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MKOFTEN CIAincapacitate

Our governmental,systems are used to cover up these truths,and crimes that go on unabated right under the populaces noses,anyone put into the care of mental health proffessionals is likely to get secretly poisoned with fungal candida/mycoplasma, in order to induce debilitating mental illness,witchcraft poisoning is the methodology used,by government services to get away with this,human experimentation,.the art of poisoning includes transdermal technology,sedation and tampered food,drink,,these things go on in government controlled spaces and are covered up,inhouse,.the aim is to create a totally dependant on the state, instituationalised person,unable to look after himself,usually destabilising into chronic fatigue,ptsd and paranoid delusions..,who becomes a danger to himself and others,this exact state has secretly been induced in the victim by the psychiatrists themselves,these are the utter truths going on in our cities,read #mkultra,

the medical model and system is a deception,period..

the real truth of the situation is so diabolical it defies description,,the mental health proffessionals portray themselves as saviours offering hope and help,while the actual truth is they are engaged in inducing mental and physical illness in their patients using deception..totally destroying lives irreversably without care or fear of exposure..,its all eugenics based on nazism if you will..
in government care the mental illness is induced in the patient,outlined in the methods previously explained,then they are forcibly drugged with ssri’s,the psychiatrists know for a fact exactly whats wrong with the patients as they have done some of it to them secretly..this is why they are so adamant ,that patients need help forcibly..
The central issue is not whether “antipsychotics” are effective in the treatment of “schizophrenia”, but rather, whether major tranquilizers are effective in the suppression of anger, agitation, and aggression. And of course, they are, provided we discount the fairly common adverse effect of akathisia, the manifestation of which, incidentally, according to Dr. Frances’s own Guidelines, may be confused with – and the irony of this is beyond words – “psychotic symptoms”. (p 55). (In other words, one of the long-established adverse effects of the drugs is to make a person seem crazy – and, presumably, eligible for more “treatment”!) But, for the most part, the drugs are strong tranquilizers which reduce general activity and speech, and dampen feelings and emotions.

Neuroleptic drugs have often been called chemical straightjackets. And the question as to whether or not these products should be used to control agitation, anger, and aggression, is not a medical matter. It is a human rights/legislative issue. The use of physical restraints by law enforcement officers is subject to ongoing legislative and judicial oversight, but the use of chemical restraints by psychiatrists is effectively unregulated. The fundamental question is not: are antipsychotic medications effective in the treatment of schizophrenia, but rather: is it morally acceptable to use major tranquilizers, that have devastating adverse effects, as chemical restraints, frequently for years and even decades? It is time to start calling a spade a spade; and it is beyond time for legislative and judicial bodies to recognize the abuse and deception in this area and to take appropriate action. There is a pressing need to recognize that these products are not medications in any ordinary sense of the term. They are chemical restraints.

the mental health system ,in Melbourne,uses infections to secretly induce demonised mental illness in patients,especially in their care… this is human experimentation,bacterial,viral,fungal infections used to destroy and torture patients to death,and induce mental and physical illness,while medical services are all complicit in covering up the truth from coimng out..incapacitating agents,hypnosis and truth serums are also used on patients secretly to force them into violent unnatural confrontational reactions that often end up in suicide or murder..those of you here need to research #mkultra human experimentation google [mkultra subprojects],and research them theres so much really going on totally kept secret from the populace by the medical community.

infections that become systemic can torture a persons mind straight into schizophrenic oppression,the targeted individual phenomena is related to this also,

stalking by the support services often the victims own family and friends are part of these psyops ,all to induce reactions that can then be blamed on mental illness,funny how it really works huh? yes its a very satanic situation,

In the medieval period preparations with hallucinogenic herbs were part of the practice of veneficium, or poison magic. This collection of magical arts used poisons, herbs, and rituals to bewitch, heal, prophesy, infect, and murder. In the form of psyche-magical ointments, poison magic could trigger powerful hallucinations and surrealistic dreams that enabled direct experience of the Divine. Smeared on the skin, these entheogenic ointments were said to enable witches to commune with various local goddesses, bastardized by the Church as trips to the Sabbat–clandestine meetings with Satan to learn magic and participate in demonic orgies.

psychiatry deliberately refuses to diagnose patients for physical causes of mental illness and thereby cure them without their poisonous drugs for example schizophrenia-its an organised medical ,psychiatric eugenics based nazi racket in reality..



Causes of Schizophrenia – well-known, less-known, and almost unknown


Heavy metal toxicity
Sleep deprivation
Folic acid/B12 deficiency
Drug intoxications
Dementia paralytica

Less Well-known

Psychomotor epilepsy
Cerebral allergy
Wheat-gluten sensitivity
Histapenia – copper excess
Wilson’s disease
Chronic Candida infection
Huntington’s chorea

Almost Unknown

Dopamine excess
Serine excess
Prolactin excess
Dialysis therapy
Serotonin imbalance
Leucine, histidine imbalance
Interferon, amantadine, anti-viral drugs
Platelets deficient in MAO (monoamine

Twenty-Nine Medical Causes of “Schizophrenia”

CIA Programs 1940s – 1974: to counter perceived Soviet and Chinese and assumed previous Nazi advances in Brainwashing techniques.

Behaviour control experiments included extensive use of drugs (LSD, mescaline) on military staff and on unwitting civilian participants – electronic signals to alter brain functioning – magic, graphology, hypnotic agent programming, subliminal peception and other ‘Black psychiatry’ techniques.

MKULTRA included 149 subprojects which included: Witch Doctor Study, Telecontrol-Texas Christian, Children’s summer camps, ESP research, parapsychology, sleep learning, Denver University-hypnosis, Georgetoen Hospital-Geschichter, Brain concussion, Hungarian refugees, Toxin study-Cuba chapter, Mass conversion study, sabotage of petroleum, Electrodes-Russian study, drugs-CBW testing, optics mixed with biological warfare, rapid hypnotic induction, psychometric drugs THC, brainwashing, psycho-pharmacology, psycho surgery.

Military funded academic research from 1964 included, “witchcraft, sorcery, magic and other psychological phenomena and their implications on military and paramilitary in the Congo”.

The 1969 CIA ‘Operation Often’ was an exploration of Black Magic and the supernatural.
A list of current known information concerning the 149 subprojects of MK Ultra,which was initiated in April 1953 and continued until 1964,when it was renamed MK Search.


AFA 5-7: Operation Mind Control

As with Stanford, the university employed a military-linked behavioral psychiatrist, Dr. Donald Dudley, who later became infamous for carrying out experiments in behavior modification. Dudley taught there from the 1960s through the early 1990s, and also worked at nearby mental institutions where Lang was periodically committed. The landmark lawsuit that ended Dudley’s career revealed that Dudley’s hobby was taking patients brought to him for lesser mental illnesses, pumping them full of drugs, hypnotizing them, and trying to turn them into killers.
We know this thanks to a suit brought by the family of Stephen Drummond, who entered Dudley’s care in 1989 for autism treatment. He was returned to his family in 1992 suffering from severe catatonia. According to lawsuit testimony, Dudley shot Drummond up with sodium amytal and hypnotized him with the intention of “erasing” a portion of his brain and turning him into an assassin. When Drummond’s mother confronted Dudley, the mad scientist threatened to have her killed, claiming he worked for the CIA. Dudley was arrested soon after the confrontation in a local hotel where he had shacked up to “treat” a suicidal 15-year-old drifter. Dudley had given the boy sodium amytal and several other drugs, hypnotized him, and convinced him that he was part of a secret army of assassins. Police were called in when the boy threatened hotel staff with a .44 caliber handgun. Not long after, Dudley died in state custody and his estate was forced to pay the largest psychotherapy negligence lawsuit in history. During the trial, it emerged that Dudley had possibly subjected hundreds of victims to similar experiments. Lang was not mentioned.
Here Kuhlmann pauses for the first time.
“I know a few more things about them,” he said. “But this gets a little dicey. I don’t know how to play that game. I don’t want to be the next target.”
“Lang and the Argentineans — it’s like a jigsaw puzzle,” said Kuhlmann with a sigh. “You have to fill in the missing 30 percent. That doesn’t work in a court of law.”
Fascinating, with lots of names and linkages
A cross-over between Bormann Nazis from Argentina and Yamashita Gold in Macau?

Project MKOFTEN was a covert Department of Defense program developed in conjunction with the CIA. A partner program to MKSEARCH, the goal of MKOFTEN was to “test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans”.[1]

According to author Gordon Thomas‘ 2007 book, Secrets and Lies, the CIA’s Operation Often was also initiated by the chief of the CIA’s Technical Services Branch, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, to “explore the world of black magic” and “harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach”. As part of Operation Often, Dr. Gottlieb and other CIA employees visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, other occult practitioners, and more.[2]



heck the police murder the mentally ill themselves.what more do you expect really?

the psychiatrists are practising #mkoften using satanism themselves on vulnerable patients..who cant help themselves because they have been totally debilitiised by all this eugenics in plain sight

the governmenmt itself censors any eugenics information from coming out..,relating to terminal human experimentation
Deaths in mental health facilities: unexpected, unnatural and violent

September 3, 2011

THIRTY-SIX people died unexpected, unnatural or violent deaths in Victorian mental health facilities between 2008 and 2010, Coroners Court files reveal.
Hundreds of mental health patients are dying in unexpected, unnatural or violent circumstances every year, with the Andrews government conceding it is “extremely concerned” about the rate of deaths.

An analysis of the latest available data from the chief psychiatrist found that an average 355 people who are receiving mental health care either in the community or within state-run psychiatric wards are dying annually.

But experts fear the figures are just tip of the iceberg, because some cases go unreported and the human services department has also refused to release the most up-to-date statistics from the past two years.
What is Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep or PANDAS?

PANDAS was defined in 1998 by Dr. Sue Swedo. Over the prior decade, Dr. Swedo had been studying Sydenham Chorea where 70% of patients exhibit sudden onset OCD symptoms before or after this classic movement disorder. She and other researchers were finding children who had sudden onset OCD symptoms without the carditis (heart inflammation) or movement disorder normally characteristic of Sydenham Chorea and acute rheumatic fever.

Auto-antibodies have been implicated in the carditis of Acute Rheumatic Fever, and Dr. Swedo theorized that perhaps a related set of antibodies were mistakenly attacking the basal ganglia (part of the brain) rather than the intended streptococcal bacteria triggering the movement disorder/sudden onset of OCD. In July 2010, researchers met at the NIH to discuss the past decade of clinical findings. Of significance, the panel found that while strep throat seems to be a trigger, it may not be the only trigger. Sudden onset OCD could be triggered by other diseases, including Lyme, Mono, Mycoplasma and the flu virus (such as H1N1). Based on this and other clinical reports, the panel modified the research definition of PANDAS.
New Research Finds Link Between Suicide and Inflammation
By Janice Wood
~ 1 min read

New Research Finds Link Between Suicide and Inflammation

It’s a startling statistic: One American dies from suicide every 12.8 minutes, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death in the country.

A new analysis of existing studies has found that there are increased levels of chemicals, called cytokines, in the body and brain that promote inflammation in individuals who are contemplating or attempted suicide, even when compared to patients being treated for the same psychiatric disorders who are not suicidal.

Previous studies have shown that cytokines are released under conditions of psychological stress and that inflammation in the brain contributes to depression.

According to researchers, the new study suggests that suicide emerges in the context of a relatively greater activation of the immune system than typical stress or depression.

To conduct the latest work, Dr. Carmen Black and Dr. Brian Miller at Georgia Regents University collected data from 18 published studies, resulting in a combined total of 583 psychiatric patients with suicidality — the likelihood of committing suicide, 315 psychiatric patients without suicidality, and 845 healthy control subjects.

Their analysis revealed that patients with suicidality had significantly increased interleukin (IL)-1β and IL-6 levels in the blood and postmortem brain.

“Our findings contribute to a growing body of evidence that immune system dysfunction, including inflammation, may be involved in the pathophysiology of major psychiatric disorders in some individuals,” Miller said. “Specifically, cytokine levels may help distinguish patients with suicidality from patients without suicidality and controls.”
In Ella’s riveting story, America is Infected, you will learn that:
Often disorders like ADHD, OCD and ODD can be treated without psychiatric drugs.
The evolution of psychiatry is paralleled by the evolution of bacterial and viral pathogens.
Autoimmune diseases and inflammation may stem from a single, man made source.
Some of our “genetic” traits may not really belong to us…
Man has altered the symptoms of infection beyond recognition…
Many “juvenile delinquents” may be the innocent victims of a massive infectious disaster.
PTSD has an infectious root cause.
The treatment is quite simple, although recovery can be daunting.

Human Experimentation in the US Part1
Verify Events Research
Verify Events Research
Published on Jan 7, 2016

Secret Human Experimentation in the US Past and Present is a 3 parts project that aims at educating the public on this very important public health issue. Part 1 presents the historical perspective and points to the horrendous and systemic record of human rights abuses and crimes by the medical establishment, research institutions and the US government. Parts 2 and 3 present evidence that such abuses never ended and in fact continue today despite assurances by our leadership that these events only exist in the dark pages of our history. Nothing has changed. In fact we continue to experiment on our own citizens and the US elite has expanded the use of foreigners as guinea pigs for secret medical and bio-weapons research in order to by-pass the “cumbersome” regulatory system as well as international treaties.


Australian police investigated an immigration detention whistleblower and accessed his phone records in part because of his criticism of the country’s asylum seeker policies.

Guardian Australia can reveal that the Australian federal police (AFP) compiled hundreds of pages of investigative file notes and reports surrounding Dr Peter Young following two news reports by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian newspaper in December 2014 that disclosed the medical records of Hamid Khazaei, an asylum seeker on Manus Island who died following a skin infection on his leg.

Young, who is a former medical director of mental health for Australia’s detention centres, urged workers from inside the system to be “angry and defiant” about attacks on whistleblowing.


Christmas Island detainees, including children, suffering life-threatening conditions and mental health problems, doctors say
By medical reporter Sophie Scott

Doctors treating asylum seekers on Christmas Island have detailed disturbing allegations that some detainees are suffering life-threatening medical conditions as a result of detention, and children are showing serious developmental and mental health problems.

Associate Professor Karen Zwi from the University of New South Wales says there were 356 children on Christmas Island when she visited there recently, with many held there for up to nine months.

She says children in detention are showing physical health problems like rotting teeth and fungal infections, along with developmental and mental health problems.

Associate Professor Zwi says there were more than 40 unaccompanied children on Christmas Island when she visited.

“While Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is their legal guardian, I believe this duty of care is being abdicated,” she said.
Paying with her life: Justice for Julieka Dhu

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following article contains images of deceased persons.
A young Aboriginal woman lies dying in agony on the floor of a police lock-up while officers laugh, mock her as a “junkie” and accuse her of “faking” her fatal illness. How can this still be happening in Australia, 25 years after the report of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody was supposed to put an end to it?
Chronic Candida Infection

Refer to Dr. William Crook’s article on “Candida and Mental
Health” on this web site.

Candida is a yeast that lives in the body normally. However,
broad-spectrum antibiotics tend to kill off Candida’s enemies in the
body and can result in Candida overgrowth. The yeasts put out toxins
that can weaken the immune system and cause a long list of symptoms.

Although psychosis is not a common manifestation of Candida, it has
occurred. Mental symptoms have included fatigue, inability to
concentrate, depression, mood swings, anxiety, hyperactivity, delusions,
“manic depression,” psychosis, and suicidal or violent

Twenty-Nine Medical Causes of “Schizophrenia”

Chronically ill patients with neurodegenerative, neurobehavioral and psychiatric diseases commonly have systemic and central nervous system bacterial and viral infections. In addition, other chronic illnesses where neurological manifestations are routinely found, such as fatiguing and autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease and Gulf War illnesses, also show systemic bacterial and viral infections that could be important in disease inception and progression or in increasing the number and severity of signs and symptoms. Evidence of Mycoplasma species, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Borrelia burgdorferi, human herpesvirus-1, -6 and -7 and other bacterial and viral infections revealed high infection rates in the above illnesses that were not found in controls. Although the specific roles of chronic infections in various diseases and their pathogeneses have not been carefully determined, the data suggest that chronic bacterial and/or viral infections are common features of progressive chronic diseases.
Abbreviations: Ab beta amyloid; AD Alzheimer’s disease; ADHD attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; ASD autism spectrum disorders; EBV Epstein-Barr virus; CFS chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS/ME chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyopathy; CI confidence interval; CMV cytomegalovirus; CSF cerebrospinal fluid; CNS central nervous system; ELISA enzyme linked immunoabsorbant assay; GWI Gulf War illnesses; HHV human herpes virus; HSV herpes simplex virus; PCR polymerase chain reaction; PD Parkinson’s disease
Schizophreniform psychosis and Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases
1934: The Freemasons study madness
The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry joined the Rockefellers in sponsoring psychiatric genetics beginning in 1934, under the rubric of research into dementia praecox (schizophrenia). The highest level of U.S. masonry, the Scottish Rite was the instrument through which the British Crown had reestablished the loyalty of American masons after the American Revolution. The northern section of the Rite had rallied the Copperheads against Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War efforts, aiding the Rite’s southern chief Albert Pike in secession and in other British white supremacy projects, such as the Ku Klux Klan. For eugenics, the British royal family itself was the Rite’s point of reference. The Duke of Connaught, son of Queen Victoria and brother of King Edward VII, had been grand master of the United Grand Lodge of England since 1901. American masonic leaders referred to the duke as “grand master of the Mother Grand Lodge of Masons of the World.” The son of a German father (Victoria’s husband, the Coburg Prince Albert), the Duke of Connaught was deeply involved in German affairs and was a patron of Britain’s “New Dark Ages” ultra-racialist elite group based in South Africa. Late in 1932, negotiations for Hitler’s takeover of Germany took place at the home of Joachim von Ribbentrop, who, as a traveling teenager, had been adopted into the household of the Duke of Connaught. Ribbentrop then became the head of Hitler’s foreign intelligence service. As Hitler’s ambassador to England, Ribbentrop worked in tandem with the leadership of the clique which employed Hitler as a British surrogate to smash up Europe: the masonic grand master duke and his nephew, the openly Nazi Edward VIII; Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman; and Lord Halifax, Neville Chamberlain’s foreign minister.

Eugenics, Covert Medicine & Depopulation in the 21st Century
Verify Events Research
Verify Events Research
Published on Dec 24, 2015

The subjects of Eugenics, Covert Medicine & Depopulation are usually regarded as a dark part of our history or as another “conspiracy theory”. In this presentation you will learn that not only the dark pseudo-science of eugenics never went away but that it went underground and it is alive and well today. The dangerous ideologies of covert medicine and depopulation, or as it is known today, “population control” are part of the ruling elite’s plan to control not only “human resources” (to engineer political stability where and when they need it) but also to eventually control the natural resources on the entire planet. We will present evidence of contraceptive vaccines, covert mass sterilization campaigns, contraceptives and psychotropic drugs added to the water supply and ethnic-specific bio-weapons as “useful political tools”. I’m asking for your help in the enormous task of alerting the public on these and other lesser known issues.


Institutional racism in British psychiatry
S. P. Sashidharan

How racist is British psychiatry? Why does psychiatric practice in this country continue to discriminate against Irish, Black and Asian people? How do we, as a profession, respond to the charge of institutional racism, increasingly accepted as a major problem within British psychiatry?

Although the debate about race and psychiatry is as old as psychiatry itself, it is only in the past three decades that the psychiatric institutions and practices in this country have come under critical scrutiny for their racial bias. During this period, much has been written about the experience of Black and other ethnic minority groups within psychiatry and the tacit acknowledgement that there is a problem about race within British psychiatry appears to be shared by psychiatrists in general. There have also been many attempts in recent years to make mental health services more culturally aware and sensitive. How we provide better services for Black and other ethnic minority groups has become a service priority in many areas.

Despite the commitment by both professionals and managers to provide ethnically sensitive and culturally appropriate services the overall experience of psychiatric services by Black and South Asian people in this country remains largely negative and aversive. The disparity between ethnic minority groups and White people in service usage, service satisfaction and outcome persists with little to suggest that the situation is likely to change. In fact, there is no single aspect of contemporary psychiatric care within which Black or South Asian people are not disadvantaged.



by Jon Rappoport

August 27, 2012

In the early 1990s, while researching the extension of the CIA MKULTRA (mind control) program, I had occasion to interview people who had been placed in mental institutions. This article is derived from their testimony, from numerous articles about the horrendous medical torture at two California prisons, Atascadero and Vacaville, and from Jessica Mitford’s landmark 1974 book, Kind and Usual Punishment.

The October 9, 1970, issue of Medical World News contained an article, “Scaring the Devil Out,” which revealed the use of a drug called succinylcholine at the Atascadero hospital for the criminally insane, and at the Vacaville Medical Facility. Succinylcholine (and a later drug, prolixin) were administered in a dosage “sufficient to induce general paralysis and respiratory arrest lasting up to two minutes.”

In a state of complete terror, the inmates would be lectured to by doctors, who told them they had to change their unacceptable behavior.

There is no essential difference between early basic CIA MKULTRA methods and the worst practices of psychiatrists in mental lockups. They both involve: isolation, duress, force, torture, and drugging.

There is no mystery about how and why these inhuman methods work. The patient is experiencing intense physical and emotional pain, and his response is often submission and compliance.

The patient wants to find out what is expected of him, and he agrees to it. A confession of a crime? Silence about what he knows? An expression of regret for what he has done or what he is accused of doing? A concocted story? He goes along.

This is why, for defendants like James Holmes, who is accused of mass murder and whose attorneys want to enter an insanity plea, the period of incarceration, during which he is “examined” to judge whether he is mentally competent, can be a very dangerous time.

As with the Arizona shooter, Jarod Loughner, the covert objective of this imprisonment can be the extraction of a guilty plea, which will eventually be entered in court.

The psychiatric drugs, particularly the so-called anti-psychotics, are used to put the patient in a state of semi-trance. Not only is he more suggestible and malleable, his brain is undergoing an assault, one effect of which is motor-damage. This is labeled tardive dyskinsia, to cover over the stark reality that the drugs are scrambling brain circuitry, often permanently.

Ordinary tranquilizers and sedatives can assist in this Nazi-like program.

Sometimes, friendly overtures from “good-guy guards” are used to make patients bond with their handlers, who then enlist patients’ cooperation in telling the right story and sticking to it.

Isolation from friends, family, and even lawyers makes the situation worse. The patient has to navigate his own way through a maze, deciding what to agree to and what to resist.

Early CIA MKULTRA experiments in the 1950s were not very sophisticated. Hypnosis, drugs, induced disorientation, force, threats, and suggestions were employed to forge “new personalities” for the victims. However, often the true result was simply victim compliance, offered with the hope of escape from the “treatments.”

It is the same in psych lockups. Barraged with crippling drugs, cut off from outside communication, the patient cooperates to avoid pain and fear.

One patient who had been held in a California psych ward told me: “I never lost track of the truth, but I could see they wanted me to agree with their diagnosis. They said I was a schizophrenic, and although I knew that wasn’t true, I went along after a while. I invented symptoms for the doctors. I played the part. I think they knew what I was doing, but they didn’t care. They just wanted to make sure their diagnosis would stick, so that when I was let out, my parents would be satisfied that I was crazy. That was the whole issue. My parents wanted to get off the hook. They wanted to believe they had never done anything wrong. They wanted to tell their friends I had a disease, schizophrenia, that’s all. I was ‘taking medication’ for it. I was ‘recovering.’”

Another patient from a mental lockup in the Midwest said: “They threatened me with electroshock treatments. I had heard how bad that could be. They just shoot electricity into your brain. It causes a seizure. They told me they could never be held responsible for it, because it was legitimate treatment. They said I could either be a very depressed patient who needed the shocks, or I could be a willing witness in a criminal case. I chose the second thing…”

He went on to say that, a year or so later, he realized “how much of a daze I had been in from the drugs,” particularly Haldol, a so-called anti-psychotic. “It was like slowly coming out of a blizzard, back into reality.”

These incarcerated people are not only placed in lock-up because their parents want to escape criticism, or the police want them to cooperate, or prosecutors want them to plead guilty to a crime. There are political prisoners as well. Law-enforcement agents are trained to believe these people, who speak out against the government, are inevitably holding dark secrets about terror plots.

Such a man, who was held for 72 hours after a court order, told me he was given “something like LSD or mescaline. They must have thought it was a truth drug, and I would spill my plans…I didn’t have any plans. I was just upset with the IRS. So I went on a weird trip from the drug. They interrogated me while I was high. I made up stuff. I don’t remember most of it. They were disgusted with what I was saying. I guess it didn’t make much sense. When they let me go, one guy told me they could get me back and give me a much higher dose of the drug, and then I’d be lucky to find my way home…”

None of the above touches on some of the worst horrors experienced by long-term mental inmates. Forced sex, frequent high-dose drugs that slam people into a barely coherent state, talk-therapy that degenerates into long hours of interrogation. Such a patient told me that, for a month or so, he actually believed he was “getting the best care in the world.” The interrogation was all about what he would reveal or not reveal about his treatment, if he was released from incarceration. Apparently, in his case, he was considered an experimental subject in a test of unapproved drugs.

Then there are the chronic casualties. After their confinement, they don’t have the competence to talk about what happened to them. They are too damaged to speak. In one such case, I was told by the patient’s parents, who were trying to pursue a lawsuit against the hospital, that as far they could tell, their son had received nothing but drugs. He hadn’t been overtly tortured. The drugs alone, which are prescribed by many psychiatrists in out-patient settings every day, had wrought so much destruction that the young man couldn’t finish his sentences or think in a straightforward fashion. He alternated between periods of silence and tantrums.

I did find one man who, refusing to talk about what had happened to him during his months in a psych ward, claimed he was a “secret agent for the other side.” This new assertion was contradicted by every available fact. Yet he believed it. He was never prosecuted as a spy. It is possible that he was worked on as part of an MKULTRA experiment, just to see whether this absurd belief could be successfully planted in his mind.

We are presented with psychiatry as the epitome of advanced brain science, practiced for the good of humanity. This is a lie. It is a lie in the psychiatrist’s office, and in the mental institution.

As I’ve written before, there isn’t a single laboratory test to confirm the diagnosis of any of the 297 officially designated mental disorders. Yet, the drugs given after the diagnoses all carry the high risk of terrible effects on the body and brain. From Adderall and Ritalin to Paxil and Zoloft, from Valproate and Lithium to Haldol and Risperdal, the prescribing doctors are playing with fire.

The FDA, who approves these drugs as safe and effective, sits on a mountain of lies and crimes against humanity.

We must, at a bare minimum, maintain the inviolable freedom to refuse medication. It is a basic right, and we must protect it.

kabbalah inducing schizophrenias its all a masonic slave game that ends in death much like police hunted escaped slaves in the past

From the (14/6/’16) article: Major inconsistencies in the accounts of four police officers accused of lying over the shooting of a mentally ill man in 2009 proves their story is false, a Sydney court has heard. …

Adam Salter died after he was shot in the back by police at his family home in Lakemba in 2009.

His father had called triple-0 after his 36-year-old son began stabbing himself in the neck with a knife.

Officers Sheree Bissett, Aaron Abela, Leah Wilson and Emily Metcalfe are on trial accused of lying to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) about what happened that day.

In her closing address, crown prosecutor Nanette Williams said the officers gave “glaringly different” accounts of the shooting when they gave evidence to the PIC under oath in 2012.

“They do not align on basic and fundamental aspects of the evidence,” Ms Williams argued. …‘story-holes-prove-its-a-lie’/7508636

Almost half of people shot dead by Australian police were mentally ill
Report says 44 out of 105 fatal shootings in the past 22 years were of people with mental illness
TV Correspondent Goes Insane After Getting Routine Injection, Locked In Asylum For Two Years
My friend Malcolm Brabant has gone to places none of us would like to go.

He has been possessed sitting on his veranda under a dark, Attic sky; he has heard voices in his head that have urged him to kill; he has been drunk with delirium, believing he was the chosen one, the Messiah come to save the world. He has grappled with inner demons, devilish thoughts that have made him believe he was Lucifer, too.

For almost two years, my friend Malcolm has slipped in and out of madness, dancing on the edge of an abyss most of us will never know. Spirits he calls guardian angels – friends and relatives who died prematurely – have sometimes accompanied him along the way. They have spoken to him in commandments, urging him to drink his urine or eat his excrement – or brush his teeth with a lavatory brush. And, like those satanic thoughts, they have inhabited his soul.

My friend Malcolm, a spirited man in his 50s, conquered by furies; an award-winning BBC foreign correspondent and storyteller par excellence who should never have been narrating this particular tale.

“There is a very fine dividing line between madness and sanity,” he says. “I have slipped between the two very easily. It is extraordinary, really, how rapidly it can happen.”

I had not heard his voice since he left Athens in October 2011. The departure had been “hasty”, a shocking end to an illustrious career covering the killing fields that were the Balkans and the savagery of Chechnya before setting up in Miami and returning to Greece for a second stint in 2003.

For years, Malcolm’s was the familiar face that we saw on our screens reporting from all those spots. Like so many BBC veterans polished in the school of pitch and pace, his voice remains confident and strong. But as he speaks from his new home in Copenhagen, it is imbued with something else. “The doctors say there is a good chance I will fully recover, but there is also a chance I could relapse, too.” “Relapse”, a word I would never have associated with bold, brave, get-on-and do-it Malcolm. “I’m still on drugs, antipsychotic medication, even if it has been much reduced.”

It all began, Malcolm believes, with a pinprick – a yellow-fever jab administered for a trip to the Ivory Coast. Well before most, Malcolm had become a one-man band, self-taught in the art of making films, creating packages and doing lives. But his choice to be based in Athens also came with its challenges. In a country long perceived to be a non-news maker – before its dramatic economic collapse – editorial indifference meant life as a freelance was marked by periods of feast and famine. There was no fixed salary or paid holidays. Enterprising freelances survived by broadening their skills and rooting for stories elsewhere.

In the early spring of 2011, Malcolm was doing just that when he elected to go to the Ivory Coast on a non-BBC assignment to make a film for Unicef. The vaccine, a dose of Stamaril, administered at a municipal clinic in Athens, was part of his preparations for that trip. It was Friday 15 April 2011. Pressed for time, Malcolm stopped at the clinic while doing the school run with Trine, his Danish wife. “She asked: ‘Shall I come in with you?’ and I said, ‘No.’ It was routine. And there seemed nothing wrong with the clinic,” he recalled.

Within hours, the symptoms erupted. Gripped by a raging fever, he turned lobster red, shivering so violently the headboard above the couple’s bed shook uncontrollably. It took two weeks – after admission to hospital and a dose of steroids – before his temperature could be brought down.

Then came psychosis. A shooting star, glimpsed after supper from the balcony of their home, quickly convinced Malcolm that he had witnessed the Second Coming and, as such, had been invested with all the powers of a modern-day Messiah. Trine, by turns, suddenly found herself confronting a man she did not know. One minute he was Baby Jesus – demanding he be swaddled in a sheet – the next he was ranting incoherently or daubing crosses on the walls of their home with the juice of crushed strawberries.

Often, the couple’s son, Lukas, would witness his father consumed by fury and despair. “He was an innocent 12-year-old boy who should never have seen such things,” says Malcolm. “He is as much a victim as me.”

Incarceration began in Athens with Malcolm spending his first three weeks in a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of the capital. But there was worse to come. And when it did, it came in the form of Lucifer himself. Unable to keep up his job in Athens – following a bout of treatment in his native Ipswich – it was decided that the couple should retreat to Copenhagen.

“What happened in the Greek hospital was completely mild to what happened here,” says Malcolm. “We left in a hurry, a real hurry, and in November, soon after we got here, I just collapsed. It was as if I had been stabbed in the lungs and all the air had been taken out of me. I was convinced I was the devil and that my actions would lead to both Trine and Lukas being killed.”

There was no option but to be committed, this time to a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Copenhagen. “It was a locked-in ward known as 811. I spent seven days rocking back and forth saying I was the devil,” he remembers. “I grew a long, spikey beard and just rocked and rocked.”

Forced to endure the “guttural screams and shrieks of other patients” and not speaking a word of Danish, Malcolm thought he was experiencing hell on earth. For Trine, whose father had been incarcerated in the same ward before taking his own life 20 years earlier, it was hard beyond words.

Imagining himself, in his first bout of madness, to be the Messiah was one thing. “But to believe I was the instrument of the devil, to be consumed by such dark thoughts, was quite another.”

Dogged by depression, his life in complete ruins, Malcolm underwent four sessions of electroconvulsive therapy which, initially at least, spurred the couple into thinking he was on the way to recovery. “On Christmas Eve I was allowed back home for three hours. Trine had cooked a wonderful meal, but as I was standing in the kitchen, carving the meat, a 10-inch blade in my hand, all I kept hearing were these voices saying ‘kill’, ‘kill’, ‘kill’, and they were incredibly loud. I was like a camera outside myself … my conscious and corporeal being were never going to give into them, but I was really very shocked.”

Was he a schizophrenic or a potential psychopath? Both thoughts raced through his mind.

On New Year’s Eve, utterly persuaded he would kill his wife and son, he placed a belt around his neck and tried to take his own life, instead. A nurse caught him, just in time.

In July last year, Malcolm was let out of the hospital. He has not been readmitted. But what he regards as a fluke of fate has destroyed his life. His job, his beloved Greece have both been lost. And, in being taken to places no one would want to go, he has been brought to the brink of penury.

The couple do not doubt that the yellow fever vaccine is to blame. “From when the fever first started, it was clear that Malcolm was having an adverse event,” insists Trine, a journalist herself. “All the experts I have spoken to believe the batch was contaminated.”

Steadfastly they have pursued the manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, for compensation. The company has vehemently denied any link, arguing that the batch of vaccine in question had “passed the numerous quality controls” and suggesting that perhaps Malcolm’s breakdown was the result of being predisposed to mental illness.

Although the company admits that reports of side-effects have included mental disorders, it says there have been fewer than 10 such reports, including Malcolm’s, after the distribution of more than 300 million doses of the vaccine worldwide.

Out of the darkness, scrambling for light, Malcolm has written eloquently, in his book, Malcolm is a Little Unwell, about his descent into madness. It was, as I have said, the story he was never meant to tell. But as a friend, I can only thank the gods that he is here to tell it.

Malcolm is a Little Unwell, Kindle Edition, Andartes Press, £6.70, available on Amazon

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Infectious Agents in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

Infectious Agents in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

The idea that schizophrenia and bipolar disorder might be caused by infection is not new. This was a prominent hypothesis in the early years of the last century. For example, an article entitled, “Is insanity due to a microbe?” was published in Scientific American as early as 1896. Research to test this hypothesis by identifying causative viruses was already being conducted by the 1930s, when data were reported from experiments in which cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from patients with schizophrenia was injected into rabbit brains.1

New research in the field continues, aided increasingly by impressive technologic advances in microbiology and virology. As recently as the past decade, reports documented the presence of influenza virus, rubella virus, bovine disease virus, and other infectious agents in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as the presence of other infectious agents in childhood pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS) and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In this article, we briefly highlight the background of such research; discuss our own research on Toxoplasma gondii, herpes simplex virus (HSV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV), and endogenous retroviruses; and consider the future implications of such research for psychiatric clinicians.

Background and rationale

Why should we look for infectious agents in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder? Such a hypothesis is consistent with the known genetic contributions to these disorders. Indeed, a genetic predisposition is well established for most chronic infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, malaria, polio, AIDS, and peptic ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori.2 The hypothesis is consistent with the role of neurotransmitter abnormalities in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, because specific infectious agents have been shown to alter dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, γ-aminobutyric acid, and acetylcholine in animal models. The hypothesis is also consistent with neurodevelopmental models of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Pearce3 and others developed animal models that show how exposure to specific infectious agents during neurodevelopment correlates with later behavioral alterations in animals.

An additional important reason to look for infectious agents in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder is that CNS infection by specific pathogens frequently mimics the clinical symptoms of primary psychiatric diseases. For example, Caroff and colleagues4 reviewed 108 cases of psychiatric disorders resulting from suspected or confirmed CNS viral infections; in 62 cases, a specific virus was implicated, including HIV, HSV-1, HSV-2, Epstein-Barr, and CMV; and measles, mumps, coxsackie, and influenza viruses. Among bacteria, the fact that the spirochete of syphilis can cause the symptoms of schizophrenia was well known to psychiatric clinicians of an earlier era. More recently, infection with the spirochetal organism Borrelia burgdorferi has also been associated with schizophrenia-like symptoms in some persons.5

Another reason to look for infectious agents in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder is the well-established association between the risk of these disorders and winter-spring seasonal birth.6 There have been more than 200 studies of this phenomenon, and it remains one of the most highly replicated findings of these diseases. Because many infectious diseases occur seasonally, with a peak in the winter or spring, it is reasonable to postulate that fetal or newborn infection could contribute to subsequent mental illness.7

Current research

At the present time, we are focusing our research on 4 infectious agents as possible causes of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. These are T gondii, HSV-1 and HSV-2, CMV, and endogenous retroviruses.

Toxoplasma gondii

T gondii is a protozoan parasite whose definitive host is the cat family. Humans become infected by ingesting oocysts shed in the feces of infected cats or by eating undercooked meat from an animal that came into contact with infected cat feces. T gondii is one of the most widespread human parasites; 10% to 20% of Americans test seropositive by adulthood. Exposure to T gondii during early pregnancy can cause severe fetal CNS abnormalities. Exposure during late pregnancy was never considered a problem until recently, when animal data showed that late exposure to the organism causes behavioral changes, neurologic symptoms, and stillbirths.8,9

Since 1956, more than 20 studies have compared antibodies to T gondii in adults with and without schizophrenia.10 An overall analysis of the studies indicates that serologic evidence of Toxoplasma infection is almost 3 times more common in persons with schizophrenia than in controls living in the same geographic region.Two additional studies reported an increased level of T gondii antibodies in the late-pregnancy serum of women giving birth to infants in whom schizophrenia later developed. 11,12 Other studies have reported greater childhood exposure to cats among persons with schizophrenia than among controls.13,14 Our research is focusing on the timing of Toxoplasma infections in relation to development, as well as on possible differences in T gondii strains and human genetic susceptibility.

Herpes simplex viruses

Like Toxoplasma, HSV-1 and HSV-2 are common causes of infection in humans. HSV-1 may be spread by either sexual or nonsexual contact with infected persons, while HSV-2 is primarily spread through sexual contact. Both of these viruses are known to cause encephalitis and to be highly neurotropic. Traditionally, however, these viruses have been regarded as relatively benign in the majority of asymptomatic patients who carry them. Recent data suggest that this may not be true. One study evaluated the mothers of patients in whom schizophrenia or bipolar disorder developed. These women had increased levels of HSV-2 serum antibodies just before parturition.15

Comparison studies of persons with and without schizophrenia or bipolar disorder show that HSV-1 infection significantly increases cognitive dysfunction—especially recent memory deficits—in persons with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.16,17 This did not occur in persons infected with other viruses in the herpes family and also did not occur in persons without schizophrenia or bipolar disorder who were infected with HSV-1.

In a follow-up study, Dickerson and associates18 showed that a polymorphism on the COMT gene (COMT Val 158 Met polymorphism) also increases cognitive dysfunction; this suggests a synergistic effect between HSV infection and the gene. This kind of interaction may be a model for future research that integrates multiple factors in the development of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


mkultra,its very real and cannot be medical proffessionals..they infect patients fungally with mycoplsama based bioweapons as the infections become systemic they induce demonised paranoia and demonic oppression..the medical system itself is used to cover up proof..apart from other types of mkultra experiments going on,this biological experimentation can even turn victims into paranoid serial killers..its very much so connected to satanism..

A delusional man who stabbed a neurosurgeon in a Melbourne hospital foyer, has been sent to a secure treatment facility for 25 years.

Kareem Al-Salami stabbed Dr Michael Wong 13 times when the neurosurgeon arrived for work at Melbourne’s Western General Hospital in Footscray, in February 2014.
Dr Wong was stabbed 13 times by a former patient. Source: 7 News.

He allegedly repeatedly stabbed and slashed the doctor in the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, torso, stomach and legs with a 19cm knife, while his victim’s body remained unconscious.

Al-Salami was a patient of Dr Wong, who successfully operated on his spine in 2012 after Al-Salami’s arrival in Australia as an asylum seeker from Iran in 2010.

But Al-Salami “gradually developed delusional beliefs his operation had gone wrong”.

He also believed Dr Wong was involved in a conspiracy against him.

Vic hospitals introduce stab-proof vests for staffers
caused Melb neurosurgeon attack

At the time of the Valentine’s Day attack, a hospital handyman reportedly ran at Al-Salami with a parking sign to distract him, while staff and patients dragged the doctor’s unconscious body to safety.

Dr Wong received life-threatening injuries in the stabbing, and only survived because he was treated quickly, Crown Prosecutor Richard Pirrie said.

Al-Salami was found not guilty of attempted murder by reason of mental impairment.

Victorian Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth on Wednesday sentenced Al-Salami, 49, to a nominal term of 25 years of supervised treatment at Thomas Embling Hospital.


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