Some more MAJOR MIND-CONTROL PROGRAMMING SITES …with explanations of their programming


…with explanations of their programming

This list is added as a supplement to those sites exposed in the Vol. 2 book.

Slaves have to come in to the “SHOP” periodically to have certain maintenance programs renewed to maintain the power of the programming. Most slaves that are being used in operations come in at a minimum every 2-3 years. Most people who have been programmed are sleepers. And many people who have horrible programs to carry out are programmed for the next few years.

All kinds of sites are used, for instance,

  • Boy and Girl Scout camps

  • a big church in Greensboro, NC

  • a desert site near Tucson, AZ

  • hotels in New Orleans

Many people who have been “recruited” (beguiled and trapped) into the mind-control are seen being sent to Colorado Springs, CO.

A network of daycare centers has been established worldwide by the Illuminati’s Network for the programming and recruiting of children. A series of Youth Hostels has also been created (originally by the communists) for Network goals, and have been widely used by the communist faction of the World Order.

The elite have their own schools, such as Eaton School in the UK which receives some Illuminati children under mind-control. Watch the Office of Global Analysis, which is an intelligence group for global analysis for the NWO. Also watch out for the National Program Office (NPO) which is reported to have been created in 1982 to oversee “black” programs of the intelligence agencies. The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is another black ops group.

This group is in part housed within the Pentagon and deals with assassination teams. It uses lots of illegal funds which it launders through another Pentagon agency called the DSAA (Defense Security Assistance Agency). Gen. Howard Fish, Mr. Eric Von Marbod, Gen. Phil Gast were the men in DSAA that laundered the NRO’s money. I, Irving Davidson, who has one foot in the mafia & one in the military black ops is a go-between. One of the assassination programs they ran years ago was the Zeta Diogenes (ZD) project.

Different agencies that participated had different codes for the programs. The men used in these NRO programs are mind-controlled slaves in some cases, it is not known what % if any are not under mind-control. They are organized as cells and are operating in various military, national guard, and secret reserve units.

Present-day Russia’s Guards Directorate has two “counter-terrorist” divisions Alfa and Vympel. These were formerly part of the KGB, and employ mind-controlled victims in their work. OP-06-D is the unit assigned to perform penetration tests to determine security at these different military/intelligence bases used for programming.

Air Force Units to watch:

· Aerospace Defense Intelligence Center ADIC
· Air Force Intelligence Support Agency AFISA (recent name) of the Air Force’s all sources intelligence organization
· Kelly AFB has the 693rd Intelligence Wing located there
· ERT (Air Force Swat Teams)

Army Units to watch:

· Pentagon
· Military Intelligence which calls itself INSCOM. INSCOM units are all over the world incl.

· Area 51, White Sands, Ft. Meade, and their Vint Hills Farm Station at Warrenton, VA near the old Manassas battlefield sites. Their Ft. Huachucha in AZ appropriately sports a Sphinx statue.

So many intelligence people came from the Illuminati initiating centers of Harvard, Yale, & Princeton that the acronym HYP was applied to some of them by others in an allusion to the word “hype.”

For the first half of MI-6’s history, only women from the elite, the aristocracy were recruited to work in MI-6, for this reason the women at MI-6 were called Queenie.

As Illuminati members of the hierarchy, they were indeed given various Queen positions. The crossovers occur both ways.

One finds intelligence people in places like Yale and the big Illuminati corporations. For instance, a military psychologist Alexander R. Askenasy, who worked in the area of mind-control for the Army, later taught at Princeton, and then went on to a prominent position at the NY State Psychiatric Institute & the Dept. of Psychiatry, Columbia Univ.

Another example is Robert Finley Delaney, who worked with the Navy in PSYOPS, the State Dept. and also worked for ESSO Standard Oil company.

One final example in a list of examples that seems to go on forever, the Professor of Psychology at Yale was Irving L. Janis, a military man who worked in military psychological research and PYSOPS, and who co-authored Communications and Persuasion, Personality and Persuasibility.


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