MKULTRA in Australia: Part 1

MKULTRA in Australia: Part 1 12/12/2015 The CIA’s mind control program in Australia: brought to our shores by The University of Sydney, Leonard Huxley and the Chairman of the Australian Psychological Society*. In August of 1960, at The University of Sydney, MKULTRA psychiatrist Martin Theodore Orne, performed an experiment titled ‘Antisocial Behavior and Hypnosis’. This experiment […]

MKULTRA in Australia: Part 2

MKULTRA in Australia: Part 2 ‘Multiple Personality’ by Matt Kupke. 23/12/2015 Multiple links to CIA personality research. The CIA’s Human Ecology Fund gave a research grant to Professor Ronald Taft of the University of Western Australia in 1961 for studies on the ‘Relationship between Health, Personality and Environmental Factors in Groups’. Martin Orne, who received […]

Kidman, Trauma Research & His Abuse of Fiona Barnett

Kidman, Trauma Research & His Abuse of Fiona Barnett 24/12/2015 Kidman had strong connections to the man behind the CIA’s torture program and his Learned Helplessness Theory. Learned Helplessness (LH) is defined as “the condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness, arising from a traumatic event or persistent failure to succeed.” This term […]

Australia’s False Memory Association Exposed

Australia’s False Memory Association Exposed 30/12/2015 Just the facts regarding key people involved in the Australian False Memory Association (AFMA), which, like its American parent, served to protect perpetrators by discrediting victims of mind control, sexual abuse and ritual abuse.   Dr. Robert Stanley – Former President of AFMA   International Society of Hypnosis Struck off the register of psychologists for […]

MKULTRA in Australia: Part 3

MKULTRA in Australia: Part 3 Bailey, Cameron, Sargant 03/01/2016 Dr. Harry Richard Bailey “It was cheaper to use Niggers than cats, because they were everywhere, and they were cheap experimental animals.” Bailey making reference to his Tulane University psycho-surgery experiments with MKULTRA Doctor, Robert Heath. Harry Bailey, like most Australian Doctors connected to MKULTRA, studied at The University of […]