Jimmy Savile – The 21st Century Aleister Crowley


Jimmy Savile was an amazing man. Name someone that ever came close. Aleister Crowley? AC didn’t come close to Jim in any way. Kings and queens likewise. This guy SINGLE-HANDED mesmerized and swooned an entire nation for nearly a half-flipping-century!!!!! Look at his success record. No other human ever came close to accomplishing something 1/10th as dramatic. Then look at his presence! He had dignitaries in his pocket. He even swooned royalty and popes. Many elites felt ten times more honored in his company than the other way around. The Beatles all but frothed at the mouth when in his presence. Then look at all the accomplishments! Staggering! No one EVER came close. Then look at his IQ. It was extremely high. And name someone with 10% of an outstanding life resume. Go ahead. And how about his energy, stamina and longevity? Superman comes to mind.

Now all this isn’t to say that EVERYTHING about the man is admirable. But then who’s life is 100% admirable? But then, this video isn’t about highlighting Jim’s negatives anyway, one topic at a time. This video is about highlighting and even glamorizing a positive aspect of Sir Jim, namely his sorcery abilities. Whether or not Jim had “a dark side” is irrelevant to this video and discussions under it. And I’ve made sure of this.


Jimmy Savile: How He God His Way & God Away With It more here:https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&vide


No one mesmerized and swooned the UK like Jimmy Savile did – including royalty! He was an army of one. HE WAS THE KING of his world – 100%. Anything he did that he didn’t want exposed was never exposed and everything good he did was exposed to the tits. He milked life. Excuse the bad puns. So how could Sir Jim both get his way and get away with it perpetually? Mass Hypnosis or Reality Shift?

Answer: Through weeks, months and days of ultra-dedication to one method: mind control wizard & mind control freak. He shifted into reality streams where he God his way 24-7 and as soon as he died, this spell was gone almost to the day! A-MAZING! You can have such a reality too (less the mischief) – with strict long-term focused thought and words (spells) a-lone!

Was Jimmy Savile also a hypnotist?

Straight up! That and a lot more. He also knew and used energies to his advantage, more than Crowley knew and used.

Who is/was Josef Karma? “Now then, now then” .. Both played with time frames in the Akashic Records.

Did you catch the audio recording in the video? There he hypnotized a girl … and both her parents. That’s her mom laughing in the background.

WHILE attending a post-war Lend a Hand on the Land farming camp, Savile hypnotized people. “To demonstrate, and choosing a girl who was already fast asleep in her easy chair, I stood behind her.

~ was a member of Mensa
~ once addressed the Israeli parliament
~ was decorated by the Queen, the Pope and was a Knight of Malta
~ Prince Charles once wrote in a Christmas card “No one will ever know what you have done for this country”
~ provided marriage guidance for Charles and Diana
~ ran a mental institution for a while on behalf of the Government
~ occultist and mystical insight was allegedly used in secret research programs such as MKUltra

Nitpickers, yes I realize that Crowley lived into the 20th century himself, but c’mon that’s your big beef? You must have enjoyed the video then.

A Comment Worth Re-stating

“I’ve tried saying jingle jangle and nothing happens.”

How do you know for sure? You can’t. Also it’s open-ended and likely you didn’t apply any intention or visualization with it. So all you’ve really done here is demonstrate is sheer ignorance and exposed yourself as a Newbie. Quite the accomplishment, congrats! But seriously, a single word or phrase spoken or thought once is still a spell, but weak, especially when other words you’ve spoken just before or after can erase it since ALL words are spells. Repetition in numbers of at least 3 people (as seen in my YT Icon) with certain visualizations however as in chanting breathes life into the chant as a whole. If you don’t believe me, watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Rt2QkhPBs&list=PLHD60cWYIP-q-ZUoWjMvNaqYSUs4-xVq2&index=5


Also metaphysics is very real … so there’s far more going on than what meets the eye:






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