. 
Indeed, according to occult tradition, San Francisco lies on top of an ancient Mlantean city called Tlamcu. 
Supposedly the city looked likr the city Atlantis. Ihe seven hills of San Francisco are said to have formed a 
map of the Pleiades. According to occult tradition, the center of tin city had the Temple of Ihe Sun, and the 
Temple of Saturn was located wherr the smith side of Ituena Vista Park is today. Just of Point I .oho* Ave. is 
a road that leads down to the seaside and to a man-made tunnel. The tunnel allows people to see a cave which 
is said to have occult significance. San Francisco area is the headquarters fot laYevs C hurch of Satan, and 
it is also host to many other Satanic groups including the Church of Set. (hie oT the principle 
Hermetlc/IVIasnnic/Mystical journals called (gnosis is published in San Francisco. Many Satanic groups calJ 


their beliefs Gnosticism. The llaight-Ashbury section San Francis to an area that abounds with drugs, 
witchcraft and the blnck mass. Anton LaVty's bouse bus been used for rituals where cannibalism tank place. 
Michael Aquino's house at 24150 Leavenworth St San rrancisrn has »f«il been used Tor rituals. The last 
information I got was that the house <u 3-level fourplcxl is still Aquino's but that he rarely stays there. 
D San CA -Jnsl south of San I ran risen at San Jose is the Center for the Divine Istar, a win hrralU 


□ San Pedro, CA. Thf Green movement of Europe was created by the Satanic hierarchy through their agencies 
and was especially originally strong in West Germany. An aiiicricun newsletter that reports Oil the- Green 
movement comes .ml of Berkeley. CA. Although environmental groups such as the (treen movement are not 
OCCttlt religious movements tliej are tied back to the lUuminati, SO that those who monitor these movement > 
may notice the connections. The Klysiuui Institute at Topanga, CA would he one of these environ mental groups 
with witches making up its staff. Another group is tlic League for Ecological Democracy whose journal U the 
Synthesis. The LED is In Nan I'edro, southern CA. 
B Scotty 1 1 Caslle, CA-an lUuminati site. 

Scotty's Castle has heen confirmed as a ritual site by a number of e\-Satanists. 

Scotty 1 * Castle is a castle located in Death Valley, CA. It lias a very interesting history. 

To rrarh the castle one is required to drive through many miles of desert. U one drives to Inyo County, CA. 
the HIM county that lias China Lake Naval Testing Grounds, and Inyokcrn, uud then you drive ou II wy. 190 
into Death Valley National Monument lit is not a park or forest, dead valleys are railed monuments), next you 
go north on a road alter Stove Pip* lor 35 milts. 

The man who built Scotty 1 * Castle was Walter Terry Scotl 0872-1954). Waller V. Scott was the son of an 
alcohol distiller and horse breeder in Kentucky. Walter did not get auy formal education. He kit home and 
went west where he worked as a mule driver, and a water boy. From there he became a horse wrangler, tlecait.se 
of his talent with horses KiifTalo Kill made him the feature rider along with Annie Oakley in Buffalo Bill's 
family show. The show travelled and Scully was with it eleven years. During this time, Srotty made many 
important friendships with men of power and wealth. In J 9430, Waller married and left I he show. He got a loan 
from Julian f Gerard* a NY banker, to go prospecting for gold which he tailed to pay back. Julian Gerard was 
repeatedly .sending people to hassle Scatty to gel his money back. In I9U5, Walter Scolt ("Scotty") scatlered gold 
nuggets and SI 00 bills from IVY. to L.A. Where he got all this gold and $100 bills is a mystery, but it wasn't 
brum prospecting. The idea of finding a secret mine was very obviously a rover lor however Scotty managed 
tn get his money. Scully is well-known Tor his penchant to throw away $20 gold pieces as if they were candy 
wherever he went. Nobody believed he had a mine, strangely the IKS never got interrsted in Scutty. Why? 

The IRS went utter Churles Caughlin who was exposing the elite, the bankers, I he Freemasons. etc in the 
early 1 93(1 's on his radio show. There was no reason to suspect Caughlin of any cheating on his Income Tax, 
and the audits found the IRS actually owed Caughlin money. However, the national papers printed front page 
stories of the IRS investigation, and practically Ignored that the man was exonerated. Yet, the IRS left Scotly 
alone, tlnimm. 

Although Scotty was married, he became intimate friends with Albert Mussey Johnson (1872*1948), a Chicago 
millionaire, who was v. p. from 1906 to 1926 of the National life Insurance Co. Albert M. Johnson was bum 
in Ohio, uud lived in Arkansas and Missouri before uioviug to Chicago. Johnson came out and stayed In Death 
Valley. The slay helped his health, and he and Scotty remained close friends. 

In L924, construction secretly began on a casllc in Death Valley. The best of Material* were used Wrf the 
materials had to he hauled clear out in the desert by truck to (irapevine Canyon where the castle sits. 
Huudreds of workers were hired. 

The Castle got its kitchen tiles from Spain. Special rugs were made on the Luropean island of Majorca for 
the castle. Tiles for the incompleted pool came from the Mediterranean. Many of the furnishing of the castle 
came from cathedrals and palaces in Spain and Morocco. Draperies made Tor the castle were hand-tooled in 
selected sheepskin leather. Sixty hand-carved panels, each of a different design, wire installed in the uiusic- 
r pom ceiling. A Weltc Mignon organ reported to have cost $160,000 -the finest of its kind in Western United 
States was placed in the music room, even though Scotty could not play the organ, twelve bathrooms were 
installed. Several kitchens were installed. Tunnels and secret rooms were built under the buildings. Around 
S2 million (dollars of thai time period) were spent on building the castle, supposedly from Scntty\s "gold mine." 
The castle became known as Scully's Out lie. It is ideal as a Satanic ritual site. It can accommodate numerous 
people. If is remote* It has hidden rooms and areas, and 111 on els. 


O Southern California, CA -The lllmninali has recognized the importance of people who use llieir heads. The 
Jason Group which was farmed fruni their top scientists is one example. Many of the Jason Group have lived 
in the Southwest or California. Marvin Goldherger, pres. of Caltech, and a physicist at UCLA was the Jason 
Group's first chairman. Supposedly lib wife Mildred came up with the name "Jnsuti". However, the Jason 
Croup works with I he Jason .Society and the Golden Hot < r haft heen a react lining and special theme with the 
high level occult/ & Masons. John Cornwall at UCLA is a Jason member. Gordon McDonald, at the Univ. 
of CA, San Diego (UCSD) is another Jason member. (The list could go on.) Another group is Uie Witchcraft 
Special Interest Group of Mcusa which brings together members of Mensa (you luive to be a genius to be in 
Mensa) for collective witchcraft and magic work. Their headquarters are at San Jose, CA, 
D Torrance, CA- reports of heavy satanic/llluminatt activity in area 

D Trahiica Canyon, CA -About 30 miles up El Toro Rd from San Juan Caplstrano Is Tribuco Canyon, If you 
get there and then follow in 3 1/2 miles on a dirt road then at the top of a hill are a group of eaves which have 
heen used for rituals and programming. 

O Treasure Island, San Francisco bay area-Tliis is a site that the Satanic hierarchy uses for rituals. 

The Rocky Mountains has it share of occult activity, but it is not as intense as the west coast. Oregon and 
Washington are the "in" places to move to if you are a Satan 1st or a New Age leader. Satan Lsts and New Age 
leaders are being encouraged, asked or even ordered to go to the Northwest California is already very intensely 
caught up in demonic wickedness. In states like Montana which have small towns which are largely native 
Indian descendants there will be active Masonic Lodges, This is because occult fraternal organizations have 
made an effort to tap Inio the occult spiritual powers of the Indian people. Various cull groups like Church 
Universal & Triumphant in Montana, and An an da Marga in Steamboat Springs, Col. have cbnsui the Rocky 
Mountains as the place to build llieir cult headquarters. Another interesting connection is that recently I he 
UJSi moved most of its own U IDs to Groom Lake in Nevada, and the Li Us that are llown jointly with ImiIIi 
demons I aliens)/ and humans are being placed at bases in Colorado. Those who havr been Following this 
newsletter know I have been trying to stress an unknown fect-thc UFO ptaMMMMI is pari of what Satanism 
is doing. The Satanic hierarchy works with these "aliens/ Sources, which ait totally separate from the source 
that passed on about the Ur'Os transferring to Colorado, are telling of a large new rash or cattle mutilation 
this year in Colorado 

I have included Colorado because much of Its activity is closely related to New Mexico's activity. Colorado 
is one of the up and coming new centers for many of the llluminali's new activities. Colorado hosted the 
UNITED meetings at Kstes Tark,( O where the Earth Conservation Rank of the elite was quietly being put In 
place. Eates Park is named after the Estes family which in the Freeman article you will find is lied to the 
IVienre de Sinn and the Merovingians. Colorado is home is a great deal of New Age and Satanic activity. 
Considering the sparcne ss of population of NM and ( <>, they are the home of a lot of activity mr the llluminatl 
and the New Agers and Witchcraft. 

D Arvada, CO -On the west side of Denver is Arvada, CO which has a witch coven which is militant against 

D Aspen, Ct) - As one goes west from Denver on Interstate 70 one comes to a small town Idaho Springs, which 
has u witchcraft coven. Continuing on leads to Vail, a popular place for the elite, and depending on which 
roads one takes after a while one may get to Aspen. Aspen is one of the elite's stomping grounds. There is 
Certainly high level occult activity that takes place in this town. Aspen is where George Bush met with Margaret 
"J hatcher before announcing the decision to go into Saudi Arabia with Desert Storm. 

□ Near As pen. is an appro*. 1 4)1)0 acre ranch called Windstar, created hy New Agers John Denver and lliomas 
Crum. This is another place that the world's elite arc attracted to. Men like J. Peter Urace (head of the Knights 
of Malta) and Ted Turner (CNN founder) have gone to the ranch for conferences. 

□ Bakaa Ynlky, CO -As has been previously reported the liakaa Valley is heing used hy Maurice Strong, friend 
of some of the llluniinati Olympians, for some elite scheme to create u new world religion center. All types of 
religious groups arc being gathered in the area. 

D Credence Creek, CO -Although Manitou Springs, CO is a ritual situ, the creek thut runs in the area is 
important for rituals also. The name of the creek is believed to have been what the rock band Credence 
Clearwater Revival is named after. 

O In Denver, the situation is like in most urban areas. One new group that is doing rituals in the Denver area 

is the Daughters of ihr New Moon, 1525 Sherman St, On the east side of Denver ta Aurora. Satanism is so 
had in Aurora, thut the Smoky Hill high School initiated a program to counsel young Sulnnists in the school. 

□ (ireeky is north of Denver and not for from Ft. Collins. Greeley has at least six Satanic covens in the area. 
The covens use abandoned building in the countryside. The various coven leaders huve meetings together lo 
coordinate activities. 

D Muaitou Springs, CO -Look for witches to make use of any old Indian spiritual site such as Pike's Peak and 
the nearby Ma niton Spring. 

D Each year during summer, a group of •pagans" holds a festival up in the Colorado mountains called Front 
Range Pagan Festival. Aiiendance is by iaviiation only. 


O Dunburry, CT * megalithic druid chambers 

D Gunjiwaump, CT- Giant stone rings known to archaeologists as Druid circles 

Q New Haven-Headquarters of the Church of Satanic liberation of Paul D. Valentine* Rituals are held 
regularly lis the headquarters group. It is possible ihe headquarters group has relocated. I was unable to locate 
an address for the group in New Haven, but west of New Haven there is a Paul Valentine listed in the ph. hook 
at Seymour, and then up the rood (liwy 67) at Suuthbury loo. The interested person could find oul more from 
the Magick (111 We more In New YorMSee N.Y. section) 

□ Norwalk, CT- Norwalk is near ibe southern end of Conn, near NY, The Foundation for Sbainanic Studies 
lot ali <i here in Norwalk teaches native spiritism and witchcraft. The foundation was headed by Michael Hamer. 
D Sleeping Giant-This is a large rock formation that is now protected as a park From I-95's Exit 38 go north 
toward Hartford. Take enit 61 from the VVllbcr Cross to Whitney Ave. (Rt. 10). Iben turn right toward Cheshire 
off the ramp. Then go straight on Whitney 2 miles. The Sleeping Giant rock formation b visible from Hew 
Haven harbor. Wiccans use the area for rituals. 

D Westchester, CT-East of Middletown,( I lies the village of Westchester. There the weekend homes or 
businessmen who work in NYC have been the sites of upper class witchcraft rituals. 

□ Wilton, CT- A saianic cult in Wilton has been desecralinR churches and threatened people. 


a Dover, & Wilmington, DEL -This is the home stale of the IhjPont llluminati bloodline. Their estates have 
\yctn ritual sites. Both Dover and Wilmington have satanic activity. In Nov. H6, parents in Dover learned that 
college kids were in danger by a Satanic cult in the area. 


A Saianic cull Masters of Lucifer with a teenage branch Teens of Lucifer operates in Florida. 
D Crystal River, PL- Tliis site has ancient pyramid mounds built by the Indians in 441) A.D. The Crystal River 
Slate Archaeological Site is north of the town of Crystal River. The witches believe, the site has spiritual power, 
and is worthwhile for rituals. 

D Everglades. FL-The Satanic group Hands of Death ran a training camp in the Everglades. 

□ Madira Hickel Mound, I I. -This site is still relatively secluded and is ased by the Wiccan groups for rituals. 
It is located on Terra Ceia Island. The mound consists of the Greater and Lesser Temple Mounds. The Temple 
mounds were raised by the Indians Co like Sun Cod and the Rain (ind. Solar holidays such as the vernal 
equinox wen 1 important in ancient times to the Indians. Hie site is south of Tampa Bay. On Hwy 19 headed 
tor Palmetto is a small road named Terra Ceiga Rd. Co down this road and turn left on Center Rd. Then turn 
right at Buys h ore Rd, and then follow the signs. 

D Miami, 11. Miami is a SantaHn and Palo May am be (which uses human remains) stronghold. 40^-50% of 
the halt million Cubans in greater Miami are said to participate in Suntaria* and only 5 C < »>l thr Cubans arc 
against Sanlai ia. As >mi ran guess die entire area is one big occult center, with thousands of rituals going Ofi 

D New Port Ricbey, FL —Lcveruck's Altar Stone is located at Leverock's sea food restaurant in this town. The 
si one is considered lo have great spiritual significance. 

□ Palm Springs, FL 

D l am pa, FL— Various satanic cults operate in this area. 



The Association of Cymmry VVicca hoick rituals in the state. The First Humanist Church of Atlanta has 
sponsored a Pagan festival in September at a camp site with cabins. 

D Atlanta— A witchcraft coven which started under CAW (called a nest) operates here. Years ago, attention was 
centered on the Raven wood Church of VVicca in Atlanta when they were held responsible for a 23 year teenager 
getting shot. ITir Grove of thr Unicorn carries out its rituals outside. The tirove also give 13 week courses In 
Wicca, and if people stay with tlic grove, then they take a year's training before the Inner Circle decides it' they 
are prepared Tor initiation. One of the wieca groups has their own private land in the country for rituals. 
D Helen, OA- There have been targe Wieca gatherings here. 


Almost all of Hawaii is sacred. All the ancient Kahuna siles* and the volcanoes are sacred. Anywhere thai the 
ancients buried people are sacred. Hie ancient sites continue to be honored. 

> > IDAHO 

D Rupert, ID - (This description gets graphic, if you dont want to read a brief description of ritual murder 
you may want to skip this.) In this particular instance, 1 called the county sheriff to get some information 
about the ritual site* I believe the police are set up to serve the public, and yet they refused to give me 
information that both local and national newspapers had already printed on the case. Many people in Ihetown 
are concerned that the slierifFs office is not trying hard enough to solve the ease, when they believe there is 
a great deal of evidence of Satanic cult activity in the area. Just south of the Minidoka County Laud I ill in 
desert land and not far from the city of Rupert, a baby girl's body was found with the hands cut off, organs 
out, and skinned. Someone had attempted to burn the body in a metal drum. Local people have had repented 
problems with cattle mutilations, and an old abandoned barn was found with candles. This ritoally sacrilleed 
body of a baby girl found in May, '92 brought the Issue of Satanic cults in the area before the community 's 
attention*, although the police have said to the press they think some parents may have simply abandoned an 
unwanted baby. 


a Borough's Cavc-this cave is owned by one of the Elite wlw owns half of southern Illinois. It is 1500\ The 
whole story was secret, but was revealed in Oct. 1993 in my newsletter to my subscribers. Fred Boroughs was 
an Indiana Jones type who found the cave. He and r red Ridhonc (I'm not sure about the spelling of their 
names) have written a book called The Secret Cave of Many Faces. The cave has gold artifacts. 13 crypts, and 
miry pits (man traps) similar to what protects sites in The Valley of Kings in Egypt. This elite billionaire (as 
I understand in the llluiuiiiati) now has total control over the land and the explorer Borough is not allowed 
onto the property. The billionaire is trying to get an exemption to the Illinois arcneological laws so that he can 
get out of the ske what he wants. The equipment is already stockpiled in east St. Louis should they ever get 
the exemption from the State legislature thai they want with 3 miles of cyclone fencing. Tlte billionaire has set 
aside 525 million for exploration, ir the site is for real it will upset all the history books. Russell Boroughs may 
have brought out already 3,000 stone tablets. 

DCahokia (Monk's Mound) -Near (.ranitc City, this site is oft 1-55/70. This pyramid is Lhe largest prehistoric 
structure In North America, The pyramid is thought to have been part of sun worship and the city built around 
it is called the City of the Sun. < Various evidences exist showing that sun worship around the world was often 
(he exoteric side of what esotericly was Lueiferian worship.) The base of The pyramid is larger than lhe fireat 
Pyramid in Egypt, the New Agers had a harmonic eon verve n re at the pyramid in 19K7. The pyramid had a 
structure on top of it in ancient times which is thought to have made its overall height 150 feet high. An 
ancient Indian of importance was ceremonially buried at the site with 3IMt sacrificed young Indian maidens. 
On top of the pyramid, ancient observers could use a 20-foot high circle of cedars to plot such things as the 
movements of the Pleiades, This great pyramid then was a center for sun worship and sacrifice from c« 900 4.1). 
to 1100 A.D, and is now a modern occult spiritual vortex ". 

□ Chicago— At 2237 West Morse Ave. is the Heartland Pagan Assoc. They have land near Chicago where they 
have an occult library. They sponsor all types of events and rituals. Ail types of Satanism are practiced 
throughout live city, but I am not aware of any specific locations. In a suburban High School just outside of 
Chicago, school officials had to place in the sr!nnd handbook "no worshipping Satan** to stop activity that was 


taking place during High School time. In Feb. K5, then: was a case where 4 men in a Satanic cult killed 18 
people for rituals. The evtrnslvc tunnel system built under Chicago and nn longer in public use, are used by 
Salanists. Hie tunnel system was designed to provide a method to supply all the down town area, without 
v rot tv and factories have to use above ground transportation. The original 60 miles of underground tun in k 
were built by Chicago Tunnel Co. in 1900 40' below ground. TV? were- ubout 7 1/2' toll for small guagc trains. 
In 1950, the tunnels were abandoned by the city. 

O Cold Pyramid House-situated 10 mites south of the Wisconsin border, and 2 1/2 miles uortk of si* flags 
in Gurnce. From Chicago one lakes 1-94 north to RL 132. exit east hound, and turn left at Dilley s Rd. Tlic signs 
will then direct people lo the private property of James Onan who built this 100th scale replica of the Great 
Pyramid. A 200-ton 4(V statue of a pharaoh greets people. A burial chanilier identical to King Tut 1 s has been 
built into the pyramid. Tlw; walls arc painted identical to the actual oues in Egypt In various parts of the site 
actual gold has been used to cover various items. The occult have been building a new magical tradition around 
the site. 

O Gorhani Ketroglvphs-lf you ran gel to Grimsby, go south on 3 toward Gorhani. Go west (right > on the first 
road past the bridge before the Mult l orn left I south I at the first road west of the Muff. Stay on this 
unmarked road leading to die last house (white). Park 501V past the house and head on foot due east until you 
reach the blult Walk along the bluff until you find the sacred petroglyphs. Ilic surrounding Shawuve National 
Fores! also has some interesting sites for rituals fur witchcraft- 

D Koeklord, IL - Someone in this area has talked about rituals there, and indeed one satanisl has been 
convicted of murdering for Satan. 

D Wheeling-- Hie Gardneriari Coven's journal comes out of Wheeling, IL. 

Several sources from Indiana have mentioned how rampant Satanism and Witchcraft are in Indiana. Many 
or the churches are used as fronts. In general, the popular ritual sites are abandoned coal mines and sacred 
ancient Indian sites. Let us discuss now one practice und u common technique of it that was reported for 
Indiana, and is probably a widespread practice throughout the Midwest and the rest of the United Stales. This 
is the practice of getting the cither the participation, cooperation or acquiescence of the local police in Satanic 
rituals. When a local sheriff is elected, (and many of these elections are shady and get in some shady 
characters) he will be contacted by the Satanic cult and warned that he can either lose his lilt- or cooperate. 
There are various ways to coerce and bay the sheriff, if he hasn't already been elected by Satanist's money. In 
some areas of Indiana, votes are openly sold lo whoever will pay the voter money. Many local sheriffs an' busy 
with many extracurricular activities besides their jobs. When a ritual Is to be performed the sheriff is called 
on the telephone, and the hint to look the other way is made. The call might sound like "Hello Sheriff, we have 
a parly planned on Ibis farm tonight, and we will get a little wild. Don't be alarmed. We take care of everything. 
We will provide our own security * If the local sheriff wants to stay alive he will turn a blind eye to such type 
of things. Sometimes certain policemen are brought into the scheme of things, then the Salanists will 
coordinate the lime "f the rituals with the timing of the shifts of these policemen. 

D Angel Mounds- 1 1* Rite is near Kvansville at the Angel Mounds State Memorial Park. This site bus a 
reconstructed temple of an ancient Indian nation. The site was a city built for worship of It* sun (they believe) 
and included :i step pyramid, 

□ nedford-Lawrence, Co. ludianu is in the smith central pari of Indiana and has numerous large stone 
quarries. I Ties r old stone quarries are abandoned. They go underground for miles, have numerous entrances, 
and are large enough for semi-trucks to drive in them. Ilicy arc used for Satanic ritual. 

□ IHoomington, -The Kir I -ore f amily which puts on 4 networking festival* is located lu-re. A festival on a 
Blooiuuiutou campus is held in June. 

□ I vansville— Jus! west of the intersection of llwy 41 & linch Rd is a field. Go west of the intersection through 
a field and there is an abandoned railway yard with 4 buildings that Satanists have used for rituals. A big 10' 
red pentagram und elaborate Satanic graffiti were painted over a period of time around Hie area. This coven 
was (is still?) led by an older person, but it is mainly made up of young people. 

D Great Circle Mound-Northeast of Indianapolis Is the Great Circle Mound. Go on 1^9 and get off al Exit 
2* + go north on 9. Scalterfietd Rd. to 232. Tom right and go unlil you reach the site. From what I understand, 
the entrance was shaped like a frog by the Indians who built this mound, and several men were apparently 
ritually sacrificed by the Indians at the site. Other mounds in the area are also of sacred significance for occult 



P Greene Cu.--A Satanic group left traces their rituals at a stunt' building in the tomitry in 1986. 

D LakrvWe, IN- Satanic cults arc in the Lakcville area, and have recruited hie* schoolers at the I .a VII It J.-S. 

High School. 

□ New Harmony Labyrinth --The site is at New Harmony. An early socialistic experiment by the occult was 
lieorge Kapp's Harmony commune. Robert thven saved the pieces of the experiment ami built a new 
com hi tin ili These expei i meats bad lies to what the Satanic Hierarchy was setting forth to accomplish, and 
were promoted by the .secret occult fraternal groups. A mystical labyrinth culled an outdoor "church" was built 
to show the balance (harmony) that man is supposedly to try to achieve between the dual forces of the world. 
The labyrinth is also related to Mother Earth worship. 

> > IOWA 

D Davonporl, Iowa -a pillar erected by an ancient people in Iowa who worshipped the Djed festival of Osirus 
has been round In this area. The Davenport Calendar Steele was found in 1874 and dated to the 9th century 
B.C. from the 3 ancient languages written on it (Egyptian, Iberian-Punic, A an ancient Libyan dialect.) The 
Putnam Museum (note the Putnam l-amity is an ofTshont of the Collins Bloodline* owns the ancient site 

□ Pes Moines, Iowa -Several independent reports of sutunic cults holding rituals in Des Moines, 


It goes without saying that Kansas City, KS, Wichita, arid Topeka have Satanic covens. 

D Abilene, KS-- Abilene, KS was the hometown of Eisenhower. There are numerous unknown things about 
l isrnhower, which indicate that Abilene has some strong llluminati connections. InU rvstiuglv, just uurth of 
Abilene (Abilene lies just south of 1-70) was a Satanic sacrifice site. To yet to the site go just 2 miles north of 
1-70, and then one mile west to n forested urea which is near a creek and a pit. Within this forested area is 
a small during ahout MVx MV in the middle, Dismembered bodies were in abundance in the area, including 
children's bones. Coyotes were carrying away human parts from the area. 

D Kiishong, KS-ihis tiny village lies west ol Usage City, and north ol Emporia. A series of missile bases were 
built by the government in this county and abuudoned. A large missile base was located at Bushong and 
operated I'rora 1957-64. After it was abandoned, the people who owned the property tried to keep out intruders, 
but nothing they did could keep out the intruders. Witnesses who would try to check out what was being done 
within the underground tunnels and rooms would be scared olT by cull people guarding the area. Witnesses 
conld see bonfires taking place within an airshaft. Satanic symbols and 666 were written all over the site. (*66 
was written on the big entrance door to the underground installation. A 38* waterpit near the missile silo was 
part of the original missile base. It is suspected that bodies or parts may have been deposited down the 
waterpit. It is speculated that the people who bought the property in recent limes may be in the process ot 
sanitizing the area of all evidence. There was a gun emplacement also at Hie site and at that gun emplacement 
n map was found with the following Kansas towns on it, llushong, Junction City, Ft. Rilry, Burlington, 
Itiirltngamr, White City, and Plymouth. This is very interesting because those places have had independent 
verifications of Satanic activity. Most of the sites given in this newsletter on Kansas will relate to this Satanic 
cult's ritual sites which were in use in the early IfWMls and which correspond to the towns shown on that map. 
At the very least, this group has received police help, but it may go farther, the group's power may well re*ch 
quite high. This is not a hierarchy group, but it can be speculated that they may work with the hierarchy. 
D Duulap, KS--People have been captured and taken to Dunhtp lor rituals by a group wearing halluween masks. 

□ Ft. Riley, RS— Every year, the MPs and the army find bodies on the reservation -not where the shells impact 
Tor testing artillery but in an adjacent area. An cx-M.P. states that the bodies were not |>rocessed for propei 

O Junction City, KS-Satanic covens operate here. 

□ Morton, KS. -Just eusl of the Kickapoo Indian Reservation is Iforton where a Satanic cuveu operates. (WeYe 
seen i onium lions to native Indians and Satanism before in ritual silt % i 

D Plymouth, KS— On the north -ode ol l-50/hwy 57 is l1yniout!i,kS and the south side is the Cottonwood River 
with wooded area. About 14 miles west of Emporia, and a half mile off l-5l>/hwy57, a Satanic group would build 
bonfires, and then conduct rituals. Several of the coven's men would be sent to the highway to tell people to 
steer clear of that area of road because the big brush pile burning was causing smoke. In Kansas a great deal 
of land and brush is homed during the year especially during summer, so the burning had a good cover story 

and kept people out of the area. Between two poles on the ground ritual victims were whipped and lor -lured 
with their arms outstretched (HI the ground during the ritual dates about once u month. During tlic winter 
months p witnesses saw a big barn near there being used for what apparently were rituals. A new highway Is 
now being constructed over the area that was used for these open air rituals /bonfires. Obviously, another site- 
is in use now. 

□ White City, KS--A great deal of animal sacrifices occur here. The baseball field is one of the site*. A local 
coven is responsible fnr much of the activity, whir h is interesting because Ft. Riley is net Tar away. One man 
who stumbled upon a ritual Has tortured naked Un ix. On halloween the White City urea is torn up, but this 
Is nothing compared to what the Satanic covens do that night in secret with their blood ritual and sacrifice. 


D YVickliffe Mounds- This was the bite of an ancient Indian pyramid. The site is just south of Cairo, 11. Go on 
Route 51 to the stoplight at 60/62* (io left over the bridge into KT and keep going tor about 10 min. 


The. entire state of Louisiana is one lar«e occult center. The ritual >iles in this state must number in the 
hundreds, however we will make a stab at giving the reader some or these sites. The origins of witchcraft and 
Satanism in Louisiana go back to the Indians who had lived in the area when the white men came. The 
Hopewell Indians lived throughout Louisiana from c. 100 ILC to .15(1 A.U. They carried out human sacrifices, 
and perhaps cannibalism. At least 14 Hupcwcll sites exist around the stale* The Mississippian Indians lived 
in Louisiana from K00 lo 1500. Most of their sites are in northwest Louisiana. There are at least 9 of their sites 
in the state. The Entyc, Brit, shows that the Atakapa language was used in Louisiana at the time when the early 
white settlers began coming. The early whites were French and Spanish explorers, trappers and settlers. The 
Atoka uu I have been told were the only cmnioawstfc tribe of Indians in North American at the time. (The 
Shaman* of the Kwaklutl tribe along what is now Canada's roast had rituaLs where the highest levels or 
Sliajn&ns partook of ritual cannibalism. Further south, the Aztecs and many of the South American irihrs were 
cannibalistic too.) The Atakapa Indians apparently built mounds out of oyster shells-Louisiana is very wel 
swamp* territory . These mounds are near waterways because that is where the oysters were. These mounds 
throughout Louisiana then have become the occult ritual sites for ranch of the Witchcraft rituals. The Alakapa 
Indians, when raced with the power of the Catholic chnrcn around 1800, mixed with the incoming Catholics. 
The Atakapa* who were into witchcraft and cannibalism were accepted into the Catholic church as priests. 1 hey 
quietly continued to practice their occultism, which has evolved into much uf the hard core generational 
Satanism in the state. One band of Atakapa were homosexual and they lived in the area that is now New 
Orleans. As thev mixed with the incoming settlers they created Creoles* Some have named Louisiana the state 
or the Creoles. Part of the Creoles arc a mixture of Blacks with Voodoo, Atakapa with Witchcraft and 
Cannibalism, and while's practicing Catholicism. This mixture has created an occult culture among the Creole 
people that is generations old. Interestingly, the area where the guy bund uf Atakapa lived became New Orleans 
and a homosexual center. In the French quarter and Sat City there are many gay underground bars in 
basements called "dungeons*" I still have much more to learn to see how it all fits together, but Ihis tjives a 
good idea for starters. Su uteri a and Voodoo are wry strong in areas uf Louisiana* Christian hiker Pelrr Jensen 
who walked across America on foot, in his second book talks about his exciting hut hair-raising adventures 
with Voodoo when he and his wife crossed Louisiana on fool. 

D Carencnx just norlh of Lafayette is an intense Satanic center where human sacrifices are regularly made. 
D Chatham, LA area. Edward Wayne Cox, (DOB 3-7-48, SSN 435-74-8325, Rt I, Box &4, -Joncsboru Hwy., 
Chatham, LA has led a Satanic coven which meets in the swampy woods next to their house in Chatham* Cox 
sacrifices many people, and dries the body parts and sells them to other occult groups. He sells preserved left 
hands, skulls, and infant tcct* His mother who lives with him is a witch, and Fdward Cox is a KKK leader. A 
70 gallon black caldron Is actually used to cook human flesh over an open lire, ( ox also likes to shrink heads 
which he learned in Barbados. 

Q Moss Bluff, jusl north of Lake Charles is a heavily used area for Satanic rituals including human sacrifices. 
Cu'uldn Rivera was iu this area for his excellent special on Satanism, Lake Charles has Sntauists recruiting 
children in the schools. 1 have also been told thai a place named Martinsville <or i*. ii Mart ha vi He?) Is also 
a place where Satanism is strong and carries ont human sacrifices. 
□ Lafayette is the home of strong Satanic covens. 


□ Poverty Point is the site of a large Indian city-state that dates hack to 1,200 B.C. New Agers and witches 
believe there are connections! between the city and Allantis. Sow start their Vision Quests at the 20-1)1. high 
rnaiiuiacle Mound U. Apparently the center of the city WBM designed to follow the sun's movement, and so the 
ancient city center is also considered important Another site, also made by the same type of Indians is in 
southern Louisiana, near Lafayette called Beau Rivage* 

> > MAINE 

D Hath. ML —Satanic cults haw vandalized a Bath church. 

D Portland, ML -It is believed a teenage Satanic coven is responsible Tor defacing numerous churches with 
Satanic slogans. A feminist wicca type group meets weekly in Portland, ME. 


A |wniw/lriffn grmip i tamed A id c line conducts outside rituals in the stale. The Temple of the Silver Crescent 

also holds rituals and training in rituals. 

D Baltimore, MD-hnme of the Earth Song Community. 

D Iterhseda, Ml)-This is the home of a programming center used by the Jlluminati and intelligence agencies. 
They have sutanic rituuls in some of the government buildings in secret. 
D hTadrn.shtirg, MD-homr of the Past Kingdom Soothsayer's (.uild. 

□ Damascus, MD-- Tlte town had a ritual house for a teenage Satanic group. In Nov. 'SO, there was an arson 
at rcluted In this house. The teenage Sufnnisf s in this town also were operating towns near Damascus, such 
as l.atbersberg. 

□ Little I tils Parkway, Montgomery Co.- From the H&O railroad tracks there was a fool path up a steep hill. 
At the lop of the hill a Hearing was rut in the woods. The site was used by Salanists in Dec. *B5. The site is 
only two miles from the lltcii-SccrvUiry of Schultz's house 

D Mt. Airy, Ml>- a teenage Satanic coven was operating in this town in the late 

D Potomac, MD-- An uccull ritual site was found in n wooded area in Potomac, MD. 

O Wheaton. MD- Satanic ritual sites have been seen in the area. 


O BusUm-Thc liiitarian church has sponsored witchcraft rituals. In fad, there is a large I Initarian witchcraft 
coven called CHIPS or Coven of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. Witches regularly enroll in Unitarian 
seminaries. Near Boston each year on Memorial Day is the Rites of Spring Pagan gathering where witches from 
various types of covens get together. 

O Lai mouth, MA-Lindisfarne, founded in 1972, was started to luster "the emergence or a new global culture/ 
The Land isfarne Journal (10 Shanks Pond Rd, Falmouth) and staff at Falmouth work with John and Nancy 
TodiPs New Alchemy Institute. The Journal ties in with SL John the Divine Episcopal Church with has 
witchcraft rituals openly at its site in New York City. 

□ Hingham, MA - In the South Shore area at Worn pa tuck State Park an abandoned munitions bunker which 
lay deep in the wood was used as a temple by a local satanic cull Tor rituals in the l<J80s. 

□ Ipswich <7), MA (somewhere near Salem in the countryside very possibly at Ipswich)-- Bridged Bishop is a 
high level Saianist who has a hou«c near Salem which look* like a barn. Large high level Satanic meetings have 
been held I here. Bridgett Bishop's ancestor, who had the same name, was put to death for witchcraft in colonial 
Massachusetts (the court transcript is reprinted in the privately printed book for W. Elliot Woodward, 
Roxbury, Mass. Records of Salem Witchcraft copied from the Origina l Docu ments. Vol. I , (1969) pp. 135-172.1 
There is a high level coven that operates in this area. 

D f i a mi ugh a in, MA— West of Hoslon are a number or Wicca groups. 

O Mel lord. MA— A local coven of Wiecan is located in the area. 

O NewuuryporL MA- A pagan activist group called the TMA is localed here. 

□ Salem- Hie witches at Salem are not afraid to parade with their robes and pentagrams on out m public. 
Forty Hitches even marched in Salem's Heritage Day Parade. Laurie Cabot uf the Cubot family has led the 
wicenn community in the aren. The size of the wiccan community in the area may he in the thousands. Sabbats 
are held in the open by the Council of I sis Community. 

B West putt, MA - Druid dolmen 


□ Ann Arbor, MI-The Witchcraft coven and Satanic activity is strong in Ann Arbor, Ml. 
D Argentine, Ml- the cities of Lansing, Flint and Pnntlac- Detroit each have strong satanic covens. These cities 
form & triangle and sometimes they meet in the center of that geographic triangle at a small town called 
Argentine. Ml. Argentine has several lakes la its area. The town has 1,000 people and 2 airfields. Someone from 
Argentine has described to me two ritual sited within the town that were discontinued as ritual sites and then 
the sites were "sanitized'' via fires. Evidently, salanir activity in the Argentine area is old. There were 5 
buildings built in the early Argentine downtown, of which only one had a basement. It was the one used for 
satanic rituals. The house had a brick basement and a cement roof. As one rocs down Silver Luke Rd. into 
Argentine and crosses the river into town the old honse was built into the dam. The building was torn down 
apparently by the cull and the inscriptions were washed off. Dogs and cats were seen eating on exposed human 
skulls before they were cleaned up. Another old house in the area was found by driving through Argentine and 
right al Cole Trailer Park. At the end or the trailer park was a large wooded area overlooking the rive, This 
house also had a basement. When it burnt down, it had an inlense strange smell to if. 

II Detroit, Mi-Detroit has had a reputation Tor a long time as being a major center for witchcraft. There must 
be dozens of covens at least in the area. 

O Monroe, Ml -Satanists got teenagers Involved in Satanism from several High Schools in the area. 
D Oakland County, Ml north of Detroit, woods are used for some type of coven rituals. 


fl Minneapolis-Home ol The Rowan Tree church, and the Rowan Grove, There arc strong Satanic covens in 
the city, including Satanic hierarchy covens. 

O St. Paul-UeweJIyn Publications, numerous Wiccan and Satanic covens in cilv. 


The caves in the Ozarks in Missouri & Arkansas are used for rituals. 

D Carl Junction, Mo--A teenage safanic group convicted of first degree murder was a public exposure of 
Satanism in the area. 

Q fantastic Cavei ns-These caverns are located in the Ozark* near Springfield. This is Wiccan ritual site, 
D Oak drove, Mo-A small salanic coven operates in the urea. 

D Saint Louis, VIO-The sewers of St. Louis, just as many other cities are being used hv Satanists. 
O Towos a ghy--Th is ancient Indian city had walls and was well protected. It is believed that Indian aristocrats 
lived within the city. A conical pyramid is within the city remains. Permission to visit the site must be received 
from the Park Superintendent, Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources, Division of Parks, Rec., and Historic 
Preservation 034) n4M-3149. The site doesn't receive many tourists so it is still relatively secret Tor rituals. Take 
1-55 to NO. Go east on Mi past Last Prairie to BP, Then south past AA. Tlieu turn left least) at the first 
opportunity on an unmarked gravel road to the site. 

D ML Vernon, MO -In May, , 85« a group of 20 young Satanists was discovered in Hie area. They were suspected 
of recruiting children and teenagers into satanism. 


D ? Devil's Mtn, Montana is a state park and is n ritual site. 

□ Glacier Park, Mont. .South of Glacier Park are the Hadger-Two Medicine Blackicet Indian sacred grounds 
which are a ritual site. 

D Missouri Headwaters State Park, near Logan, Mont, is a ritual Rile for Wiccan groups 

O Kila-Kalispell area, Montana-just east of Kila and west and south of Middle Foy Lake is au area where a 

Witchcraft coven carries out rituals, 

O Lewis & Clark Caverns Slate Parle, Mont. This park is found by going west of the town of Three Forks mid 
turning left when one gets to llwy 2, The caverns aft west of Manhattan, Mont. Montana has many beautiful 
areas that are wilderness that the public has access to, and so there are countless places that could be used 
to hide an outdoor ritual. 



O Omaha -Home or the Coven or the .Sacred Oaks (a traditionalist eaglish coven). Henry Gruver in his talks 
has spoke it aliout ritual sites in the sawn of Omaha by home-made satanlc covens who carry out blood 
sacrifices. TbeSf sitea are rather inconspicuous, hecaiise people don't normally go there, but run be identified 
by Satanic symbols being placed upon the walls. 


D Carson City, NV -A casino, in Carson Chjrf?), NV--one of the casino's in NV is used for Satanic hierarchy 
rituals. The children are kept in the babysitting areas and brought into the ritual area through one of the side 
doors in the babysitting room. The casinos all generally have rooms where children can be left and they an 
babysat and shown films 

II Las VcgHS, NV -Although Nevada is not listed within this particular list, the Las Vegas ami is directly pari 
of the Southwest'* occult activity. Sunrise Mountain outside oT Las Vegas is a ritual site. I .as Vegas draws 
people from the entire region, not to mention the entire world. Dr. A! Carlisle of the Utah Slate Prison is 
reported to have estimated that 600 human victims are killed in Satanic rituals in Las Vegas every year. 


□ Mystery Hill {America's Stonehenge)--This site is located in Southern New Hampshire just north of North 
Salem, NIL If you arc on 1-93 & take exit 3 onto RL 1 1 1 and go east. After 5 miles, turn right onto Island Pond 
road. The site h.is nn Oracle Cham Ik- r mid other places (hat the occult values for rituals. A small fee is 
charged the public to visit the site. Solstice, monoliths, the Beltane Stone with inscriptions and a druid 
observatory ran be found here from ancient limes. 

□ Nashua, NH--A wicca seminary is located here. Sabbat* and indoor ritual meetings are held. 


a Atlantic City, NJ— This city is not only important for the lilumiuati* it is a stronghold for Satanism and 

D V inland, NJ-ln 1971, this town discovered tlie leader of a local 30-tcenager Satanic coven, 
Mike Newell, dead in a sandy wash. 

O R< »m- lie Park, NJ-The Order of Osirus lias weekly meetings and ritual*. 

O Tripod Rock, NJ-This gffe is called New Jersey's Stonehcnge. It is located in the Pyramid Mountain Natural 
and Historical area under the auspices of the Morris Co. Park Commission. People regularly come to watch 
the Mimmer solstice. The site is in northern NJ five miles north of the intersection of 1-80 & 1-287. 


New Mexico has been an important area tor the IUurnin.it I It has afforded them the secrecy they want Tor their 
projects, and a population that is friendly to their projects. Part of the reason for so much research like the 
atom bomb project being done there, appears related to the high level of witchcraft In the population. Perhaps 
It is the other way around? One of the llluminati's men Robert Orville Anderson owns 1 million acres of land 
in the Southwest including the Lincoln County livestock Company or Roswell, New Mexico. Remember Roswell? 
the site of the must publicized UFO crash back in 19477 Robert Orville Anderson k Chairman of the Aspen 
Institute, an important lllumin.tt i organization, and lu? is also a member of the CFR. trustee of Calif. InsL of 
Tech. founded by the Unitarians (sec Ik Wise As Sernenls chap. 23 for how the Unitarians tie In to the 
llluminati & Masons), and he is chairman of the Lovelace Foundation of which Floyd Odium, a 6' llluminatus, 
is a lifetime trustee. Gaylord Freeman was also a trustee of the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies and also 
owned vast amounts of land in New Mexico 

O Albuquerque, NM is a hotbed of every kind or New Age group or store. For the person wanting n legal 
witchcraft or pagan wedding the organization CASHEW (Children's Astral Sanctuary of Healing Earth 
Wbdom) was providing that a* a service, along with providing an occult library for the area. Whether they are 
siill in business or not, I do not know. I he Southwest Earth Festival Assoc. (SWITA) which works out of 
Albuquerque puts on ritnais (lleltane-dunc in the NM mountain*. Yule-lhc weekend day before Winter Solstice, 
and their Enchanted Mountain Gathering -a 4 to 5 day festival) in New Mexico. Some of the sacred siles in 
New Mexico include Charo Canyon (125 northwest of Albuquerque), and Three Rivers Petn^lyph Park. 
D Bandelier National Monument, .\ 32,000 acres of National Park land that has some important occult site*. 


As one gets close to Los Alamos, fallow Hwy 4 to the Park entrance. Ou the trails beyond Hie amphitheater 
and a sign to the Tyunonyi Overlook Trail is the SMn or the Stone Circle. This is an important occult .Shrine. 

□ Hop! Indian Reservation. In the last issue in the article on the liopi and Southwest Witchcraft other silts 
(A witchcraft activity are given. 

B Farniington, NM -This is a strong area for the occult* Many higjh ranking Freemasons are in the area, and 
f* teenage .Satanic covens were in the area when I investigated the area in The salanists use the Navajo 
Reservation to carry out their rituals without interference. The Navajo have their own occult rituals also- There 
were four rituals sites that I found in the area: a. Witches Circle (a mountain 4-5 miles north of the collect 
at FanninKtoo, b. a secret room under the mall near Di Hards, c. a place called "sfeeJ doors 11 , and d. Choke 
Cherry Canyon. There was a sntanic ^roup posing as Christians located at 124 W. Main across from Allen's 
Theater called The Door. Some of The Door's core group are Satanists in the local salanie covens. They had 
a weird Halloween party the previous year. All the windows on their building are boarded up —similar to some 
of the Masonic Temple*. Witch's Circle is a mountain top area that is full of rocks* cliffs and is well hidden. 
On Halloween Night 1989, a young Christian man drove his pickup out to Witch's Circle, A coven or about 20 
young teenage Satanists were chanting and getting ready to sacrifice two blond children they had tied up to 
stakes. Dead animals, goals and dogs, had already been sacrificed, They were clearly getting ready to sacrifice 
the children, one a boy and one a girl. The Christian scurried down the hill to his pickup and radioed llie 
police with his CB. The central HCJTKs of the Fanningion Police is on the NW side of town not far from the 
Witch's Circle site. The police arrived quickly and immediately deputized the young man. He was handed a rifle 
which made ham uncomfortable. He led the police up to the site. When the coven leader saw the police coming, 
he tried to sacrifice the young children, but the police shot Ihe Under and several other Satnnbls dead before 
they could sacrifice the 2 children. The parents of the dead satanists were thankful to Hie Christian for what 
he had done. The bottom of the cross that the Salanisls were burning lliat night was slill there in 1993, but 
I he sutanists in the area have gone underground. 

Another ritual site is in the hills in an abundoned building in a cliff which has steel doors, hence the name 
"Steel Doors." Choke Cherry Canyon is another satanic ritual site in the area- Occassional!}, the cult tries to 
pick up profile to take them on a trip up to the hills. These are one way trips. 

On the cast side or r arrninj4tun is a shopping mall which has a large parking loL Underneath this parking 
lot in front of Dilliurds close to tire street is a man hole which leads to an underground room used by the 
Satanists for meditation/ritual. After entering rhe man-hole that drains Into the street, a person follows the 
arrows on the pipe. The tunnel eventually lead*; a person to an underground urea close to Dilliurds containing 
an altar with a Ihiphomrt goats head, the mall also lias a basement which is strictly ofT limits, which may well 
connect lo the room. 

□ Santa Fe, NM Is considered n spiritual vortex center. and groups go there to tap into that vortex. 

Police in N.Y. have said that &s many as t ,IM>0 groups in NYC who practice animal sacrifices. All the major 
Ij-S- cities have extensive tunnel systems underneath than which allow for extensile secrcl activity, 1 have been 
investigating these secret tunnel systems and at some point may write about them, I have received reports from 
around die country about these tunnel systems being used for Satanic rituals. A police raid in June of 19tt() 
in the Bron* saved 62 animals which a Satanic cult was intending to sacrifice. 

D Brooklyn, NY-The fJeusis \ inundation at «5 eastern Parkway, #2K, Brooklyn holds seasonal rituals/ public 
events in the New York area. 

D The Hamptons on Long Island is where Ihe rich live and have houses available for ritual. 

D Newport, NY (Suffolk Co., Long ls,)--A young teenage Satanic group called the Knights of the Black Circle 

were involved in the murder of a 17 year old in 1984. The papers picked up Ihe story. 

D New York City— New York has reports from the 1920s on up about Satanic rituals being performed in the 
eily. David Kerkuwitz iSori of Sain) was part of a Satanic coven in NY. Church of Set operates a Pylon in New 
York. Magical Childe, 35 West 19th St, NY, is a famous occult store. The store is* a major Salanir recruiting 
site, and the store also sponsors a wiccan festival. Long Island has Cardneriun witchcraft covens. An ex- Baptist 
minister W. Hoi man Keith became a notable leader of the l*>n£ Island Church of Aphrodite after its founder 
Hi.lkin died. The group Enchantments, M] L. 9th SL, NY 7 .sponsors a witches ball on All Hallow's Kyc. I believe 
the Waldorf School of Anthroposophv is *it 15 Fast 79th St., NY. Anthroposophy calls itself "Christian 
occultism and gut started when the As tors financed Rudolf Steiner, who was a member of the Theosophical 


Sochi) and a student of Roskrurianism. The serpent In a circle with Ms tail in its rnnuili which is an illunimati 

symbol is used by ihe school. The llluminati also have ejtoMtfhcJ the Arcaiiv School in NYC 

D Pomona, NY-A school called I he Mystery School teaches the rituals of* the ancient mystery religions. 

O Thompson Part I ighllines, NValertown, NT -Tin:, is believed lo be an invisible portal to Ihe other world. 

Numerous people arc supposed to have disappeared at the site, along with ghosts and voices appearing. 

Wiceans go tn the municipal park or perhaps to the surrounding groves for rituals* 

□ West Point, NY -A scandal involving M) children rltuallv molested by the Day Clare center on the Military 
reservation broke out in 1986. I, Ibis newsletter's author, went to West Poinl and I can believe fully that some 
of the military men were involved in Satanism. 


Gay wiccans hold a Summer Sob lice and Fall Equinox rituals at a camp site in North Carolina. A new 
agv/wiccan rainbow gathering on Ihe Summer Solstice also takes place In rural NjG* organized by a group in 
Leieesier, NC. 

B Devils Tramping Ground, N.C .—The occult views this as a site tor negative energy. In other words supposedly 
a greyl sin- to visit for Satanists wanting evil power. The site has a circle on it, and is owned by Robert Dowd, 
Jr. From Silcr City, N< go on 421 for about 9 miles until road Turn rigfit on 94)2 and go 6 miles to 
Harper's Crossroads, Turn right on a rural paved road 1100. Go about 2 miles, the circle is on llic left in the 

□ I on liragg, NC-Green llerets are stationed here. An army/CIA group of satanists with contacts with tlie 
Satanic hubs was importing drugs from Vietnam through the base for sale in the I aveiteville area. The other 
military base was also used for by these military Satanists. 

P New Bern, N.C. -A rand -based witrn coven in the area, along with the School of Wicea. 



D During the summer, central Oliiu hosts the Starwood Festival. A recreational park where nudity is permitted 
has been used for tlie Festival where dancing and rituals lake place. A winter festival fa held ul a central 
Ohioan ski resort. 

D Howling Green. OH- Human sacrifice rituals have been done just outside of Toledo, in a woods, just north 
of Bowling Green. 

□ I inrlley. OH-siu „f Uie Temple of Wioca 

□ Fort Ajiciciil--ThLv is bul one of nuraerons similar ancient Indian mounds in Ohio. The property belongs to 
Ihe YMCA, but permission can be obtained lo go on the property. Visions quests are sometimes started from 
the sill . The area is north of Cincinnati in Warren County, and about a 40 minute drive from Shuronvjllr. 

□ Great Serpent Mound --The site is appro*. 40 miles due east of Cincinnati. The ancient Indians built 
earthworks that from the sky are a snake with an egg coming out of its mouth. From the town of Tranquility 
go north on 770 lo 73. Then go right on 73 to the Serpent Monnd Slate Memorial. The site was an ancient 
ceremonial site, and the OCCUR continue to use it that way* 

D Loredu, OH -a Satanic coven (possibly with hierarchy connections) operates in the area. 

□ Newark's Octagon Failhworks-These occult site was an enormous earth-work thai was built, in relation to 
celestial objects, such as Venus and the IHeiades. The area was built around 1200 B.C. according to 

□ Spencer Township 15 miles west of Toledo-- The Lucas County Sheriffs dept. had an informant within a 
coven (in Toledo) lhal was participating in Satanic activity in western Lucas Co. The coven celebrated all the 
regular Satanic holidays and had Satanic weddings, etc* They had observed the rituals at night on two 
occasions, besides hearing from numerous witnesses, ill* police using Startrons watched a ritual at night wllh 
robes, hoods, armed guards, etc. near Ihe Michigan border. The police moved into the area and found 7 
alhame* < ritual knifes), seventy-two left shoes, Sataoir symbols, a sheet or tin with letters written backward, 
etc. They dug for bodies in the area but found none. Ine prefcs in June, tiS ale the police for lunch and tried 
to make the investigation look like a witch hunt because the police failed to find any bodies. 

D Toledo, OH -The citywide coven is about 200 lajanfats, which break down into groups of .10 for ritual 
meetings. A house secretly connected to a business was used. The gruop has polk* helping Uiem. 


P Union CiUJH -Hundreds of animals have been killed by Satanisls operating in the county. 


The various Indian tribes (hut populate Oklahoma have made the stale, an occult and Satanie center. The 
Satanic hierarchy has interbred Important European bloodlines with Indian occult bloodlines- for instance, so 
thai there are Rothschild descendants with Cherokee blood. Other hierarchy bloodlines are also in the state. 


The wickedness of the state seems to spill over into Kansas. Two cities In Kansas across the border from 
Oklahoma LhuL have witchcraft activity are Liberal and Parsons, Kansas. I suspect thai Ihese lawns may have 
picked up their wickedness by their close proximity lo Oklahoma, 

□ Muskogee is un area of heavy Satanic eoven activity. Many of the Wheelers who are Sulunists live in Hits 
area. See the last newsletter in its article on the Freeman* Tor previous information on this Satanic bloodline. 
B Oklahoma City is the site of I he Abbey, where Satanic practices, Enoch ian magic. Sexual magic etc. are 
taught to new neophytes. The name of the Abhey is reminiscent of the Abbey the -\ leister Crowley created, and 
perhaps thai is where the idea for the place's name came from. Oklahoma City, like Tulsa, except on a smaller 
scale is a dty run by Satanism. 

D In Seminole County and Garvin County I believe are places where some of Lhe Satanic section houses are 
located. These section houses are placed in remote areas in the country where no one will or even can viaiL 
A section bouse may have in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 families living communally. Certain women serve 
as breeders, and most of the child sacrifices come from the section houses themselves. Children jp-owing up 
in such environments arc totally removed f rom a normal life and grow up under the worst type or abuse and 
generally totally under bondage to the group* Police in these areas are inllltrated with Satanists so that it is 
not likely anything wilt happen to rock the boat with these remote Satanic communities. Rituals are held on 
Fridays and Satin days at the Section houses, btlf occult activity goes on constantly. Some of the members of 
the section houses work in towns, and have very respectable positions as lawyers, doctors, etc. 
flSpiro Mounds is a site thai Witches claim has n great deal of spiritual energy. The site was an ancient Indian 
city and lias mounds-like little pyramids throughout the site. The Choctaw Indians and their black slaves who 
discovered the site around 181)0 considered the ground a powerful occult energy source. Local hlacks hired Tor 
arc heiHogical digs have shown a great deal or rear about what they do at the site. Craig Mound is the central 
feature of the site, and is said to hove great power, ghosts, auras etc, 

D Tulsa, this city bag several hierarchy groups, which when they all join are also called "a coven". There are 
many other satauic and wicea groups in the city also. Tulsa is the area of some important hierarchy properties. 
They have their own secure houses, within which they have a library etc. The importance of Tulsa to thr Satanic 
hierarchy was mentioned, but some more uf the details about thai iuclude an underground Flying Saucer base 
near Tulsa, and that Tulsa is the headquarters for the Sisters of Light. Another secret UFO base is south of 
Tulsa at Ada. OK. 

> > OKKivON 

D The Bend area has an extremely strong hierarchy element. Many rich people have gone there. Ritual sites 
are numerous in the area east and north-east and north of Bend, Bend, OK has several suburbs which are 
concentration points for where Ilium iuati members live* One of these is Bowery Lane (actually north of Bend 
oil the main hwy. between Redmond and Bend) and also Broken Top Mountain. 

Some ritual sites in the area are Balancing Rocks, Castle Rocks, and the John Day Fossil Beds. The Satanic 
hierarchy in tlcnd keeps their very secret rituals indoors in underground locations, except during the Solstices. 
Hie tall sols lice is done in eastern Oregon, bul the spring sols I ice is done at Coos Buy. Que site for sat aim 
rituals which is no lunger used was a tornado-type cellar which was on Bowerly I .ane just northwest of the 
Mortuary /crematorium north of town. 

Anuther ritual site close to Bend was lhe Lava Tubes /Skeleton Cave which is five miles south of Bend* 
Apparently about 10(1 lllnminali men fathered there in their tuxedos in their merceries and rolls royces for a 

f rom Rend the. lllnminali orders have been verhally transmitted to key centers. In our area, the llhiniinati 
orders are coming into City Ctuh. City Club is a scmi-sccret group who are the city's political insiders. City 
Clnh secretly runs our city nf Portland. The llluniinati orders are verbally given about weekly to the lending 
witches, satanists and politicians. 

□ We will start with the Pacific coast and work our way cast for the sake of covering tilings in a systematic way, 


Tfce coastal area of Oregon is 1 chain of houses and beach ritual areas that the Satanists employ. In the north, 
are inside rituals al Astoria. Moving south nlonR the coast between Manzanita and Rockaway are areas used 
Tor Satanic rituals. And both towns are loo. Dcpoc Bay and Coos Bay are also areas of intense Satanic ritual 
activity. Interestingly. Dcpoe Bay Is the site or a secret submarine base, and Coos Bay is the site of 2 active 
V¥D bases, the third, east or Coos Bay has been shut down. In De poc Buy, the coven uses u while huusc on 
the fast side uf the main drag north of the jetty. South of Coos Bay near the area of Seven Devils wayside and 
also Bi« Devil C.iikh. high level Satanism conduct their Spring solstices. Southeast of Coos Buy as one moves 
into Hie forested hills and small towns there are lots or drug deals and witchcraft rituals being conducted in 
the area. 

D In Hie coustul range west of Portland is another secret UFO base, and at Vernonia, the Satanists have a 
house for rituals. In between Newberg and McMiinmlk is also I bin house where a beautiful basement is used 
fur S a lank rituals. 

□ Fugene. where the University if Oregon is situated, is a hotbed of Satanic coven activity. Another University 
town Coi v;ilhs, OR (Oregon State) is the center of a great deal of New Age activity. Oregon has been the 
recipient of a great influx of hippies and New Age types from California during the last Tew decades. 

□ The major city north of hiigene between Eugene and Portland is Salem. As might be expected in a Capital 
city, there is a great deal of occult and Satanic activity in Salem. It is east of Salem, where we run into the area 
of i. iiilcs, OK where Jim Cole had a ranch for a Satanic cult. Gates was an appropriate place, and the people 
af the Mini 's < omiviunily had their community life centered around the Independent Order of Oddfellows. 
Basically the community life centered around that occult secret society (IOF) according to the only history ever 
written of the village (Crates Of The North Sa ntiam . by Willis draft, 1992 reprint of the 19H8 copy, p. 45) . 
Gates is inbetween Salem and Bend on Hwy 22. This Ls significant because for years tlic Illuniiuuti gave 
instr uctions tor a 3-slate area to their man in Bend wbo then relayed those instructions to places like Salem. 
Also e.-ist of Salem is Silvertoo, site of LaVey's Oregon headquarters for his Church of Satan. Knowing that 
waterfalls often are allrihuted to have special powers, I would expect that some groups are using Silver Creek 
Fulls near Silverton for ritual, just like they use Niagara Falls»NY and Mullnomah Falls in Oregon's Columbia 
Gorge. Rituals haw been performed at Silver Creek Falls and other sites in the mountains, 

□ Wizard Island in the middle or Crater Lake is a sacred site lor Pagan rituals. 

□ f arther east from Bend, is Burns, OR. In 1992, in the AJvord Desert in Harney County a dozen people 
constructed a large slur in the desert that covers 641 acres using 1411 upright logs, at an overall cost of 
thousands of dollars and the donated time of 12 volunteer workers who helped the designer Bill Witherspoun. 
Bill also constructed a large Hindu meditation symbol in 1990. This is just one or a number of examples where 
people are constructing occult sacred sites around the country. 

D Portland, OK- Because this author Ls from the Portland area, he is very well informed about the ritual sites 
In ibis .irea. Tin? pattern of the ritual sites and sutanic stronghold in the Portland. OR urea is very typical of 
what oik- would find in any large L.S. Metro area- The llhiminati/and Satanic covens have used funeral homes 
for rituals. An example is Fin ley's Mortuary/Cremaloriura just of Hwy 2h. The llluminati and other occult 
groups ban- used I he area hospitals for programming and Hi mils, for example: Freemasonry *s Docmbecher 
Hospital for children (incl. secret tunnels), the LLS. Veteran's Hospital Unci, secret tunnels), and the Oregon 
Health Sciences University Hospital (incl. seeret tunnels*. The Jesuits who are also satanists lum used 
Providence Hospital along the Bantkld Freeway. IT* Satanists use coffee shops, book stores and hard rock 
concert places to meet, recruit and leach at. Examples of these include ftmtfgC Emporium Store, 11X15 NW 
16 (s.ilaiiic ritual paraphernalia, robes, athames etc. and book store, the store attendent waits on customers 
w/ a python snake wrapped around her ncck~ihe snake, a demonized familiar is quite curious, he may stick 
his head close to yours while ymi try to shop), X-Ray Cafe (used as a Satanic meeting place and invites rock 
bands with satanists a> baud members to play), the Third Fye (a witchcralt store, with Grateful Ik-ad material, 
and some satank sluir and an all-seeing eye over its front door), Atlantis Rising (witchcralt store w/ U*rte), 
Aurora Rooks (occult book store). Jiffy-squid (coflee house now closed), The Howling Frtnj (a coffee shop still 
going in the 6th and Everett St area or NW Portland). A movie house in Portland shows satanic movies every 
Fri. Sat* und Sun. The Ineosophical Society in NW Portland has its regional headquarters building and its 
public occult library. Occult rituals go on in homes of which two examples arc 2H(M N.E. 42nd t and 5931 S.E. 
Bush. The C hurch of Satan, who hical leader is Re* Church, is Unrated in a large spooky house used tor rituals 
al II N.F.. Thompson St. Portland. Tin; llluminati and other witchcraft groups like to ur>e the large forested 
Forest Park near St. John's bridge in Portland for ritual. The llluminati controls Portland's City government 


via a club called City Club, Instructions to the club fnini the Illuminati in London have been sent via couriers 
■sut h as Hazel E. Billings, who wnnld go to City Club as a speaker. (Hazel Hillings was a descendem of the 
generational occult family of Mary Baker Eddy. Hazel s husband and his father wre Freemasons. He_r 
instructions were forwarded via Findhorn in Scotland.) Her instructions would then lie given to City Club 
members such as Robert C Bailey (Bohemian Club mmbrl. The City Club bus hud Satanists such as ex-Mayor 
Bud Clark (a lewd bartender who became mayor, just replaced as Mayor), and our current Mayor Vera Katz 
la witch 1. 

Inc Northwest U.S. occult Area Hoard meets In Portland. It has some members or the Illuminati on its 
bnard at all times, although not all members are Illuminati. This secret Area Board represents and controls 
all the occult groups in this area. At one time it had the following members: 

• Mrs. Wong or Sulern— This wurnun is of the Li family, one of the top 13 families. The Li family has a '* proud* 
occult heritage that goes back many centuries, They are experts in palmistry. This family also runs the Chinese 
mafia-Triad type societies in this area. Their mafia group is called The Tong. 

• rather Bianco-Hits Jesuit was into the occult and hits lived in my area of Portbind. He worked wirb 
Providence Hospital nt one lime. During the 1950s, he was in the position of pastoral care at Providence. 

• judge Bin go—This top lawyer/judge sat on the area board. 

• The minister of the Unity church on Stark Sr., Prild. Very likely a Freemason. 

• The woman who headed up the Science of Mind organization which has branches on Holgate in Portland, 
in Salem, and in California. 

• Boh Bartell (sp.?)-pnrl of Tektronics, and lived in Hazeldcll. This man held the patent for holographic 
images and was doinu holographic research for Tektmnics. Tektronics Is tied in with I he CIA. 

• Dean ? -part of the Bar Association 

• one of the corporate heads of OMAKk 

• Ben Majesta-em ployed by Tektronics, was skilled in TM, taught people how to levitate, and had received the 
TM Ascended Master" training 

Some of the groups thai lliey manage inck a New Age School in Wilson villc, the OTO, the Jesuits, Alpha 
Awareness Seminars which were given at Unity Church by people like Wally Vera Memo of Mi. Shasta, CA, 
Silva Mind Control, and Mormon stakes. New Wiccan Church. Sister Spirit, Ancient Spirits, Shadows (in 
Wilsnnville), the Theosophical Society, The Aquarian Church Universal, the Aquarian Light Center, East-West 
College, Portland Waldorf School, the various Masonic groups (who have BO special tax-exempt properties here 
in Portland), A group which calls itself Contemporary Christian llermeticsm (isnt Christian magic an 
oxymoron?! has its Temple of Wisdom put on at the Catholic Franciscan Ctr., on SW r Palatine Kd. In Portland 

The young people here are caught up with satanic rock bands such as Grateful Dead (coke distributors). 
Iron Maiden, KISS, We Are Satan's People (WASP), and King Diamond. 

Strange activities go on tn the string or establishments of the McMercamin family. Edgpfield is just one 
occult, drug prostitution establishment. Other strange McMcnamin establishments with occult art are The Blue 
Moon Tavern, The, Baghdad Theater, and The Ham's Head. 

One of the mi.si occultic schools is the public school in NW Portland called Metropolitan Learning Center. 
There Icaebcrs do occult rituals in official teacher meetings, and the Winter Solstice play which replacejany 
thing to do with Christmas about 14 years ago is an occult ceremony that the children annually participate in. 
Several years ago t I exposed that Ihe Winter Solstice play had children wearing bar codes on their foreheads 
during :m extremely occultic ceremony. Tex* Marrs took the in form at ion and did a front page story about iL 

This author's writing have repeated I J exposed how M or monism has a strong contingent of salanists in its 
leadership and membership. Mormon Bishop Warehouses are used to store cocaine. Here in Portland, three 
ex-Uhimmati witnesses have told me about thr secret Satanic ritual/ programming/ente rtainment area that was 
built underneath the recently built Portland Mormon Temple in Lake Oswego. Entry to the underground site 
is accomplished by authorized people whose retina's and handprints arc scanned. The most sophisticated 
technology has been used to hide this underground site. However, with 3 independent witnesses staling that 
Illuminati rituals go on underneath the Mormon temple, their independent stories sound credible. Further 
proof, is that all building records in l-akc Oswego are lo be public, but the city of Lake Oswego is keeping the 
Mormon i em pie blueprint s secret which is in violation of their standards. The blueprints were also changed 
with the city of Lake tlswego s knowledge to hide what actually was builL A Christian witnessed that the 
blueprints gel changed from what was actually huilL Marie and Donny Osmund are public examples of 
Mormon Monarch slaves. Merrill Osmond works with the Illuminati. The Patriarchal Blessings are sometimes 


used by iidupt Satanic Mormon Patriarchs to hypnotize Mormons, or to cue Urns* who are pntgranimed, 

A number or independent witnesses and a court case Have provided evidence about how Hie Satanists are 
using ll»e extensive moxc of tunnels underneath the lie art of downtown Portland. This is a whole subject in 
It sell, but needless- to say Ihe intelligence agencies, the Illuminati, the Satanic huh, etc. all are aware or how 
to get into Ihe tunnel system. The tunnel system was a grid until the city turned it into n uiu/e by scaling oft' 
portions. The original system was built Tor shanghaiing anyone who strayed into downtown Portland during 
tin- first I MO years of Portland's existence, People would be knocked out and dragged via the tunnels tu ships, 
to provide sailors Tor the ships. Any disobedient sailor could be killed by his ship's captain's orders. The 
Chinese Triads also built extensive additions to ihe tunnels for white slavery, prostitution, opium dens, and 
illegal gambling dens. The city government was in cahoots with both the shanghaiing and the Triads during 
ili curly history. (One victim of Satanism claims that a tunnel line has been run from the Portland tunnels 
south to Eugene, It so, the tunnel would parallel Interstate 5,) 

D Hull Run, near Mt. Hood. Portland's drinking water relates to Illuminati activity in more ways that one. 
Portland gets part of its water from Bull Run reservoirs up toward ML Hood. A large area up around the 
reservoir is fenced ofT and guarded, supposedly to guard our water supply. Underground near the reservoir 
is a good size complex where the 1 1 luminal! are carrying out cloning, or at least were (as far as 1 know the 
complex is still operating.) Interestingly, a recent Oregon iu a [the major newspaper in this urea J news article 
said that cloning of animals was already happening, and that cloning of people was only a short time into the 
future. Of course tlicy didn't mention nor even hint that this is already being done only 2Q miles from the 
suburbs of Portland in a secret underground complex. 

□ East of Portland in the Mt. Hood area b a lake called Lost Luke where rituals are carried out Actually there 
are several sites in the region of Ml Hood which are used. Not only that but in the Bull Run Reservoir area 
which is closed to the public because it H a major source of Portland's water supply, the government working 
under IMuminali directions have built a super-secret underground complex to do biological cloning. 

□ Seaside, OR and Newport Beach. Or. have also been sites of Satanic activity. 

D Varum*. OR which is just north of Devils Elbow St. Pk. and Neptune St. Pk. is the area lliat the SatanU 
hierarchy is now using for their Fall equinox rituals. 


□ Indian Echo Caverns-These caverns are considered sacred by the occult. The caverns are located one mile 
south of Hunimelstown, PA. There are areas near the caverns where people camp. 

□ Philadelphia - Home or the Pagan Way, u mystical pagan group, which became Taoisls. 

□ .State Cnllcge-variniis ocenh groups In the area. 



0 Hilton Head, S.C.- 

Tlie purpose of this article is to lielp reveal to Christians how the real political process works. There is an 
oil quoted quote by Kenjamin Disraeli (iHui-l&81) who was Prime Minister of the world's greatest empire at 
Ihe time, the British Empire, as follows, "So you see.-lhat the world b governed by very dilTerent personages 
lo what 1$ imagined by those who are not themselves behind the scenes.* 1 Another insider said, "The world is 
divided into three kinds of people—a very small group that makes things happen, a somewhat larger group that 
watches things happen, and a great multitude that never knows what has happened/ 

One big part of the process for the Illuminati in their selection of who they waul to make president of the 

1 .S. Kg what I will call 'meat markets '. These are events that the potential puppets of the Illuminati are invited 
lo so I hut the Illuminati talent scouts can compare and make selections about who they want to place into 
certain positions. Of course they hedge their bets by running their people in all the parties which have major 


Renaissance Week at Hilton Head, South Carolina is one or the elite's meal markets. We will describe how 
Renaissance Week occurs and what happens during Ibis week alter a while. Let's first describe Hilton Head. 


Hilton Head Island is conveniently located just >outh of I'aris Island along the southern coast of Sou th 
Carolina. Paris Island is a major Marine training facility, and I he military activity hides secret intelligence 
activity for the elite. Across Port Royal Sound lies Hilton Head Island. Just a few miles further south is the 
I ieorgin border und the city of Savannah. Although Hilton Head Island is located only aboot 2(1 miles off of 
1-95 it is a rather private area, while still close to some important items. Tlie islund has a nice international 
airport to land the jets of the elite. It is close to a labor market and supplies in Savannah, and it is rinse to 
government operations at Paris Island. The building on Hilton Island have been bidden on put |Hise. One article 
describes this, "Thanks to a painstaking!* crafted tree ordinance, the town has heen uncommonly successful 
in hiding its residential and commercial buildings behind screens in* green." (Gnle, Hob. "Hilton Head: The 
Humpy View". American Forests , Mar.-Apr. IWI, p. jl> Tlie city of Hilton Head has a very strut complicated 
si t of laws that requires city citizens to hide their buildings behind and under b ees mid foliage- Further, the 
process of gelling approval Tor any building requires such intense planning costs to a builder, that the area 
has protected itself from the lower classes moving in. Tlte tree ordinance is strictly enforced by a Natural 
Resources Administrator. 

Seclusion is one of attributes of Hilton Head that attracts tlie elite. An example of un ItKci lisciiicnl plays 
upon this, The Westtn Resort, Hilton Head Island, has a secluded ocean front setting. Each of the 410 
graciously appointed guesl rooms und suites at the AAA Five-Diamond and raobil fonr-s tar- rated property 
features its own private balcony.- (Co**, Peter M. "Westin Kesnrt, Hilton Head Island* World Tennis . May '91, 
p. 261.) 

Hilton Head Island on which Hilton Head, Folly Field Beach, and Fores! Beach are OH is an Atlantic Coast 
barrier island. It lias beaches on the east and tidal salt marshes with alligators on the west. It has a 
subtropical climate. 

Until Hie early 1950 s tlie island was undeveloped with second and third growth forests. Farly in the 1950s, 
developer < harles I* raser began implementing y plan to develop the wilderness island. The island at thut time 
was only linked by ferry to the mainland. Fraser hegan developing on the soulh end, where a community known 
as Sea Tines Plantation was drvelnped. That happens to be the areu where the Renaissance Week is held- Over 
a 3(1 year period Ihc island has been developed into a world-class resort for the elite. Many or the elite have 
homes on hits that they own. A toll road was being built in 1992 on the island. ("Hilton Head Island, South 
Carolina" LNH August 31, *92, p. IX.) 

Writer Roger Co* described the island as "the ultimate resort playground/ Roger Cox wrote two articles 
on Hilton Head Island for Tennis magazine, one for the April 90 issue and one for the March 1993 issue. The 
recent issue talks ubout how the island has 300 tennis courts, a large number of goir courses, shopping malls, 
campgrounds, swimming pools and ninny other tourist attractions for the elite. The island even has its own 
bunk the Hilton Head Bunk und Trust Co. N.A.That the island which was only forest in 1950 now has its own 
hank shom thai rapid development that has characterized the area since the mid- 19511s. 

Another writer describes the island as "an enchanted island". (Simpson, Kileen. "One hnchanted Island'' 
Travel Holiday, Feb. '90, p. 113.) 

An advertisement ottered honeymooners a 7-day honeymoon plan at the Crystal Sands Holiday Inn Crowne 
Plaza Resort on the islund for $908. 

There is a great demand Tor skilled people to service the elite's needs and the magazine Occupational 
Outlook Quarterly . Winter *90, p. 2 plus described the benefits that went along with working the long hart! 
shifts at HiHon Head 1 * various hotels. Although the work days may ollvii 12 hours long, apparently flic pay 
und benefits are Fine. The island's hotels are open 365 days a year, and work goes on seven days a week. 

About 20 % of the business on the island comes from conventions, ilie major corporations use the island 
u great deal. 


Perhaps the best way to desei IIk* this weekend meat market is simply to quote an article on Ibe front page 
of the Wall Slreei Joi n o il , Monday December 2& 1992. The article is by-lined by Wall Struct Journal stall 
reporter James M. Perry, and the caption is 'SOME ROOMERS PLAN TO GREET NFW YEAR FRETTING 
OVER POI.K Y-. Two Scheduled to Be on Hand At 'Renaissance Weekend' Are Named Bill and Hillary** 

"More than 500 earnest baby Ixinmers, with spouses and kids in tow, are descending once again on Hilton 
Head, S.C Tor New Year's Eve* und they might even pop a bottle of champagne. A tier all, one of Thrm, a man 
who has been coming to these 'extended house p;irlie> for rJgfet years, is Ihc ncxl president of the United 


Kiowa, Apache and Comanche all consider Uitf Ruck to be at source of spiritual power. Today,. Wiccans and 
Satontsts also go Id the site for spin I ua I power. The Comanehes 1 spiritism had Vision Quests which were 
connected to the Enchanted Rock. On Aug. 16, 1987 a harmonic convergence day was held by New Agere and 
Wiccans at the Work, There is also a large granite cave called Enchanted Rock Cave at the she. The Park 
Superintendent believes that llie site is sacred. His name was Warren Watson, and in J985 he slated, "Now 
Enchanted Rock Is a living museum with both historical and natural attractions. One of my goals is to educate 
the public into an altitude about Enchanted Rock State Natural Area that's different from any other state 
park— to develop a special reverence Tor thin place." What happened to separation of church and state? As I>e 
said before, it appears that the UU§# government has heen taking quiet steps during this century to protect and 
preserve occult spiritual ritual sites that are used by the witches and sulanists. 

D Little Cyprus, a suburb of Orange, I X is a strong point or Satan ir coven activity. Ret r niters are going into 
the public schools tu recruit children into Satanism. Interestingly, there is a Mormon temple in the area. 
Orange, TX sits dnse to the Louisiana border 

D Smithville, TX--This is the site of Wiccan gaihcriug en the weekend prior to Valentine's Day, 

□ Waco, TX - Home of a satamr c ult The Circle, People in the llliiminatl also will refer to It as The Circle, 


D Bingham, UT-TWs is a hot bed area lor Satanism, the Illuminali and the KKK. A ml brick house was used 
in Bingham by the KKK for child porn production and Monarch programming. Their midnight ceremonial 
site was on the Hat below Telegraph Hill near ( opperfield. ( eltic ( Druid k) holidays are celebrated by the KKK 
in hooded rituals. Kermecott Copper Co. (Utah Copper Co.) in the area is run by the Illuminali. 
D Hovcuwccp, Utah- 1 he Hovcnweep area is a series of 6 ancient ruins that attract witchcraft ceremonies. To 
gel there one can take U.S. highway 666 northwest to Pleasant view and then follow the unnumbered county 
road 20 miles west. Then is a dirt road also that comes in from Hatch Trading Post which sits on Hwy 262. 

□ Mormun temples in Utah and California. On off hours Mormon temples are tlie scenes of Satanic rituals 
which involve both Mormons and non-Mormon Satanism. Some oflhe higher Mormon hierarchy participate 
and some of the highest Mormon hierarchy are also high in Satanism* Christians of Jeremiah films wer e led 
to entrances to the tunnels under the Salt Lake City Temple where Satanic rituals are carried out 


□ South Royaltori, VT - Ancient Druid site containing the Druids Throne with Druid menhirs, Druid Temple 
with the Eye of Bel. 

□ South Woodstock, VT- Ancient Druid Temple of Byanu and a Grotto of Venus are at the site with a mother 
goddess temple 10 miles north or South Woodstock's lempk. 


II OiarlullesvUte, VA— The Suax-Wiecu Seminary was located here. (1 don't know it they still operate.) 

□ Monticcllo, VA- Ihe buildings at Monticello, the home that llluminntus/l Pres. Thomas JefTerson built has 
been used for S a tank rituals. 

□ Richmond, VA - The Satanic covens operating in this city have some of the Satanic heavyweights in them. 
Sonic of the covens are llluminati covens. Barns outside of Richmond with nearby fields with bonfires have 
heen one of the types of places the Satanists in Richmond have used for their rituals. Human sacrifices are 
regularly performed. I have also heard of Satanic covens in Norfolk and Portsmouth. 


Washington is heavily satui a led with New .Age leaders and New Age groups, Wicca groups are very strong in 
the state, and Satanism is very strong. Shops like the Goddess Rising Wicca Shop on 400a 1st Ave in Seattle 
supply llitir clients with the needed paraphernalia. During the Wfls, the West Coast's Satanism was organized 
info a cohesive organisation with its own hierarchy, Oik; i>f the leading men in Washington State was a man 
named Peterson. Major meetings of the Satanic hierarchy in the Washington area are planned and organized 
by 5 men, who have I heir uwii top secret planning meetings. As 1 understand it these men are knighted with 
what is called the "5 star". Satanism is so secret, that meetings are not even announced over the phone. 
Many of the covens meet on every Friday or Saturday. The O.T.O. in Washington and Oregon also meets on 


D Washington State— one of the renders of this newsletter read about the Green Berets sacrificing soldiers and 
then remembered a recent clip (about 3 wks. ago) on Unsolved Mysteries where the establishment media did 
a story on h<w it looked like the Green Berets in Washington had killed an army man, but thai the explanation 
might also be suicide. It looker! like to this Christian and also sounds like what was portrayed on T.V. as an 
investigation was a cover up. Turning our attention east of Seattle in die Cascades Mountains in Washington 
is i retreat renter for a traditional English Wicca group called The Aquarian Tabernacle Church which goes 
to the Washington seaside at a retreat center for their Spring Lquinox Mystery Festival, 
a Hellinghani, WA -near Canada, at Bellinghum, W'A near the Alaska Ferry Terminal south of some monuments 
Satamsts have been conducting rituals. Could these lie in connection with future movements of people? 

□ Boeing -Satanism is practiced at Boeing, within the Green Berets stationed in Washington, and ten 
'"Christian" churches in the Seattle area are used for Satanic human sacrifices on their off hours. Satanism 
is infiltrated within the Mormon church in the urea. 

□ Programming of Satanists (mind control) is tarried nut in the Hoeing Complex in Washington. 

D Clear Lake, WA -Norlh of Snohomish near Ml. Vernon is Clear Lake the lioine of the New Moon Collective 
of Wkcans. 

□ Ft. Lewis. WA A 5-<> year power struggle between Hermetic niagiek and ritual rnugtck was recently patched 
up by the Satanic hierarchy by bringing in someone from the hierarchy who lived in the Midwest. This man's 
name was Bryan. He is npprox. 4£ years old, 5'6", speaks English with a European accent. He is a powerful 
practitioner of Hermetic magick. Resides unifying Satanism, a strong program to develop witchcraft and 
Satanism within the military has been pushed. Satanic activity in die military was discovered by M.P.s who 
found out that the Green Berets in Washington had sacrificed several army men who had been missing. The 
whole situation was immediately covered up by the military . Elements of the Green Berets have been connected 
to the llinmlnafi since their Inception, although the rank and file Green Berets were not until recent times 
brought into it. In other words they have been slowing turning the Green Her* is into a dangerous Satanic 
military force. 

O Gilford Pinchot INal. Wilderness Area, WA -Witchcraft rituals have been seen taking place in the Gilford 
Plnrhot National Forest in the Indian Heaven Wilderness Area on the plateau at an area where the Indians 
in the old west used to gather once a year for festivals and horse racing. This type of place b representative 
of many of the types of silts that are popular with witchcraft. If you know or any old Indian sites that have any 
"spiritual" significance, the site may well be a place used for witchcraft rituals. 

□ Snohomish, WA -Two strong centers for Satanism are Snohomish, WA and Yelm. WA. Yelm, WA is also a 
New Age center, where the J.Z, Knight who channel* Kamtlia has her heavily guarded international 
headquarters, and 1,301) followers. Kami. ha (J./, knight) has told her followers to study and learn all they can 
about the New World Ol der. I met a Ramtlia follower who was interested in learning what I could teach on 
the NWO. When I tried 10 explain hen* the I lluminati uses abusive mind-control and conducts human sacrifices, 
etc. she lold me that it was my bias-to quote her, she said, Tt is only your opinion that Ihesc things are abuse. 
These people would not agree that these sacrifices are abuse." 1 could not get her to agree that ritual sexual 
abuse and human sacrifice are evil and are abuse. She had been taught that she is a god, and that as a god 
she can do whatever she wants. Without any proper moral frame of reference people like her in the New Age 
will never challenge the NWO. She is a good example of how most people will never challenge the NWO because 
they can see only part or it, and lliey then go and attach themselves to some other brunch of it. 

J.Z. Knights fortress-tike New Age Yelm community was the site of spiritual warfare this last year by a 
two busloads of Christian young people. The Christians in that area have been under heavy spiritual attack 
from the heavy concentration or anti-Christian elements, and their youth director invited the Portland Youth. 
Christians have been dying mysteriously, frequently getting sick, ect. in the area, The Christian young people 
prayed mightily at one site, and when they approached a gate to the main community on one of the gravel 
roads adjacent to the land, heavily armed guards with automatic weapons appeared. Somehow the guards at 
the commune knew they were coming. The people did their spiritual warfare from the bus, singing mighty 
worship .songs, and praying. If was a wonderful upbuilding experience for the Christian youth. 
D l«a Pagan. WA- A st' It-proclaimed Wiccan has built a large occult disncytanddike complex on his properly 
in Washington. Much of the writing on the property is in Gaelic, The place is called La Pagan, 

□ Ytarysville, WA b reported to be the home of 7 Wiccan covens- up the road is Arlington where the Love 
Israel group which has connections to the Process Church. Area mountains & takes which are sacred Indian 
sites are used for rituals. A Maryville witch came to Christ and the story is lofd (names changed) ui a book 


on Ml 1 !). 

a Sto^eteWjt, WA~just below i lu* Stonehen&e »» Washington near Murjhill Stale Purk (sec 3/15/^3 newsletter) 
is ;i graveyard. This graveyard is used by the Satan ists, because it is far more private than the Stonchrnge, 
which is used by some Wiccan groups. This might be a site I hat someone could ac tually get some photos Of 
the secret middle level llluminati doing rituals. The cemetery that they use is readied by going south on the 
road that the Stonehenge is jus! west of. Just a little south of the Stonehenge is a dirt t oad going west. Travel 
about 600 feet on that road and you will arrive at a cemetery. Across from the Dulles in Oregon, an enact full 
si/e replica of Ntonehenge was built in the 1920 and has been used Tor pagan rituals. To get there cross Ibe 
bridge at The Dalles. Or, into Washington. I allow US 97 until it crosses Hwy 14 about 1 miles east of Maryhill 
Museum. Signs will direct the visitor to make a right-hand turn onto a narrow paved road. Near this 
Stonehenge is Maryhill Museum built with Samuel Hill's railroad fortune and dedicated by the Queen of 
Romania, f or some reason the Queen of Romania was intimately connected with this site and donated items 
to the museum. The area is the scene of rituals. On the Fall Lquino* a northwest pagan festival takes place 
in the area. 

DTacoma, VVA - A house belonging to Dr. & Rose Wilson (who has ties to Nazism) is used for Satanic rituals. 
Kosc gels instructions from the Rockefellers. Dr. Wilson wus riluully killed. The house has a second basement 
A small loom is used lo put children in during rituals. An altar of stone is used during rituals. A hospital in 
Tacnma Ix also used by this group for rituals. 


Washington. D.C. lias a large hispank occult underworld and Santaria. The Santarlans were at one time 
getting animals from I'rederirk, VA. The political world and the government agencies arc constantly having 
parties and other occult activities. Some of the monuments around Washington, D.C. have occult significance. 


Although I know that Satanic cults operate in West Virginia, I don't have specific reports of ritual sites. 
D Mounds irffle, WV- Gruve Creek Mound National Historic landmark Is the site of 2,1)00 year old 69' burial 
mound. Witchcraft likes to draw power form ancient burial grounds. 


I have been informed Hint there was a community, a whole village of witches in Wisconsin. I suspect it may be 
Circle near Mt lloreh. The community may number around 200. Circle is in southwestern Wisconsin, it bj 
about 30 miles from Madison, and has 200 acres. It is near Mt. Iloreb. At Circle wiccans have their own 
community, with pagan marriages. Circle publishes various newsletters, a sourcebook, and helps networking 
fttftOttg Pagans. Mt. Ilorih also has a branch of the New Wiccan Church. About 400 pagans participate yearly 
In the Summer Solstice festival held at the Circle. 

O Altaian -This was the ancient capital of an Indian culture. The site has the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. 
In honor to the Sun nod ritual human sacrifices were carried out hy the Indians. After the sacrifices ritual 
cannibalism was partic ipated in by the Priests. The silt b between Milwaukee and Madison near Lake Mills, 
fl Blue Mounds -site was to become a Wiccan seminary to teach coven leadership skills and magic. This Wiccan 
Resource Cenler is named Our Lady of Hie Woods. 

□ lizard Mounds --This is believed to lie a powerful occult site built by the Indians. Large earthen effigies of 
things such as lizards abound in Wiseimsiu and this is one of the better ones. Get on Route 144 and four miles 
northeast out of West Bend to County Trunk Highway A, then follow the direcl markers. 

□ Madison-home of several Wiccan covens, including the Re-formed Congregation or the Goddess (ItCG) 
D Milwaukce-Avalon is a center for teaching paganism, magic and ritual located in Milwaukee 

□ Mt. Horcb- Pagan Spirit Alliance Newsletter comes out of here. 


0 Jackson Hole, WY -llluminati elite like lo have ranches in this area- The Rockefellers have a ranch in the 
area. With so much llluminati activity in the area, it is a sure thing that rituals go on in the Jackson Hole area. 

II Rawlins. W 'Y--homeinade Satanfe covens huve used areas just outside of the town 

O Shirley Kasin, WY-ncar the rfiost town of Shirley Rasin in a gulch in an ami called the Shirley Basin Area 


a S al<i nic group lias held rituals. 

CAN 'AHA.— Here are some odds and ends on ritual sites in Canada. 
D 1 1 uitvnle. B.C.-Gold is quietly melted & refined near here. 

O Montreal, -Home or the Satanic group C.A.S.H. Continental Assoc. or Satan's Hope. 
O Quebec, (Jutv-Sonie of the Catholic nuns and priests are secret Sittnnists nnd use their positions to aid in 
their Satanic activities. Ttie Cutholie church in Qneher is a major player In the acquisition of children for 
s a lank programming and sacrifice. 

□ Red Deer, Alberta --This ami of Canada has intense llluminati activity 

P I on m to- Druids among others groups are in Toronto. This metropolis is truly international, tttid ha> in any 
different types of occult groups. 

D Vancouver, B.C.-Tliis area is considered a spiritual vortex of power. High level Satanic rituals art conducted 
in the area. 

□ Windsor, Ont~This city had ;i strong Satanic coven made up of high schoolers that were reported Roing IK 
miles outside of the city in a woods to conduct rituals. 



Somewhere between 75 and 100 secret underground facilities have been built, many air underground small- 
cities. A number of these bases haw been described to me by witnesses including NORAI), Dulce, t ons Bay, 
and Dreamland. 

Format is as follows: 

Site name, site locution, group/groups in control, size, activity 

□ Fort Huachuca- reported saucer base 

□ Santo Catalina Mountains -reported saucer base 


II in the vicinity of Hardy and Cherokee Village -reported saucer base 

□ 29 Palms Marine Base -reported saucer base southwest of Ludlow, This is a U-S + alien research/ diagnostic 
larllify and IJl'O base. Idcnlified on military map as airspace area R-25D1N. 

D Deep Springs, CA- reported saucer base 
a Fori Irwin, CA- reported saucer base 

O Edward* Air Force Base, in the area where Diamond Cr. & the so. fork of the Yuba meet, underground UFO 


P George Air Force Base, CA - reported saucer hasp 

□ Helen dale, Lockliead Underground Facility, technology Tar secret projects. 

□ Los Angeles, On Hwy 14 towards Edwards A.F.B. after Palm dale, one turns off and arter taking several 
streets to I70lh street, north on i70lh St. to the Ros»niund-170llj intersection, the second and lower and better 
ma in taiued dirt road will take you west, and if you take a right going north at the power lines and up to the 
hilltop you will see the lop of an underground NORTHOP facility. Technology for the elite's secret projects. 
II Kern River, CA the hollowed out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near 
Bakersfirld- reported saucer base 

□ Norton Air Force Base- reported saucer base 

□ Ni ai KdnidaU? (if one takes Palmdale Blvd. til 240th St and goes to Ave RH. One the eastern limit of Ave, 
K-8 is VtcDofincll-DouKlas's facility called the Llano Facility. One can see it better from the Three Sisters Hills 
to the smith of the facilily. 

D Santa Rosa, Ft MA, Regional center for west coast, what FEMA is doing is mostly kept secret 
nTecachapi Ranch- reported saucer base 


D Alamosa- reported saucer base 

D Colorado Springs, NORAD -Canada & U.S., & FEMA, hundreds of people on stall, contains at least 4£ 
acres of underground fawrns and IS underground steel buildings. This complex tracks thousands of satellites, 
missiles, submarines, and UFOs. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who have Al FX, JANUS, 
ALEX1JS endlime callback programming. 
9 Fort Collins- reported saucer base 

□ (irand Mesa reported saucer hose 

□ Massive base- reporlpd saucer base 

□ Kglin At B- i e ported saucer haw 


D I homasvlllt*, FT. MA, regional center, activity unknown 



O Tort Meade, below 1 1. Meade, National Security Agency, 10 acres of the most sophisticated sitpercompute rs 
that can be built, very large complex, massive surveillance of all the world's communications, including all 
transmissions in the U.S. and in tbe world of telephones, telegraph, lelex* fax, radio, TV and microwave 

O Olncy, actually the facility is between Oliiey and Laytuiisvillc, on Riggs Rd. ofT of Rt. JOB. Anollicr 
underground facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be Ml levels deep, 
purpose unknown. 


□ Maynard, FTC MA, regional center, size and activity unknown 

B Bottle Greek, FEMA, regional center, activity secret 

O 12 miles south of Lebanon, near the newly created town of Twin Bridges- reported saucer bail 
D in the Bal/Dry/Dcad Man/ Howell cluster or caves- reported saurer has* 


□ Kltie Diamond -reported saucer base 

DGroi »m Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 5 1 , The Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Con odor. Wuterlown 
Strip. Run by the NWO along with demonic beings, the CIA is there and YYackeuhut Security- Two large 
underground lacililies close to hut separate from Groom Lake but controlled by the demonic beings are 
Papoose Rung? and Cockeyed KidRC <S-4) underground bases. Purpose is the testing of various CFOs and 
other secret aircraft like the Aurora and Sleulth. Also biological work is done, including the manufacture of 
small greys. Many levels have been built at these three complexes, and a 7 mile long run way has been built 
over Groom Lake, a dry lake. 

O QuarUite Mountain SE of Tonopah- reported .saucer ba.se 

□ Tonopah, Alrforre. CIA? « ??, deals with secret aircraft 


D Picatinny Arsenal- reported saucer base 

D An^ei Peak- reported saucer base 

D Carlsbad Cavern area {now destroyed I -reported saucer base 

□ Duke, N.M.-South of l)ulce,in the areu of Lhe Jicarilla Indian Reservation, another facility is cast of the 
Dulce facility a number of miles. This is run directly by llluminati w/ Army and Airforcc help, CIA also 
conduct experiments (it the center; I be size of thr installation is hugh requiring small shuttle trains and has 
seven levels according to witnesses. Serves as a t'FO base, biological experiments, production center tor small- 
grey drones. Wackenhut provides some or tbe security on the ground. 

O Manzano Mtn, near Albuquerque, known us the Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex, Airforrr, .UKW-arre 

base within the Kirtland AFK/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded by 4 lethni rings offences, use unknown, 

suspected UFO ba.se. A new 285,000-sq. ft. bunker is being built near Manzano Rase. 

O Pie Town, in area near Pie Town, UFO Base* 

O Sandia Mountains NK of Albuquerque -reported saucer base 

□ to the north of Taos Pueblo - reported saucer bust 


□ Plallsliurgli (near Canada and St Albans* Al II- reported saucer base 

□ Ada, underground saucer base 


DLM (Deep Underground Military Bases) 



MO .secret underground facilities have been built, many are underground small-cities. 
A number of these bases have been described to me by witnesses including NOR AD, Dulcc, 
Coos Ray, and Dreamland. 

What I am describing is a scries of large underground facilities which are connected 
with tunnels. The tunnels carry extremely fast trains. Train terminals arc up to 1 million sq. 
ft. in area, with multiple levels. Underground facilites contain computer centers, genetic 
I • pcrimentation, mind-control research, housing for several nationalities of humans and 
several varieties of aliens. The corporations which assist the NWO are able to quietly 
interlink their facilities via the tunnel system too, as well as disperse some of then workers 
into the world above ground. 

There are approx. 50 ways tunnels and underground facilities are dug, which include 
high pressure continuous water jet, low pressure percussive water jet, high freq. electrical 
drill, turbine drills, pellet drills, spark drills, explosives, hydraulic rock hammers, lasers, 
electron beam guns, forced flames, etc. These various tunnelling methods can be broken 
down in Mechanical (such as a water canon). Thermal (such as a high velocity flame, laser, 
atomic fusion, etc), and Chemical (such as a dissolver). The beautiful thing about nuclear 
sublerrenes (rhymes with submarine) is that they don't leave any debris to despose of. These 
nuclear suhterrenes are building tunnels 40 ? in diameter, and as these machines work the 
rock is melted into a hard, glassy tunnel lining. 

Air-intake shafts bring fresh air to the tunnels and underground facilites. 
Underground facilities have fuel storage units, air-conditioning, water reservoirs, dining, 
medical, sleeping and storage units. 

Many of the underground sites are close to railroads and have entrances that trucks 
can drive into. Some of the entrances for trucks are protected by holograms that look like 
the side of a mountain, but allow vehicles if one jusl drives t hrough I hem. The other style 
of hidden entrances arc buildings where trucks drive in and are lowered via access shafts 
down into the underground areas. 

Security for some (such as Groom Lake) of the facilites is maintained by Waekenhui. 
Penetration tests on facilities are carried out by a special unit called OP-06-D which are 
HOed at Offutt AFB, NE. 
Formal is as follows: 

Site name, site location (warning: longitudes & latitudes were quick off of the head 
estimates), group/groups in control, size, activity 


□ 1. Fort Huachuea. 31 o 50' N 1 10" W, saucer base below, intelligence training above, 
mind-control incl. too. 

□ 2. Gates Pass Base 

□ 3. Gila Mountain Area, south of Interstate <S and approx. 30 east of Yuma, AZ. 29° N 
1 16"W. DUM base. 

D4. Giand Wash Cliffs, on western edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine Wash. Must 


be reach via liwy 93 and ihcn unpavcd roads. DUM base. 

□ 5, Green Valley 

B6. Hualapai Mountains, east side of the mountain range, about 35 mi. SB of Kingman, AZ 

□ 7. Rincon Mm., north side of Rincon Mtn 

□ 8. Ml. Lemmon 

□ 9. Page 

□ 10. Safford, near Safford 

□ II. Santa Catalina Mountains - base 


H m In the vicinity of Hardy and Cherokee Village. 36° 19' N 91*29' W. Installation 

pmjMi.w lint kiiowii. 

n 13. Pine Bluff, Ark. area. 34° 13.4' N 92°01.<) ? W to 34°3ff N 92° 30' W. saucer base. 

D 14. 29 Palms Marine Base, Identified on military map as airspace area R-2501N. Saucer 
base southeast of Ludlow. This is a U.S. alien research/ diagnostic facility and UFO base. 
D 15. China Lake, mind control and weapons research 

□ t& Darwin, £*A* 4 miles dues west of Darwin 

O 17. Deep Springs, CA, 37°22' N 117° 593' W. saucer base 
H |& Fori lrwin t CA, 35*20^ W. saucer base 

n 19. Edwards Air Force Rase, in the area where Diamond Cr. & the so. fork of the Yuba 
meet, there are 3 underground UFO bases. 34°8' N 117° 48' W 
n 20. George Air Force Base, CA - saucer base 

n 21. Helendale. LOCkbead Underground Facility, 34 u 44.7' N 117" 18.5' W. t echnology for 
secret projects. There are 3 saucer bases here. 

Q 22. Los Angeles On liwy 14 towards Edwards A.F.B. after Palmdale, one turns off and 
after taking several streets to 170th street, north on 170th St. to the Rosamond- 1 70th 
intersection, the second and lower and better maintained dirt road will take you west, and 
if you lake a right going north at the power lines and up to Ihe hilltop you will see the lop 
of an underground NORTHOP facility. Technology for the elite's secret projects. This area 
was very active in the 1970s. Northrop's facility is near the Tehachapi Mtns. It lias been 
reported to go down 42 levels. It is heavily involved with electronics and hi-tech aerospace 

□ 23. Ml. Shasta 

n 24. Kern River, CA the hollowed out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the 
Kern River Project near Bakersfield- reported saucer base 

n 25. Napa Valley- located at Oakville Grade north of Napa, CA. Tunnels also connect the 
wineries north of Napa, used for white slavery and mind-control. Has a saucer base, 
n 26. Norton Air Force Base- saucer base 
n 27. Quincy, CA, 39° 56.2' N 120 D 56.5' W. saucer base 

□ 28. Near Palmdale (if one takes Palmdale Blvd. til 240th St. and goes to Ave R-8. One 
the eastern limit of Ave. R-8 is McDonnell-Douglas's facility called the Llano Facility. One 
can see it better from the Three Sisters Hills to the south of the facility. Strange shaped 
disks raise out of the ground on pylons. These attached disks glow and change color. It is 
involved in hi lech aerospace technology. 

□ 29. Presidio, CA - A FEMA/DOD site Tor Region TX ? s regional office 

□ 30. San Bernardino, (X), 34° 5(1* N to 34° 16 T N 

□ 31. Santa Barbara County - placed in the thick diatomite strata 

□ 32, Santa Rosa, 38* 26,4' N 122" 42.9* W, FEMA, Regional center tor west coast, what 
FEMA is doing is mostly kept secret This is listed as a Cornmunica lions Antenna Field, but 
is doing much more. 

□ 33. Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA - very deep military base 

□ 34. Tehachapt Ranch- 4 saucer bases. Tecachapi Canyon has a new underground base 
which was finished in Sept, '95, This is the "Unholy 6" base of the Orinns. 35° 20' 118° 40' 

□ 35. Trona, CA, 35° 45.5' N m°22& W -several miles northwest of Trona, directly under 
Argus Peak. This DUM sits on China Lake's NWCs land, and may have been built in the 


□ 36. Alamosa, 37" 28.1' N 105 n 52.2' W- reported saucer base 
D 37. Book Cliffs, CO, 39° «f N 108 n 0' W near Ritle, CO - 

□ 38. Boulder, CO--The headquarters for BMC a type of elecua-magnetic mind control that 
is being broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, and to control slaves. 

D39. Colorado Springs, NORAD -Canada & U.S., & FEMA. hundreds of people on staff, 
contains at least 4.5 cubic miles of underground caverns and 45 underground steel buildings. 
Many underground chambers are as large as 50' x 100 \ This complex tracks thousands of 
satellites, missiles, submarines, and UFOs. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who 
have ALEX, JANUS, ALEXUS endtinie callback programming. NORAD installation has 
1278 miles of road underground, 

□ 40. Fort Collins- base for Cray aliens 

□ 41. Grand Mesa* Orion saucer base 

□ 42. Montrore Co. -north of Paradox, in Paradox Valley. The site in Paradox Valley can 
be reached via I Iwy. 90 via Nucla. 


□ 43. North west Connecticut 


□ 44. Massive base- repotted saucer base 

□ 45. Eglin AFB, 31)* W N 86° 50' W- Orion saucer base since 1978 

□ 46. Atlanta, GA -FEMA regional center, which is appropriately placed since Atlanta is 
to become a capital within the NWO redrawing of bounderies. Atlanta is believed to have 
several underground installations in its area, one to the north at Kcnnesaw MtiL, Marietta, 
GA connected to Dobbins AFB and one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park. 

□ 47. Thomasville, 30° 50.2* N 83 c 58.<r % FEMA, regional center, they train groups in 
Search and Destroy missions for when Martial l aw is imposed. This is SW Georgia in area 
of tunnels. 


D 48. Lower Goose Lake area in the general area of Oakley, ID.-Wackenhut of the 
Illuminati run a "model prison" for the NWO. The worst of the federal prisoners arc placed 
in this underground prison which has 7,100 cells which are filled wilh ahoni 2,700 federal 
inmates A track runs through the middle of the eerie underground facility. Food and 
showers are on the tracks, and the men are allowed showers once a week. The minimum 
of lighting Ls used and the men are beaten senseless if they talk at all. It sits 500* 

D 49. South central ldaho--unrier the Snake River lava flows between Twin Falls and Idaho 
I alls. 


□ 50. Bedford & Lawrence Co. area-continued activity in large old mines indicates a 
possible government use of the large old quarries, 


□ 51. Atchison, KS- the DIPEF underground facility, which the govt, would run in an 
emergency. AT & T maintains an underground facility al Fairview, KS. 

D 52. Kinsley-an underground UFO base 


□ 53. Camp David-just north of the camp is an underground facility important to the 
intelligence agencies. 

□ 54. below Fl Meade, of the National Security Agency, 10 acres of the most sophisticated 
supercomputers that can be built, very large complex, massive surveillance of all the woild's 
communications, including all transmissions in the U.S. & world of telephones, telegraph, 
telex, fax, radio, TV and microwave transmissions. 

□ 55. Olney, actually the facility is between Olney and Laytonsville, on RiggS Rd. off of Rt 
108. Another underground facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the 
facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown. 

□ 56. Suitland, MD- Classified archives of U.S. Govt stored here in underground levels. 
Vaults have extensive amounts of documents which are not indexed. Restricted access with 
a coded security card. High level intelligence groups operate in the area also. 


□ Maynard, 42 u 26.0' N 71 u 27.0' W FRMA, regional center, Wackenhut is here too. 

Q 58. Battle Creek, 42° 19S N 85" 10,9* W FEMA, regional center, activity secret (not 

D 59. Gwinn, MI, 46° 16.8'N 87° 26S W, near Gwinn is a large underground base which 
is a key base for sending signals. An AFB is also nearby. Under Lake Superior is an alien 
base with roads 5,000" deep. 



□ 60. 12 miles south of Lebanon, 36* 02.8' N 1 15° 24.3' W, near the newly created town of 
Twin Bridges- reported saucer base 

□ 61. In the Bat/Dry/Dead Man/ Howell cluster of eaves- reported saucer base 
D 62. St Francis Mountains, MO (between St. Louis & New Madrid) 


□ 63. North-central Nebraska 

□ 64. Red Willow Co. near McCook, NE 


D 65. Blue Diamond, 36° 02.8'N 115°243' W -reported saucer base 

□ 66-68. Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The Area, the Spot, Red Square, 
Sally Corrodor, Watertuwn Strip. 1 15° 5CTN ITHf W. Run by the NWO along with demonic 
feetngs, the CIA is there and Waekenhut Security, Two large underground facilities close to 
but separate from Groom Lake but controlled by the demonic beings are Papoose Range 
and Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases. Purpose is the testing of various UFOs and 
other secret aircraft like the Aurora and Stealth. Also biological work is done, including the 
biological raising of small greys. Many levels have been built at these three complexes, and 
a 7 mile long run way (which is actually 39 miles) has been built over Groom Lake, a dry 
lake. There is an S-2, an S-4, an S-6. and an S-66 underground installations. S-66 is the most 
secret and it has 29 levels and is 11, 300' deep. 

D 69. Quartzite Mountain SC of Tonopah, 37 c 3TN 116° 20' W reported saucer base 

□ 70. Tonopah, Airforce, CIA? & ??, deals with secret aircraft 


□ 7 1 -73. There may be as many as three underground installations in New Hampshire's hills 
(according to reports). 


□ 74. Picatinny Arsenal, 40° 38 ! N 74° 32' W- saucer base, 1/4 cubic mile large and very 
deep underground 


The state of New Mexico and Colorado have been used for the construction of a 
series of underground bases. (All the rest of the states have too.) The Primary Underground 
facilites in New Mexico consist oi; 

• 3 enormous underground bases in the Duke, NM area (an area I spent several days 
investigating in 1993) 

• the White Sands- Alamogordo Area which has 3 underground bases 

• Datil and Pie Town which have two more underground bases. (Carlsbad Cavern which bad 
underground activity, which is reported discontinued, and another base to east of Carlsbad.) 

• the Los Alamos area underground facility 

• the Taos area underground facility 

The New Mexico area has basically four underground system out. One goes to the 
4-corners area and then to Groom Uike (Area 51). One goes north toward Delta, CO and 

Colorado Springs. The Taos facilitcs goes north approximately along Interstate 25 and 
eventually ties in NORAD. The southern bases connect to Texas and Mexico. 

The Los Alamos facility dates at least back to 1940. One can only imagine what has 
been built with 1/2 century of labor on this underground system. 

Visitors to the deeper levels report humans kepi in glass cylinders, plus many other 
strange things. 1 have had the opportunity to debrief some people who have been in the 
lower reaches of some of these facilities. 

There are special badges, special uniforms, lube elevators etc. which for lack of time 
I will not describe. 

□ 77. Angel Peak- reported saucer base 

D Carlsbad Cavern area (now destroyed). 32° 25.0'N 104° 14.0'W -old relics of saucer base 

□ 78-80. Dulcc, N.M., 36° 56.0'N 106°59.8'W, -South of Dulcejn the area of the Jicarilla 
Indian Reservation, another facility is cast of the Dulcc facility a number of miles. This is 
run directly by Illuminati w/ Army and Airforce help, CIA also conduct experiments at the 
center; the size of the installation is hugh requiring small shuttle trains and has seven levels 
according to whnesses. Serves as a UFO base, biological experiments, production center for 
small-grey drones. Wackenhut provides some of the security on the ground. 

□ 81. Kirtland AFB, NM, Sandia National Lab 

□ 82. Manzano Mtn, near Albuquerque, known as the Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex, 
Airforce, 3,(KK)-acrc base within the Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded 
by 4 lethal rings of fences, use unknown, suspected UKO base. A new 285,000-sq. ft. bunker 
is being built near Manzano Base. 

D 83. Pie Town, 34*17.9^ lOffmTW, in area near Pie Town, UFO Base. 

□ 84. Sandia Mountains NR of Albuquerque -reported saucer base 

□ to the north of Taos Puehlo - reported saucer base 

□ 85. White Sands, 32°22.8 N 10h°28.8'W, major hub for research, tied in with Dulce and 


D Adirondack Mountains (near Klizabethtown) 
D New York Metro area 

□ Pittsburgh (near Canada and St. Albans) AFB, 49 r 40 1 N 73*33 W- two saucer bases in 
this area. 


□ 86. Ada, 34*46,4* N 96 c 40.7' W. underground saucer base, this base does human cloning 
and it is FHMA's most sensitive base. 

□ 87. Ashland Naval Ammunition Depot, 34°45.9'N 96° 04.3 W,- reported saucer base 

□ 88. Bull Run, north side of Bull Run Kcsevoir area near Ml. Hood, and very close to 
Larch Mtn. and south of Benson St Fhi k of the Columbia Gorge. 

□ 89. Coos Bay area has had three separate hut coordinating underground facilities built lor 
LFOs. The facility farthest east, about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has 
been shut down. It is now an old abandoned facility well camouflaged. The coast facility is 

probably si ill operational. 

□ 90. Klamath Falls, OR-since Sept. ? 95 this has been a base for a number of NWO groups 
incl. Ihe Air National Guard, FEMA, CIA, FBI, Spetznaz, and MOSAP training base. An 
underground concentration camp exists here. 


□ 91. Blue Ridge Summit, near Ft. Ritchie, known as "Raven Rock" or "Sile R", Army, major 
electronic nerve center, 650 ft. below surface with about 350 staff and over a 716 acre area. 
pGSSibly connected via tunnel to Camp David. 


□ 92. Ft. Hood, TX, 31° 1 VN 9V 48' W, home of some Delta Mind-Controlled soldiers and 
a reported saucer base. 

□ 93. Denton, TX T 33 c 13/TN 97° 08.2* W - FEMA, regional center, activity secret 

□ 94. Red River Arsenal, TX- reported saucer base 


□ 95. Bluemont, Mount Weather base, Federal Prepardness Agency & FEMA, small-city 
underground, top-secret, staff ot several hundred, does secret work for FEMA and contains 
a complete secret government with the various agencies and cabinet-leve! ranking 
administrators that keep their positions for several administrations and help run the United 

D 96. Culpepper, 38° 28.5 N 7TW$HNt about 2 miles east of Culpepper off of Rl 3, called 
Mount Pony, Illuminati-Fed. reserve, 140,000 sq. ft, includes a facility for the storage for 
corpses, monitors all major financial transactions iu the U.S. by means of the "Fed Wire 1 *, 
a modern electronic system. 
0 97. Pentagon, Arlington, VA - 

□ 98. Warrington Training Or. -two sites one on Rt. 802 and the other on Bear Wallow 
Road, on Vicwtrcc Mountain. One is Station A the other Station B. Army & ??, purpose 


□ 99. Bothcll, 47 l, 45.7N 122 n 12.2 1 % FEMA, regional center, activity unknown 

□ 100, WHITE HOUSE, 38°53.5'N 77°02.0'W-The secret NOD underground installation 
which is connected to the intelligence groups like NSA and the CIA as well as many other 
nefarious groups lays under the White House with tunnels connecting this NOD installation 
with the House of the Temple. The Supreme council of the 33° of the Scottish Rite's House 
of the Temple has a 14' x 25' room in it with 13 chairs where the llluminati's Grand Druid 
Council meet. The NOD Deep Underground Installation has numerous levels to it. One eye- 
witness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels 
exist. The NOD installation is involved with psychic (demonic) and satellite control over 
slaves. This underground complex is lo allow the government of the United States to escape 
a nuclear attack. The enormous complex radiates under Wash. D C. and connects with many 
Other sites. The tunnel system is used to move snme of the mind-control sex slaves. Hie 

3B 9 - 

walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the 


□ 101. Sugar Grove, the Navy's Office of Naval Strategic Intelligence Services monitors U.S. 
microwave communications. There is also a saucer base here. 

□ 102. White Sulpher Springs, under the Greenbriar Hmel, a mini-city large enough for 800 
people equipped with its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes other than 
listening to U.S. microwave communication it is unknown by this author. 

B Ashland Naval Ammunition I>epot- reported base 


□ Cons Hay area has had three separate hut coordinating underground facilities huilt far UFOs. The facility 
furthest east, about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been shut down. 


O Blue Ridge Summit, near It. Ritchie, known as "Raven Ruck* or "Site R\ Arm}, major electronic nerve 
center, 650 IL below surface with about 350 *UifT and over a 716 acre area, possibly connected via lunnel to 

Camp David, 


□ VL Hood. I X, home of some Delta Mind-Controlled soldiers and a reported saucer base. 
D Denton, TX * FEMA, regional center, ucttvily secret 

D Red River Arsenal TX- reported saucer base 


a RluenionL, Mount Weallier base. Federal Prepardness Agency & FEMA, small-city underground, top-secret, 
staff of several hunrlml, does secret work fur FEMA and contains a complete secret Kovrrnmrnt with tin- 
various agencies and cabinet-level ranking administrator thai keep their positions for several administrations 
and help run the United States. 

□ Culpepper, about 2 miles east of Culpepper off of Rt. 3, called Mount Pony, Illuminati— Fed. reserve, 141MH)0 
sq. ft., includes a facility Tor the storage for corpses, monitors all major financial transactions in the L.S. by 
means of the "Fed Wire", a modern electronic system, 

□ Warrington Training Ctr.-tvro sites one on Rt. 802 and the other on Bear Wallow Road, on View tret 
Mountain, One is Station A the other Station B. Army & ??, purpose unknown 


□ Bothell, FEMA, regional center, activity unknown 


P Sugar Grove, Navy working for NSA, monitors U.S. microwave communications. 

D White .Sulphei Springs under the Greenbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for 81)0 people equipped with 
its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes other than listening tu U.S. microwave communication 
it is unknown by this author. 


Air Force Intelligence 
Army Intelligence 
Atomic Energy Commission 

British Intelligence, ind. MI-6. MI-5, 
& I he Tavislrick Institute 
Bureau of Prisons 
Catholic Church 
Central Intelligence Agency CIA 

Club 12 & dub4t 

Country Music Industry 
Defense Intelligence Agency 
Department of Justice 
Federal Bureau ol Invesligalion 

German Intelligence (Shaback) 


The House of Saud in Saudi Arabia 
The Illuminati 2ft all levels are 
involved In trauma based mind 
control as perpetrators & victims. 

Ku Klux Klan (different KKK groups) 
Los Angeles Dodgers 


Mormon Cliurch 
National Security Agency NSA 
National Programs Office 
Naval Intelligence (ONI) 


Palo Mayombe 

Process Church and its offshoot 
Chingun etc. 

Professional Baseball, such as the 

LA. Dodgers 
Russian government and 

intelligence groups 
Satanic Hubs 

Temple ol Power (previously 

known as Temple of Sot) 

US Army- esp. the Delta Forces 

and Ihe Firsl fcarth Battalion 

Werewolf Order 

Some Witchcraft groups besides 
Satanism & the llluminati 

SITES with explanations of 
their programming. (I originally 

exposed most ol these sites in 
1993, so it fe possible they have 
made some changes since I 
originally exposed them. Most ol 
these operated tor years, and may 
still be operating.) 

29 Palms, CA 

Area 51 {Dreamland, Groom 

Lake). NV Area 51 is also known 
as Dreamland. There are a number 
of extensive underground facilities 
in Ihe area. This was one ol Itte 
first genetic research facilities in 
the US and perhaps the first 
major genetic research facility. The 
people/ workers & victims are 
brought in by airplane and tube 
shuttle. The worst cases of 
UFO/alien type of Monarch 
programming is coming out of 
Area 51. The eggs Irom slaves are 
being harvested and weird genetic 
creatures are being developed 
from human eggs which have 
been genetically mixed with other 

Boulder, CO-Thit headquarters 
for EMC. a type of elect ra 
magnetic mind control I hat is 
being broadcast to modify the 
thinking of Americans, and to 
control slaves. 

China Lake Naval Research Base 

{Inyokern), CA This faciity had a 

country store and Grangers, and a 

hospital (address for the hospital is 
the code- 232 Naval Air Weapons 
Station) which alt provided sites for 
programming. This site has been 
operational since the earty 1950s. 
Large numbers of chldren (batches of 
1,000 or 2.000 or 3,000 children were 
run through this faciity at a time This 
facility did much of the original 
traumas and mind-splitting tortures 
that created the MPD. Other facilities 
then specialized In further 
programming that was then layered in 
on top of the original China Lake 
programming. A great deal of 
dehumanizatlon in cages was done to 
large numbers ol tiny children at 
China Lake Naval Facility. 

Colorado Springs,CO The ALEX 
system programming and end-times 
Military programming is coming out ol 
Colorado Springs and is connected to 

Ft. Campbell, KT 

Ft. Detrick, MD»involv«d with 
medical /biological experimentation 

Ft. Hood, TX--proyrarnming involving 
military uses of Delta Monarch slaves 
was done here 

Ft. Knox, KT — 

PI Lewis, WA-involved with the 
Psychic warfare part of the Monarch 

Grissom AFB, IND- 

Homestead AFB, FL- 

Kirkland AFB, NM- 

Lampo, MO This has been the site of 
a CIA near-death trauma center when? 
slaves are programmed U is an R&P 
center for the OA where they can 
have any sexual perversion or drug 
they want. This has been a large 
cocaine supply depot also. Hal 

Meadows was director of this 
center which is deep in the woods 
surrounded by cabin chalets 
overlooking a small deep lake. A 
gravel road leads to the site which 
is fenced and wcH guarded. Hat 
Meadows address was Box 27, 
Lampe, MO 056U1. 

Langley, VA~ Slaves for the wants 
of intelligence. 

Las Vegaa (arte* m and around 
Las Vegas), NV--MGM's Grand 
Hotel and Theme park were built 
for programming, but there are 
also some sites outside of the city 
used In the general area of Las 
Vegas in remote sites, the elite 
gather for slave auctions once a 
year wliere Monarch slaves are 
sold and traded The Mob is 
invoived with Monarch slaves in 
Las Vegas. 

McClellan AFB, CA Very bad 
Child and adult porn using 
Monarch victims is distributed 
through this base as weB as Ihe 
other bases listed in this list. A 
T.W. Sanderson worked with 
Monarch* at this base. 

MacDill AFB, FL - 

Maxwell AFB, AL - 

Montreal, Que., Canada -McGiii 
Univ., McGilt Psychiatric Training 
Network, Allan Memorial Inst.. 
St. Mary's Hosp.- The Zombie 
Room (Sleep Room) in the 
basement, the Isolation chamber 
and the Grid Room at St. Mary's 
Hospital were used tor 

Mt. Shasta, CA-Underground 
facilities around this hugh 
mountain in the Lake Shasta area 
arc putting out Monarch 
programming that makes the 
people think they are in 


communication wilh aliens. This 
facility is for torturing & 
reprogramming captured runaway 
Monarch slaves. People are 
brought into the area via 
helicopter, plane, or Hying saucer. 

Nashville, TN These sites work 
with the Country Western Music 
Industry which is actually a OA 
front tor moving drugs In finance 
their dirty black activities 

Papillion, NE 

' PBlnck AFB, 

Portland (Old OMSI, New OMSI, 
Bldg. near Monarch Hotel at 
8800 SE Sunnyside Rd., Mormon 
Temple, etc.), OR. The Old OMSI 
building had a back door on the 
west side in which slaves were 
taken in to the bottom floor and 
reprogrammed. The DC-3 airplane 
outside oi the building was used in 
the programming as a hypnotic 
trigger The submarine docked 
outside ol the new OMSI building 
is also used as a programming 
hypnotic tool. The new Mormon 
Temple has an extremely high tech 
underground tunnel facility lor 
programming built underneath It 

Presideo, CA (incl. Alcatraz, San 
Fraiu/isciM- Tin? Ilkummn and 

various Satanic cults used the 
Preskleo for their programming 
Split brain & other programming 
was done al letterman hospital. 
Fort Point was used for llluminali 
ritual & programming, as well as a 
number of churches, underground 
gun emplacements and the large 
circular Greek column art building 
at the Presideo Alcatraz. 
abandoned as a prison, was used 
tor water tortures and olhui 
programming tunnels connected 
buildings, and the Mule/Horse 
buildings and the cemetery also 
were used This is one of the? older 

programming sites. Psychic warfare second floor ol th« charm school 
activity also was experimented on in 
this area. 

Redstone Arsenal, AL 
San Antonio, TX- 

Salt Lake City (Mormon Temple) • 

This underground facility works in 
conjunction with the Mormon 
hierarchy who are allowed to create 
slaves. The lllumfaiati put in base 
programming that still gives them 
ultimate control beyond the control 
that the Mormon programming has. 

Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, CA- 

Mengete (Or Green) programmed in 

some of his "internal boxes', as well 
as other llluminati programming was 
done at this site. 

Tinker, AFB, OK -Tinkerbell 
programming is carried out here. This 
programming makes alters think they 
are like Tinkerbell in that they will 
never grow up or age. 

Tulsa, OK-Believed to have an Alice 
In Wonderland theme to their 

Washington, D.C. area The 

basement ol the Pentagnn and other 
facilities around Washington D C such 
as the Jesuit Georgetown Univ Hosp. 
are Involved with Mind Control 
Presidential Models are moving in and 
out of Washington, D C. carrying 
messages and performing their sexual 
acts lor the lusts of politicians. 

Youngslown, OH -The Youngslown 
Charm School has been run by 
lllummalus Prosser Seward Mellon 
along with a U.S. Congressman 
named Jim Trafticant This school is 
for Beta models and gives them 
advance sexual charm training This 
school produces about 6 now 
Monarch slaves every three days. 
Mafia deals are carried out on the 



Because the computer lost pages 44-49 il ms impossible to update these pages, without 
entering them into the computer. These addresses arc cntrys thai would have be added to 
update the original list of American Witchcraft groups. Ilirec of the major witchcraft 
C0flfef€fice$ are the Ancient Ways held in May in California, the Heartland Pagan Festival 
held in Missouri in May, and the Pagan Spirit Gathering in Wisconsin in June. 

Academy or Secret 8 
Adopted Tribal Peoples 
Ancestral Kmiin Fellowship 
Aquarian Tabernacle Church 

At nDrnliocht Fein: A Drnirt fellowship 



Bfuftstofcer Gurth 
Bay Area I'agan Axsr m hi lev 
Between The Worlds Radio WMFO 
Ctntrr or Pallas Athena & Hrlpliae*tus 
Church of Satan 

Cirde uf Light 

Circle or the Sacred Grove 

Circle «1 the Thirteen Moons 

Coven or the Enchanted Forest 

Govt 11 or the Forest Well 

Coven or the Sacred Oaks 

Covi n or the Sacred Stones 

Coven or Hie Silver Tree 

Crystal Rain Research Agency 

l>ancers of the Mist 

Daughters of Diana'* Moon t mvhi 

Druidic Teachings 

Earth Church of Aniargi 

Lurlh Song Circle 

Earthworks Coven 

Evolution (a rongreg. of P< Ci 


Five Corner* Book Store 4 owner- A sat ru Priest) 
First Temple of Hie Craft or Wicca 
Freya's hoik 

GoMen Isis 

(Gordon Hearth 

Grace & Goddess Unlimited 

Greyfox Enterprises 

Heartland Covens 

Heartland Pagaui Association 

llenge of K » i 1 1 i,i 

Ice Phoenix Eolerprtees 

In Our Hands Media Project 

Kitty-Cat Clan, The 

Box 3541, 340 Oxford, Chala Vista, CA 92001 

Box 244. INocatee, FL 33864 

P.O. Box 11W45, Indianapolis, IN 46219 

Rox 57, Index, WA, 98256 

P.O. Box 85507, Seattle, VVA 98145 

Box 1022, Nyuck NY 10960 

3808 Virginia Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109 

1007 E. Sixth, Holdcn, MO 6404(1 

P.O. Box 1972. Seattle, VVA 981 1 1 

Box 850, Fremont, ( A 94537 

Box 65. Medford, MA 02153 

Box 6052, Auftosta, CA M906 

Box 666, Whitehall, Pa 18052 

Box 2100X2, San Francisco, CA 94121 

Box 2587. Bcllvie*. FL 32620 

233 KnMtins Dr., Newark OH 43055 

Box 7172, Santa Cruz, CA 95061 

201 Moncla St, Hakcrsdii-ld, CA 93308 

Box 16361. Portland. OR 97216 

Box 31250, Omaha, NK Mil 32 

1125 W. Wellington, Chicago, IL 60657 

Ste. 85, 673 Upper James, Hamilton, Onl. 

Box 866, Manchester, C.A 31816 

Box 70411, Sunnyvale, CA 90486 

Box 1048, Sterling IL 61081 

3106 Crescent Ave. #27. Marina, CA 93933 

Box 230111, St Louis, MO 63123 

Box 604.1, Springfield, MO 65801 

Box 581, Harrison vllle. Mo 64701 

Box 13010, San Diego, CA 92113 

Box 314, Pacific Grove, i \ 93950 

608 Colombia. SAV^ Olympiu, WA 98501 

Box 313, Matlfsnn, ML 60413 

537 Jones St.. #165. San Frontiaeo, CA 94102 

Box 726, Salein, MA 01970 

19710 63rd Lane NJL, Seattle, WA 9K1II 

Box 4367, Boulder. CO 80306 

907 Iroquois Ct„ llnrrisbtirg, PA 17109 

5142 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640 

2237 W. Morse Ave. Chicago, IL 60645 

Box 332X4, Minneapolis MN 55433 

Box 644, Georgetown, CA 95634 

Box 25672, Portland, OR 97225 

e/o Thud, 40 Brook St. Sciutatt. MA 02066 

Kurluk Newsletter 

Lawrence Museum of Magic & Witchcraft 
M.i^iic k.il Haven 

M vt a pi » ys 1 1 a I Fell* p 
MIT Pagan Students' Group 
Moon dance Coven 
Nova Cnvrii 

Novacks Stcp-by-Step Farm 
Oak Grant 


Ordu Teropli Bapfie-meti 

Our Lady of the Sacred Ma me 

Our Lady or the Roses Wlccan Cliurcli 

Pallas Society 

r.m Anif ricati Indian Association 

Pcnnslyvannia Witches Anti Detain. League 

Pittsburg Pagan Alliance 


Ravi- its rhnnl 

Rimiihwood Kindred 

Ri rliiiininy Collective 

RLNPA Retreat (a congreg. or PCCl 

Ring of Truth, the 

Rosemoon (.uild 

Runt-Gild, The 

Sagewnman Publications 

Shack Tree \ tu\< i -sir, 

Shadowbght Medicine Clan of SE 

( hcrokee (onfid. 

Support Abused Wiccans 

Tamf* Daughters 

l ent pie Abraxas 

Temple of Eldar 

Temple of Set 

Tern rile 'in Hie ties 

The Third Road 

1 -Muss Pa«an Student Organ. 

United Wiccan Church 

Wiecacn Academy of Ideological Science 

Wiccan Infmiiialion Nchvork 

Wiecan/ Pagan Press Alliance 

Wise Woman Center 

Whitewater Valley (iro*e 

Woods Pork Pagan Group & Temple 

Hox 6196. Baltimore, MI) 21211 

Box 219, Galnaton, In 46932 

184 Angell St, Provident Rl 11294)6 

788 Harrison St, Lebanon, OR 97355 

Km. W20-401J7 Mass. Avr^l ambridge, MA 02139 

2355 Allied l>« ., Madison, Wl 53711 

60H N. Harrison, Algonquin, IL 60102 

CksM.n Brook Rd„ Lliurkiiiont, MA 01339 

Box 25242, Baltimore, Ml) 21229 

Box 317, Londonderry, NH 03053 

Box 1219, Corpus Christ i, I X 7X403 

4300 Lafayette SL, Bellairc, TX 77401 

Box 5967, Providence, Kl 02V4I3 

Box 18211, Lnrino, CA 91316 

Box 244, Nneate* , 1*1 33864 

Box 624, Monroe ville, PA 15146 
Box 9336, San Jose, CA 95157 
Box 321. Mcredosia. IL 62665 
P.O. Box 212, Sheridan, IN 46069 
Box 1 4404, San Francisco, CA 94114 
17661 Pcutz Valley Rd~ Alpine, CA 92001 
P.O. Box 18812, Austin, TX 78760 
Box 1957, Lexington, KY 40593 
P.O. Box 7622, Austin, TX 78713 
Box 5130, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 
Box 261 104, San Diego, CA 92126 

925 Knoll St., Devoir, Ca 92407 

Box 55, Maine. NY 13802 

201 Moneta SL, Bak£rsfield, CA 9330K 

Box 31250, Omaha, NE 68132 

909 K. Frederick SL, Arlington His., IL 60004 

Box 1824, Indianpolis, IN 46206 

Box 4507, St. Ugfe MO 63108 

Box 4546, Miami, FL 33014 

2261 Market SL, San Franc, CA 94114 

SAO Box 117, U-Mass* Amln-rtf. MA 0100? 

Box 16025, N. Hollywood, CA 91615 

Box 31250, Omaha, NE 68132 

Box 2422, Main PC), Vancouver, BC V6B3W7, Can 

Box 1392, Mechaniesburg, PA 17055 

Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498 

Box 1728, Richmond, IN 47374 

Box 313, Mattcfcim, IL 60443 


I have had Chi ristiuns tell roc IIk> don*t think there are actaalfy real witches. Somehow in their minds 
witches are something nf fairy tales and Wall Disney movies. Hie following list Is nol a complete list A lot of 
the groups not included were left out bivsiii.se tliey are more than simply witchcraft groups. For instance, 
Satanic covens were left out. bemuse although they practice witchcraft the) are what I prefer to term "Satanic 
covens*. From a purely spiritual viewpoint, both the Witches and the Satanists lap into the same power source— 
demons* and they both hale followers of Jesus Christ. Himever, from a worldh view|minl their rituals aod 
professed beliefs do have some general differences, such as, many Witches tend to stay away from human 

One witchcraft group which does today get involved in the most gruesome human sueriFices is Edward Wayne 
( ox's Chatham, 1 A coven. (I have a great dral of information on this but in giving just those hrief facte which 

Hie following i> .supplied by a participant at Cent's rituals who was an unwilling Satanic slave and 
collaborated by another escaped Satanic slave who is a witness too. The informant is now in hiding, after trying 
to bring Cox to justice. The judicial system penalized one or the iwn witnesses (by returning one of the slaves 
to Cox) and attempted to put the other witness in prison. Here very quickly are some of the details. Edward 
Wayne Cox, DOB 3-7-4H, SSN 435-74-8325, of Rt. 1, Box 84 Uuiiesboro llwy), Chatham, Ixuiisiana, is leader 
if coven which meets in the swampy woods next to their house in Chatham. Trie place is 30 miles into the 
woods rrom Monroe, and has a "ceramic shop" which is a cmrr for the drying or body parts from .sacrificed 
people* Co* frequently finds victims to sacrifice. This witchcraft coven is totally perverted. Cox has sometimes 
done his sacrificing in an almost public manner, but bear in mind he is connected i<> ihe lilumlnatl elite and 
is totally protected by the legal system. He also runs the KKK in his area. The parts of the body which are not 
cannahalized in frequent rituals are processed and sold throughout the world for other cults. Items that Cot 
sells are "hands of glory"-thut means preserved left hands, skulls, infant feet. His house which he shares with 
his mother Is filled with "hokey" witchcraft items such as lizard and Trog parts, a crystal hall, amulets, black 
hooded robes. This coven's witchcraft rituals get very "hokey" in a gruesome way. An upprox. 70 gallon black 
caldron is suspended over the open fire and the human flesh is actually cooked while the riluals go on. Another 
gruesome item is the stirring is done with a bone. The culdroa over the years was stiired in the pumpliuuse- 
although now that the coven is being exposed (7-or should we say after several attempted exposures) they may 
nave moved it to another spot. Cox learned to shrink heads in Barbados. Cox likes to wear masks during the 
rituals to horrify his vktims. Cox was a member of Aquino's Temple of Set, and he continues to almost worship 
Aquino as a great hero. Cox was also involved with the CIA and has been part of the Monarch program done 
by the niuminali & the CIA. 

In 1990, when I was in business Tor myself 1 mailed out fliers to the addresses of lawyers in the current pliooe 
hook. A high percentage of these letters were returned, stamped by the postollice that the lawyers had moved 
with no forwarding address left. I was stunned that so many lawyers were moving secretly and obviously so 
frequently. I would expect the same is true for the following list of witchcraft groups. 


Aglaian Triad ol Wicca 

All In One Coven 

American Celtic Order cf Wicca 

Ancient Spirits 

Aquarian Tabernacle Church 


Arcanum Wizard Guild 
Asatru Fre« Assembly 
Assn for Cymmry Wicca 
Assn for Cymmry 

Athanor Fellowship 

PO Box 427, Midlothian IL 60445 
PO Box 8170, Salem, MA 01971 
PO Box 3383, St Paul. MN 55165 
PO Box 13072, Portland, OR 97213 
PO Box 85507, Seattle, WA 98145 
PO Box 5120, Laurel, MD 20707-0984 
C-201 Cornell Ct , YpsEanti, Ml 48197 
PO Box 961. Payson, AZ 
PO Box 492H5, Allanla, GA 30359 
PO Box 1866, Athens, GA 30603 
PO Box 567, Granville, OH 43023 
PO Box 365. Medford. MA 02155 



AA Thefernic Ord Siiv Slar 
Bear & Company 
Beenhlreu Press 
Belltree Grove 
Black Crepe Coven 
Blackberry Coven 
Backwater Grove 
Blood root Coven 
Cabalistic Wiccan Church 
Center N on -Trad Religion 
Center Of Divine Istar 
Central FL Counc of Covens 
Children ol M other Earth 
Children of the Earth 
Church of All Worlds 
Church of All Worlds 
Church of All Worlds 
Church of Ihe Cresent Moon 
Church of Hermetic Arts 
Church of Seven Arrows 
Church of Ihe Third Eye 
Church of the Y Twywyth Teg 
Circle Cilhaerou 
Circle In 1he Greenwood 
Circle Network 
Circle of Light 
Circle of Light Coven 
Circle of the Dance 
Circles of Exchange 
Converging Paths 
Council of Isis 

Covenant Of Goddess News & COG 

Crone Papers, the 

DruW Hcnge 

Druid Missal 

Druid's Progress, The 

Earth Magic Times 

Earth Song Community 

Earth Spirit Comm Nwsltr 

Elven Door, The 

Elven Glen 

Enchanted Forest News 
Faerie Folk, The 

Council of Magickal Arts 
Coven Amber Moon 
Coven Circle of LHe 
Coven Eldar 

Coven Garden Occult Supply 
Coven Of Astral Mysteries 
Coven Of Cauldron Cerridwn 
Coven Of Danu 

PO Box 3407, Kansas City, KS €6103 
PO Box 60411, Nashville, TN 37206 
PO Box 2860, Santa Fc, NM 87504 
PO Box 15669, Long Beach, CA 90815 
PO Box 021926, Juneau, AK 99602 

PO Box 335, Boston, MA U2215 

233 NW Kings Blvd. CorvaMs, OR 97330 

1017 Cleveland St , Aberdeen, WA 98520 

PO Box 52062, Jacksonville, FL 32201 

PO Box 02031. Columbus, OH 43202 

PO Box 28633, Sacremento, CA 95B28 

PO Box 85507. Seattle, WA 9B145 

PO Box 9494. San Jose. CA 95157 

PO Box 2587, Bellview, FL 32620 

PO Box 1652. Bethany. OK 73008 

PO Box 116, Berkeley Springs. WV 2541 1 

PO Box 1542, Ukiah, CA 95482 

2140 ShaHuck Ave, #2093, Berkeley, CA 94704 

PO Box 212, Redwood Valley. CA 95470 

PO Box 1200, Camarillo, CA 93011 

PO Box 131, Wise Rapids, Wl 54494 

4385 Hoyt St., #201, Wtieatndge. CO 80033 

PO Box 45220, Westlake. OH 44145 

PO Box 674884, Marietta, GA 30067 or Box 1866, Athens, GA 30603 

PO Box 1701. College Park, MO 20740 

PO Box 275, NivRrville. NY 12130 

PO Box 219, ML Horeb, Wl 53572 

PO Box 60541. N Charleston, SC 29406 

PO Box 68562. Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

PO Box 19021, Portland. OR 97219 

PO Box 1703. Juneau, AK 99802 

PO Box 63, Mt Horeb, Wl 53572 

125 Essex St., Salem, MA 01970 

PO Box 1226 Berkeley, CA 947D7 
PO Box 181, CrossviBe. TN 38557 
RR #1, Box 601 -C. Pompano Bch, FL 33073 
616 Miner Rd t Orinda, CA 94563 
PO Box 1022, Nyack, NY 10960 
2170 Broadway, #16, New York, NY 10024 
PO Box 1G2S1, Baltimore. MD 21210 
PO Box 365, Medford, MA 02155 
PO Box 714, Villa Rica. GA 30180 
PO Box 247, Fields Landing CA 95537 
201 W, Moneta Ave . Bakcrsficld, CA 93308 
PO Box 100585, Ft Lauderdale, FL 3331 D 
PO Box 462. Maynard. MA 01754 
4300 Lafayette St.. Bellaire. TX 77401 
PO Box 21058, Okla City, OK 73120 
PO Box 621, Charleston, IL C1920 
PO Oox 26(392, Columbus, OH 43228 
P0 Box 1064, Boulder, CO 80302 
PO Box 151, Berwyn. IL 604O2 
PO Box 264, Bedford Hills, NY 10507 
PO Box 34C86. Phoenix. AZ 85067 


Coven Of Eternal Goddess 
Coven Of Floating Spiral 
Coven Of Mother Mountain 
Coven Of The Ceftic Sword 
Coven Of The Dawn 
Coven Of The Dolphins 
Coven Of The Dragon 
Coven Of The Fertie Earth 
Coven Of The Pendragon 
Coven Of The Spiral Castle 
Coven Of The Wyrd Sisters 
Coven Of White Famliar 
Coven Stiakorum 
Coven Stardust 
Covenant of Gaea 
Covenant Of The Goddess 
Covenant Of The Goddess 
Covenant Of The Ancient Way 
Craft Of The Wise 
Crone s Own Press 
Crystal Moon Coven 
Deepstar Coven 

Denver Area Wiccan Network 

Desert Henge Coven 

Dragon SkJh 

Dragon Sidh Coven 

Druids of CA & NV 

Earth Base Project 

Earth First Collective 

Earth Song Community 

Earth Song 

Elder Ways 

Eregion Grove 

Evergreen Forest Coven 

FanscHiaroan Church Wicca 

Farwander Fellowship 

Fellowship of Pan 

Fellowship of Is is 

Fellowship Spiral Path 

Flying Wttch Farm 

Forever Forests 

Formulary Occult Supplies 

Free Spirit Alliance 

Full Moon, The 

Gaia Network 

Georgian Church 

Georgian Newsletter 

Goddess Images 

Goddess Rising 

Goddess Rising 

Goddess Womyn Network 

Golden Circlet Coven 

Greenwood Grove 

Grove Of Enchanted Wood 

28-15 Utopia Parkway, Flushing, NY 1 1356 

PO Box 25, Kent, OH 44240 

PO Box 390, Van Nuys, CA 91408 

2498 Broadway, Toledo. OH 43609 

PO Box A, Thoniaston, ME 04861 

219 S. Sparks St., #22, State Coll. PA 16801 

PO Box 65, Mountain View, CA 94042 

PO Box 64491 . Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

PO Box 2483, Des Moines, IA 50311 

PO Box 531373, Miami Shores. FL 33153 

PO Box 805993, St Clair Shr, Ml 48080 

PO Box 7482. Amarillo, TX 79109 

411 E 15th Ave., Columbus, OH 43201 

PO Box 341383. Memphis, TN 38184 

PO Box 60151, Chicago, IL 60660 

PO Box 1226. Berkeley, CA 94704 

PO Box 64224. St, Paul, MN 55164 

PO Box 161672. Sacramento. CA 96816 

45 Grove St., NY, NY 10014 

5047 49th Ave, S, Seattle. WA 981 1 8 

PO Box 536771. Orlando. FL 32853 

18 Gllman Lane. Willingboro, NJ 08046 

PO Box 1 120?. Enrjlfiwood, CO 80151 

PO Box 40451, Tucson, AZ 85717 

PO Box 102. DeWitt NY 13214 

PO BOX 613, NY. NY 10014 

585! Mission St.. San Francisco, CA 94112 

PO Box 1328. Bloornington. IN 4740? 

PO Box 170602, San Fran, CA 94117 

PO Box 16251. Baltimore. MD 21218 

PO Box 39234. Phoenix. AZ 85069 

34464, Bethcsda, MD 20817 

PO Box 114. Nahant, MA 01908 

PO Box 61134, Raleigh, NC 27661 

PO Box 145. Marion, CT 06444 

PO Box 1725, APO New York. 09130 

PO Box 58024. Houslon. TX 77258 

Donegal Caslle, Ennlscorthy. Eire (Inter. HO) 

PO Box 5521. Berkeley, CA 94705 

PO Box A6, Rieletevile, PA 18077 

PO Box 312. Redwood Valley. CA 95470 

PO Box 5455, Grants Pass. OR 97527 

PO Box 589, Blandenburg, M0 20710 

78 Cottage Place, E Rutherlord, NJ 07073 

PO Box 49441. Colorado Springs. CO 80949 

1908 Verde St.. Bakersfietd, CA 93304 

Bakersfield, CA 93304 

PO Box 156G9. Long Beach CA 90801 

4006 1st. NE, Seattle. WA 961 1B 

2441 Cordova St.. Oakland, CA 94602 

PO Box 17312. Phoenix, AZ 05011 

PO Box 19903, Raleigh, NC 27612 

PO Box 30908. Seattle, WA 98103 

PO Box 4491. Stamford. CT U6907 


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Not all members of the Illuminati participate in rituals regularly. Some attend only 
sporadically. Few would attend even' ritual listed below. In addition to the rituals listed 
below ihe Illuminati calls special meetings to open up new Temple sites, and other special 
meetings. There are coven level rituals and then hierarchy levels of rituals. As a child grows 
up at age 3, 9, 13, 16, and 19 he or she will face certain rituals that pertain to oaths, 
initiations, vows. The child must pass certain tests along the way. Failure may result in 
death. Birthdays are "celebrated" by what normal people describe as Satanic Abuse. [Vol. 
2 on the Illuminati will cover deeper about Illuminati rituals.] In addition to what is below 
full moons and eclipses are causes fur rituals. The jewish sabbath from sunset Friday to 
sunset Saturday is observed. Every 28 years is a special communion year wilh Satan called 
the Feast of the Beast (its been called other festival names too.) The major rituals are in 
caps. Before a major ritual occurs, Illuminati members may spend days in preparatory 
rituals. II your neighbor is in the Illuminati, chances are high he'll be gone from home in 
the evening(s) around Bellaine, Lammas, and All Hallow's Eve. Those in the Illuminati who 
have Multiple Personalities will have different alters (personalities) for different rituals. 

Ceremony Name 
Jan. 1 New Year's Day Druid feast day 

Jan. 7 St. Winebald Day Blood ritual, Male sacrificed 

Jan. 17 Satanic Revels Sex rituals, preparation for Grd. Clmx 

Mother of Darkness do this w/out men. 
Jan. 20 Sl. Agnes Eve Kidnapping, sacrifice preparation 

Jan. 26 Grand Climax Human sacrifice, sex ritual, S wks i I day 

since equinox. 

Feb, 2 Imbolc(2/l) & Candlemas Sex ritual, Sabbat, female 7-17 sacrificed 

1% 25 Blood Host, St. Walpurgis Blood sacrifice 

Mar. 1 St. Eichaladt Day Blood sacrifice 

Mar. 20 Equinox Feast (orgy) Klood <V sex rituals, Sabbat, held in forest 

1 Full Moon Good Fri.,Holy SaL,EASTER Human sacrifices often a Chr. minister 
after Mar. 21 upside down on cross, followed by 3 days 

of chanting, & female & child sacrifices 
Mar. 24 Bride of Satan Ritual 16 year olds married to Salan 

Apr. 25 Grand Climax Female sacrificed, Sex/fertility rituals 

Apr. 26-30 I July days for Beltaine 

Apr. 30 Walpurgis Night Blood ritual 

May 1 BELTAINE, May Day, Walpurgis Hunts w/ people as prey. Fire 

festivals, blood rituals 
June 21 SOLSTICE Feast (orgy), Litha Blood sacrifice, Sex rituals 

June 23 Midsummers Eve Fire festival, 'good lime" foi magick 


July 1 Demon Revels Blood rituals, sex wf demons 

•July 4 Birthday modern llluininali organization France & U.S. national day 

July 70-27 Preparation Kidnapping, sacrifice preparation 

July 25 St. James Day 

July 27 Grand Climax Important human female sacrifice, sex rit. 

July 31 or Aug. 1 LAMMAS or Harvest Fest. Young female sacrificed, great Sabbat, 

Aug. 3 Satanic Revels Sex Ritual 

Aug. 24 Si. Hartholomew Day Fire Festival, great Sabbat 

Sept. 7 Marriage to the Beast Sex & blood rituals, female under 21 

Sept. 20 Midnight Host Hands of glory/blood ritual 

Sept. 22 EQUINOX Feast Day Sex ritual, held at the coast near water 

Sexually main re male sacrificed 

Oct. 23-30 Preparation Kidnapping, getting sacrifice ready 

Oct. 29 31 ALL HALLOW'S EVE Blood sacrifices, fire festivals, 

great Sabbat, the dead arc raised at night 

Nov. 1 HALLOWEEN Sex rituals 

Nov. 4 Satanic Revels Sex rituals 

Dec. 16 23 Preparation Getting ieady for rituals & sacrifices 

Dec. 21 St. Thomas Day, Yule Fire festival, great Sabbat 

Dee. 22 SOLSTICE Feast Day Sex & burial rituals 

Dec. 24 HIGH GRAND CLIMAX Blood Sacrifice, often of a baby in a manger 


The Hlumtnati is the continuation of the Mystery Religions. It embraces all lypes or mystical 
pagan tiadilions. However the Ilhiminati is generational, only a few lop occultists who are 
not generational are allowed into the lower levels, and ihcn il they show promise their 
children may be intermarried into the lllumiiiali. There arc many different traditions. Some 
covens arc ccclectic and some 1 1 y to stay with one tradition. The position of the sun, moon 
and stars arc important in determining the day and hour of many rituals. In the Anatolian 
tradition of Wicca, the nine distinct forms of the moon are divided up by I lie 3 goddess 
aspects of maiden, mother, and crone. Many pagans have MPD, and their System of alters 
will have some ritual alters who are maidens, some mothers, and others crones. Triads of 
3 alters will be set up, with each triad spinning on a pedistal. If the Anatolian system is 
followed the month will be divided up 1st 3 days-Persephone, 2nd 3 riays-Artcmis, 3rd-Kore, 
4th-maiden of Menarche, Sth-Hera, 6th-Demeter, 7th-Gaia, Hth-Hestia, 9th-Medusa„ 10th 
Hecate, and the last 3 days the invisible Masked Goddess. A witchcraft coven may »Jso 
decide to follow the Celtic Tree calendar, or a Goddess calender put out by the Fellowship 
of Isis, or some oihei calendar. As you will note, the pagans will worship anything but their 
true God, their Greater in Heaven. Each New Moon is worshipped by the Chinese, the 
Lithuanians, & other pagans. Each lunation is marked by pagan festivals all over the world. 

Jan. I Kalends of Jan./Fortuna/Egypt.Day Offerings to Fortuna 

Jan. 2 Ad veni <if Isis Goddess of Love 

Jan. 3 St. Genevieve, [star Kalends of Jan. dedic. to Genevieve. 

Lstar (Inanna) Goddess of Underworld. 

Jan. 4 Egyptian Day 

Jan. 5 Nones of January, Korc's worship & pray to Kore 


Jan. 6 

Epiphany of Kore 

Night ritual for Kore 

Jan. 7 

Sekmet, Anc. Egypt. New Year's 

Jan. 8 

Disting Moon, Justilia, Fasching Masked carnivals 

Jan. 10 


Jan. 11 

( armentalia 

Fire Festival celebrating nymphs. Mania 

the Mother of Ghosts appeased by effigies 

Jan. 12 

St, Distaff, Compitalia 

Sacrd day of Frigg,household gods wrshpd 

Jan. 13 

Ides i>r January 

Homage to apple trees, Midwinters offrg 

Jan. 15 

Carmen talia 

Pasteries shaped like m/f genitalia made 

Jan. 16 


worship goddess Concordia 

Jan. 17 


worship goddess of luck Fclicitas 

Jan. 20 

St. Agnes' Eve 

divination by fire 

Jan. 21 

St. Agnes Day 

Jan. 22 

St. Vincent 

Apollo worship 

Jan. 23 

Start Goddess month of Bridlie 

Jan. 24 

Cornish Tinner's Seafarer's Day Old Cornish "Labor Day" 

Jan. 25 

Bum's Night, St. Paul's 

worship Scand. gods, rembr Robert Burns 

Jan. 30 

Festival of Peace 

worship goddess Pax, Jew, goddess Shekinah 

Jan. 31 


Yggdrasil world tree, begin Imbolc 

Feb. 1 


Fire festival, 1 .esser Rleusinian Mysteries 

Feb. 2 

Candlemas/Groundhog Day Initiation of witches 

Feb. 3 

St Blasius, Brigantia 

All-seeing eye, eye of Brigid displayed 

Feb. 4 

King Frost Day 

extinct Br. ritual 

Feb. 5 

Si. Agatha 

divination & fortune telling 

Feb. 9 

St. Apollnnia 

Feast day for Apollo, the Sun God 

Feb. 12 


Worship Artemis & Diana 

Feb. 13 


Festival of the Dead, ancestor worship 

Feb. 14 

St. Valentine 

Festival or Love/Sex, run labyrinths 

Feb. 15 

1 Jiper ralia 

worship Faunus, an aspect of Pan 

Feb. Id 

Celebration of Victoria 

worship goddess of Victory 

Feb. 17 


Festival of Bread, feast on pasteries 

Feb. 18 

Tacita, Festival of Women 

worship Tacita, honor all women 

Feb. 19 

Purification Festival 

Spirits of the dead were placated 

Feb. 21 


Appease ghosts by leaving food 

Feb. 22 

Concordia • 

worship Concordia, settle disputes 

Feb. 23 


worship Terminalia, god of bounderies 

Feb. 25 

St. Walpurgis 

Mar. 1 

Matronal ia 

worship goddess Juno Luciita 

Mar. 2 

St. Chad, Fcst. of Vesta 

worship Ccadda, god of healing springs 

Mar. 3 

St. Winnal 

Morris dancing, Winnal, god of the sea 

Mar. 5 

St. Martian, Cele.ot Isis 

god Mars worshpd w/ household gods 

Mar. 7 

Purim, Junonalia 

Spring festival of Purim, goddess worship 

Mar. II 

St. Hercules 

worship of Hercules, worship of strength 

Mar. 12 

Martyrdom of Hypatia 

"divine" pagan lady killed by "Christians" 

Mar. 14 

Festival of Velurius Mamurius Celebrates the art of armor 

Mar. (1 

Ides of March, day of Cybele worship of Rhea, goddess of the earth 


Mar Id 


Bacchic type partying 

Mar. 17 

Bacchus, St. Patrick 

Feast for the triple key 

Festival of Astarlc 

Astarte (Easter) original colored egg day. 

Mar. 19 

Athena, Minerva 

worship of Athena & Minerva 

Mar. 20 

Vernal Equinox 

Spring Festivals, craft fairs 

Mar. 21 

Spring Equinox 

Major witch sabbat 

Mat. 24 


Day of godess Albion who protects Briiian 

Mar. 25 

Lady Day 

celebrate Return of the Goddess 

Mar. 28 

St. Mark's Eve 

Roman sacrifice at the Tombs 

Mar. 30 


Festival of Janus 


German goddess of rebirth Eostara 

Mar. 31 


worship of Moon goddess in all her different 

forms and names 



Amer, Indian dance w/ free sex for all 

April 1 

All Fool's Day (also probably the actual birlhdaie of Christ) 

April 4 

Begin Magna Mater for 7 days Celebrate Cybelc 

April 5 

Festival of Kwan Yin 

Asian pagans use incense and yo to shrines 

April 6 


April 8-10 

Equinox of the Gods 

Drugs and orgies 

April 1 1 


April 15 


worship god of environment & envrnmentlists 

April 21 

Parilia, Earth Day 

Fire rituals, remember Mother Earth 

April 22 

Festival of Ishtar 

April 23 

Jupiter, St, George 

Parades, festival of fertility 

April 25 

St. Mark, Cuckoo Day 

Aptil 27 


Flowers used 

April 30 

Beltaine, Walpurgis Nij 

>hl Sex riluals, wilehes meet ou mouiilaintops 











May Day 

Fire Festival, Elena 
Veneration of the Thorn 
Enlightenment of the Budda 
Nones of May 

& dance, women mate w/ High Priests, the 
children of WalpurgiS night are called "sons 
of Pan * In Germany in 1990 on this night 
Broeken holy mtn, in Ger. was reclaimed 
by fern, witches. 

Sex rituals, May poles, trees decorated 
Goddess of the Holy Road Elena 
Hawthorn Tree worshipped 

Hisheiligc (ice saints) 
Goddess Tithe Dav 
Apollo n Day, Feast of Pan 

Mjollnir, Ascension Day 
Rose Festival Rosalia 

Lemures are wandering spirits of the dead 
Lemuria was a day to make peace w/ the 
dead spirits who don't like you 
German spirits of cold / wet weulhe r wrshpd 
Riack-mbed Isis gel 1/ 10 tithe 

Priest has wine, women & Song to honor 

Ritual contests, trial by combat 


May 21 Mother of Aries, Hermes French gypsy pur lying. Feast day of Hermes 

May 25 Celebration of ihe Tao incense burned to the mother of the world 

May 29 Oak Apple Day wear oak 1caves,walk around crops for favor 

May 30 Feast of the Qn of Heaven worship Frigg, brew Whitsun ales,Iight 

white candles 

June I Kalends of June 

June 2 Mo I her Earth Day 

June 3 Second Festival of Peace 

June 4 Festival of Roses 

June 7 Vestal ia, Purification by fire 

June 8 Landisfarnc Day 

June 9 Vesta Feast Day 

June 13 Feast of Epona-Cellic Goddess shaped like a horse transports 

witches into the magical realms of the spirits 

June 14 Vidar Day for modern Asatru 

June 17 St. Botolph 

June 20 Fvc of summer solstice 

June 21 Summer Solstice Stonehenge used, cares were written & 

burned, chanting 

June 24 Furtuna^Day of Luck bonfires lit on high pointe, oi candles 

July 3 Dog Days 

July 7 Feriae Ancillarum, Fest. of Handmaids 

In Japan & Korea Tanabata occurs 

July 10 Worship for Holda, Hcla, Skadi Skadi is represented by a scythe 

July 17 Fest. of Amaterasu-o-Mi-Kami Japenese worship of Sun goddess 

July IS Birthday of Sir John Dee, inventor of Enoehian Magic 

July 22 Black Virgin Mary Magdalene celebrated in France 

July 23 Feast of Sottas Apogee of Sirius, dog might be saerif. 

July 25 Funinalia worship Furrina 

July 26 Sleipnir altered states of consciousness 

August l Lammas Rituals, festivals, Indian corn fest. 

August 4 Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

August 6 Celtic Fan Hill Festival Holy Fire day 

August 12 Lights ol lsis^-SL Clare's Isis worship day Christinized to be St 

Clare's Day 

Feast of Prophet & Bride Crowley's marriage to Rose Kelly eclcb. 

August 13 Festival of Hecate & Diana Yggdrassil Tree-symboL change & chaos 

August 15 Assumption ol Mary goddess 

August 24 Mundus Cerens/ Odin's OrdealsOpen ritual pit of underworld & spirits 

August 25 Opeconsiva 1st holiday of goddess Ops, 

Sept I Feast of 1st Fruits, Radhas Day 

Sept 7 Feaht of Tahuti Homosexual sex magic 

Sept 8 Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary 

Sept 9 Horned dance 

Sept 13 Banquet of Venus, Ides of Sept. sex 

Sept 14 Feasts of Lights Burn lights to tombs of dead, & gods 


Sept 16 Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year, caballists celebrate 

Sepi 19 Fast of Thoth Thoth honored 

Sept 20 Host of Midnight Hands cut off while alive, then rit. buried 

Scpl 21 Feast of the divine Trinity/Rites of Fleusis 

Sept 23 Autumn Equinox bathe in sea, carry torches, start of 


Sept 29 Michaelmas Christian form of Nudd f Lord of the 

underworld and the faerie kingdom who 
sacred mtn. is Glastonbury Tor. 

Sept 30 8th day of mysteries sometimes women cut off their hair 

Oct i Yom Kippur 

Oc! 5 Greek day of holy spirit Sophia worshipped, gnostic holiday 

Oct 11-13 Thesmophoria, Fest. of Women's rights or Fest. of Demctcr mgkl 


( kt 1 2 Crowleymas Crowley's birthday 

Oct 23 Winter Saturday Asatru festival 

Oct 3 1 SAMHAJN, Halloween Parties, Trick or treating, vandalizg 

Nov 1 Mexican Fesl. of the Dead Picnics in eemetaries 

Nov 2 All Souls Day 

Nov 3 Gaelic New Years Initiation of the soul 

Nov 5 Guy Fawkes Night Burn effiges and cares 

Nov 16 Witches' Night of Hecate Prophecies, worship of Witch Queen 

Nov 23 Persephone worship Wheel goddess of underworld 

Nov 2M Sons of Saturn, St. Saturnius Satan's "sons'-Jupiter, Neptune,Pluto 

Dec 6 Thor, St. Nicholas Gnostic holiday for St. Nicholas (Thor) 

Dec 1 0 Lux Mundi worship of goddess Lux Mundi whose statue 

is called the Statue of Liberty, NY harbor 
Dec 13 St. Lucy's Day Lucina, the Sun goddess worshipped 

Dec 17 Saturnalia (7 davs) Carnivals around Europe 

Dec 21 Yule (means the Wheel), WINTER SOLSTICE 

Dec 24 Mother Night 

These are standard ritual dates, however during the year witches will carry out rituals to cast 
spells for specific purposes that are unique to that point in time. Spirits and demons will be 
conjured up all during the yean Magic, Yoga, meditation etc. also go on during the year. 
There are a number of occullic fraxernities, some of which are college fraternities, which 
have their own pecular special days. The KKK and the Neo-Nazis have their special days 
loo. For instance, it is a given lhat Hitler's birthday will be celebrated by Neo-nazis, If you 
are dealing with a Satanic group which admires Hitler, they may also celebrate his birthday. 
The list of Pagan holidays lumps everything together: however, when you are dealing with 
a group see if they are following Crowley, or Gardner, or American Indian traditions or 
whatever and learn the rituals that are unique to that group. I hope that this disgustingly 
long list of ritual dates will help Christians understand better whatever they may be 
confronted with as they encounter & deal with the world of witchcraft 




OCT. 30, 1995 

Supplement No. 1 to Ezckicl 6:3 

Researching ritual sites and carrying out spiritual warfare are two Jobs which arc never finished. Within a 
month ol" pelting my Erektet 6;3 Inhouse Uircctonr together, I have additions that J would like to add 
throughout the entire structure. 

When Stephen, the first Christian martyr spoke to the .lews assembled to murder him, his talk was on the 
spit teal forces that had shaped their community. Each geographic area has its own spiritual milestones --eJUier 
good or had, which have had u cause and effect relationship anon the spiritual forces (such as the 
principalities) which sil over an area. 

When proper prayer is ottered up in worship to Valiweii God, it has a cause and effect relationship upon 
His Kingdom and His will happening. This is why we are taught to pray "Your kingdom come. Your will lie 
done, on earth as it is in heaven." MT 6:10. Earth is a mirror image of the reality of Heaven, Earth is not a 
perfect representation ol Heaven, but some day the two will be the same and will be joined, God ha* placed 
the responsibility for His kingdom in the hands and hearts of His priesthood, llieir prayers are important 
I'm not talking about prayer which verges more on superstition and witchcraft, which unfortunately 
characterizes so much 'Chris dan" prayer today. 1 am talking about Holy Spirit breathed, anointed, procrcathe, 
supernatural prayer. 

An amazing thing happens when we decide to take an honest look at the spiritual forces thai are in oin 
geographic region. Our hearing lowurd Yahwuh Cod improves, and w understand belter what He is trying to 
communicate to us. 

When Christians have gone out in the trenches uud fought spiritual forces, they have found that theory 
doesn't win k, and l hey have realized that many of the accepted cures and methods just donl work. Tliey have 
begun to realize that they need Lo understand the spiritual forces which have Hie people in an area in bondage. 
There are definite geographic patterns to spiritual warfare* There are territorial .strongholds such as seen in 
Dan. HI with the Demonic Prince of Persiu. There are President, Knight, Count, and Congressmen demons. ITie 
world's political systems were first spiritual, and then the patterns were taken from the dark spiritual side by 
the godless world. 

Demons are attracted by the "scent" of people. We are made in the image of God, and we an- attractive pre* 
to those WOO hate God Almighty. Cities are magnet for demons. 

When demons target a person or people, a common tactic is to make trouble for the pvi sou. Wligu a person's 
problems reach a crecendo. they will be in a stale of mind to grab any solution that is passing by. People Ihen 
make pacts with demonic forces. They sell their souls hoping for relief from their problems. All (his is dear 
us a bell lo the spiritually enlightened, by the demonic forces are able to dull the senses of their victims to the 
point they no longer have the slightest realization that they have sold their souls. People make a choice lo 
accept the falsehood offered by the demons Tor their relief, rather than stick with the truth which seems In 
hurt. The demonic lies may Uc that colds and fines are caused by evil spirits -when in reality they are caused 
by viruses and bacteria. Or the opposite type of lie may he given— that demonic forces have no influence over 
disease, that only viruses and bacteria exist. In Africa, modern medicene is often viewed as White Man's magic, 
because they fight disease with incantations which the demons taught them to cure their problems. 

Aulhority to demons Is transferred to them by festivals, ceremonies and pilgrimages. Strong demonic 
manifestations usually occur around festivals, ceremonies, rituals and pilgrimages which are being dune 
everyday around the world. These ceremonies and rituals are welcome mats for demonic forces giving them the 
rk\lu to rule. Every area has them. 4nd often (teutonic signs and wonders occur at these rituals and 
ce mm iiiies. 

The power of a lie has to lie preserved anil fueled by tradition, which is niani listed via rituals. Without 
tradition the power of the lie would die out. If the tradition is being rejected by a people, the demons often 
augment il with "new" deceptions. First lie doesn't stand a chance. The pre-existing bondages then arc 
strengthen by new deceptions that seem more appropriate. 

ir I were in ask you nmv, HOW 1K)ES SATAN ENSLAVE PEOPLK7" you should know the answer because 

p. a- 

I jus I Ravi il lo you. 

The answer is SftttttVs control is trauma based, A trauma is applied to the lives of people. They reach out 
Tot' sonic type of answer to the trauma, and the demons offer .some type of answer—so many Kail Marys, or so 
many <ttrri tired cats, or pray to some idol which is a disguised demon. The lies art turned into myths which 
I he people believe. II u myths arc a blurring of reality which the people on one level may know are false, but 
i heir minds can't break loose of the power of the lie. The power of the myths are fueled by tradition and 
demonic manifestations and demonic attacks. Anyone who steps outside of the demonic lie is attacked. 'Ilie 
people feel they are being personally attacked when their traditions are ignored. Because a people has willingly 
sacrificed the truth for the falsehood in their need for relief from their trauma, they have chosen to be 
deceived. This choice to be deceived has a great deal of spiritual power to it. They are no hinder truth lover*. 
It is nol enough to come to these people with the truth. They have rejected the truth. They must at some point 
will to seek Hie truth again. These people can have all the proof shown to them about the truth, and they will 
continue lo reject it. Their demonic bondage needs to be broken somehow. This bondage can be broken in a 
number of ways* Pointing out the inadequacies of the lies is sometimes sufficient to break the demonic spell 
over people. Hut after the lies are broken, they need to he followed by die truth— and the love of truth. 

The Monarch Mind Control program mini; is simply the sophisticated application of what bus been done lo 
humanity on a large scale being scaled down and applied to a single human bock. Trauma and lies are used 
in the same way. Tin different utters sell their souls to the lie* in return for their safety. A basic ingredient 
to the programming of a group of people tor a group of alters) i> the same-trauma and fear. 

The Land of Oz was ruled by a shadow-leader the Wizard of O2. Most countries are ruled by unseen people 
and unseen power-, ITie Wizard of Ox itory Is so representative of how life is for Satan's world. No wonder 
it is the programming base for some many Monarch inind-coiitrolled slaves. 

Jhe solution lo Satan's omirnl, uas that |hf riUdples of Christ would Ik so united in love that the world 
would see the solution. Thai they all may be ouc«~thu( the mirld may believe. For Hie Monarch slaves, the 
therapists have wanted integration, For the world, Christ wanted integration, hot there are formidable 
Spiritual strongholds which divide u>. These spiritual strongholds arc far stronger than most Christians can 
imagine. The heartbeat of the Unify of Christ is to hring all humanity lo Christ- litis can be done by breaking 
down oil the lies and programming that separate the parts of the Body or Mo ist SO that those of Christ arc 
so well integrated in love and spirit that tlie world believes on the power of Christ. 

There are geographic patterns to spiritual warfare. Each area has its deities and spirits which rule the 
valleys, homes, and nations. Hie.se particular spirits exercise power over the local people. The evangelist is not 
going to progress, unless he understands the spirits that are ruling what lie is trying to liberate people from. 

The basic territorial spirits are the original ones. In the U.S. these are the Indian .spirits. That is why the 
llluminati pays such a strong Interest in the Indians. The original principalities are the foundation, the bedrock 
upon which everything else is layered upon. This also is done in Monarch programming. A number of Mf march 
slaves have Indian shamans und spirits placed in their system*. Upon the foundation, the newer ideologies ure 
layered in. In Russia, communism was simply layered on top of I he original territorial spirits. In China, 
communism was simply layered on top of the original territorial spirits. This is one reason why Chinese 
communism and Russian com mini km were never alike. 

Traumas und crises will product nUtoi upholds. Our understanding of our blind spots is often weak because 
we use others as our measuring slick rather than the divine word of God, Hlindspots and strongholds may take 
outside intervention in our lives lo eliminate. 

How many or 11s see that Moroni on top of Mormon temples is a ruling demon? How many of us have 
realised thai the rising; sun 011 Japan's flag is the Sun goddess of who is a ruling spirit over Japan? If we yo 
to Hawaii we will see the natives interested in Pele, the God of Fire. The volcanoes have been used by the 
de in otis to entrap the people to I'ele* the (Jod of l ire. One of the things that the book Lzekiel 6:3 shows is that 
many of the ritual situs have occull names. Devil's Canyon may well be a canyon for devils. The names peoplf 
give geographic areas are important. They show the types or parts that people have been making. 

Paul under the Spirit's inspiration wrote, "while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the 
things whir h are 1101 seen. For tin- thing's which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are 
eternal." 2 COR 4:18 The invisible things are more important that the visible. If we recognize this, the Word 
of (iod says that this will lielp us keep from losing heart! ""Therefore we do nol loase heart, Rven though olir 
outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed da\ by day." 2 COR 4:lfi 

-p. b- 


I was able In visit with u man who helped build a number of the secret underground installation* for the 
government. He had a very high security clearance. The man is a Monarch Mind -control led slave. His system 
lias it photographic mind, due to bruin stem scarring. He is trying to expose the New World Order. He has 
provided a great deal of new information to me, since he knows first hand about the underground bases. I have 

been able to significantly update/correct my information on underground installations. The corrections he ^ 
made to my list have hern made to those pages, and these pages arc included. ^^sHU**^ k ^ozie 

I also discovered Unit I had left out the ritual sites of the Process Church (which is a Satanic group ct 
developed from ttit* OTO.) That information will also be provided here in Ihis supplement to update your * ^ 
information on the location of ritual sites*. 

Another addition to the information I had to sharr came from a woman who visited me from Bend. She had 
been talked into going over to the Mckenzie Pus* area lo go some hot springs with acquaintences. It turned 
out that they weii* numbers or a satanic coven. She was raped and then prepared for a Sabbat sacrifice. She 
managed to escape the coven, but has been harassed greatly since then. She provided information about who 
is in the cult and the underground tunnel system thai extends under Bend, OK and throughout thai area of 
Oregon. I told her that if her life is threatened lhat she should tell her satanic abusers that I will publish the 
names of llie saluuk coven which tried to sacrifice her. I also will expose other things she learned. I will 
provide some or the basics of what 1 learned in a map which is part of this supplement. 

When I went through and palled together my information on ritual sites. I forgot that I had given ritual sites 
for the Process Church in an article on Hie Process C hurch. The Process Church is an offshoot of the OTO- 

Tlie Ezekiel 6:3 also did not give any information about the OTO. The OTO will carry out many of their 
ritualb at their designated temple sites around the comitry. The first place to look for rituals is at their OTO 
"temples' 1 , and then the resl of the sites can only hp learned from insiders or ex-insiders. 

Process ll.urch Rituals 

Bef ore each coven ritual meeting a virgin was raped, or a person or animal sacrificed. 

The riluals of the Process Church an similar lo Aleisier Crowh vVs teachings and whal live OTO does. Pari 
of some of lite groups* rituals Include drinking the cull Master's tleaderj urine. Each nc-w member makes a 
Covenant or Pact with the group which is signed with tlieir own blood. Each new recruit is required to bring 
pictures of their entire family and addresses, llivse items are kept by someone in the coven. (The person who 
keeps these in the lllnminati is called The Keeper of the Seals.) These items are kept as tools of blackmail and 
coercion should anyone be I ray the group or break a vow. Rituals done by the Basque witches of Portugal and 
Spain were also studied and adopted. Members often get tatoos, sometimes beneath the upper lip, as a sign 
of who they belong to. 


1 lie Preecss Church nourished around college campuses and military bases. It also nourished in large cities. 
In some of these places the Process Church, which is underground, is thriving in these areas. In some areas, 
I am only able to give the city name and not the exact location of the rituals. 


Beverly Hi lis 

Los Angtka, CA-In Mar. 1968, 30 members set up an oulpost at a lurge house on 18H2 Soulh Cochrane St. 
Mill Valley, CA - 

O'Neill Park, Santa Ana Mountains (so. of LA.) -human sacrifices were done here 

Sun Francisco— <4(T7 Cole St. Sau h'runcisco, a liead quarters building in l%7. later they rnnYrrl to Oak St. 
San Francisco North Rearh Section 
San Ansel mo, CA-u house 

Most sites unknown 

Ridgefield, Conn- near the state border in » wooded area 




New Orleans 

Cambridge, Mass* 

Pound Ridw, Mass-so. of North Salem--a house oft' Salem Kd. in the Pound Ridge cominuiiily 

Brooklyn, NY--A Process building was set up on East I2tli SL Rituals were done in a nice Brooklyn Heights 
home on Henry Si. between Love Lane and Atlantic Ave, Another spot near Love Lane was also used For 

Bronx-White Plains Rd area of northeast Bronx 

Greenwich Village, NY -Process Church was established in 1 68 on Cornelia St. 

Lawrence, Long Island, NY- In a secluded woods behind the Woodmere Country Club, there was an abandoned 
root cellar, where nn estate once been on the land. Ihc cellar looks like a bunker. 
Shelter Island. Long Island, NY 

Southhampton, NY—Sec Roy Rodin below Tor details about his mansion where many satanic rituals were held. 
Westchester County & Putnam County line -in the NE corner of Wesrrhester Co. Is an abandoned church which 
served as the eastern headquarters. This church near Brewster, Mass. was purl or an estate owned by the 
Warburg* and the Rothschilds. The mansion had burned-out. A witch lived on this Rothschild property for 
u number or years, 

mite Plains -an abandoned church near Central Ave, A small shed near the abandoned church was used to 
store ritual items. 

Yonkers, NY-The Carr house at 316 Warburtnn Ave* was a command renter and lintennyer Park was a ritual 
site for ihc Yonker's group. The spot in Lntcrraycr's Park was at an old pump house culled locally Devil's 
Cave. The aqueduct in Hint area was called the gutters or sewers and that is where a satanic altar was placed. 
Another site near Devil's Cave was at the old St ill well Estate on North Broadway about 1/2 mile away from 
Uniermyer Park, Untermyer Park is near the Hudson River in Yankees. Several of the Satanic group I hat 
Berknwilz belonged to lived In Uie Pine St. /Wicker St./Warburlnn Ave. area. An old ST wide aqueduct pipe thai 
no longer carried water ran from that area underground for a couple miles and continued to the Untentiyer 
Park where rituals Tor the group were carried mi! Tor a number of years. With flashlights or candles it was 
possible to walk undetected to the ritual site. Further, at certain locations hidden forgotten maintenance 
portals pave people access to the tunnels too. I inferrnyer Park had a interesting occult history. The land 
belonged to Samuel Tilden. a U.S. presidential candidate in 1876* A lavish cslale with Creek & Roman columns 
was built on the land. A british Salanist named Samuel Lntermyer bought the land from Tilden in 19(11. 
Unterrayer then imported stone to embellish the landscaping. When Unleniiyer died in I'M), the city of Yonkers 
took over. Rituals included the Black Mass where a chalice with feces, urine, vomit and animal blood were 
poured into a chalice and consumed. Humans, dogs, esp. German shepherds and cats' were sacrificed. The cult 
met at least once a month on the full moon, and also on the satanic holidays. They also esteemed Aletster 
Crowley's birthday. The group also met in a mansion in Green burgh, central Westchester which had been 
h n rued out. 


Tile cull likes North Dakota because there are wide open space* where policemen rarely if ever travel to, This 
gives them a free ticket to carry mil whatever they want without exposure. In 1971, Process members dr essed 
in black clerical j>arb with red collars rented a house in Bismarck and began recruiting. Rituals were held in 
this house, 

Bismarck, ND-ln a wooded area just below Mary College (a small college; in an old shed in the woods. 
Notable personages of Bismarck were/are part of this cull. Some of the professors at Mary College are in the 

-p. d- 

cull loo. Dogs* were riluutly killed in a magic slune circle there. Access to the site was via Mary Cnllrg<». The 
cull also met at Hillside Cemetery, behind a Catholic Church, und nt a Bismarck synagogue. 
Muiidau, ND-a coffee shop was used for recruiting 

Minot, ND-Behind Falcon Nest CofTee Shop was a ritual site, the coven ofaboul a dozen people also used an 
old brmhotrte out of town. 




MEMBERS OF I III I'K(K1XS < III k( II & BRANCH 1*3— The Prot est Church had different levels of 
participation. Some members would be in leadership, some would be regular members, and some would he 
occasional participants. 'Hie following people fit into one of these t>pes of members. 

**«two asterisks mean that the person was part or David I&erknwilz's Satanic covin. 

Stanley Baker -member Santa Cruz Process Church, carried lingers ol his victims in a leather poucn. I ia was recruited or a Wyoming 
university campus, where he parttcipaied m blood drink ng riluals 

Flabby Fteaus ote^l Sari Hancfeoo satanict, purl of Manson's Family, lie staned In the film "Luctei Rising" where he played the part 
erf Lucifer 

»«Dwykl Berfrowitz ic. 1953- )-1iom a Jewish family, Joined the Sataniets in 196/, showed an interest in Christianity while in Prison, 
was selected by trie cull to take the blarre for ail the cults murder*. Because his guilt and insanity were all staged. Ret kiiwit/ funnel 
his arresi and triai amusing, because he MM watching the police seem to believe all trie deception. The truth is the police had the 
evidence that BeiKowii/ was iioi the one who did all the murders and lha! others helped them Gome ol the heads of I he police 
Un|>erlmefils, who were the mosl inloimed ol the evidence decided to ignore the evidence, and allow Ber kowitz to be the fall guy. 
While in prison a seriojs attempt to kill him almost succeeded. 
Jerry Berc-ln Minoi, NOqroup 
Donny Bcane-in Mmot, ND group 

**Canm?o C^f >f hox ncmel -Ll of the heaa over Berkow«tz*s group, he carried messages from tna Boss. Whoever the Doss ol 
Barkowftz's group was, he In turn answered to someone. Dressad like an Indian with a headband He introduced ctiente to call girl? 
at the Auto Pub restaurant in Manhattan & General MniorF. Building 

"JohnChailes Carr (nickname Wheaties) (t946 1 978} -He and his brother were 0* aclual Sou of Sam. They were both in |r*> cult 
and their lather?, name was Sam Carr. John Can wag associated with North Dakota (a member ol lie Mmot group) and hew 'for* 
{a memhw of the Wejtet w ft ei , g»ocp) He dealt dugs in Minot ND. John liked to rape young girls. John instructed the author Peter 
Huiuirig ir bluok magic at John s house, 

V c iuel Val Carr ill (I952-I9£0)--On the staff ol tr>e Church ol Scientology went Through ihe idigious retreat nl the Church o* 
Scienlo ogy called Rag land Rase in FL. where he completed their bxecuti*? Celegal cn and Supervision course This I believe was 
near cr at the Fort Hainsnr: hotel in Clearwater, FL which is a ma|or training center of the Church ol Scientology He was a member 
ri rmtwort cit Process groups that Qerkowitz was in Michael participated in Satanic rituals in several elates Induing the oity ot 

free 1 Crowen - serial killer m New Rocheto NY 

Andrew Cfispo-MUI.Ofiair«. Cora inn dealer, had slaves, cult officer -famous make-up artist friend of Ciispo was al&c in lha cult 
Brtjcft Ffcwiw LI of Manson who sperY. time at the Process Church's I ondon headquarters, he also worked at Ch o* Scientology's 
HO in London 

Canny De Ca'lo -Procas* church Santa Barbaio. 

Mickey I> Vmk o Judy Garland's, hue-band at Uitf time ol her ceath Roy Radin s chiei assistant 

bi icksen-- 

Maritime Farthfui -comoanlon to the Rolling Slones. in Ihe Process Churcr lor u while war, u l-.l h mi ch m ir-sue o1 Process magazine, 
as If dead arxl holding a rose 

Phil falcon - Amer Indian from ihe DnkBiriP im a coffee shop in Mlnot called f~ aloon's Mest before moving out west, appears lo nave 

had a-ily a atari *nne association 

Hnward Green -a satanist killed by the cult n ritual 

Robert llirshma nn (c. tftn.^iw/fi) cuJt namn hrother lorn -member NY area 
Patricia K renwinkfe---Mai*sr.in larulv iriHmhrr 
Remarft I hG^io s son of U.N. cxecxive. Satanic slave 

^Mangon l ioccuitnamei . h s last name i* he^ieved to be Frank- the Process Ch jrch oflicc waa Charlie MMWrt^ U*i*. Worked 
at the Process Diurch s sec ct I A hoo.dquaiilws 

Charles Man son Charlie wav tta- N^Hett level Scientologi$t-a Theta CJear, and was a Process leader. Early Investigator a suspected 
Mmon 1 ! Ptooess membership, but were not able to nail il down. It M hett bMTt crptrnimiFMi tnough. 
Cam I Mator -B Process Satanist Irom Brooklyn kiaed It/ null n, ritual 

Terr/ Melche r- TV producer (rxit knowi i* tie was member-but worked with M Process Church), apparently a part i.me part ciqant 

Tern/ was the son of Doris Day. 
Robert McKeage IV-NJ businwssniari 
i jgfgj Kop jut-Satanic murderer . porn producer 
Anita Patio nbgrq -Qirlf fiend of Rolling Stones Keith Richards - 
Jonathan do Povot jcuK name Fatfter Christian)- 

John Phillips -parl ol Ihe Mama*. A Papas, a part time participant, donated monsy to the Process Church 

Ftov Alexander Ratlin (1950-Fri. May 13, 1983) Process leader who m* killed Fri. 13 May after attending Adam Buttons (uulur Red 
Button's son) L»ji rnititvah, Cut mvtrw«t'ons to silence him, and difficult finarciai transactions converged and I he cult executed thi& 
Process officer from Ocean Castle. Southampton, New Jersey I le was taken passed Magic Mtn, and Py-am c Lake and shot in a 
remote she oil I lungry Valley Rd. ai the end of ihe Oopco Canyon Serv ce rd in l he San Fernando Valley. He had lop fewel drug 
links to So America and Hiiwvaii Ha irii»n;^jn C Cnytte on Dune Rd.. Southhampton, Long blunt I whs worth $3 million. He had 
tannine a Millionaire somehow by the age ot 25. He would be seen In pcbOc wearing a devilish black cape and twirling a cane 
guarded by bodyguards. »1e threw expensive cug/sex/satanfic partes ai his mansion. He made a series "snuff V.ceos-ihat is when 
a person Is rr.uide-ed/sacriliced and it is filmed live Twc ot the Son ot Sam muidere were vkJeoed at Radin s command Radin ran 
a targe call girl operation 

Raevft Cart Rrmkman Associates with NY and North Dakota 
Rudy -member in the NY area 

Alex Saunders -British "warlock" who initiated actress Shaw Tale mtn witchcraft 
w * Name unknown -- was a Yonkers policeman 

Ro nald Srsman drug, dealer friend of Roy Radin, Sisman wes in the process of g-'ving snuff videos of the curt to police when he was 

killed (executed) 

Catherine fQyps efr Share- - 

Afflhonv Varjsco - Killed ir, Putnam. NY 

-Howard Weiss - Jewish background, be'enged to a police aux. fire unit, was a "Deace officer, worked for the Bronx Child Welfare 

Victor Wild lErotre? Byl -Leather goods rnanuli adorer in rtaighl Ashlntry, San Hancrsco. 
Denms WHson -Beach Hove drumnw 
Wi/ tnult name] -in Mirot. ND grcup 

I he Bend, OR Area 

An I/Zumina-f 1 Fortress. 

tit SUtl I Bwa* 

"fa> f^dia,A€ only 

^ f'*s»VLer ciiji^ &k t **> ***** 

• Tit. fmr&k 

******* / 


132 secret underground facilftteg have been built, many arc underground small-cities. A number of these bases 
have been described to me by witnesses including NORAD, Dulrr, Cons R&y, unit Dreamland. 
Formal Ik as follows: 

Site name, »(« h>tr«li<Ni t |;ruup/grvNips in control, .size. activity 

D Fort Ifuachuca- saucer base 

O Santa Catalina Mountains - has* 


D in I Ik vicinity of Hardy und Cherokee Village-installation purpose not known 

□ Pine Bluff, Ark.-sancer ha.se 


D2V Palms Marine Base - saucer base southeast of Ludlow, lliis is a L.S. nlieu research/ diagnostic facility 
and UFO has*. Identified on military inup as airspace area R-254)iN. 
O Deep Springs, CA- saucer base 

□ Fori Irwin, CA- sauw base 

D Edwards Air Force Base, in the area where Diamond Cr. ft Ibe so. fork of the Yuba meet, there are 3 

underground UFO bases. 

Q George Air Force Base, CA - saucer base 

D Helendale, Lnckhcad I ndi ry round Facility, technology for secrel projects. There are 3 saucer bases here. 

□ Los Angeles, On Hwy 14 towards Edwards A.F.B. after Palmdale, «me turns off and alter taking several 
Streets to 170th street, north on 170th St. to the Kosamond-l?t)lh intersection, the second and lower and better 
maintained dirt raid will lake you west, and if you take a right going north at the power lines and up to the 
hilltop you will sec the- top of an underground NORTHOP facility. Technology for the elite's secret projects. 
This area was very active in the 197lte. 

□ Kern River, ( A the hollowed nut uiouutain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near 
Bakcrsficld- reported saucer base 

O Norton Air Force Rose- snucer base 
D Quincy, CA-saurer base 

O Near Palmdale (if one lakes Palmdale Blvd. til 240th SL and goes to Ave R-N. One the eastern limit of Ave. 
K-K is McDonnell-Douglas's facility called the Llano Facility. One can sec it better from the Three Sisters Hi lb 
to the south of the facility. 

Q Santa Rota, EE MA, Regional center for west coast, wliat FEMA is doiu& is mosllv kept secret 
DTecachapi Ranch- 4 saucer bases, Tecachapi ( !anyon has a new underground base which was finished in Sept. 
•95. This is the 'Unholy 6" base of tlie Orioiis. 


O Alamosa- reported saucer base 

□ Colorado Springs NORAD -Canada & ILS., & LEMA. hundreds of people on staff, contains al least 4.5 
cubic miles of underground ns and 45 underground steel buildings. This complex tracks thousands or 
satellites, missiles, submarines, and UFOs. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who have ALEX. 
JANUS. ALLXI <N tfldtime callback programming. NORAD installation has 1278 miles of road underground. 
O Fori Collins- base for tinty aliens 

□ Grand Mesa- Orion saucer base 


O Massive base- reported saucer base 

□ Fyliu AFB- Orion saucer base since 1971 


□ Thomas ilk-, FE MA, regional center, llicy train groups in Search and Destroy missions Itir when Martial Law 

O l ower Goose Lake area in the general ami of Qnklcv, ID.- Wackcu hut of (lie Illuuiifiuti run a "model prison" 
for the NWO. The worst ol the federal prisoners are placed in tlais underground prison which lias 7 J 00 ff lis 
which are tilled with about 2,7<K) federal inmates. A truck runs tlirouyji the middle of the eerie underground 
facility. Food and showers are on the tracks, and the men are allowed showers once a week. The minimnni of 
lighting is used and the men are beaten senseless if they talk at all. It sils 500* underground. 

Q Camp David -just north of the ramp is an underground facility import .mi to the intelligent* agencies. 
O below Ft. Meade, of the National Security Agency, 10 acres or tlie most sophisticated supercomputers Hurl 
can be built, very large complex, massive siirvi ill.mrc of all lla world s communication*, including all 
transmissions in the U.S. & world of telephones, telegraph, telex, fax, radio, TV and microwave transmissions, 

□ Olncy, actually the facility is between Gluey and Laytunsrille, on Rlggs Rd. off of Kt, I OK. Another 
uiuicigrumid facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be 10 levels dcrp. 
purpose link) town . 

D Saitlaiid, Mil- Classified archives of U.S. Govt, stored here in underground levels. Vaults have extensive 
amounts of documents which art? not indexed. Restricted access with a coded security card. 


O Maynard, FEMA, regional center, Wackenhut is here too. 

□ Rattle l reek, I KM A, regional renter, activity secret (not validated.) 

O Gwyuu, Ml- near Gveynn is a lun*e underground base wliicb b a key ba??e for sending .signals. An AFB is also 
nearby. Under Lake Superior is an alien base with roads 5,00(1* deep, 


□ 12 miles south of Lebanon, near the newly created town of Twin Bridges- reported saucer base 
Clin the Bat/ Dry/Head Man/ Howell cluster leaves- reported saucer base 


□ Blue Diamond -reported saucer base 

□ Groom Lake; also known as Dreamland, Area 51 , llie Area, the Spot, Ked Square, Sally Corrodnr, Watcrf own 
Strip. Run by the NWO along with demonic beings, lb* CIA is there and Wackenhut Security. Two large 
underground facilities close to liui separate from Groom l-akc hut nmlrolleri by the demonic beings are 
Papoose Range and Cockeyed Ridge (S?4) underground buses. Purpose is the testing of var ious UFOs and 
other secret aircraft like the Aurora and Stealth. Also biological wot* is done, including the biological raising 
of small greys. Many levels have been built at these three complexes, aud a 7 mile long run way (which is 
actually 39 miles* lias been built over Cruoiu Lake, a dry lake. There is an S~2, an Ji-4, an S-6, and an S-6Y> 
underground installations. S-66 is the most secret and it has 2*) levels and is 11, 3W deep. 

□ tjuartzite Mountain SK of Tonopah- reported saucer base 
D Tonopah, Aiiforee, CIA? & T?, deals wilh secret aircraft 


D Picafinny Arsenal- saucer base, 1/4 cubic mile large and very deep underground. 

□ Carlsbad Cavern area mow dest roved) -old relics of saucer base left 


□ Dulct, Wl .--South of Dnk i jn ihe area or the Jknrilla Indian Reservation, another facility is cast of ihe 
Duke facility a number of miles. This is run directly by llluminati w/ Army and AiNorve help, CIA also 



conduct cxperiiiictits al the center; the km of lh<- installation in hugli miuiiing small shuttle trains and lias 
seven U \v\>. according in nilnnM>. Serves as a 1.1 TO bast', biological i'vp^rinients, production renter lor s mall- 
ei cy drones. VVuckuiihtil provides some of (be security on the ground. 

□ Man?ano Mm, near Alhuuiienpir, known as the kirtland Munitions Storage Complex, Aiif ore*, 3,000- acre 
base within (Ik- Kirtland Ar B/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded by 4 lethal rings offences, use unknown, 
suspected UFO base. A new 2M5,0D0-s«|. ft. bunker is being buill neMr Manwnn Base. 

D P*e Town, in urea near Pic Town, UFO Base. 

D S.inili.i Mountains NK of Alhmpiei que -reported saucer base 

□ lo the north ot Taos Pueblo - reported saucer base 


D Plaltsburgh (near Canada and SL Albans) AFB- two saucer bases in this area. 

D Ada, underground saucer base, this base does human cloning, and it is FEMA's most sensitive base. 

□ Ashland Naval Animimiiion Depot- reported saucer base 


D Cons Bay urea lias had three separate bat coordinating underground facilities buill Tor UFOs. The facility 
farthest vast, atiout 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been shut down. It is now an old 
abandoned facility well cam nu flayed. 

□ Klamath Falls, OR-since Sept. '95 this has been a base fur a number of NWO groups Incl. the Air National 
Guard. I EM A, CIA, FBI, Spctmaz, and MOSAP I raining base. An underground concentration camp exists 


O Blue Ridge Summit, near Ft. Ritchie, known as "Raven Rock" or "Site R\ Army, major electronic nerve 
center, 650 It. below surface with about 350 staff and over a 716 acre area, possibly connected via tunnel to 
Camp David. 


□ I t. Hood, TX, home of some Helta Mtnd-Cnnirolled soldiers anil .i reported saucer base. 
D iH-nton, TX - FEMA, regional center, activity secret 

□ Red River Arsenal, TX- reported saucer base 


□ Rlueiiiuut, Mount Weather base. Federal Prcpardncsi Agency & FEMA, small-city underground, lop*seeret, 
staff or several hundred, dors secret work for FEMA and contains a complete secret government with Ihe 
various agencies and cabinet-level ranking administrators that keep their positions for several administrations 
and help run the United Slates. 

D CulpcpfH-r, about 2 miles east of Culpepper off of RL 3. called Mount Pony, llluminati— F ed. reserve, 140,(100 
sq. ft,, includes a facility for the storage lor corpses, monitors all major finaio i ll transactions in Ihe tLS. by 
means ot the "Fed Wire", a modern electronic system. 

D Warrington Training Cfr.-lwo sites one on RL 802 and I lie other on Bear Wallow Road, on Viewtree 
Mountain. Owe is Station A the other Station B. Army & ??, purpose unknown 


D Bnlhell, FEMA. regional center, activity unknown 

□ Sugar (irove, the Navy's Office of Nu*al Strategic Intelligence Services monitors LLS. microwave 
communications. There is also a saucer base here. 

□ WUte Nulpber Springs, under Ihe Crecnbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for BOO people equipped with 
its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes other than lisrenin? to 1LS. mk-rnwave communication 


232 Naval Air Weapons Station. 40 
29 Palms Marine Base. CA, 37 
v. 29 Palms, CA, mind control programming, 40 
7 Devils Wayside, OR. 27 
7 hills of San Francisco. 13 


AA Thelemic Order Silver Star. 45 
AES Corp.. 31 
ALEX system, 37, 40 
ALEXUS system, 37 

Abbey, school lor Satanism in OK City, ?f> 
Aberdeen, WA. 45 
Abileiie. KS. 19 
Academy of Secrets, 42 
Ada, OK. 26. 30 

Addresses, American Witchcraft Groups 43, 44^9 

Addman. Ken. 32 

Adopted Tribal Peoples, 42 

African spirits, 7 

Aglainn Triad of Wicca, 44 

Air Force Intelligence, 39 

Alabama, ritual siles, 10 

Alamosa, CO, 37 

Alaska (no sites given), 10 

Alaska Ferry Terminal, 34 

Albany. OR, 4B 

Albuquerque, MM, 23, 3B 

Alcatraz, mind conlrol, water torture, 41 

Alexandrian tradition. 6 

Algard tradition, 6 

Algonquin, IL, 43 

Alice In Wonderland Programming, Monarch, 41 

All Hallow's Eve witcries ball, NYC, 24 

All In One Coven, 44 

Allan Memorial InsL. 40 

Alligators, protect Hilton Head on west. 30 

Alpha Awareness Serninais, 2U 

Alpine. CA, 43 

Alvord Desert, OR, 27 

Amarlllo, TX, 4G 

American Celtic Order ol Wicca. 44 

American Indian sacred siles, Indiana, 18 

Amherst, MA, 43 

Ananda Marga cult, 15 

Ancient Spirits, wicca group. Portland, 28, 44 

Ancient ruins, al Hovenweep. 33 

Anderson, Roben Oreille, 23 

Angel Mounds Slate Memorial nark. 18 

Angel Mounds, IN, 18 

Arujel Peak, NM. 38 

Angelic protection, 4 

Ann Arbor. Ml, 22 

Annwn Gwyntyd, 10 

Anson. ME. 47 

Anli Christ. 7 

Apache tribe. 32 

Apple Valley MN, 49 

Aquarian Church Universal The. 28 

Aquarian Light Center, The, 2B 

Aquarian Tabernacle Church. 42 

Aquino, Michael, 14 

Ar nOraliocht Fern: A Druid Fellowship. 42 
Arachrve wk:can group, 21 . 44 
Arcadia National Park. 10 
Arcane School, NYC, 25 
Arcanum Wizard Guild. 44 

Area 51, NV (Dreamland, Groomlake. etc.), 38, 44) 

Area 51, mind control programming. 40 

Argentine. Ml, 22 

Arizona, ritual sites, 10-11 

Arizona, secret underground facilities, 37 

Arizona, southeastern, used for saucer bose.10 

Arkansas caves. 22 

Arkansas ritual sites. 1 1 

Arkansas, secret underground facilities, 37 

Arlington Heights IL 43 

Arlington. TX. 47 

Army Intelligence, 39 

Arvada. CO. 15 

Asatru Free Assembly, 44 

Ascended Masters are demons, 7 

Ashland Naval Ammunition Depot, OK, 39 

Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies. 23 

Aspen, CO. 15 

Association For Cymmry Wicca, 44 

Association of Cynirnry Wicca, 17 

Astaroth, 7 

Astor Family, 24 

Astor John Jacob. 7 

Astoria, OR. 27 

Asynjur, 44 

Atakapa Indian language. 20 

Atakapa tribe, homosexuality of, 20 

Atascadcro, CA, 1 1 

Athanor Fellowship, 44 

Athens, GA 44 

Atlanta. GA 44, 47. 48, 49 

Atlant ean crty before San Francisco 13 

Atlantic City, NJ, 23 

Atlantic City, important llluminati site 23 
Atlantis Rising Store, Portland. OR, 27 


Atlantis connected to Indian City-state, 21 

Atomic Energy Commission 39 

Attorney General selection. 31 

Augusta, GA, 42 

Aurora Books. Portland, OR, 27 

Aurora aircraft, 38 

Aurora. CO, 16 

Auslin. TX, .12, 4fi 

Avalon, Milwaukie, Wl, 38 

Avillian, 45 

Avillion, 42 

Altaian. Wl. % 

Aztec Hall. Mexico TIM, 32 


Babyk»> the Great Harlot. 9 

Backward masking by salanisls, 8 

Badger-Two Meclizine Blackfect sacred grd, 22 

Baghdad Theater, Portland, OR, 2b 

Bailey Robert (£, 2fi 

Baird, Zoe. 31 

Bakaa Valley, CO, 15 

Bakersfield, CA.ll, 42, 43, 4b, 4fi 

Bakke, Dennis, 31 

Balancing Rocks, OR, 26 

Baldu. 42 

Baltimore, MD 21 , 4? 43. 45, 46, 49 
Bandolier National Monument, 23 
Bar codes worn by children In school ritual. 28 
Barbados. 20 

Barker Ranch Death Valley, 12 
Bariell, Bob, 28 

Baseball held used lor ritual, 20 
Bath, Maine, 21 

Battle Creek, Ml, FEMA center, 38 

Baum, L. Frank, 11 

Bay Area Pagan Assemblies, 42 

Be WtSB As Serpents. 6 

Beaches, southern California, 11 

Rear & Company, 45 

Bear Gulch Cave in CA, 13 

Beatles s Sarg Pepper album, 8 

Beatles, rock band. 8 

Beau Hrvage Ancient Site. 21 

Beaumont, TX, 32 

Bedford Hills NY. 45 

Bedford. IN, 18 

Beechtree Press. 45 

Bellaire. TX, 43 

Bcflingham. WA, 34 

Belli ree Grove. 45 

Bcllview, FL 42 

Belott. Wl, 48 

Betphegor, 7 

Beltane Stone. NH, 23 

Beltane festrval in Tennessee. 32 

Beltane rituals, 23 

Bend, OR, 26 

Bend, OR, Important lllumlnati hierarchy. 26 

Bentwood, 45 

Berkeley Springs. WV. 45 

Berkeley, CA, 6, 45, 46, 48 

Berkowitz, David (Son ol Sam), 24 

Berwyn, IL, 45 

Bethany, OK, 45 

Bethel, VT. 49 

Bethesda. MD. 21, 46 

Between The Worlds Radio WMFO. 42 

Bianco, Father, 28 

Bible, used a toilet paper, 3 

Big Devil Gulch. OR. 27 

Billings, Hazel E , 28 

Bingham UT. 33 

Bingharnplon, NY, 47 

Biological experimentation, 38 

Bird, large outline landscapped on ground, 11 

Birmingham, AL, 10 

Bishop Warehouses of Mormonism, for coke, 28 

Bishop, Bridgett (modern witch), 21 

Bishop, Bridgett (of colonial Amor.), 21 

Black Crepe Coven, 45 

Blackberry Coven, 45 

Blackmari, Harry, 31 

Blackwatcr Grove, 4G 

Bladensburg, MD, 21, 46 

Blood root Coven. 45 

Bloomington Campus. 18 

Bloomington, IN, 18, 49 

Blue Diamond NV. 38 

Blue Moon Tavern, 28 

Blue Mounds. Wl, 35. 48 

Blue Ridge Summit. PA, 39 

Blucmont, Mount Weather base, FEMA, 39 

Bodhi Tree (stare). CA. 12 

Bodies stolen from mauoleums. 13 

Bodies, fake, are buried. 9 

Bodies, shipped by llluminati, 9 

Body parts sold by Edward Wayne Cox. 20 

Boeing, 39 

Boeing Complex. WA used for Mind control. 34 
Boeing Plant, Seattle area, WA, 34 
Bohemian Club Corp.. 12 
Bohemian Grove, CA, 11, 12. 28. 31 
Bond University, Australia. 31 
Bone wits. Isaac. 6 
Borough^ Cave, IL, 17 
Borough, Fred. 17 

Boston, MA, 21. 45, 47 

Bat hell, WA FEMA, regional center. 39 

Botkin, founder ol Church ol Aphrodite, 24 

Boulder. CO. 40, 4?, 45 

Boulder, CO, mind-control sile, 40 

Bowery Una Bend. OR, 26 

Bawling Green OH, human sacrifice, 25 

Breckenridge. TX 32 

Bridgeport, AL, 10 

British Empire, 29 

British Intelligence, 39 

Broken Top Mountain, OR. 26 
Brooked, IL, 48 
Brooklyn, NY, 49 
Brown, Gov Edmund. 12 
Brujahs, 7 
Buckley, William. 12 
Budapest, Z, 13 

Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, 13 
Buffalo Bill. 14 

Buildings, famous occult, modeled in TN, 32 

Bull Run, Mt Hood area. OR, 29 

Bulletin Off la el 6b to Wicca, 3-4 

Burbank CA, 12 

Bureau of Prisons, U.S., 39 

BurgervUe, 7 

Burial Chamber, 18 

Burlirigarne, KS. 19 

Burlington, KS. 19 

Burns, OR, 27 

Bush. Pros. George, 15. 32 

Bushung KS, 19 

Byran, European in llluminati in WA, 34 

GASHFW (wicca group), 23 

CIA R&R center, where slaves used, 40 

CIA finances dirty activates. 41 

CIA near death trauma center, Lampe.MO, 40 

CIA, at Area 5t (Dreamland), NV, 38 

CIA, connected to Tektronics, 28 

CIA-Army satanists running drugs. 25 


Cabalistic Wiccan Church. 45 

Cabinet elections made al Hilton Head. 31 

Cabot Family, 21 

Cabut, Laurie. 21 

Cacti area used for rituals, to 

Cage traumas al China Lake. 40 

Cahokia (Monk's Mound), 17 

Cairo, IL. 20 

CalTech. 15. 23 

Calcutta. India, slave trade, 9 

California government coven, 13 

California ritual sites. 11-15 

Callomia, secret underground facilities^? 

C&marllo, CA, 45 

Cambridge. MA, 42. 49 

Camp David. 39 

Camp Hill, PA, 48 

Camp Verde. AZ, 10 

Canada, some ritual sites given. 36 

Cannibalism, by Atakapa Indians, 20 

Cannibalism, by A2tecs, 20 

Cannibalism, by Church of Satan, 14 

Cannibalism, by Cox's Satanic cult. 2D 

Cannibalism, by Kwakiutl Sliamans, 2(J 

Cannibalism, by South Amer. tribes, 20 

Cannibalism, ritual, by priest al Azlala, $5 

Carencro, Louis,, 20 

Carl Junction, MO, 22 

Carlsbad Cavern area. NM, 38 

Carson City NV, 23 

Cartoons, satanlc In nature, 3 

Cascade Mountains. WA, 34 

Casino, Carson City, NV, 23 

Castle Rocks, OR, 26 

Castle, Mothers erf Darkness in San Fran , 13 
Castle, Mothers of Darkness, LA Calif., 12 
Castle. Scotty s, Death Valley, lllumirv.14-15 
CalaJina Is.. CA, 12 
Catawba Indians. 32 

Cathedrals in Europe. provide castle material, 14 

Catholic Church, 20, 36, 39 

Catholic church in Canada & satanism. 36 

Catholic church, in early Louisiana 20 

Catholic priests from Atakapa tribe, 20 

Caughlin, Father Charles, 14 

Cave. Enchanted Rock Cave, TX, 33 

Cave, still secret w/ gold artifacts, 17 

Caverns, in PA. ?9 

Caves, Trabuca Canyon, CA, 15 

Caves, al Fantastic Caverns used in rt. 22 

Caves, in Ozarks used for rituals, 22 

Caves Bat, Dry, Dead Man. Howell, MO, 38 

Center Non-Trad Religion, 45 

Center for Ihe Divine Istar, 14 

Center of Divine intar, 45 

Central FL Council of Covens, 45 

Centra! Intelligence Agency. CIA. 38, 39. 40 41 

Centre of Pallas Alhena & Helphaestus 42 

Ceridwen Store, 12 

Chaco Canyon, NM. ?3 

Charlemont MA. 43 

Charleston. II , 45 

Charlotte. NC, 32. 47 

Charlottesville. VA. 33 

Charm school Monarch slaves, 41 
Chatham. Louisiana, 20 : 44 
Chartannoga, TN 49 
Cherokee tribe 10 
Cherokee Village, Ark., 37 
Chicago Tunnel Co., 18 
Chicago, IU 17, 42. 46 
Chickasaw Tribe 10 

Chico, CA. 12 

Child Porn, had porn from CA mil bases, 40 

Child Sacrifice, Rupert, ID, 17 

Child porn, 33, 40 

Children of Mother Earth. 4b 

Children nf the Earth. 45 

Children, acquisition of for rituals, 36 

Children, programmed in batches of thousds.,40 

China Lake Naval Test Grounds, CA, 1? 14. 40 

China Lake Naval Test Station. CA. 12. 14. 40 

China Lake, CA, 12. 14 

Chingun etc., 39 

Choctaw Indian Tribe, 10. 26 

Choke Cherry Canyon. Farmlngton. NM, 24 

Christian occultism (Anthioposophy), 24 

Christian saved children being sacrifice, 24 

Christian youth, pray against armed N A . 34 

Chula Vista CA. 42 

Church Universal & Triumphant CUT, 15 

Church ol All Worlds (CAW), Wteca. 6, 13, 45 

Church of Aphrodite. 24 

Church ot Hermetic Arts, 45 

Church of Satan, 13, 27. 42 

Church of Satan, headquarters in OR, 27 

Church ol Satan, in Pnrtland. OR. 27 

Church of Satanic Liberation, 16 

Church of Set. 13, 24 

Church of Seven Arruws, 45 

Church of the Cresent Moon. 45 

Church of the Dragon, 13 

Church of the Eternal Source. CA. 12 

Church of the Third Eye, 45 

Church of the V Twywyth Teg. 45 

Church. Hex, 27 

Churches at Presideo used lor mind rnnlr . 41 

Churches used by llluminati for ritual, 13 

Cincinatti. OH, 25, 48 

Circle Cithaeron, 45 

Circle Network, 45 

Circle in the Greenwood, 45 

Circle of Light. 42 

Circle of Light Coven. 45 

Circle of the Thirteen Moons. A? 

Circle of the Dance, 4b 

Circle of the Sacred Grove, 42 

Circle. The. 33 

Circle, The (witchcraft comm. in Wise ) 35 

Circles of Exchange, 45 

Cily Club, Portland, OH, 26-27, 2ft 

Clark, Bud. 28 

Clear Lake, WA, 34 

Clinton, Bill. 31 

Clinton. Chelsea, 31 

Clinton, Hillary 31 

Clinton. MA, 49 

Cloning Facility, Bull Run, OR. 29 

Club 12 & Club 41. 39 

Coal Mines, Indiana, 18 

Cnast of Oregon chain of ritual houses. 27 

Cocaine stored at CIA Cenler, Larnpe, MO, 40 

Cocaine distributors. Grateful Dead, 28 

Cocaine, stored by Mormon Warehouses, 28 

Cockeyed Ridge $4 (Area 51), NV. 38 

Cole, Jim, 27 

College Park. MO, 45 

Collins llluminati Bloodline, 19 

Colorado & Rocky Mountain ritual sites, 15 

Colorado Springs, CO, 37, 40, 46 

Colorado Springs. CO. NORAD FFMA. 37 

Colorado Springs, CO, mind control, 40 

Colorado underground facilities. 37 

Columbus. Christopher, 10 

Columbus OH. 46, 46, 47, 49 

Comanche tribe. 32 

Commune, George Rapp's, 19 

Commune, Robert Owen s. 19 

Community, lex witches ui Wisconsin. 35 

Compleat Enchanter. Hollywood (store), 12 

Concord. NC. 48 

Connecticut ritual sites, 16 

Contemporary Christian Hermeticism, 28 

Continental Assoc. of Satan's Hope CASH, 36 

Convent ton site, popular tor elite, 30 

Converging Paths, 45 

Coon Rapids. MN. 47 

Coos Bay area, OR. 39 

Coos Bay. OR. 27 

Cornwall, John. 15 

Corpses stored by III. at Mount Pony. VA. 39 

Corpus Christi, TX, 43 

Corvallis, OR. 27. 45 

Council ot Isis, 45 

Council ol Isis Community, 21 

Council ol Magickal Arts, 46 

Country Western Music Industry. 39, 41 

Courthouse Rock, AZ, 1 1 

Coven Amber Moon, 4b 

Coven Circle of Life, 45 

Coven Eldar, 45 

Coven Garden Occult Supply 45 


Coven Of Astral Mysteries, 45 

Coven Shakorum, 46 

Coven Stardust, 46 

Coven of Cauldron Cerridwn. 45 

Coven of Darui, 45 

Coven of Eternal Goddess, 46 

Coven of Floating Spiral. 46 

Coven of Mother Mountain. 46 

Coven of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, 21 

Coven uf the Celtic; Sword 46 

Coven of the Dawn. 46 

Coven uf the Dolphins. 4G 

Coven of The Dragon, 46 

Coven of the Enchanted Forest. 4? 

Coven of the Fertile Earth 46 

Cuven of the Forest Well, 42 

Coven of the Pendragon. 46 

Coven ol the Sacred Oaks. 42 

Coven of the Sacred Stones. 42 

Coven of the Silver Tree. 42 

Coven of the Spiral Castle, 46 

Coven of the White Familiar 46 

Coven of the Wyrd Sisters, 46 

Covenant of Gaea. 46 

Covenant of Goddess news & COG, 45 

Covenant of the Ancient Way. 46 

Covenant of the Goddess, 46 

Cox. Edward Wayne, 20. 44 

Cox, Roger, 30 

Craft at the Wise, 46 

Craig Mound. Spiro Mounds. OK. 26 

Crantocd. NJ. 47 

Credence Clearwater Revival Rock Band. 15 
Credence Creek, CO. 15 
Creek Tribe. 10 

Crematorium in Bend, used by llluminati, 26 

Creoles. 20 

Crone Papers, the. 45 

Crone s Own Press, 46 

CrossvBle. TN, 45 

Crowley. Aletsler, B 

Crum. Thomas. 15 

Crystal Moon Coven. 46 

Crystal Rain Research Agency 4? 

Crystal River State Archaelogical site 16 

Crystal River. FL. 47 

Crystal Sands Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, 30 
Culpepper. VA, 39 

Culture. American, saturated w/wiirJicrafl. 3 


DC 3 used lor programming at old OMSI. 41 
Dallas. TX. 32 

Dalles, OR, 35 
Damascus. MD. 21 
Danburry, CT. 16 
Dancers of the Mist. 42 
Daughters of Diana's Moon Coven. 42 
Daughters of the New Moon. 16 
Davenport Calendar Steele. 19 
Davonport. Iowa, 19 

Day Care Center, SHA. at West Point NY. 25 
Day Care Centers, corruption in, 3 
DeWirJ. NY. 46 

Death Valey National Monument. 14 
Death Valley. OA. 12, 14 
Decatur. AL, 49 

Deception by llluminali in placing demon, fl 

Deep Springs, CA, 37 

Deejistar Coven, 46 

Defense Intelligence Agency, 39 

Deiavan. Wl. 4B 

Delaware ritual sites, 16 

Delta Forces, 4£) 

Demonic entltitles, 38 

Demonic titles. 7 

Demons, power for all occult groups, 44 

Denton. TX. FEMA regional center. 39 

Denver Area Wiccan Network. 46 

Denver, CO, 15, 16. 46 

Denver. John. 15 

Department of Justice. 39 

Depoe Bay. OR, 27 

Des Moines Iowa. 19. 40 

Desert Henge Coven, 46 

Desert Storm. 32 

Detroit, Ml. 22. 49 

Devi Mtn. Montana. 22 

Devi's Trarnpinn Ground NC, 25 

Devils Elbow State Park. OR. 29 

Devore. CA. 43 

Diamond Creek. Edwards AFB, CA. 37 

Dllards. Farmington. NM. 24 

Disneyland like occult complex. WA, 34 

Disraeli, Benjamin, 29 

Djed Festival of Osirus, 19 

Doernbecher Hospital. OR. 27 

Doran s Cave. 10 

Dover. DE. 16 

Dover. DE salanic cult. 16 

Dowd, Robert Jr., 25 

Dr Wilson s ritual death 35 

Dragon Sidh. 46 

Dragon Sidh Coven, 46 

Drapery lor Scotty s Castle, 14 

Drearrtand. NV. 37. 38 

Dreamland NV (Area 51. Groomlake. etc.). 38 


Drinking Water. Portland, OR, 29 
Druid Chambers, Danburry, CT 16 
Druid Henge. 45 

Druid Menhirs, South Royalton, VT, 33 

Druid Missal. 45 

Druid Observatory, NH, 23 

Druid Temple. South Royalton, VT, 33 

Druid Temple, ancient in VT, U3 

Druid circles, Gunjiwaump. CT. 16 

Drufd dolmen. 21 

Druid sites, New England. 10 

Druid's Progress, the, 45 

Druidic Teachings, 42 

Druidic holidays celebrated by KKK, 33 

Druids Throne. 33 

Druids of CA & NV, 46 

Druids. Reformed Or of NA, 11 

Druids, generational, 10 

Druids, modern ones in Toronto, Can., 36 

DuPont llluminati Bloodline, 16 

DuPonl. Pierre Samuel. 7 

Duke University, 32 

Dulce Genetic Research Facility. NM. 37, 38 
Dunlap. KS. 19 

E. Rutherford, NJ. 46 

EMC, used lor mind control. 40 

Eagle Hock. CA 47 

Earth Base Project, 46 

Earth Church ot Amargl, 42 

Earth Conservation Bank, 15 

Earth First Collective, 46 

Earth Manic limes, 45 

Earth Song. 46 

Earth Song Circle, 42 

Earth Song Community, 45, 46 

Edrtfl Spirit community Newsletter, 45 

Earthworks Coven, 42 

East Kingdom Soothsayer s Guild, 21 

East-West College, Portland. OR, 28 

Eddy Family, 2U 

Eddy, Mary Baker, 28 

Edgefield. Troutdale, OR, 28 

Edwards Air Force Base, CA. 37 

Eggs, harvested (rum slaves. 40 

Eglin AFB, FL, 37 

Egyptian Magical groups Calif., 12 
Egyptian hieroglyphics, 19 
Eisenhower. Dwlght, 19 
Elder Ways, 46 

Electronic communication monitored, all. 38 
Eieusis Foundation, 2-1 

Elf Lore Family, 18 
Elven Door. The. 45 
Elven Glen, 45 

Elysium Institute at Topanga, CA, 14 
Emporia, KS. 19 
Enchanted Forest News. 45 
Enchanted Mountain Galfiering 23 
Enchanted Rock Cave. TX. 33 
Enchanted Rock Stale Natural Area, 32 
Energy points. 5 

England's national guardian demon, 7 

Englewood, CO. 46 

Enochian magic, school for, 26 

Ercglon Grove. 46 

Escondido. CA, 49 

Esoiritistas 7 

Estes Family, 15 

Estes Park. CO, 15 

Eugene, OR, 27 

Evansvllie, IN, 18 

Everglades, FL 16 

Evergreen Forest Coven, 46 

Evolution (a congreg of PCC), 42 

Explorers, early white In Louisiana, 20 

Eye ot Bel, Druid Temple, VT, 30 

Eye of the Cat store. Long Beach, 12 

FEMA facility at Santa Rosa, CA. 37 

FEMA in Laytonville, MO, 38 

FEMA, base in Central Calif., 11 

Faerie Folk, the. 45 

Faerie Gathering 32 

Fairfax. VA, 49 

Fairfield, VT. 49 

Fall Equinox Rituals, OR. 29 

Fall Equinox rituals. 9, 25 

Fall Equinox, NW Pagan Fes!., Slunehenge. 35 

Fall River. MA, 48 

Falmouth. MS 21 

Fam-Trad (llluminati families called), 6 

Fansciliaroan Church Wicca. 46 

Fantastic Caverns, MO, 22 

Farmlngton, NM, 24 

Farwander Fellowship, 46 

Fast Food Restaurants promote witchcraft, 7 

Fayetteville NC. 25 v 

Federal Bureau of Investigate FBI, 39 

Fellowship Spiral Path. 46 

Fellowship ot Isis, 46 

Fellowship of Pan, 46 

Feminist Book of Lights and Shadows, 13 

Feraferia. 42 

Femdale. Ml. 47 


financial watchdog facility, VA, 39 
Findhom Scotland, 28 

Flndlay, OH. 25, 49 

Fiiiley s Mortuary/ Crematorium, 27 

Fire& Ice. 7. 11 

Fireheart, 45 

First Earth Battalion, 40 

First Humanist Church of Atlanta. 17 

First Presbyterian Church. Alubquerque. 9 

Firs! Temple ol the Craft of Wicca. 42 

Flagstaff, AZ. 11 

Flint. Ml. 22 

Florida ritual sites, 16 

Florida secret underground facilities, 37 

Flowers. Gennifcr, 31 

Rushing NY, 46 

Frying Saucer bases, 11, 37-39 

Flying Saucer bases run by government. 37-39 

Flying Wrtch Farm. 46 

Folly Fluid Beach, Hilton Head Island 30 

Fontana, CA. 48 

Foresl Beach. Hilton Head Island. 30 
Forest Park. Poland. OR. 27 
Forever Forests. 46 
Formulary Occult Supplies, 46 
Fort Bragg. NC. 25 
Fort Collins, CO, 37 
Fort Huachuca, AZ, 37 

Hxt liwm. CA, 27 

Fort Point. Presideo. CA. 13 

Fort Point. Preskieo, CA, mind control. 41 

Fortune 500 CEO. 31 

Foundation lor Shamanic Studies. 1G 

Framingham. MS, 21 

France, 3-4, 7 

Franco's national guardian demon, 7 
Fraser, Charles. 30 

Frederick, VA source ol animals to sacr ,35 

Fredericksburg. TX. 32 

Free Spiiit Alliance, 46 

Free will, (concept of). 4 

Freeman Family 26 

Freeman. Gaylord, 23 

Freemasonry, 27. 28, 39 

Freemasonry' s Hospital used for prog.-ril .27 

Freemasonry, given special tax-exemption ,28 

Freemasons, high ranking in NW NM, 24 

Fremont, CA, 42 

French Quarter. New Orleans. 20 

Front Range Pagan Festival, 16 

Fruitvale, B.C.. Canada, 36 

Ft Ancient. OH, 25 

Ft Campbell KT. mind control. 40 

Ft Collins. CO, 16 

Ft Detrick, MD, mind control. 40 

Ft. Hood. TX. 39 

Ft Hood. TX. mind control. 40 

Ft. Knox, KT. mind control. 40 

Ft Lauderdale, FL, 47 

Ft Lewis. WA, 34, 40 

FL Lewis. WA, mind control, 40 

Ft Meade, MD, 38 

Ft Miey. CA. 12 

Ft Rley. KS, 19 

Ft Ritchie, PA. 39 

Ft. Worth. TX, 47 

Full Moon, the (group), 46 

Funeral Homes, use ol, 9. 27 



GHG 39 

Gaelic writing. 34 

Gaia Network, 46 

Galveston, IN, 42 

Gangs, hard core, satanic, 11 

Gardner, Gerald B . 6 

Gardnerian Coven, 18, 24 

Gardnerian Covens. Long Island. 24 

Gardnerian tradition, 6, IB, 24 

Garvin Co . OK, 26 

Gales Pass Base, AZ, 11) 

Gates. OR. 27 

Galliersberg. MD, 21 

Genetic Research. Area 91*40 

Geographic areas, demon controlled, 5 

Geographic areas, power structures. 5 

George Air Force Base. CA, 37 

Georgetown, CA, 42 

Georgia Ritual Sites. 17 

Georgia secret underground facilities, 37 

Georgian Church (Wicca), 1 1, 46 

Georgian Newsletter, 46 

Georgian tradition, 6 

Gerard, Julian. 14 

German Intelligence (Shaback), 39 

Ghost town Shirley Basin, 35 

Ghosts, at Spiro Mounds, OK. 26 

Gilford Pinchot Nat Widerness Area, WA. 34 

Gifts ol the Holy Spirit. 6 

Glacier Park. Mont. 22 

Gladys Cily Monument. 32 

Glen Allen. VA, 47 

Gnosis, 13 

God s Word- 2 Cor. 10:4; 3 
God s Word Prov 30:5: 6 
God s Word- Psalm 65 1-3; 3 

God s Word- Rev, 18.11-13. 9 

God s Word- Rev 10:9-13; 9 

God s Word-calls Christians to expose tot, B 

Gocfcte88 Images, 46 

Goddess Rising, 46 

Goddess Womyn Network, 46 

Gold Pyramid House, IL, 18 

Gold artifacts In secret cave. 17 

Goldberger. Marvin, 15 

Goldberger, Mildred, 15 

Golden Circlet Coven. 4e; 

Goldfin Dawn, 6 

Golden Gate Bridge, occult significance. 13 

Golden Gate National Recreation Area. CA, 12 

Golden Isis. 42 

Gorbachev. Michail, 12, 13 

Gorham Petroglyphs. 18 

Government cooperation w/ crimes in Port.,29 

Government, rituals within US agencies, 21 

Grace & Goddess Unlimited, 42 

Grace, J. Peter, 15 

Grand lodge ot NM, 9 

Grand Mesa, CO, 37 

Grand Prairie, IX, 32 

Grande Druid Council. 6 

Granite City, IL. 17 

Grants Pass, OR, 46 

Granville. OH, 44 

Grapevine Canyon, Death Valley. 14 

GraiefiJ Dead rock band, 27 

Grave Creek Mound National Hist Landmk, 35 

Graveyard below Stonehenge, Ilium. ritual,35 

Great Circle Mound. IN. 18 

Great Serpent Mound, OH. 25 

Greeley. CO 16 

Green Berets, becoming a sat. strike lorce, 34 
Green Egg, 6 
Green Movement 14 
Green Valley, AZ, 10 

Grcenbriar Hotel, White Sulpher Springs. 39 
Greene County, IN. 19 
Greenwood Grove, 46 

Gienviiiu. tm. 32 

Grey, small, drones produced at Dulce.NM, 38 

Greyfox Enterprises, 42 

Greys, small, manufactured at Area 51, 38 

Grid Room, St Mary's Hosp. 40 

Grimsby, IL, 18 

Grissom AFB, IND, mind control, 40 
Groom Lake, NV (Dreamland. Area 51. etc). 38 
Grotto ol Venus. South Woodstock, VT. 33 
Grove ol Enchanted Wood 40 
Grove ol Lady of Twilight, 47 

Grove of the Unicorn. 47 
Grova of Uie Unicorn Inner Circle, 17 
Groves. In andent Israel, 7 
Graver, Henry, 23 

Guardian Demons over each country, 7 

GuerneviNe CA. 48 

Guilotines, Imported, 6 

Gun Control, 6 

Gunderson. Ted, 13 

Gunjiwaump, CT, 16 

Guntersville. AL, 10 

H **\ 

Haiqht-Asbury section, San Francisco, 14 

Halloween 1989 in NM. 24 

Halloween sacrifice stopped by police, 24 

Halloween, ritual at White City. KS, 20 

Hamlton, Out, Can.. 42 

Hamptons. The. Long Island. 24 

Hands of Death cult. 16 

Hands of Death cult training camp, 16 

Hardy, Ark., 37 

Harmonic Convergence 1987 at Cahokio.lL, 17 

Harmonic Convergence Aug 1987, 5 

Harnef. Michael. 16 

Harney Cu . OR, 27 

Harrisburg, PA, 42 

Harrisonville MO, 42 

Hartford, CT, 16 

Harvest Festival put on by group in TN. 32 
Hatch Trading Post. 33 
Hawaii ritual sites, 17 
Hawlcyville. CT, 47 
Hazckiell. OR. 28 

Heads of Families, responsibilies, 4 
Hearthstone (wicca group), 47 
Hearthstone Circle, 47 
Hearthstone Connections. 47 
Heartland Covens, 42 
Heartland Pagan Alliance, 47 
Helen, GA T 17 

Hdendale, Luck head Undrgrd. Facility. CA :!/ 

Henge of Keitria, 42 

Heritage Day Parade, Salem, MS, 21 

Herncsgaard Pagan Circle, 47 

Hickman, Harrison, 31 

Hierarchy, Illuminate (satanic), 7 > 
Hierarchy, spiritual, occull, 5 
High School in Chicago bans Satan worship, 17-10 
Hill. Samuel 35 

Hilton Head Bank & (rust Co. 30 
Hilton Head. SC, 29 32 
Hindu Meditation Symbol landscappcd, 27 
Hingham. MS, 21 


Hippies, 11 

HoWen. MO. 42 

Hollywood Movie industry, 39 

Hollywood coverup of McMartin Preschool, 12 

Hollywood. CA, 11. 12 

Hollywood, PL (yes FL), 48 

Holographic research, 28 

Holy Btood, Hoiy Grail, 7 

Homestead AFB, FL, mind control, 40 

Homosexuality. 20 

Homosexuals, 11 

Hopewell Indians, 20 

Hopl Indian Reservation. 24 

Horse racing, by Indians in WA, 34 

Horsham, PA, 48 

Horton, KS, 19 

House ol Maya, 47 

House ol Sand in Saudi Arabia. 39 

House of Xaro Occult Shop. 47 

Houses no longer used for ritual torched. 22 

Houston. TX. 46, 47 

Huvenwnep, UT. 33 

Howling Frog, The. colfee shop, Portland, 27 

Human Sacifice. Great Circle Mound, 18 

f luman Sacrilice at Bowling Green, OH. 25 

Human Sacrifice. ? mi no of Abllene,KS. 19 

Human Sacrifices at Moss Bluff. 20 

Human Sacrifices by Hopewell Indians. 20 

Human sacrifice of young girls, 17 

Human sacritice-600 per/yr in Las Vegas. 23 

Human sacrifice-done by Green Burets, 34 

Human sacrilices. 11, 16, 17, 18. 19, 20, 23, 25, 34, $5 

Human sacrifices by Palo Mayombe. 10 

Human sacrifices made to Sun god, 35 

Human sacrifices reported at Richmond, VA, 33 

Human sacrifices, at Carenco. Louis., 20 

Human sacrilices, seen at Plymouth, KS. 20 

Human sacrifices done in 10 Seattle churches,34 

Huntsville. AL, 47 

I tyatt Regency, Hilton Head, SC, 32 
Hydroelectric facility. Kern Flvr Project. 37 
Hypnotism, taught by Burgerville mat, 7 

IINS, 39 

IOOF, Gates. OR. 27 
IRS, 14 

Iberian Punic writing, 19 
Ice Phoenix hnterprises. 42 
Idaho Springs, CO, ih 
Idaho ritual sites, 17 
Idols, need to be destroyed 8 
Illinois Archedogical laws, 17 
Illinois ritual sites. t7 

llluminati. 7. 11, 12, 13. 15, 25, 26, 27. 29, 33 
lliuminati African rituals to get R&Rull, 7 
llluminati Olympians, 15 
llluminati Interbreeding w/ Amer. Indiuns. 26 
llluminati study demonokxjy. 7 
llluminati talenl scouts, 29 
llluminati, another name The Circle. 33 
llluminati, connected to the Arcane Sch.. 2b 
llluminati, properties in Tulsa area, 20 
llluminati, some members listed, 12 
llluminati, transmission ol orders to OR 26-27 
llluminati. travel to so AZ annually, 1 1 
llluminati. use Presideo for rit./progr , 13 
llluminati. use ot Forest Park. Portland, 27 
tmagtnet (song). 6 

In Our Hands Medb Project, 42 
Index, WA. 42 
India, 5 

Indian Echo Caverns. PA. 29 

Indian Heaven Wilderness Area, WA, 34 

Indian involvement w/ Freemasonry. 15 

Indiana cual mines are ritual sites, 18 

Indiana rilual sites. 18 19 

Indianapolis, IN, «9 

Inside Edition (TV show), 11 

Inyo Cuurrty, CA, 14 

Inyokern, CA, 40 

Iowa Rilual Sites, 19 

Ipswich MS, 21 

Iron Maiden Rock Band, 28 

Irvine. CA 13 

Isolation Chamber. St Mary's Hosp , 40 
Istari Coven. 47 


JANUS system, 37 

Jackson Hole, WY. 35 

Jacksonville, FL, 45 

Jakes. John, 32 

Jason Group of llluminati, 1 5 

Jensen Peter, 20 

Jeremiah Tilms. 33 

Jersey Shore Pacjan Way, 47 

Jesuit Georgetown Univ. Hosp. mind control,41 

Jesuits, 27 

Jesus, purported lineage ot, 7 
Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, 38 
Jiffy-squid coffee house. 27 
John Day Fossil Beds. OR, 26 
Johnson, Alliert Mussey 14 
Jonoboro. AR, 1 1 
Jones. Alex. 32 
Junction City, KS, 19 


Juneau. AK, 45 

KISS (satanic: rock band). 28 

KKK, 20. 32, 33, 39 

Kahuna sites, Hawaii 17 

Kahunas, 7 

Kalamazoo, Ml, 47 

Kansas City, KS, 47 

Kansas City. MO, 42 

Kansas ritual sites, 19-20 

Katz:, Vera. 2fl 

Keene, David, 31 

Keepers of the Cauldron, 47 

Keilh, W. Holman, 24 

Keltrta: Joum Dmidism. 47 

Kennecotl Copper Co., 83 

Kent, OH, 4f> 

Kentucky, 14, 20 

Kentucky ritual sites. 20 

Kern River Project near Bakersfield. CA, 37 

Kern River. CA. 37 

Kictapou Indian Reservation, 19 

KHa Kaltepell area Mont.. 22 

King Diamond salanic rock band. 28 

King Tut. 1 8 

Kingslone, 6 

Kiowa tribe. 32 

KirMand ARB, NM, mind control, 40 

Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex. NM, 38 

Kirtland, ARB 38 

Kissinger, Henry, 12 

Kitty Cat Clan, The, 42 

Kmyhl J Z.. 34 

Knights Templar, 32 

Knights uf Malta 12, 15 

Knights of the Olack Circle. 24 

Knossos Coven, 47 

Knoxville, TN, 48 

Koryltialia, 47 

Ku KlliX Klan {KKK}, 20, 32, 33, 39 
Kurluk Newsletter, 42 
KwakiuU Tribe, 20 


La Belle. FL 48 

La Pagan. WA, 34 

LaVcy, Anton. 13 14 

LaVttfc J.S, High School, IN. 19 

Lader, Linda, 32 

Lader, Philip. 3 1 

LalayettH, Louis., 20 

l.aguna Nigel. CA. 12 

Lake Charles, Louis.. 20 
Lake Geneva. Wl, 48 
Lake Mills, Wl, 35 

Lake Oswego city govt works with Satan. ,28 
Lake Oswego. OR, 28 
Lakeville, IN. 19 

Lambda Temple of Olympus. 47 

Lampe, MO, mind control 40 

Langley, VA, mind control, 40 

Lansing, Ml. 22 

Las Vegas. NV. 23. 40 

Las Vegas. NV. mind control, 40 

Las Vegas. NV. slave auctions in area, 40 

Laurel. MD, 49 

Lava Tubes, Bend, OR. 26 

Law enforcement cooperation w/ Satanist, 18 

Lawrence Co., IN. 18 

Lawrence Museum of Magic & Witchcraft, 42 

Lawrence, KS, 49 

Layering of Geographic Spirits 7 

Laytonsville, MD. 38 

l eague tor Lcological Democracy. 14 

Lebanon. MO, 38 

Lebanon. OR, 4? 

Lee Mln., AZ, 11 

Lelchester. NC, 25 

Lennon, John, 8 

Lessile, SC, 32 

Letter man Hospital, Presideo. CA, 41 
Leverock's Altar Stone, New Port Richey, 16 
L« vital ion taught in Portland. OR. ?fl 
Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, Mont.. 22 
Lexington, KY, 43 
Li llluminali Family, 28 
Liberal. KS. ?G 
Liberty. TN. 32 

Library, llluminali at church in Presideo, 1 3 

Library, llluminati in Tulsa, 26 

Library, llluminali occult, 1 1 

Library, Theosophical Soc. in Portland 27 

Library, occult in Albuquerque, 23 

Library secret satanic occult at Chicago, 17 

Libyan, ancient writing found in Iowa, 

LifeNght Temple, 47 

Lincoln Co. Livestock Company of Roswell, 23 
Undenwood, NJ, 47 N 
Lindisfarne, 21 
Little Cyprus. TX, 33 

Little Falls Parkway, Montgom Co.. MD, 21 

Littleton. CO, 4/ 

Littleton. PA. 48 

Lizard Mounds, Wl 35 

Lizards landscapped Into ground, 35 

Uario Facility. .17 


Llewellyn Publications, 22 
Lockhead Underground Facility, CA, 37 
Lodge of the Silver Star. 47 
Logan Mont., 22 

London, England, source of Ml instruct..28 

Londonderry, NH, 43 

Long Beach, CA. 45. 46 

Long Island Church of Aphrodite. 24 

Loredo. OH, 25 

Los Alamos, NM, 24 

Los Angeles Dodgers. 39 

Los Angeles, CA, 12, 37 

Los Angeles, underground faclilies. 37 

Louisiana ritual siles, 20-21 

Louisville, KT. 48 

Love Israel Group, 34 

Lovelace Foundation, 23 

Lucas Sheriff Dept.. 25 

Ludlow. CA, 37 

Luna Press, 47 


MI-5; 39 
Ml 6; 39 

MIT Pagan Students' Group. 42 
MK Ultra (sec Monarch Mind Conlroll 
MPD book idis aboul witch conversion. 34 
MTV. 8 

MacQill AFB. PL, mind-control, 40 

Madira Bickel Mound. FL, 16 

Madison Area Pagan Aliance. 47 

Madison, Wl. 35. 42. 47, 49 

Mafia at Monarch Charm school, 41 

Mayee, MS. 48 

Magi Craftsmen, 47 

Magic Circle. The. 47 

Magic Confluence, 47 

Magic Moonstone Coven. 47 

Magick, 8 

Magick Cauldron. 47 

Magick Childe stare, MYC, 16, 24 

Magickal Haven. 42 

Maine, 10. 21 

Maine ritual sites, 21 

Maine, NY. 43 

Majesla. Ben, P8 

Majestic Covens. 6 

Majestic Order. 6 

Majorca, 14 

Malibu. CA. 12 

Manassas, VA, 48 

Manchester, GA, 42 

Manhattan Beach. CA. 12 

Mantoou Springs, CO, 15. 16 

Manson. Charles. 12 

Manzanita. OR. 27 

Manzano Base, NM. 38 

Marvano Mtn., NM, 3fl 

Map showing Satanic ritual siles fuund, 19 

Maps important in wartime, 4 

Marietta. GA. 45 

Marina. CA. 42 

Marine Training Fac hides intelligence), 30 

Marion. CT, 46 

Marrs, Texe, 28 

MaryhiH State Park. 36 

Maryland ritual sites, 21 

Maryland secret underground facilities, 38 

Marysvilte, WA, 34 

Masonic owned ancicnl spiritual sites, 10 

Masonic profierties in Portland, OR, 28 

Massachusetts ritual siles 21 

Massachusetts secret underground facililies,38 

Masters of Lucifer. 16 

Maxwell AFB, AL, mind-control, 40 

Maynarri. MA 30, 45 

Maynard. MA. FEMA Center, 38 

McClellan AFB. CA, 40 

McDonald. Gordon. 15 

McDonnell -Douglas underground lacility, 37 

McFarland, Morgan. 32 

McGil Psychiatric Training network, 40 

McMartin Pre school. Manhattan Beach, C A, 12 

McMenamin establishments in Portland, OR, 28 

McMmnviBe. OR, 27 

Meadows Hal. 40 

Meat market llluminati at Hill tin Head. 29-32 

Mechantcsburg. PA. 43 

Medford, MA. 42 

Mellon. Prosser Seward. 41 

Memphis, TN, 32, 46 

Mengele. Joseph, 41 

Mensa. Special Interest Group (witchcraft), 15 

Mental Hosp. used to silence witnesses,8 

Memo. Waliy Vero. 20 

Meredosia, IL. 43 

Medln the Magician. 7 

Mwhns Magic Btrok, 7 

Mermade Store Long Beach. 12 

Merovingians. 15 

Metaphysical Fellowship, 42 

Metford. MS. 21 

Metropolitan Learning Center. Portland, 28 
Mexico, TN, 32 
Miami Shores FL. 4fi 
Miami. FL, 16. 43 
Michigan ritual sites, 22 


Micliigan secret underground facility, 38 
Microwave Communications monitored by NS,39 
Middle Ages, rich families do witchcraft. 7 
Middle Foy Lake, Kalisfiell area, Mr, 22 
Middletown, CT, 16 
Midlothian, IL, 44 
Midwest Pagan Council, 47 
Militant anti-church coven, 15 
Military Men in Satanism, at West Point, 25 
Military Pnlk:e don't ID ritual bodies. 19 
Military Police find bodies from rituals, 19 
Military Police, discover salanic acliv.,34 
Military Programming in slaves 40 
Milwaukie, Wl, 35 

Mind Control Program (see also Monarch pro . ),8. 11. 

Mind Control Programming, llluminati/CIA.8, 11. 39-40 
Mind-Control Programming Sites, 4(J 
Mind-control, groups doing Monarch prog .39^0 
Mineapolis. MN 49 

Minidoka County Land Fill, Rupert. ID, 17 
Minihunas 7 
Mining. 14 

Minneapolis Minn 92. 42 49 

Missitc Bases, eastern KS. 19 

Missionary activity indigenous best, 4 

Mississippi {no ritual sites listed). 22 

Missouri Headwaters State Park. MT, 22 

Missouri ritual sites, 22 

Missouri secret underground facility. 38 

Mob (mafia), involved with mind control. 40 

Moloch, chief of I tells Army, 7 

Monarch Hotel, Portland, OR, 41 

Monarch Mind Control (MK Ultra). 12, 13. 33. 37, 37-4 1 

Monarch Mind Control prog, center, 1? 

Monarch Mind Control, groups doing it. 39 

Monarch Mil id-control Programming Sites, 40 

Monarch slave sex school in OH, 41 

Monarch slaves controlled by NORAD, 37 

Monarch typo programming by KKK, 33 

Monmouth. OR, 49 

Monroeville, PA, 43 

Montague Mountain. 10 

Muntucelln building, 7 

Montezuma's Castle, AZ, 10 

Montezuma s Well, A/ 10 

Monticdlo. VA, 33 

Montreal, Can . 36 

Montreal, Que. Canada, mind control. 40 
Monuments In Wash. D C- occultic, 3b 
Moon Dragon (wicca group), 47 
Moon Tides (wicca group). 47 
Moondance Coven, 4? 
Moonfire Coven 47 

Moonspell (wicca group). 47 

Moonweb, 47 

Mnrganvlle, NJ. 48 

Mormon Church, 28, 33, 39, 41 

Mormon Hierarchy involved in satanism, 33 

Mormon Stakes, 28 

Mormon Tempic. Lake Oswego. OR. mindcontrol 41 

Mormon Tempie-secTRt rooms for satanism, 28 

Mormon Temples used for satanic rituals, 33 

Mormon hierarchy invfvd in mind control, 41 

Mormonism has a satanlc element, 28 

Mormons in Lesslie, SC. 98 

Morning Wind, 47 

Morris Co. Park Commission, 23 

Mortuaries, 9 

Moses, Edwin, 32 

Moss Bluff, Louis. 20 

Mossad, 39 

Mother Earth Worship. 19th century. 19 

Mother Goddess Teniae, so ot S Woodstock, 33 

Motherhcard Coven, 47 

Mothers of Darkness, 12, 13, 

Mound B. Poverty Point. Louis . 21 

Mounds, Greater & Lesser Temples 16 

Mounds, in OH 25 

MOtmdS, oyster shell, by Alakapa, 20 

MoundsviBe. WV. 35 

MoundviHe State Monument, 10 

Mound viBe. AL, 10 

Mount Pony, (Culpepper), VA, 39 

Mountain View, CA 46 

Movie house in Portland shows satanic films, 21 

Ml. Airy. MO, 21 

Ml Denali, Alaska, 5 

Mi. Fuji. Japan, 5 

Mt Horeb, Wl 35, 45, 47 

Mt. Lemmon. AZ, 10. 11 

Mt McKinley. Alaska, 5 

Mt. Shasta. CA, 5. 12-13, 28, 40 

Mt. Shasta, mind control, 40 

Mt. Vernon MO. 22 

Mt. Vernon. WA, 34 

Mt View, CA. 13 

Mule/Horse buildings. Presideo. mind cont.. 41 

Multnomah Falls. OR. 27 

Murder, satanic cult convicted for, 22 

Music, heavy metal 8 

Music, popular, Amur & satanic 7 

Muskogee. OK, 26 

Myers Ranch. Death Valley. 12 

Mystery Hill. NH, 23 

Mystery School the. in Pomona, NY, 25 


N. Charleston, SC, 45 
N Hollywood, CA. 43 
NOR AD, 37 

NORAD control over some Monarch slaves. 37 

NORTHOP facility, CA. 37 

NOTS (Sec China Lake), 12 

NSA, at Sugar Grove, WV, 39 

Nahant. MA, 46 

Naples, FL, 4B 

Nashua. NH. 49 

Nashvile is the Athens of Ihe Snuth, 3? 
Nashville. TN, 32. 41.45 
Nashville. TN, mind control, 41 
National Alliance of Pantheists. 47 
National Life insurance Co , 14 
National Programs Office. 39 
National Security Agency NSA, 39 
Natural Resources Administrator. 30 
Navajo Reservation, 21 
Naval Intelligence (ONI), 39 
Nazism tied to modem satanists, 35 
Nebraska ritual sites, 23 
Negative Energy Site, 25 
Nepal. B 

Neptune City, NJ, 47 

Neptune State Park, OR. 29 

Networking Festivals. Elf Lore Family.lN. 16 

Networking between witches, 7 

Nevada ritual sites, 23 

Nevada secret underground facilities, 38 

New Activity in Colorado, 15 

New Age Activity in Corvallis-Eugene.OR. 27 

New Age Ancient Ways, 47 

New Age Center at YeJm, WA, 34 

New Age School. Wisonvllc. OR, 28 

New Age in NM r 23 

New Agcrs, 1 1 

New Alchemy Institute, 21 

New Bern. NC. 47, 46 

New Earth Church, 47 

New Forest, Isle of Man. 6 

New Hampshire ritual sites. 23 

New Harmony Labyrinth. New Harmony, IN, 19 

New Haven Harbor, CT 16 

New Haven. CT, 16 

New Jersey secret underground facilities, 38 

New Mexico ritual xiles, 23-24 

New Mexico secret underground facilities, 36 

New Moon Collective of Wiccans, 34 

Nrw Orleans, Louis.. 20 

New Port Richey. FL. 1G 

New Pt Richy. FL, 47 

New Star Coven. 47 

New Wiccan Church HQ 47 
New Wiccan Church Midwest. 47 
New Wiccan Church ot CA, 47 
New Wiccan Church ol OR, 47 
Now Wiccan Church ol WA, 47 
New Wiccan Church of Wl, 47 
New Wiccan Church, Ml Horeb, Wl, 35 
New Wiccan Church, Portland. OR, 28 
New World Order is taught atxnit by New Agers,34 
New Worki Religious Center, Bakaa Valley, 15 
New York City. NY, 21. 24. 45. 47. 48, 49 
New York ritual yites, 24 
New York secret underground lability. 30 
Newark's Oclayon Earthworks. OH, 25 
Newark, OH, 42 
Newberg OR, 27 
Newburyport. MS. 21 
Newell. Mike. 23 
Newport Beach. CA, 13 
Newport Beach OR. 29 
Newport, NY. 24 
Niagra Falls NY. 27, 48 
Nlghtflamc Coven, 47 
Niv/erville, NY, 45 
Nocatee. FL, 42, 43 
Noonan, Peggy, 32 
Norfolk. VA. 33 
North Carolina ritual sites, 25 
North Dakota (no ritual sites given), 25 
North Salem. NH, 23 
North Wind Network. 47 
North Woodward group, 47 
Northways, 47 

Northwest Occult Area Board, 28 
Northwest Web. 47 
Norton Air Force Base, CA, 37 
Norwalk CT, 16 

Notes From Taychopera (wk:ch group), 47 
Nova Coven, 43 

Novacks Step-by-Step Farm, 43 
Nyack. NY, 42 


Oleary, Hazel, 31 
OTO. Temples, G 

OMSI buildings, Old and New, mind control, 41 
OTO, 7. 12, 28. 39 
OTO Soiar Lodge, LA., 12 
Oak Cre«k Canyon. AZ, 10 
Oak Grove, MO. 22, 49 
Oakland, CA, 13, 46, 49 
Oakley, Annie, 14 

Oddfellows. Independent Order of, Gates, 27 
Odinist. The. 47 

Odium, Floyd. 23 

Ohio ritual sites, 25 

Oklahoma City. OK, ?fi 45 

Oklahoma ritual sites. 26 

Oklahoma's satanism spills into Kansas, 26 

Old Dorothy, high priestess, 6 

Olney, MD, 30 

Olwydd. 43 

Omaha, NE, 42. 43, 48 
Onan, James. 18 

Opium, in Purtland. dtstr by Triads. 29 
Oracle Chamber, Mystery Hill, NH, 23 
Oracle. The, 47 
Orange, TX, 33 
Order nf Osiris. 47 

Order of Osirus, Roselle Park, NJ. 23 

Ordo Templi Bapte meti, 43 

Oregon City. OR. 47 

Oregon Health Sciences Hospital. 27 

Oregon Pagan Council. 47 

Oregon ritual sites, 26 29 

Oregon secret undeiyround facility. 39 

Organ. Welle Mignon, 14 

Organizations doing Traurna-hased Md cont ,39 

Orinda. CA. 45 

Orlando, FU 46 

Osage City. KS. 19 

Osirian Temple Asserntily, 47 

Osirus, Festival of, 19 

Osmund. Donny, 28 

Osmund, Marie. 28 

Osmund, Merrill, ?8 

Our Lady of Enchantment, 48 

Our Lady of the Roses Wiccan Church. 43 

Our Lady of the Sacred Flame. 43 

Our Lady of the Woods. 48 

Our Lady of the Woods, Resource Ctr , 35 

Our Lady's Image {wicca group), 48 

Owen. Robert, 19 

Qstoo*. 11 



Pacific Grove CA, 42 

Pagan Alliance of Central Texas 48 

Pagan Aquarian Network. 48 

Pagan Arizona Network. 48 

Pagan Broadcasting Systems, 48 

Pagan Comm Congregation, 48 

Pagan Federation. AS 

Pagan Free Press. 48 

Pagan Kith & Kin. 48 

Pagan Military Network, 48 

Pagan Spirit Alliance Newsletter, 3£> 
Pagan Times Star, The, 48 
Pagan Way (witchcraft group). 29 
Pagan festival in Georgia (Sap!.). 17 
Pagans Against Misinformation, 48 
Page, AZ* 11 
Pallas Society, 43 
Palm Springs, FL. 16 
Palmdale, CA. 37 
Palmetto. FU 16 

Palmistry, Li bloodline experts in, 28 

Palo Mayombe cult, 16, 39 

Pan-American Indian Association. 43 

Panurge Emporium Stora. 27 

Papa Jim Occult Supplies 48 

Papilion, NE, mind cuntrni. 41 

Papoose Range (Area 51). NV. 38 

Paris Island, SC, 30 

Paris, Prance, 3 4 

Parsons, KS, 26 

Parthenon in Tennessee, 32 

Pasadena Freeway ditches used in rituals, 13 

Pasadena, CA, 13 

Passaic Park, NJ, 47 

Path of the Pentacle. 48 

P atri ar chal Blessings, 28*29 

Patrick AFB, 41 

Patterson, George, 1 1 

Payson, AZ 44 

Peyasus Express, 4*3 

Pendragon (wicca group). 48 

Pennslyvannia Witches Anli-Defam League, 43 

Pcnnsly^annia ritual sites. 29 

Pennslyvannia secret underground facllity,39 

Pensacola. FL, 48 

Tentacle BBS. 48 

Pentacle Foundation. The, 48 

Pentagon, mind control, 41 

Petroglyphs, Gorham, 18 

Phila Network Old Religion, 48 

Philadelphia, PA, 29 

Phoenix, AZ. 48 

Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. 38 

Pickingitl. George. 6 

Pie Town, NM. 38 

Pike's Peak, CO. 16 

Pink Granite 32 

Pinnae Jes Natinnal Monument, CA, 13 
Pinnacles Rocks. CA, 13 
Pittsburgh Pagan Alliance, 43, 48 
Placentia area girl scout camp, CA 13 
Placenta. CA 13 
Pittsburgh AFB, NY. 36 


Pleasant Hill, CA. 49 
Pleasant View, UT, 33 
Pleiades. 17, 25 

Pleiades movements mapped by cedars, 17 
Plymouth, KS, 19-20 

Police help to eastern KS saianic cult 19 
Police, corruption of by Salanists, 18 
Police, infiltrated by Satanists in OK. 26 
Police, reluctance lu investigate SRA, 1 7 
Police, save 62 animals from sacrifice, 24 
Police, slop child sacrifices in progress, 24 
Police, under orders to deny SR activity, 11 
Police, wurking with Toledo, OH coven, 25 
Political selection process, actual way. 29-32 
Pomona NY, 25 
Pompano Beach. FL 45 
Pontiac-Detroit, Ml, 22 

Port Royal Sound, 30 

Portal to other world, Watertown. NY, 25 

Portland Waldorf School, Portland, OR, 28 

Portland. Maine, ?i 

Portland. OR, 27-29, 42. 44. 45. 49 

Portland, OR, mrnd control, 41 

Portsmouth, VA. 33 

Potomac MO, 21 

Poverty Poinl, Louis., 21 

Power Structures. 5 

Prayer, 3,4,5 

Prayer unites Christians worldwide, 3 

Prayers, to break geographic atrofigpoinl.5 

President Reagon. consults astrologers, 8 

Presideo, CA, 41 

Prleure de Slon. 15 

Process Church & oifshoots, 39 

Process Church connected to Love israel.34 

Prolessional Baseball. 39 

Programming center. Qeihesda. MD, 21 

Programming, Mind Control, 13 

Prosperity Coven, 4B 

Providence Hospital, Portland, OR, 27, 28 

Providence, Ri, 42 

Psychic warfare. 40, 41 

Psychic warfare experiments, Presideo, 41 

R St. Uicie FL, 48 

Public School Teacliers do ocx;ult rituals, 28 

Puerto RiGO. 7 

Putnam Family 19 

Putnam Museum. 19 

Pylon of Church of Set in NYC, 24 

Pyntri Circle, 48 

Pyramid Mounds, Crystal River, FL, 1C 
Pyramid Mountain Natural & Historical area, 23 
Pyramid in Memphis TN in honor of Egypt, 32 
Pyramid. Angel Mounds, IN, 10 

Pyramid, Gold replica of Great Pyramid, lb 
Pyramid, Great Pyramid In Egypt, 17 
Pyramid, Mound vie. AL, 10 
Pyramid, at Cahokia, IL, 17 
Pyramid, at Towosaghy ancient site, 22 
Pyramid, at WtcWiffe Mounds. 20 
Pyramid, buift to contain C.T. Russell, 32 
Pyramids, at Altaian, 35 
Pyramids, at Spiro Mounds, OK, 26 
Python Snake used by store attendent, 27 


Guartzite Mountain, NV, 38 
Quebec, Can., 36 
Queen nf Romania, 35 
Quicksilver Coven, 46 
Quill & Unicom, 48 


RENPA Retreat (a congreg. of PCC), 43 
Railway Yard, abandoned in Evaiisville,IN,1fl 
Rainbow Gathering by Wiccans. NC. 25 
Rainbow Web Grove. 48 
Raleigh, NC. 46 
Ram s Head. The, 28 
Ramtha, 34 
Rapp, George. 19 

Raven Rock (Blue Ridge Summit), PA. 39 
Ravenschool, 43 

Ravenwood Church of Wicca, Atlanta, 17 
Rawlins. WY. 35 

He-lurmed Congregation of the Goddess, Wl.35 

Reagan. Pres. Ronald. 32 

Real Magic, 6 

Reclaiming Collective, 43 

Records of Salem Witchcraft (orig, doc.), 21 

Recruiters, going into Urtle Cyprus school.33 

Recruiting site, Magical Childe Store, NY. 24 

Recruiting site, Satanism, 12 

Recruiting sites in Portland, OR, 27 

Recruitment ol children, at Lake Charles, 20 

Red Deer Alberta, 36 

Red River Arsenal, TX, 39 

Red Square (Area 51). NV 38 

Redding, CA, 13 

Redstone Arsenal. AL, mind control. 41 

Hedwood City, CA, 47 

Redwood Valley. CA, 13, 46 

Reformed Church Anc Celts, 40 

Reformed Druids ol North America, 11 

Renaissance Week, Hlton Head. SC. 2932 

Resort area for elite, 30 

Respect for one's enemies' powers, 6 

Retreat Center, Aquarian Tabernacle Chrch, 34 


Reynolds, (Tillamock Masonic Librarian), 9 

Rhode Island (no rituals sites given), 29 

Rialtf j, CA, 48 

Richmond. IN. 43 

Richmond, VA, 33, 49 

Ridhone. Fred, 17 

Rielelsvile. PA, 46 

Riley, Gov, Dick. 32 

Rimmon, 7 

Rincon Mtn.. AZ. 10 

Ringo, Judge, 26 

Rites of Spring Pagan gather iny, 21 

RITUAL DATES (This chapter was not 

included in index) See lasi chapter 
in book, just prior to index. 

Rituals held near water. 9 

River Falls, Wl. 49 

River Path Network. 48 

Rivera, Geraldo. 20 

Riverside, CA, 13 

Robb Sen. Chuck. 31 

Roberts, Mark, 32 

Rock & Roll, 7 

Rock Bands, in Portland. OR, 27-28 

Rockaway, OR. 27 

Rockefeller Family, 35 

Rockefellers, give orders to Wilson, 35 

Rocklord. IL, in 

Rocky Mtn Pagan Journal 48 

Roebuck Journal, 48 

rkKjers, AR, 11 

Rose & Ouil, 48 

Roselle Park. NJ. 23, 47 

Rosemoun Guild, 43 

RoscviHe. Ml. 48 

Rosk: melanism, 25 

Rosicrucians, 6 

Roswell UFO incident, 23 

Roswell. MM, 23 

Rothschilds interbred wf Cherokee blood, 26 
Round Table Pizza, 7 
Rowan Grove. Minn., 22 
Rowan Tree Church, 22 
Rowanwood, 40 

Runaway slaves taken la Ml Sliasla, 41 
Rune-Guild, The, 48 

Runway 7 milt? king, a! .Mm Lake. NV. 38 

Rupert, ID, 17 

Russell Cave. AL. 10 

Russell, Charles l aze. 32 

Russia's national guardian demon. 7 

Russian govt. & Russian intelligence. 39 


SRA witnesses are silenced, 8 

Sacramento, CA, 13, 45, 46, 47 

Sacred Grove A/ews, 48 

Salford. AZ. 10 

Sagewoman Publications, 43 

Saguaro National Monument West. AZ. 10 

Salem. MA. 42. 44, 45, 49 

Salem. OR, 27 

Sally Corrodor (Area 51), NV, 38 

Salt Lake Cily. mind control. 41 

San Antonio. TX, 41.48 

San Antonio, TX, mind control, 41 

San Bemadino Mountain Mansion titual siie,13 

San Bernadino, CA, 13 

San Bernadino, Iflumtnoti strongpoinl, 13 

San Diego. CA. 4?. 43 

San Francisco Peaks, AZ, 11 

San Francisco, CA, 13. 42, 43. 46 49 

San Jose. CA. 14. 15, 43 45 

San Juan Capistrano, CA. 15 

San Marcos, CA, 49 

San Pedro. CA. 14 

Sancluary ol I he Wise, 48 

Sandia Mountains, underground facflily. 38 

Sandia National Labs. 38 

Sangraai (wicca group), 4ft 

Santa Catalina Mountains. AZ, 37 

Santa Cruz. CA, 42. 43 

Santa Fe, NM. 45 

Santa Rosa. CA. 37 

Samaria cult, 16, 20. 23, 39, 48 

Sarasota FL, 47 

Sat City. Louis , 20 

Satan's A Go-Go, Hollywood, 12 

Satanic Hierarchy, repairs occult teud, 34 

Satanic Hubs, 39 

Satanlsts. in clergy garb, 3 

Saudi Arabia. 15 

Savannah, GA. 30 

Schaap Dick, 32 

Schiftcr. Richard, asst Sec of State, 32 

Schismalic Druids of NA, 48 

ScWesingcr Arthur, Jr., 31 

School lor Beta slaves, OH, 41 

School of Wicca, 48 

School of Wicca, New Bern, NC, 25 

Schulz, Sec. of State George ?1 

Science ol Mind. 28 

Sciutalc. MA 42 

Scott Waller Perry, 14-15 

Scotty's Castle. Death Valley 14 15 

Scnttys Castle, Death Valley, mind contr,, 41 


Scribe Society (wicca group), 46 

Sciull of Oplonlis, 48 

Sea Pines Co.. 32 

Sea Pines Plantation, 30 

Seaside ritual for Spring Equinox, in WA. 34 

Seaside OR, 29 

Seasonal Silver Newsletter, 48 

Seattle, WA, 44. 46. 49 

Seax-Wicca Earth Stone Grove, 40 

Seax-Wicca Seminary, 33, 48 

Secrecy provided Hilton Head by Tre« Ordin 30 

Secret shadow govt, facility, VA 39 

Secretary ol Energy, 31 

Section Houses, satanic, 26 

Sedonia, AZ, 5, 10 

Seminary, Sea* -Wicca at Charlottesvlle, 33 

Seminary, Wicxan in NH, 23 

Seminary, Wiccan. Blue Mounds, 35 

Seminole County, OK, 26 

Serpent Mound State Memorial. OH, 25 

Sewers, in St Louis used for ritual. 22 

Sewers, used in Omaha tor ritual. 23 

Seymour, CT. 16 

Shade Tree University, 43 

Sharinwlight Medicine Clan ol 5E Cher. Co .43 

Shadows, witchcraft group, Portland, OR, 28, 48 

Shamanism. American Indian, 7 

Shanghaiing, 29 

Sharonville, OH, 25 

Shaw, Robert, 32 

Shawnee National Forest. IL, 18 

SheTotem. 4b 

Shelby, NC. 47 

Shield ol the Norlliwiiid. 4B 

Shirley Basin Area. WY. 35 

Shirley Basin. WY, 35 

Shrine of the Stone Circle, NM r 24 

Shrunken heads. 20 

Sight of the Moon. 48 

Signals, secret, to show ritual sites. 4 

Siler City, NC 25 

Siicon Valley, CA, 1 1 

Siva Mind Control. 28 

Silver Creek Falls. OR, 27 

Silver Crescent, 48 

Silver Elves. 40 

Silver Mist Coven, 48 

Silverstar 49 

Silverlon, OR, 27 

Sivorton. hdqrtrs. for Church of Satan. 27 

Silvarweb, 49 

Silverwood Circle, 49 

Sster Spirit, wicca group, Portland, 28, 49 

Sisterhood of the SunStar. 49 
Sisters of Light, Tulsa. OK, 26 
Site R {Blue Ridge Summit), PA, 39 
Skolcton Cave, Bend, OR area, 2G 
Ski resort in Ohio used lor rituals, 25 
Skidmore. TX, 49 
Slave Trade, modern and past, 9 
Slaves, of Choctaw Indians, 2G 
Sleeping Giant rock formation, CT, 16 
Smithviile, TX, 33 

Smoky Hill High School, Aurora CO, 16 
Snake Fower (wicca group), 49 
Snake built by landscappiny in Ohio, 25 
Snake, used as a familiar object, 27 
Snapdragon. 49 
Snohomish, WA, 34 

Socialist experiments linked lo llluminali, 19 
Socialistic Commune, 19 
Sodom & Gomorrah compared to California, 1 1 
Soledad, CA, 13 

Solstice Rituals. Illuminati in Oregon 20 

Solstice monoliths in NH, 23 

Son of Sam (David Berkowitz), 24 

Sonoma County, CA, 12 

Sorcerer Shop. Hollywood. 12 

Souls of Men sold, 9 

South Carolina ritual sites, 29-32 

South Dakota (no sites given), 32 

South Royalton. VT, 33 

South Shore area, MS. 21 

South Woodstock. VT. 33 

Southbury, CT, 16 

Souther New Hampshire. NH, 23 

Southern Death Cult Amer. Indians, 10 

Southwest Earth Festival Assoc , 23 

Spain. 14 

Spencer Township, OH. 25 
Spirit Guides, American Indians, 7 
Spiritual Vortex at Santa Fe. NM, 24 
Spiritual power source, "Holy Mtn.TX. 32-33 
Spiritual vortex at Vancouver, B.C., 36 
Spiritual vortex, al Caliokia pyramid, 17 
Spiritual vortexes, 5 

Spiritual warefarc going on an around. 8 

Spiritual warfare against territories, 7 

Spiro Mounds, OK. 26 

Split brain programming, 4 1 

Spring Equinox Mystery Festival. WA, 34 

Spring Equinox rituals, 9 

Spring Solstice, Coos Bay, fur Illuminati 26 

Spring Valley, CA, 48 

Springfield. MO, 42 

St. Clair Shore, Ml, 4G 

St John the Divine Episcopal Church. ? I 

St. John's Bridge. Portland. OR. 77 

St Louis. MO. 22. 42. 47 

St Mary's Hospital Montreal. Que . 40 

St. Paul. MN, 22, 47 

Stamford. CT, m 

Starcrescent, 43 

Startire Journal, 49 

Starwood Festival, Summer in OH, 25 

State College. PA. 20, 46 

Stealth aircraft. 38 

Steamboat Springs, CA, 15 

Steel Doors Rilual Site, Farminqton.NM 24 

Stelner. Rudolf, 24 

Sterling, IL, 42 

Stevens Point, Wl, 47 

StevRnson. MO, 49 

Stone Tabtets, ancient American, if 

Stone quarries, Lawrence Co., IN, 18 

Stone quarries, Immense size of in IN. 10 

Bfonetenge, wa, 35 

Stonehcnge, at Mystery Hit, NH, 23 

Stunehengu, in Tripod Rock NJ 23 

Stormcircle Grove, 49 

Stove Pipe, CA 14 

Strong Maurice. 15 

Stupas, fS 

Sugar Grove WV. 39 

Summer Solstice, 13. 23, 25 

Summer Solstice Ancient Ways Festival, 13 

Summer Solstice Festival, the Circle. Wl. 3G 

Summer solstice viewed from Pyramid Mln , 23 

Sun and Moon worship at A2talan, Wl, 35 

Sun worship, 17. 18 

Sun worship is secretly LucHerian worsbp.17 

Sunland. CA. 49 

Sunnyside, NY. 47 

Sunnyvale. CA, 42 

Sunrise Mtn, Las Vegas. NV, 23 

Sunset Crater, AZ, 11 

Supercomputers at NSA at Ft. Meade. 38 

Support Abused Wiccans. 43 

Susan B. Anthony Coven no. 1, 13, 49 

Symbol-serpent in a circle w/ laii in mouth,25 

Synthesis, 14 


TMA pagan activists. 21 

Tacoma Hospital used lor rituals. 35 

Tacoma, WA, 35 

Talvus Caves, CA. 13 

Tampa Bay, FL, 16 

Tampa, FL. 1ft 

Tanlt s Daughters, 43 

Taoisls, 29 
Taos Pueblo. NM, 38 
Tapestry (wicca group), 49 
Taran, 6 

Tecachapi Ranch, CA, 37 

Teens of Lucifer 16 

Tektronics, holographic research. 28 

Telegraph Hil, near Coppcrfield, UT, 33 

Television, salanic shows, 3 

Telewoman, 40 

Templar Ciide, 49 

Templar Settlement (13 1 4th cent, in US), 10 
Templn Abraxas, 43 

Temple of Byanu. South Woodstock, VT, 33 
Temple of Dieties, 43 
Temple of Eldar. 43 
Temple of Eternal Light, 49 
Temple of Oenann. 49 

Temple ol Power (aka Temple of Set), 39-40 
Temple ol Repthys, 49 

Temple ol Saturn, San Francisco (Flamco). 13 
Temple of Set, 43 
Temple of Thoth 49 

Temple ol Truth, adept Wack magicians, 13 

Temple of Wicca r 49 

Temple of Wicca. Flndley, OH, 25 

Temple of Wisdom, at Franciscan Ctr .OR. 28 

Temple of the Oder Gods, 49 

Temple of the Silver Crescent, 49 

Temple ol the Sun San Francisco (Tlamcol.13 

Temple, Mormon, hides satanic meetings, 28 

Tennessee ritual sites. 32 

Terra Ceia Island, FL. 1G 

Texas ritual sites. 32-33 

Texas secret underground facilities. 39 

Thaland, ever/ house has a shrine, 8 

Thatcher, Margaret. 15 

The Circle, 33 

The Hamptons. Long Island. 24 

T/je Llndisfame Journal, 21 

The Magic Muon (store), 1 1 

The Pagan Web, 10 

The Secret Cave uf Many Faces 17 

The Spot (Area 51). NV. 38 

The Third Road, 43 

The Unitarian Church, Boston. MS, 21 

The Valley ol Kings, Fgypt, 17 

Theosophical Society, 24-25 

Theosophical Society, Portland, 21 

Thesmophoria. 49 

Third Eye Store, Portland. OR. 27 

Thistledown (wicca group) 49 

Thomaston, ME. 46 


Thomasvllle. FEMA regiofial center, GA, 37 

Thompson Park Lightlines, Watcrtown. NY, 25 

Thome, Richard W. f 9 

Ihree Forks, Mont., 22 

Throe Rivers Petroglyph Park, 23 

1 hree Sister Hills, near Palmdate CA. 37 

Tibet, 5 

Tinker, AFB. OK, mind control, 41 
Tinkerbell Programming, Monarch M.C., 41 
Titles & positions of Territorial demons.7-8 
Tlarnco, (Allan lean city now San Francisco 13 
Todd, John, 21 
Todd, Nancy, 21 
Toledo. OH 25, 46, 49 
Tong. The. 28 
Tonopah, NV, 38 
Tools of Magic. 49 
Toronto, Can.. 36 
Torrance, CA. 15 

Torture and trauma lor programming, 40 

Townsaghy, MO 22 

Towgoh. MD, 48 

Trabuca Canyon CA, 15 

Traditional British witchcraft in CA, 13 

Irafficanl, Congressman Jim. 41 

Trains, narrow guage for underground, 1(1 

Trams, shuttle underground to Dulce. NM.38 

Transcendental Meditation (TM), 28 

Trauma-based Mind Control prog center, 12 

Trauma-based Mind Control, organizational 

Treasure Island. San Francisco, 15 

Triads, 28. 29 

Triads, built lunnete under Portland. 29 
Triads, engaged in slavery, [>rost. etc., 29 
Tribe ol the Phoenix, 49 
Tripod Rock, NJ. 23 
Tripoli, Libya, 5 
Triskellion Coven. 49 

Trobble From River City (wicca group), 49 
Trona, CA, 12 
Trumbarsville. PA, 48 

Tucson, AZ, 10, 46 

Tuczon Area Wiecan Network, 49 

Tujunga, CA, 4fl 

Tulsa, OK. 26, 48 

Tulsa, iMiqrtrs lor llluminati. 26 

Tulsa, saucer base in area 26 

Tunnel, at Farmington under parking lot, 24 

Tunnel, off PI I obos Ave oan Francisco. 13 

Tunnels & secret rooms, Scntty's castle. t4 

Tunnels, Chicago. 18 

Tunnels, McMartin Pre-school. 12 

Tunnels, on the Prcsideo base. CA, 41 

Tunnels, secret under Mormon lemple 2fl 

Tunnels, secret under Vet Hospital, 27 
Tunnels, to abandoned missile bases, 19 
Tunnels, under Masonic Hospital, 27 
Tunnels, under OHSH, Portland, OR, 27 
Tunnels, under Portland downtown, 29 
Tunnels, under the Salt Lake City Temple.33 
Tunnels, used for rituals, 24 
Turner. Ted, 15 
Tuscaloosa, 10 
Twin Bridges, MO 38 
Tyunonyf Overlook Trail, 24 


U-Mass Pagan Student Organ., 43 

U.S. Government, protects magic sites. 33 

U.S. Highway 666, 33 

U.S. Vetercn's Hospital. Portland, OR. 27 

UCLA, 15 

UFO base, coastal range west of Portland. 27 

UFO bases ol US govt, 11. 37-39 

UFO pilots, demons = aliens, 11 

UFOs, ait Amur, saucers moved to Colorado, 15 

UNCED meeting. 15 

US Army (see also individual bases), 40 

Ukiah, CA, 45 

Umbanda, 40 

Underground Installations, secret. 37 

Underground rooms, under Mormon temples, 28 

Underworld ceremonies. 13 

Unicorn Coven. 49 

Unicorn Grove 49 

Unicorn, The, 49 

Union Co., OH. 25 

Unitarian seminar iffi, 21 

Unitarian-Universal ist Pagans. 49 

Unitarians founded CalTech, 23 

United Wiccciu Church, 43 

Unily Church. 20 

University ol CA, San Diego, 1 5 

Unsolved Mysteries (TV Series). 34 

Upper Darby, PA, 47 

Utah Copper Co., 33 

Utah ritual sites, 33 


VSAF. 40 
Vail, CO, 15 
Valentine, Paul D., 16 
Valeriani Richard, 32 
Valhalla NY 4g 
Van Nuys. CA, 4b 
Vancouver B.C. Can. 3G. A3 
Venus, 25 

Vermont ritual sites, 33 


Vernal Equinox celebrated by Indians. 16 
Vernonia, OR, 27 
Verona, Wl, 47 

Vietnam and satanic drug tunning, 25 

Vtewtree Mountain. VA. 39 

Villa Rica, GA 4b 

Vinland, NJ, 23 

Virginia Beach, VA, 45, 46, 49 

Virginia secret underground facilities, 39 

Vision Quests, American Indians, 7 

Vision Quests, started at Poverty Point. 21 

Vision Quests, started from Ft Ancient, ?5 

Vision Weavers, 49 

Voodoo. 20 

Vortexes, spiritual, 5 


W.I.C.CA, 49 
WANDS, 49 

Wackenhut Security. 38 
Waco. TX. 33 

Waldorf School of Anthroposophy, 24 
Waldorf School, Portland, OR, 2B 
Walt Street Journal, 31 
Walnut Grove, AL, 10 
Walt Disney Movies, 44 
Ward, Ben, 32 
Warren Co., OH, 25 
Warren, Earl. 12 

Warrington Training Gil (Siation A & B). 39 
Washington state ritual sites, 33-34 
Washington state secret undeiuruund fac ,39 
Washington, D C. ritual sites. 35 
Washington. DC. miiid control, 41 
Watchlnwer Society, 32 
Waterfalls, occult significance of power,?7 
Watertown Strip (Area 51). NV. 38 
Watson, Warren, 33 
Waukesha, Wl. 47 

We Are Satan's People Rock Band, 28 

Weapons, are spiritual, 3 

Web of Isis, 49 

Web ol Oz. 49 

Wendell Depot, MA, 47 

Wendy's Restaurants, 7 

Werewolf Order, 40 

West Germany. Spawned Green movement, 14 

West Point, USMA, NY. 2b 

West Virginia ritual sites. 35 

West Virginia secret underground lai:ilities,39 

Westchester. CT. IG 

Westlako, OH. 45 

Wesllin Resort Hilton Head Island, 30 

Westport. MS. 21 
Wheaton, MD, 21 
Whealridge, CO. 45 
Wheeler Family, 26 
Wlieeliny, IL, 1fl 
White City, KS. 20 
White Light Penlacles. 49 
White Sulpher Springs, WV, 39 
Whitehall. PA, 4? 
Whitewater Valley Grove, 43 
Wicca Seminary, 49 

Wlcca. hereditary coven at Mt. View, 13 

Wiccaan Academy of Theological Science, 43 

Wiccan Church of Minnesota. 49 

Wiccan Church Of Vermont, 49 

Wiccan Information Network, 43 

Wiccan Objectives 1981.6 

Wiccan/Druid Student Outreach, 49 

Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance. 43 

Wickiiffe Mounds, KT, 20 

Wilder. Gov Doug. 31 

Widwood. NJ, 47 

Willingboro. NJ 46 

Willow Springs, Death Valley, 12 

Wilmington, DE. 16 

Wilson, Rose, 35 

Wilsonville. OR, 48 

Wilton CT. 1B 

Windsor. Ont., 36 

Windstar, ranch in Colorado, 15 

Winston Salem. NC, 48 

Winter Solstice, 23 

Winter Solstice in public school. 28 

Wisconsin Rapids. Wl, 45 

Wisconsin ritual sites, 35 

Wise Woman Center, 43 

Witch Way, 49 

Witch, came to Christ in MarysvHIe, WA. 34 

Witchcraft groups, Wicca etc , 40 

Witchcraft black & white compared, 4 

Witchcraft other names for it, 7 

Witches Activist Network, 49 

Witches Anlt-Df scrim. Lobby. 49 

Witches Circle, Farmington, NM, 24 

Witches International Coven Council 1961. 6 

Witches League far Public Awareness, 49 

Witches League for Salem. 49 

Witches, surface appearance deceptive, 7 

Witherspoon, Bill. 27 

Witnesses In SRA are silenced, ft 

Wizard Island. Crater Lake, OR. 27 

Wizard of 07 series, 1 1 

Woll Song, 49 


Woman's Journal, A (wiccan) -19 

Wompaluck State Park, 21 

Wong, Mrs. of Salem, OR, 28 

Woods Park Pagan Group & Templ«, 43 

Woodstock, IL, 49 

Woodstock. NY. 13 

Woodward, W. Elliot 21 

Wouk. Herman. 12 

Wupatki National Monument, 11 

Wynchwood. 49 

Wyoming ritual sites. 36 


X-Ray Cale. Portland. OR, 27 

Y TyfwiAh Tyllvan. 49 

YMCA. ownership of Ft Ancient. 25 

Yachats, OR, 29, 47 

Yelm, WA. 34 

Yggdrasil (witchcraft group), 49 
Yoder. Ed. 3? 
Yoni Coven, 49 

Youngstown. OH. mind control. 41 
Ypslanti. Ml, 44 

Yuba, so. lork. Edwards AFB. CA. 37 
Yule rituals, 23 


Zeitgeist. 5 

Zion National Park UT, 5 
Zombie Room. Montreal 40 
Zumwalt, Mouza, 32 


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